Best Bluetooth Mouse for Mac

The modern era is all about losing that tangle of wires. Your Mac is capable of wireless connectivity – and you may just want to exploit that feature. It is time to push that wired mouse aside and begin with a good Bluetooth mouse for Mac.

You might be wondering why you need to switch from a perfectly capable wired mouse and choose from among a bunch of options, what is the ‘best wireless mouse for Mac.’ Our answer is to remind you of the numerous times when you want to drag your mouse over a long chunk of text or select something till the end of the screen, and the mouse gets stuck. It has a wire holding it back. The wire forces you to sit at a certain angle, and the wire is what gets entangled with the others to make an untidy web in your computer corner. Your iMac is capable of more.

Your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is capable of even more. The Bluetooth mouse for Mac is your window to forgetting about carrying multiple heavy accessories wherever you go. Take the light and nice Bluetooth mouse and never worry about cables that will increase the weight of your laptop bag. Choose one and cut the cord today.

Here is our selection of the five best Bluetooth mice for Mac. Read till the end to make an informed decision.

Quick Summary

Read this quick summary to know the basic features of every Bluetooth mouse for Macbook that we have chosen for you.

  • Apple Magic Mouse 2 is your solution to all woes of excess weight of your computer accessories. It is lighter and moves with little resistance on your desk. The fewer moving parts and optimized foot design mean an overall optimized design. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you can forget about replacing batteries every few weeks. It is indeed a magic best Bluetooth mouse for Mac that takes all your worries away.
  • Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse is a revolutionary good Bluetooth mouse for Mac with the capacity to connect with three of your Macs due to its Unifying receiver. It comes with a rechargeable battery that works perfectly and lasts for 70 days with a single charge. Its 4000 dpi Darkfield sensor is capable of working anywhere, and it boasts of functioning flawlessly even on glass. The best part about this mouse is its capacity for hyper-fast scrolling with its smooth wheel.
  • VicTsing Pioneer Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse has multi-device connectivity with an ability to connect with up to 3 devices at a time. You can easily switch between them as well. The customisable speed that you get with the scroll wheel gives an edge to the mouse. It has an ergonomic design that even provides a comfortable resting position for your thumb and allows for noiseless clicking. The mouse supports fast-charging for its battery. It will indicate when the battery is low and you can charge it within 2 hours. It’s a power-packed Bluetooth mouse for Macbook pro/Air which will make your computing experience more efficient and simpler.
  • Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Mouse is anything but normal. It provides a fast electromagnetic scrolling. It has an ergonomic design that provides comfortable thumb space. It can work on 3 devices at a time and you can even share data, cursor or files among these. It allows app-specific customisations which can open a world of options that you never knew existed, with regard to the functioning of a mouse.
  • Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse works like a Bluetooth mouse for Macbook air that is unheard of. It has 15 programmable controls, including 6 thumb buttons on the body of a mouse. It has dual connectivity- Bluetooth and the LIGHTSPEED wireless technology. You will not be disappointed with its sensitive tracker that can sense even the smallest movement. You can even control its scrolling to go one way or the other. Its battery life is also splendid, giving on 240 hours with one AA cell. Once you make the switch to this mouse, you won’t want to go back.

Who Should Get This?

The answer is anyone who has a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or an iMac. Why? It is because one Bluetooth mouse for Macbook Pro would suffice for any other Mac as well. If you own two of these computers, you only need one Bluetooth mouse, and you are set.

The tangle of wires is gone and the shape becomes ergonomic. Some offer file exchange over two-three devices, and you can even control the speed of scrolling. If this isn’t digital empowerment, then what is?

Anybody who spends half their life working on a MacBook should buy a lightweight, portable and efficient mouse. It works even better than the trackpad of your MacBook. This is the best investment if you want to customise and do more with your mouse; instead of getting frustrated with being unable to get a wired one to perform even small actions.

How We Picked the Best Bluetooth Mouse for Mac?

There are many things you should keep in mind while choosing the best wireless mouse for Macbook pro/Air or iMac.  Here are the things we looked into and we suggest you look into too:

  • Your Requirements- Your profession or area of interest will define the kind of wireless mouse you decide to pair with your Mac. As a gamer, you might be interested in the sensitivity to movement of your mouse and will thus, want a higher DPI. On the other hand, any other person might look for a comfortable and ergonomic design that enables easy movement for long durations.
  • Ergonomic Design– As mentioned before, it is important to ensure that a mouse feels comfortable in your hand and does not hurt your wrist after long hours of use. Its scrolling should also feel easy. Take this into account before you go for a hi-tech best Bluetooth mouse for Macbook pro/Air, so that you do not regret spending that amount.
  • Optical or Laser Mouse- You can decide between a mouse-controlled by LED (optical) or a laser one. The laser mouse works very fast and on many surfaces, while the optical mouse would require a flat and opaque surface. The requirement of precision in the movement of your mouse should dictate your choice between the two.
  • Polling rate- This is the rate at which the mouse relays its position to the computer. The higher the polling, the higher will be its connectivity and performance. This is, however, not a very big concern for regular requirements. It will only be necessary if the mouse is needed for purposes of gaming or such which require better precision. A mouse with an average polling rate would otherwise suffice.

