Best Car Mounts for iPhone 11 (Pro/Pro Max Included) in 2022

If you are headed on a long journey, you can use your Apple iPhone 11 for navigation. The maps are reliable and secure that you reach the destination quickly. However, it is crucial for maps to be in a viewable position so that you can check them out without affecting your driving.

That is where the best car mounts for iPhone 11 come into play. These products act as holders that keep your phone on the windshield, dashboard, or the air vent. Apart from checking the maps, keeping the screen visible allows you to call someone and use other functions of your phone. Our team picked the top-rated car mounts for iPhone 11 series. They stand out from the competition – keep reading to discover why!

Quick Summary

  • DesertWest Cell Phone Holder is at the top when it comes to the best iPhone 11 car mounts. It looks great and keeps the phone tightly placed in the holder. You can pick from mounting on the vent, windshield, or dashboard.
  • Touhuhot Air Vent Cell Phone Holder is a bargain deal for those looking to keep the price low. For this cost, it provides excellent durability and adjustability.
  • Mpow Car Phone Mount features a gooseneck that gets the screen closer to you without hindering your field of view. The durability is impressive, and the materials are heat-resistant.
  • Loncaster Car Phone Holder is great for those who want to keep their device in landscape mode. That is particularly convenient if you use your iPhone for navigation while driving.

Who Should Get a Car Mount for iPhone?

Are you wondering whether an iPhone 11 Pro Max car holder would be a smart investment? Here is why you should consider acquiring this product:

  • See the screen of your phone without using your hands – the device will be in the holder in front of you all the time. You can see the maps, and check out who is calling you without using your hands.
  • Use voice control – it will be a lot easier to use voice commands and interact with your phone if you can see it clearly.
  • Don’t risk dropping your phone – when you place your phone between your legs or in another position, you risk dropping it. But if you put it in a reliable mount, it will remain in place during the entire trip.

Best Car Mounts for iPhone 11: What to Consider in 2022

The manufacturers often make bold promises about their products. That is why you need to look beyond the description and know how to find a suitable unit. Here are the factors that our experts considered when making our list of the best iPhone 11 car mounts.

Where You Will Place the Phone?

The first thing to clarify is where you want to place the phone. You have the following installation options:

  • Air vent
  • Windshield
  • Dashboard

Pick the desired location and choose a suitable holder accordingly. Many of these products are versatile and suitable to be installed at multiple locations.


Stability or sturdiness is the capability of an iPhone 11 car mount to keep the phone in place and stay in the position itself. That means the holder shouldn’t drop to the ground every time you encounter a sharp turn. Using heat-resistant materials could improve performance on hot and sunny days.

Longevity and Reusability

The best iPhone 11 car mounts come with washable adhesives. That means you can rinse the bottom part, dry it, and reinstall it in the same position. It is a way of prolonging the lifespan of the product and securing extra value for the money.


Finally, you want to make sure that the design of your iPhone 11 car holder suits your needs. Some units come with goosenecks, while others are optimized to keep the phone only in horizontal or landscape modes. Other products come with 360-degree adjustable heads that allow holding the device in any position.

Best iPhone 11 Car Mounts: Our Picks for 2022

1. DesertWest Cell Phone Holder

DesertWest Cell Phone Holder

Our analysis showed that DesertWest designed the best car mount for iPhone 11 out there. The product is multi-functional and suitable for different positions. That is why it shouldn’t be a problem to find the favorite location for the holder.

Since the holder is adjustable, you can rest assured that it will fit your device. Thanks to the rubber placed at the corners where the phone and the mount touch, your device will remain protected at all times.

The device comes with a 360-degree rotation. That means you can position the mount so that you can see the screen well at all times. Additionally, the telescopic arm allows adjusting the distance up to 9.84 inches from the suction cup.

What We Like

  • Pick where to mount it – on the dashboard, windshield, or the vent.
  • The suction power is admirable, and the product will hold well in all positions.
  • The rubber padding is a nice touch since it protects the phone.

What We Dislike

  • The suction cup will leave a residue as time passes.

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2. Touhuhot Air Vent Cell Phone Holder

Car Phone Mount Air Vent Cell Phone Holder

Those looking for bargain deals on iPhone 11 car mounts will love this unit designed by Touhuhot. The first thing you notice once you receive the holder is that it looks great. The combination of gray and black is a nice touch, and it will fit your device well.

This is a specialized mount for the car vent, and it should fit most vents out there. The product only takes a second or two to install, and it holds the phone well. However, it is prone to coming loose occasionally, which is why it might end up on the floor during sharp turns.

The good news is that the holder is very durable. Its weight limit is 200 pounds, which is impressive. The manufacturer pinpoints that you can rotate the ball head for 360 degrees. That means you will see the screen well regardless of how you position the driver seat. The quick-release button ensures that you get the phone out of the holder effortlessly.

What We Like

  • An affordable price tag and a true budget-friendly deal.
  • The unique design tailor for placing on vents.
  • Incredible durability since the weight capacity is set at 200 pounds.

What We Dislike

  • It might come loose occasionally, and you will need to reposition it.

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3. Mpow Car Phone Mount

Mpow Car Phone Mount

Do you like an iPhone 11 car holder that has a gooseneck? If the answer is yes, Mpow has a great product for you. The gooseneck is almost six inches long to get the screen closer to you without compromising your sight. You can install it on both dashboard and windshield, and pick between classic and magnetic setup.

The adjustable head allows you to turn the phone any way you like, which means you can hold it in landscape mode. The manufacturer used heat-resistant material that secures optimal durability even during hot sunny days.

The product includes two spare sticky adhesives, which prolongs the overall holder’s lifespan. The sticky gel itself is washable, and all you need is to rinse it with water and give it time to dry.

What We Like

  • Extremely sturdy and capable of staying in position for a long time.
  • Pick from the classic sticky version with a suction cup or a magnetic holder.
  • A 360-degree location supports holding your phone in both landscape and portrait modes.

What We Dislike

  • The button for releasing the phone is a bit awkwardly positioned in the back.

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4. Loncaster Car Phone Holder

Loncaster Car Phone Holder

If you primarily need an iPhone 11 Pro car mount to keep track of the map while driving, this unit will meet your expectations. The holder features a specific design that holds your phone in landscape position. That way, you can mount it in front of you, and never miss a turn because you saw it late. It is a bit weird that the holder doesn’t support a portrait mode, which some users might see as a restriction.

The adhesives are strong and keep the mount in place well. You can wash them and place them again, which extends the overall lifespan and increases the product’s value for money. It only takes a second to place or release your phone into the holder.

What We Like

  • Very stable and resistant to slips even during sharp turns.
  • A unique design that allows keeping the phone in a horizontal position.
  • The adhesives are washable, which extends the unit’s lifespan.

What We Dislike

  • The holder doesn’t support portrait mode.

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Useful Tips and Tricks

Installing an iPhone 11 Pro Max car holder in your car allows interaction with your phone while driving. The crucial word is interaction because you should take into account that using a mobile phone is banned in most countries while you are behind the wheel. However, you can find useful tips on apps to install to enable a better phone experience while driving. For example, voice control is one of the features you want to maximize.

Most users primarily use the phone in their cars for navigation. That is why you want to make the most out of Apple Maps. Simple tips and tricks could help you find your way faster and better.


The crucial thing to note is that there is no such thing as the perfect car mount for iPhone 11. The best product is the one that meets your expectations. Choose whether you want to keep the phone in landscape or portrait mode, and where to install it. Based on that information, it should be easy to find a suitable unit!

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