Best Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 11 in 2022

The best camera lens protector for iPhone 11 is an important investment for people who want to make the most of their new smartphone. Every new iteration of the iPhone brings with it a selection of exciting new features. The iPhone 11 stands out with a combination of amazing firmware, fantastic hardware, and a powerful 3-lens camera.

Unfortunately, that extra-large camera means that you also face a much higher chance of breakage. The large square piece of glass on the back of your phone is like a magnet for accidents.

Apple invests significant time and effort into producing high-quality camera technology. Since the camera is such a great feature, it only makes sense that you’d want to protect this asset at any cost. An iPhone 11 camera protector helps with this.

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Quick Summary

The impressive 3-lens camera is one of the most attractive features of the new iPhone 11. However, extra lenses also mean that there’s more of a risk of scratches, chips, and other damage if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s so important to have the right iPhone camera cover in place.

Although the iPhone 11’s camera is powerful, it’s also fragile and can easily break when exposed to unexpected knocks and scrapes. The best camera lens protector for iPhone 11 will keep your phone in perfect condition for longer. Here are some of our top choices.

  • The UniqueMe iPhone 11 lens protector is a simple but effective PCS tempered glass protector with a light transmittance of 99.99%. The unique technology on this product resists oils, smudges, and fingerprints.
  • The innoGadgets camera lens protector is available in a variety of colors to suit your iPhone. The lightweight aluminum frame protects against all kinds of damage, and you get a cleaning kit as part of the purchase.
  • The Buluby lens protector for iPhone 11 is one of the most precise options on the market. This lens protector defends the actual camera lens, not the surrounding area. It’s great for accurate protection with good transmittance.
  • The Bling camera lens protector is great for anyone who wants to defend their phone while making it look great. The rhinestone finish offers great protection without detracting from your device’s aesthetic.

Who Should Get This?

The last thing you want is to splash out for the best iPhone on the market, just to break the camera a couple of months later. Just like a screen protector or a phone case, an iPhone 11 camera protector is a must for those who want to protect their investment.

Regardless of how well you think you take care of your phone, or how frequently you clean the lenses, your camera is constantly facing risks every day. While the previous iPhone models didn’t necessarily need a camera protector, that’s not the case for the iPhone 11. The large glass square on the back of the iPhone 11 is a lot more vulnerable, and prone to accidents.

One looks at the modern camera on the latest iPhone, and you can see how fragile it is. Investing in an iPhone 11 lens protector is the best way to get the most out of your device.

Best Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 11: What to Consider in 2022

Replacing the camera on an iPhone 11 can cost a small fortune. That’s why it’s so much more cost-effective to buy an iPhone 11 camera cover instead. A great lens protector will give you peace of mind whenever you’re using your iPhone. However, it pays to make sure that you know what you’re looking for. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Precision: The ideal iPhone 11 camera protector will have a highly accurate and precise cut-out to ensure that you’re not blocking the three lenses. Even glass protectors that cover the camera lenses themselves shouldn’t harm the image quality.
  • Easy installation: A great iPhone 11 camera cover needs to be easy to apply. Most of the top-selling options offer a simple peel and stick installation.
  • Case friendly: Your iPhone 11 camera lens protector shouldn’t add too much bulk to this part of your phone, as this can make it difficult to apply cases. You should be able to use a phone case alongside your protector.
  • Anti-smudge: Good iPhone lens protector options won’t attract too much dust or fingerprints that might reduce the quality of your images. They should be easy to clean with a microfiber cloth too.
  • Suitable for flash: Make sure that your chosen protector won’t cause too much reflection around your lenses when the flash is on. A protector that’s too shiny could reduce the quality of your photos.

Best Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 11: Our Picks for 2022

1. UniqueMe iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protector

UniqueMe iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protector

Simple and effective, the UniqueMe iPhone 11 camera protector is a tough way to defend your lenses with PCS tempered glass. This product has a light transmittance of 99.99%. You can rest assured that you’ll maintain the same consistent picture quality with every shot or video.

This strong and scratch-resistant lens protector has an oleophobic coating to repel smudges, oils, and fingerprints. The nano-electrostatic technology also allows for easy installation, with no bubbles or residue left behind when removed. What’s more, this product is also case-friendly, and protected by a lifetime replacement warranty.