Best Bluetooth Mouse for Mac: Our Picks in 2022

It can get a little overwhelming to choose the best Bluetooth mouse for Mac, but don’t fret because we have done an in-depth analysis on each of the 5 best mice in the market currently. You can read our analysis to decide for yourself.

1. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2

This official Apple rechargeable Bluetooth mouse for Mac is as light as a feather and an optimized foot design and a continuous bottom shell, making it track better and move with less resistance. Its Multi Touch surface is also designed to make it easier for you to switch between documents and scroll pages easily.

There is nothing better than getting rid of those unending cords and adding a classy-looking, lightweight Bluetooth mouse to your MacBook Pro. It is easy to pair with your Mac and begins working within moments.

You will not have to bother about changing batteries because it is rechargeable and a single charge provides a long battery life.

This portable, rechargeable and precisely maneuverable mouse is the best Bluetooth mouse for Mac which is all you need to make your computing experience classier, lighter and efficient.  

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  • Looks stylish- It looks refined and classy in your hand.
  • Easy charging- The lightning cable required to charge the mouse is provided.
  • Forget the trackpad- Supports all of Mac’s gestures, removing the need to use the Mac’s trackpad.


  • Unstable connectivity- There may be a problem with its Bluetooth connectivity at times.

2. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse

This is your mouse for all occasions and all devices, quite literally. It is one best wireless mouse for Mac that has the capacity to connect with three devices at one time. What is more, you can seamlessly transfer data, files and images from one device to another using Logitech Flow. The mouse uses the Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology to connect with three devices at a time. It guarantees a stable connection for you.

The mouse is not limited to just connecting and using. You can customize its movements as well. It comes with the Hyper Fast scrolling feature which means you can scroll through long webpages faster. Or if you want a slower and precise navigation, simply press the scroll and shift button. You can control each movement of the Logitech 2S wireless mouse.

It has a 4000 dpi Darkfield sensor. This implies that you can use it on the roughest wood or the shiniest and most transparent glass, and it will still work like a charm. It tracks and senses the smallest of movements, making it the mouse for all work spaces.

The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Mouse has a rechargeable battery which also doesn’t disappoint. A single charge will last you a good 70 days. You can forget about any stress because of the constant fear of battery running low. It also saves you a number of batteries that you would otherwise have had to keep changing in non-rechargeable mouse.

To add to all these functionality perks, the design of the mouse is ergonomic. It fits comfortably in your hand preventing any pain or soreness from long hours of usage. This is indeed a handy device.

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  • Precise and smooth- Precision in tracking and glides smoothly over every surface.
  • Easy scrolling- Scrolling is smooth with the mouse.
  • Control buttons- Programmable buttons on the mouse increase productivity.
  • Snug fit- Small body; fits perfectly in every hand.


  • Get a clicking noise- The loud button clicks can be bothersome.

3. VicTsing Pioneer Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse

VicTsing Pioneer Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse

Love it for its Dual Bluetooth mode or its ability to connect to as many as three devices at a time – this one has a lot going for it. Plus, it’s convenient, too, offering the popular 2.4G technology that many older devices use. You can easily switch among these connected devices with the mouse. It is one of the best Bluetooth mouse for Macbook pro/air.

This Bluetooth mouse for Macbook is also armed with a side scroll wheel apart from a middle one. The side wheel comes in handy while working on software like the AutoCAD, Revit or Adobe Graphic Edition software – making it a great choice for designers and the like. You can scroll in all directions using both the wheels with applications that are compatible with the side scroll wheel.

It has a Dpi ranging from 800 to 3200, another thing to love about it. You can easily customise the sensitivity of the mouse as well as the cursor speed.

The mouse will give you solid battery life with a single charge. When it does run low on battery, it will indicate that so you can forget about charging schedules because the mouse gives you a reminder. It comes with a Fast Charging chip. The best part is that 2 hours of quick charge can last you up to 365 days. You can forget about changing batteries and recharging frequently.

Not only does it perform well, it also enables you to enjoy the performance. It has an ergonomic design that allows your fingers and palm to fit over the shape perfectly. It even has a thumb rest where you can snugly fit your thumb and navigate the web and your MacBook for hours without the faintest physical inkling that you have been holding a mouse for hours.

It does not produce any noise while clicking, which can be a major put-off for many users. It is completely noiseless, again making you believe that there is no external accessory near you Mac. It becomes a part of your system.

