Best Cheap Laptops Under 100 Dollars

Best Overall: Samsung Chromebook 3
Runner-up: Dell Chromebook
Also Great: Dell Latitude E4300

Strapped for cash and on the lookout for a laptop? Don’t lose hope. We will not let your shoestring budget stop you from getting the best laptop that suits all your needs.

Your laptop does not necessarily have to be the most expensive one in the market to be efficient. If all you want a laptop for is basic browsing or typing; you can even make do with a cheap Chromebook under 100.

You might be wondering whether such laptops would even work. Or you are convinced that they are ill-configured machines that will break down in a few months. Let us assure you that this is far from the truth. Your cheap laptop under $100 will also last you a very long time- provided you choose well.

It can be a refurbished one or used one. Either way, you can get to pick a laptop that is in perfect working order and as good as new. You do not have to compromise on the specs or performance.

We are here to help you save money and time. Read our reviews of the laptops under $100 to select one that ticks all your checkboxes. We have even made a list of the pros and cons for each device so that you get the clear picture. Let’s dive right in and tell you how you can buy cheap laptops under 100 dollars.

Quick Summary

Here is an overview of the products that you can choose from:

  • Samsung Chromebook 3 comes with a 11.6in screen sporting a decent 4GB RAM. It’s not the best out there, but the Intel Celeron Processor does a good job for basic office work. Given that it is a Chromebook, the built-in Chrome OS will be a big advantage making it a reliable low-budget device.
  • Dell Chromebook has an 11.6in HD screen, 4GB RAM and Intel Celeron processor. The laptop stands out for its sturdy design. This includes a scratch-resistant touch screen and a spill-proof keyboard. It is perfect for children who want a portable laptop that is not too fragile.
  • Dell Latitude E4300 comes with the 2.4 GHz Intel Core- 2- Duo processor, 4096 MB RAM and 16 GB hard drive. It will be your efficient partner in all academic and professional endeavours.

Who Should Get This?

You may be a professional whose entire work depends on a laptop. A mishap with your device may be forcing you to look for a stopgap arrangement until you can afford an expensive one. Choosing a basic model or even a refurbished one under $100 would tide you over until you can invest in a better one.

Similarly, even children need laptops. But if you do not wish to buy them anything fancy just yet, then looking into cheap laptops under 100 should be for you.

These are sturdy, simple and efficient machines. They will perform your basic tasks and you wouldn’t even have to worry about their management. If saving money is on your cards, these laptops under 100 are a good place to start.

How We Picked the Best Cheap Laptops Under 100 Dollars?

Looking for cheap laptops for sale under 100? We kept in mind a variety of aspects before choosing these particular laptops. Here are some that can also act as your starting point while looking for cheap laptops:

Space– This is the storage space in the laptop. Since you are buying it for the most basic of tasks, any storage space might suffice. But if also plan on storing photos or other large files, keep in mind that you would also need an external hard drive.

The OS- The operating system is the soul of your laptop. This has to be of primary interest when looking for cheap laptops for sale under 100. Windows OS would be quite costly. But Chromebooks come with pre-installed Chrome OS. So that can be your alternative to Windows.

Refurbished or Used- There is a world of difference between being used and being refurbished. Refurbished devices are sent back to the manufacturer by the customer. There can be many causes for rejection. There may be software issues or hardware issues. It could only be a scratch on the screen or something not functioning properly. Whatever the cause, the manufacturer finds it out and overhauls the device. With complete repairs, the item is as good as new.

A used laptop, on the other hand, may or may not be functioning properly. You can easily get a refurbished model for your small budget. You don’t have to settle for a rundown one.

The RAM- This is where the multi-tasking speed of your laptop lies. Ensure that your computer has at least 4 GB. Also, when you look at the refurbished product, match the specs of the original to the refurbished one. They should match. The RAM should remain the same as before, else you should skip that model.

The Seller- You should look for a reputable seller. He should be one doesn’t have a history of repairing and refurbishing laptops with cheap parts. When you buy it from a reputable seller, your refurbished laptop will be as good as new. It will last you longer as well.

Size- This is a common consideration when buying a laptop for children. Their eyes shouldn’t feel the strain since schoolwork requires them to have longer screen times. Choose a larger screen so that the child can see even from a distance.

Durability- Children don’t have a lot of experience in handling gadgets. Accidental slips are common. You don’t want a laptop that gives away with a single fall. Choose one with a rugged design and a spill-resistant keyboard. These keyboards are common in laptops these days. Add a screen protector so that your screen is protected against scratches. It will also protect you from the harmful blue light of the laptop.

