6 Best CPU Benchmark Software for Windows in 2022

The CPU or Central Processing Unit is the brain of your computer. It is a powerful unit as predicted by Moore’s law – consumption of less power, compact size, the potential to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and high speed for performance calculation per second. But, to align the performance of CPU – an array of calculative measurement tests are performed to evaluate how much time each operation takes to complete is called CPU benchmarks.

To execute CPU benchmarks, foremost, you have to acquire the best CPU benchmark software. With CPU benchmark software, you can adhere to the performance of your computer’s hardware and software. To run a series of calculations to evaluate the performance of your computer system, you have to find the popular benchmark software from our compilation of “Best Benchmark for CPU Software.”

Quick Summary

  • Do you want to know what’s going on inside your PC? Then, Speccy can show in-depth what’s happening inside your CPU, motherboard, graphic card, and other integrated parts of your PC so that you can fix the loose parts to get the high performing PC.
  • For gamers, 3DMark is the perfect CPU benchmark software with gazillions of game performance-boosting features like Night Raid, Port Royal, Fire Strike, and many more. Moreover, it is a one-stop solution for desktop and mobile gamers.
  • CPU-Z is the popular freeware utility for advanced users. From CPU to GPU – this software can read out all the relevant information to assist a non-tech person in getting the best quality machine without acquiring any technical knowledge.

We are not done yet as there is plenty of other cool and interesting computer benchmark software has been listed ahead. So, go and read to find the best solution.

What Is CPU Benchmark Software?

In layman’s terminology, a CPU benchmark software is a series of well-organized tests to scale up the performance of a computer unit or CPU devices. The combination of some standard measurement tests based on a prefixed baseline is used to compare the performance of various systems – using standard methodologies under similar circumstances.

The standard CPU benchmark tool is designed with a comprehensive test system to compare the performance against the regular CPU performance benchmarks. CPU stipulations usually addressed by the best computer benchmark tool includes –

  • Clock speed testing
  • Number of instructions executed in one go
  • Registry calls per cycle
  • Architectural efficiency and so on.

The benchmark standards keep on constantly changing between the generations of CPUs, Intel, and AMD CPUs. Some of the best CPU benchmark software can even provide information on other computer devices, also including processors, chipset, motherhood, and more.

Who Should Get A CPU Benchmark Software?

If you are wondering, “I don’t need to get the CPU benchmark software as my CPU is working fine,” – think once again. By getting the CPU benchmark tool, you can align the performance of your computer along with gain a couple of other advantages. Still, you aren’t sure whether to get a CPU benchmark tool, then understand who should immediately get benchmark software –

  • System Builders – The people who are using their computers to design high-powered systems as per the requirements of their clients need to simulate their computers’ performance to ensure they can design systems on-demand.
  • Hardware Enthusiasts – The popular benchmark software is a necessity of avid and technically inclined hardware engineers to retrieve an accurate baseline of multiple operations such as computer customization, upgrading hardware, and preparing computer to perform intense processes.
  • Non-Tech Savvy – Users with the minimal technical knowledge of computers and their parts can manipulate the best benchmark of CPU standards to measure the CPU performance score before making the final purchase. This way, non-tech people can buy the best computer system without the assistance of an expert.

How We Tested and Picked the Best CPU Benchmark Software in 2022?

To find the best CPU benchmark tool for you, we have allocated popular benchmark software available in the market and tested them on multiple user-friendly parameters before presenting the gigantic guide of the high performing computer benchmark software ahead. Our primary standard to shortlist software includes –