  • Scratch-resistant screen protector
  • PCS tempered glass with a transmittance of 99.99%
  • Anti-shedding nano-electrostatic technology
  • Oleophobic coating to protect against oils and smudges
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Works with phone cases


  • The adhesive isn’t very strong
  • Can cause some blurring in pictures

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2. innoGadgets Camera Lens Protector

innoGadgets Camera Lens Protector

Perfect for protecting your device, the innoGadgets iPhone 11 camera cover comes with a lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame. This adds an extra layer of protection to your iPhone 11 camera, reducing the risk of damage caused by coins and keys in your pocket. The aluminum frame doesn’t detract from the quality of your pictures, too, with no flash interference at all.

Fitting perfectly on the iPhone 11, the 0.3-inch thin frame has a precise cut and a smart design to ensure that you won’t even notice your phone is using extra protection. As part of the purchase, you also get a cleaning kit to keep your iPhone 11 lens protector in great shape.


  • Perfect and precise fit for iPhone 11
  • No issues with flash or camera performance
  • Lightweight but strong aluminum design
  • 2-in-1 set with a cleaning kit included
  • No need for any protection foil
  • Available in a range of colors to fit your iPhone


  • May fall off naturally after a while
  • Slight difference between the color of the protector and the phone

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3. Buluby iPhone 11 lens protector

Buluby iPhone 11 lens protector

Another excellent example of a reliable iPhone 11 camera cover, this Buluby product fits the iPhone 11 perfectly, without adding any extra bulk to your phone. The high light transmittance means that this product works well with flash and dark situations, so you don’t lose picture or video quality. Full lens protection means that you don’t have to worry about accidental scratches or damage.

The Buluby iPhone 11 camera lens protectors provide the most precise fit for the iPhone 11, with no extra bulk that might prevent you from using a phone case. You also get a hassle-free warranty with your purchase, so you can get a free replacement if there’s a problem.


  • Fits perfectly on iPhone 11 lenses
  • Excellent light transmittance and clarity
  • Doesn’t stop you from using any protective cases
  • Available in a range of colors to suit your phone
  • Protect against scratches and damage


  • Only defends the actual lens, not the surrounding area
  • Some difference between the color of the phone and the lens

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4. Bling Camera Lens Protector

Bling Camera Lens Protector

Finally, if you’re looking for a more exciting iPhone 11 camera protector, this could be the ideal product for you. The flashy Bling lens protector offers a precise cut-out to defend your camera without detracting from your image quality. The kit comes with a set of wipes so you can clean your phone before easily sticking the protector into place.

To minimize the amount of extra clutter on your device, this product offers a 1.5mm thickness that totally protects your iPhone from scratching when you drop it or place it in your pocket. What’s more, the luxury rhinestone device will really help to make your phone stand out.


  • Beautiful flashy finish with rhinestones
  • Available in a range of colors to suit your style
  • Easy installation with cleaning kit included
  • Ultra-thin to reduce clutter on your phone
  • Fits perfectly on the iPhone 11


  • Can be difficult to apply at first
  • Maybe too flashy for some users

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Useful Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve found the best camera lens protector for iPhone 11, the next step is learning how to install it. This video will guide you through the steps involved in using a lens protector. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple. Just:

  • Choose an iPhone 11 camera protector that fits your device perfectly. Make sure that none of the protector covers your lenses.
  • Clean the lens using a microfiber cloth and a tiny amount of isopropyl alcohol. Take care to avoid covering the lens in too much moisture.
  • Make sure the lens is free of debris before you try to cover it with a protector. Dry it carefully with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Peel off the adhesive backing on your protector and align it carefully with your camera lenses. Make sure that all of the holes are in the right places.
  • Push down on the edges of the lens protector carefully to secure it in place. Make sure that the protector sticks fully to your phone.

After applying your iPhone 11 lens protector, clean the lens once more, and apply your phone case.


The best camera lens protector for iPhone 11 is an important investment for keeping your device safe. With the right lens protector, you can rest assured that your phone and its camera will continue to work well for years to come.

Good luck finding an iPhone 11 lens protector that suits you!

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