Battery- Cheap laptops have long been associated with dangerous batteries. There is some truth to this. This is the part where the manufacturer may have cut costs while refurbishing the laptop. Steer clear of such products. Ensure that the battery is original. It should be a reliable, long-lasting battery that is tested and safe.

Best Cheap Laptops Under $100: Our Picks in 2022

If you are stuck, trying to figure out which laptop suits you best, let us help with an in-depth analysis of our top picks. This should spur you on to buy one.

1. Samsung Chromebook 3

Samsung Chromebook 3

This is one of the laptops under 100 is sure to make working easier. It has a built-in Chrome OS. Subsequently, you get easy access to all Google apps. To add to this, there will be free and automatic updates to optimise your experience. The 4GB RAM and 1.6 GHz Celeron processor provide adequate speed and multi-tasking ability.

With Google, it is also easy to back-up your data to the cloud. Along with that, there are built-in security features. There is more than one reason to not have to worry about your data.

The laptop has great battery backup and a single charge will allow you up to 11 hours of work.

Its 11.6 in screen is another helpful element. Your long hours of work will cause little damage to the eyes.

The cherry on the cake is its sturdy design. Not only does is work well, it stays well too. It comes with a water-resistant keyboard that is not vulnerable to the occasional spill. It is slim and lightweight as well. It can be your companion on long trips without requiring extra care or adding any more burden to your luggage.

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  • Lightweight and portable- You will not have to think twice before taking it along.
  • Chrome OS- The built-in Chrome OS is handy and saves you the trouble of buying a new one.
  • Google and its Apps- You get the functionality of Google and all its apps in the laptop. You can even sync your phone to the laptop.
  • Good at Multitasking- Its price does not dictate its ability. This laptop is great at multitasking and faces very few lags.
  • Automatic Updates- You will not have to worry about keeping track of the updates. Google does that itself.
  • Keyboard is responsive- Its keys work well and quietly.
  • Quick Start up- Booting does not take a lot of time.


  • Can be buggy – With time and more applications, the laptop can lag a bit.
  • Screen quality – The screen quality is a bit better on some competitors.

2. Dell Chromebook 11.6 in

Dell Chromebook 11.6 in

When it comes to a Chromebook, you want it to be portable. This is the perfect companion for a student with its MIL- STD (Military Standard) design. It has been designed and tested to endure pressure, temperature changes, humidity, shock and vibration. The body will be safe against accidental drops and even the screen is scratch-resistant. Spill protection is another major feature that makes this computer worth your money and interest.

It has multi-coloured lights which can be useful to reveal when a student is busy on his laptop instead of classroom interactions. The laptop has a combination of dual array microphones and front-facing speakers which ensure crystal clear sound.

The laptop has been optimised in every way to aid students as well as professionals who work on a team. The 180 degrees screen hinge allows you to rotate the laptop screen in ways that it is easily visible to a group. Since this is a Chromebook, it also comes with the added advantage of pre-loaded Google apps that work on the Chrome OS to provide you the comfort and efficiency with which you have been used to on the smartphone. You can use these apps even when offline.

The laptop has an 11 in screen with 4 GB RAM, powerful enough to propel you through the basic tasks. The Intel Celeron processor that powers this machine has booting up time less than 10 seconds. Webpages load in a short time as well.

It promises speed and durability along with other creative facilities like the Google apps. If you need something that is inexpensive yet gives more than the basics, this laptop would be a good choice.

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  • Speed- Booting up is fast and the interface, pleasant.
  • Strength- The body of the laptop is meant to shield it against the elements and all accidental harm. It will not sustain a lot of damage in minor accidents.
  • Battery- You can use it for quite a long time with one charge.


  • Apps Faulty- There have been problems in downloading and using the apps that are available on the Google Playstore.

3. Dell Latitude E4300

Dell Latitude E4300

Packed with the 2.4 GHz Intel Core- 2- Duo processor, 4096 MB RAM and 160 GB hard drive, the Dell Latitude E4300 laptop is a good choice for minimalists. It does its work without crashing and will last you a very long time.

It comes with the Windows XP OS and you will not be left wanting for good software to run your programs.

The battery is also decent, lasting you up to 5 hours on a single charge.

The laptop provides good speed, smooth multi-tasking abilities and decent battery life, when all you need a laptop for is browsing or basic work. You can even run light games without encountering any lags.

This is the perfect laptop if you want to combine savings with good performance.

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  • Good Structure- The laptop looks sturdy and feels very smooth. It is very pleasant to look at.
  • Easy Set up- It will not take the computer ages to start and set up.
  • Good screen size- It has a 13.3-inch screen size which is comfortable for viewing.
  • Travel friendly- The laptop is light and can be taken on trips easily.
  • Battery life- It gives an average of 5 hours on one charge. This means you can take it everywhere without fretting over the battery running out.