  • Acceptance – In this compilation, we have only taken the computer benchmark tools that are loaded with widespread formats. This is one of the important criteria to evaluate the benchmark software by us.
  • Adaptable – The best computer benchmark tool must have the capacity to work with all the latest versions of Windows OS smoothly. All the dedicated benchmark software mentioned on this list can work with all the latest versions of Windows OS like Windows 10,8, 8.1, 7, and even some older versions. So, all Windows users can use any of the powerful tools listed below.
  • Functionality – A person is getting a benchmark tool because he or she wants to measure the performance of the CPU on numerous grounds. Now, if the software doesn’t support all the leading features and functions of CPU testing, then how can the user properly measure the performance of the CPU. Thus, we have tested all the leading benchmark software features to pinpoint the best CPU benchmark software.
  • Simplicity – Simple user interface and easy learning curve are the two magnificent traits of good software. A CPU benchmark software is a helping hand for the non-tech savvy computer users who want to buy the best computer unit. We keep the user interface and complicated feature structure of the benchmark software in our mind while making the mammoth list of the best CPU performance benchmark software.
  • Budget-Friendly – Nobody wants to feel broke after purchasing the benchmark tool online. That’s why to compile this list of the best benchmark software, and we have used affordability as the prime factor. However, it is not possible to find all the highly functional benchmark tools for free. Thus, if you have to spend a couple of bucks to buy the popular benchmark software, don’t hesitate because to get the best, you have to pay.

Our Picks: Best CPU Benchmark Software in 2022

Do you want to get the top quality of the CPU benchmark tool? Then, you have knocked on the right door because we have tested all the popular and unpopular CPU benchmark tools on various levels to create the list of the “best of the best CPU benchmark programs.” Check out our recommendations and get the perfect performance sustaining software today!

1. Speccy


Are you looking for the super-fast, feather-light, and highly advanced tool for your PC? You don’t have to go far – just get the Speccy from the software bundle of Ccleaner. This CPU benchmark software will give you a free trip inside your PC to know what’s exactly going inside your computer. From exploring quick summary to diving deeper into minute aspects of your PC’s hardware – this software can open up the entire box of information in front of you.

Once you have all the detailed information laid out in the open, you don’t have to hop from one computer part to another in search of the relevant information. The information gathered from CPU, motherboard, graphic cards, and Speccy will gather other computer parts in one go. This way, you can get information on the real-time temperature of all the critical computer parts, so with one look, you can spot the problems.

Using the Speccy, you can take snapshots of your performance results for easy sharing with your colleagues. This sharing feature comes handy when you want to make sure that you are ordering the right computer devices. Moreover, to get the technical support from your tech friend, you can use a snapshot sharing feature.

To experience all the advanced performance testing features of Speccy, you won’t have to pay much. If you want to get insight information of your PC, you have a free Speccy software to help you out. If your requirements are slightly high tech, including PC insights, automatic updates, complete technical support, and other advanced features – you should get Speccy Professional for $24.95 or Ccleaner Professional Bundle for $39.95. According to your budget and requirements, you can easily order the suitable Speccy from Ccleaner official page.

2. 3DMark


3DMark CPU benchmark software is the immaculate tool for PC as well as mobile users. True gamers who won’t let go of any chance of playing dynamic video on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs are a designated tool. With the free basic version and option to buy the premium bundle, it is a fast, effective and user-friendly app for PC users packed with some intense performance-boosting features –

  • Automate Testing – 3DMark finds the right test for your system and automatically scans your hardware. The software even provides timely benchmark recommendations to the supercharge functioning of your computer.  
  • Variety of Tests – Steam is the father company of 3DMark software, and they are constantly developing new benchmark tests so that users can test CPU on different pressure points. For example, the 3DMark Time Spy test for Windows 10 gamers to fully realize the performance gains that the new API offers. There are plenty of other astonishing tests for gamers in the benchmark software bundle, such as Night Raid, Port Royal, Fire Strike, and many more.
  • Hardware Monitoring – The compressive hardware monitoring chart is drafted by 3DMark to present – CPU and GPU temperatures, clock speeds, and how the frame rate has changed during the benchmark process.
  • Customization – You can test the waters by evaluating your PC’s performance on different conditions by changing its resolution and other settings to make a benchmark less demanding.

3. CPU-Z


The seekers of the popular benchmark software can try out the freeware utility software offered by CPUID – CPU-Z. It is an impressive benchmark software that won’t hesitate to go beyond the CPU components to restore your PC’s performance. This software has a broader working capacity as it detects information related to your computer processor, memory, motherboard, and graphic cards.

The software won’t stop at providing the streamlined content – no, a detailed report is generated by the software to disclose all the blazing specifications and performance figures of your computer’s hardware system. This program is rolling over the top charts because it can determine the model of processor used in your PC along with motherboard and RAM. The software capabilities won’t end here, as it can measure all the core internal frequencies and memory frequencies in real-time.