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  • Multiple connections- Pairs well with multiple devices.
  • Sturdy design- Solid construction
  • Side scrolling- Convenient side scroll wheel which adds to its functionality.
  • Low Battery indicator- Don’t stress about charging it every few days.
  • Automatic shut-off– Save more battery, without worrying about shutting it down each time.


  • Buttons may be flawed-The back and forward buttons on the mouse do not work flawlessly.

4. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

This wireless, rechargeable mouse has multi-device and multi-OS connectivity. So, you can connect to 3 devices as well as 3 kinds of operating systems with this one mouse. It also has cross-computer controlling access. You can easily transfer files, data, text, images from one device to another using this mouse.

The electromagnetic scrolling is another amazing feature of the Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Mouse. It provides fast scrolling speed along with precision and noiselessness.

It has a comfortable shape and design allowing your fingers, palm and thumb to fit perfectly on the mouse and work for long hours without experiencing discomfort.

It has app-specific customisations that open the portals to a new era of computing. You can do things with the mouse that you had never imagined before. You get one-tap access to everything you need from this mouse.

It has a 4000 Dpi Darkfield sensor that is capable of working smoothly on any surface. You can use this mouse anywhere you want.

Its rechargeable battery is also long-lasting. One charge gives you 70 days’ usage. A minute charge can also last you up to 3 hours. There is absolutely no worry about the battery running out with this Bluetooth mouse for Macbook air/pro.

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  • Works on all kinds of surfaces- This makes it travel-friendly and versatile.
  • Multiple connections- Can be used with many devices with just one button.
  • Sturdy Design- Solid build quality.


  • Uncomfortable scroll placement-The position of the side scroll is out-of-place and makes the mouse a little uncomfortable.

5. Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is the best Mac Bluetooth mouse for gaming. In addition, it can improve the quality of your everyday computing. Get access to over 15 programmable controls that are tactically positioned to optimize your gaming experience.

There is dual connectivity that you can choose alternatively- the ultra-fast 1 ms LIGHTSPEED wireless and Bluetooth. You get stability and fast connectivity.

Choose this mouse for its power efficiency providing you with 240 hours of high performance, in the LIGHTSPEED mode or 5 months with Bluetooth, with 1 AA battery. Its Hero 16 K sensor also enables extremely precise and efficient tracking.

You can choose its hyper-fast scrolling feature or switch to the ratchet scrolling and even go backward on the web page. Whatever you choose, the scrolling works smoothly.

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  • Smooth movement- Moves with ease.
  • Faster and better- High DPI that ensures good tracking.
  • Tasteful design- Sophisticated hold and feel
  • Long-lasting- Battery lasts very long


  • Weight and finger comfort – The mouse is a little on the heavier side impeding ease of gaming and it doesn’t provide the perfect fit for the fingers and palm.

Useful Tips and Resources

When choosing the best wireless mouse for MacBook Pro (or any other Mac), keep in mind certain things. We have already highlighted the basic elements that you can look for in your Bluetooth mouse for the MacBook Pro, but there are conditions to their effectiveness at times. Here are a few points to keep in mind

  • Higher dots per inch does not always mean better performance- It is simply the figure that points out how many dots the cursor will move per inch. This generally means that higher the Dpi, better speed. But when you are a normal user or do something like Photoshop, which requires more precision than speed, it is better to choose a mouse with a slightly lower dpi.
  • Bluetooth mice are better- When you are trying to choose a wireless mouse, go for a Bluetooth one. You will also get the option of choosing a mouse with radio frequency, which requires a connector to be plugged into the USB port to connect with the mouse. This means the loss of a precious slot. So, a Bluetooth mouse is much more suited to your slot-saving endeavor.
  • Ergonomics is key- This cannot be stressed enough. Do not go for a Bluetooth mouse for Mac, however trendy or functional, that gives you cramps or leaves your fingers hurting. Go for something that fits easily in your palms. Ensure that any programmable buttons on the surface of the mouse are tactically placed. They should be worth the effort. If you are going to pay more for a good mouse, make sure the plan doesn’t backfire even before you can begin counting all its good qualities.

Being prudent and thorough will always benefit you. So take your time and go over our suggestions.


It is very easy to believe that the higher the price, the better the features – this is not always true. A higher price can mean more features – but not always better. You need to choose the one that fits all the basic conditions that we have stated for buying a Bluetooth mouse for Macbook pro/air. The main condition, however, is still your comfort. No matter how precise its movements, or how many programmable buttons on it, if it leaves your wrist or fingers aching, it is not worth the price.

Additionally, if you are using the mouse for regular use such as browsing or other non-artistic and gaming purposes, choosing the wireless mouse for Mac with the highest dpi or multiple buttons should not be a priority. The best idea is to go for the best Bluetooth mouse for Mac that fits your basic needs properly, is definitely an upgrade over your wired one, and does not lose its Bluetooth connection easily. When you choose the perfect mouse, it will be a very smooth experience that will make you completely forget ever having used the complicated and heavy wired mouse.

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