  • None when you use it for the basic tasks. It works flawlessly.

4. Dell Latitude D630

Dell Latitude D630

This was made to target the corporate audience. This flagship model from Dell was an endeavour to ensure that a Notebook has everything a corporate professional would need. The components used in this notebook are better than any off the shelf retail model. This makes it a worthy purchase both for corporate professionals as well as students looking for a reliable laptop.

Any original Windows OS will cost you a fortune. To save that precious amount, this laptop comes with pre-installed Windows Profession with licence. The OS is the backbone that controls other applications. It makes this laptop an even more appealing choice.

It works on the Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz processor and 2GB RAM. It has a 16 GB SATA Hard Drive.

It comes with decent specs that ensure good performance. This may not be the most high-tech version out there, but it gets your job done.

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  • Perfect for basic tasks- It will not slow down while performing the basic tasks like browsing, typing or simple gaming.
  • If you dislike Windows 10- Windows 7 is a good operating system and many people prefer it to Windows 10. The pre-installed software available with this laptop works out for these people.
  • Hardware is good- The screen, keyboard as well as the body of the computer will not give away after minor accidents.
  • Battery life is decent- One charge will give you decent run time.


  • It is not extremely fast- The speed will be sufficient to power your average tasks but heavy tasks, including large games will slow this laptop down.

5. Acer C720-2844

Acer C720-2844

Suitable for browsing, researching, typing and the like, the Acer C720-2844 is one of the handiest laptops in our list of the best laptops under 100 dollars. It is a Chromebook providing you easy access to all your favourite Google apps.

It runs on the 1.40 GHz Intel Celeron 2955U Dual Core processor. Its 4 GB RAM and 16 GB memory are an added advantage in providing you with fast speed and multi-tasking ability.

There is a front camera which means that you can video chat with ease and enjoy all the benefits of an expensive laptop in this. It has an 11.6-inch large HD screen allowing you to enjoy your computing experience without damaging your eyes.

It has a durable body which can handle some minor slips and looks extremely classy with its smooth finish.

If you are looking for a laptop that can save you money while not compromising on its performance, this one would fit the bill.

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  • Performance- Works smoothly without any lags. You can do all your basic tasks without any trouble.
  • Smooth Trackpad- It works especially well. You would not need a mouse if you learn to navigate with the trackpad.
  • Battery Life- It is decent and you can easily get more than 8 hours on a single charge if you have adjusted the brightness.
  • Easy set up- You will not have to wait for hours the first time you are setting it up. You can simply sync your Google accounts and you are good to go.
  • Looks Good- It has a smooth finish on the outside and looks very refined.
  • HDMI port- This is an added bonus for people who like streaming shows or watching TV.


  • Not meant for real work- It can do very little besides surfing the web or reading and watching content. Other work will make it hang every time.

Useful Tips and Resources

You have to keep in mind that a cheap or refurbished laptop is no excuse for the seller to swindle you. Every part of the device should be in perfect working condition as promised.

Generally, when a laptop is refurbished, the issue is with the hardware. So take a careful look at the screen to check for any scratches. Ensure that the screen hinges are also working fine. The manufacturer should have repaired the faults before selling it.

For a laptop as cheap as the one you are looking for, accessories like the mouse won’t be a part of the deal. However, there are some sellers who throw them in for the customers. Look out for such deals when shopping for a laptop.

The most important thing to remember is that it is, after all, a device. Despite all correction and repair, it might turn out to be faulty. So before you buy the laptop, take a minute to look at the return policy of the seller. If any problem arises, you can return it to them.

Check out this so that you don’t remain in the dark when buying a laptop under 100.


You already have certain requirements in your mind. You know what kind of a laptop you want. We have presented the specifications of each before you. These will help you make an informed decision. It is important to remember that even though you are running short of money, you are still paying. Do not compromise on the quality of your product.

An inexpensive laptop can also last you a very long time and your kids can also benefit from it. If education and research is their goal, these laptops will not disappoint them. They can learn and do all their browsing and assignments with ease. You will not only have saved money, but also prevented them from spending unnecessary time in front of the screen of a high-end laptop.

Hence, you do not need to feel disappointed when thinking of buying a cheap laptop. It is not just any laptop; it is the best laptop under 100 that will teach you to make the most use of limited resources.

Read carefully through our reviews and guidelines and when you have decided on one, be sure to check on the seller and look for any freebies you can get. You will not regret using a laptop that does not burn a hole in your pocket and also does what you wish it to do.

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