From defining type, size, module, and timing of the memory to narrating processor name and number, CPU-Z has a silver platter of services to offer. On the top, the software has been frequently upgraded to add new testing programs in it.

4. PCMark


Are you looking for the best benchmark for CPU with a variety of performance tests, custom options, new storage benchmarks – in short, are you looking for the thorough benchmark tool? You do, so just get PCMark for your CPU. This comprehensive set of features will be yours for free if you are basic home users. But, for the professional users, the high tech PCMark bundle cost around $1495 per annum that is flourished with some enthralling features like –

  • Fully Compatible – PCMark is designed to satisfy all the needs of a modern workplace. It can be installed without any loops of complicated configuration. All the tests available in the software are based on real-world requirements. Each test is accurately scored so that you can easily compare performance.
  • Competent – PCMark is proud of its two main features – easy turn around time. Now, you can test your computer’s performance a lot more quickly and perfectly than ever before.
  • One Tap Solution – You don’t have to tap over a series of options to select between the Accelerated and Conventional benchmarking modes as with just one tap, you can start benchmarking your PC.
  • High-level Reporting – Each benchmark that you run on your PC will be producing high-level scorecards, mid-level test group scores, and low-level workload scores so that you can easily compare scores obtained by your PC with other PCs.
  • Simple Learning Curve – The layout of the software is kept simple and familiar so that a new user can effortlessly tweak with the features. PCMark’s style and the user interface is familiar as 3DMark. So, an amateur user can effectively manage this tool.

5. SiSoftware Sandra Lite

SiSoftware Sandra Lite

SiSoftware Sandra Lite is an informative and diagnostic CPU benchmark tool. This software has some highly charged information providing features that have the potential to map out hardware, software, and other devices (documented and undocumented information). It works along with other Microsoft Windows tool, but it can go beyond them and present more information than the basic software.

This software is like a Wikipedia of your computer that presents detailed information about numerous components such as video adapter, memory, network, chipset, AGP, PCI, PCIe, ODBC Connections, USB2, 1394/Firewire, etc. Apart from being an information hub, the software offers three different UI benchmarks – Multi-Threading, Multi-Core, and Single-Thread.

SiSoftware Sandra is a collection of multiple benchmark software. This Lite version of the software is free without nag screens or time limitations. Individual computer users can gain some monstrous benefits from the software. However, for advanced business users, SiSoftware Sandra has developed some powerful package like Sandra Advanced, Sandra Professional, Sandra Engineer, Sandra Enterprise, and Sandra Legacy. So, as per your requirements and budget, you can pick the Sandra software package, but overall, Sandra Lite is the most crowd-pleasing software package.

6. Cine Bench

Cine Bench

Let’s wrap up our list with the best computer benchmark tool, aka Cine Bench. This software revolves around the real-world tests that can push your computer’s hardware capabilities ahead. The advancement in rendering technologies have empowered this tool even more as features like Cinema 4D paired with some of the other sophisticated features are included in the software –

  • Latest Rendering Technologies – Cinebench is packed with the latest rendering architectures such as integration with Intel’s Embree raytracing technology, advanced AMD functionality, and so much more.
  • Edgy Accuracy – The test accuracy offered by Cinebench is quite magnificent as it can show whether a machine runs better on a high CPU model or the cooling solution of a desktop is adequate for the long-running tasks or not.
  • Compatible – It is a dedicated Windows and Mac software. Windows 7 or above users with the Intel or AMD 64-bit CPU along with SSE3 and 4GB RAM can experience the superb features of this benchmark tool. Moreover, the program’s free trial period is also available, so when you are fully satisfied with the tool, only then order it.


The best CPU benchmark software for Windows can make the process of analyzing the performance of different internal parts of the computer very simple. With accurate scores, a nontechnical person can now compare the performance of different computers and get a high-performing machine. This post has showcased some of the best benchmark tools available in the market for regular, as well as advanced users. So, when you want to know where your CPU stands among the other processing units – just grab the best benchmark tool from the list.

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