10 Best CPU Stress Test Software for Windows PC in 2022

Computer performance often gets degraded with time, and you’ll notice various issues coming up with time. On top of that, if you are using your system daily, the chances of issues hitting early also rise. With time, you will see unexpected shutdowns, different functions not working as they are supposed to, and frequent slowdowns in different phases.

These are indications that you should never ignore. If these issues prevail for a long time, your system might even have to suffer permanent damage.

So, how can you avoid getting into such conditions?

You need to monitor your computer’s health and performance by conducting CPU stress testing with the help of CPU stress test software. This will make you aware of everything about your PC and help you maintain your computer’s health.

Before we get to the list of the best CPU stress test software, let us briefly discuss what stress testing software is.

What is CPU Stress Test Software?

CPU Stress testing is a type of performance testing of the CPU under high-stress levels. This helps in evaluating the system’s abilities even under extremely rigorous conditions. With CPU test software, you will be able to discover how much stress all your CPU components can endure before they get damaged.

The stress test performed by PC stress test software includes various extreme tasks, memory usage at intense levels, testing clock speeds, and providing extreme workload.

CPU stress testing is a part of hardware stress testing that checks for the CPU’s performance when it runs at maximum levels and temperatures. During this testing phase, every core of your CPU will be utilized and tested to see the levels it can handle.

If your CPU can pass the stress test performed by computer stress test software, it is considered to be stable. If your system can’t sustain the stress tests, you will experience crashes, lag, and automatic shutdowns that indicate instability. With stress testing, you’ll know if your system needs fixing.

Now, let us look at the list of the best CPU stress test software so that you can maintain the performance of your system.

1. Cinebench

To evaluate your CPU’s performance, you should consider downloading Cinebench in your system. The software provides advanced rendering along with top-notch CPU technology for evaluating the capabilities of your computer system.

Cinebench is considered to be an accurate tool for hardware manufacturers to test their latest hardware systems and come up with an improved version of the same. This CPU test software is capable of determining whether the system can handle 3D tasks efficiently or not.


Some of the key features of Cinebench are:

  • The system’s performance is evaluated based on checking made through a 3D scene
  • Every single core of the system is tested under rigorous conditions through different algorithms
  • Accurate and easy to understand results

The best thing about Cinebench is that it is available for both Mac and Windows systems. So, you can easily stress test your system with high-quality computer stress test software.

2. CPU Expert

CPU Expert is an online stress testing software that allows you to set the load and even control the testing time. This is a pretty simple and easy-to-use online PC stress test software that can be used even by people from non-technical backgrounds to check the health of their system.

All you need to do is start the stress test in the background and continue with your work. Here, you will have to monitor the speed and FPS from the indicators available in the tool to see whether they are constant. If you notice that they drop significantly, your system health is poor, and you need to get it fixed.

CPU Expert
CPU Expert

Features that make it stand out from the others are:

  • It is web-based CPU stress test software, you can use it on almost any device.
  • Different indicators to manually stress test the system
  • Can stress the system with a maximum load within a few seconds

The tool is compatible with most browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. On top of that, you can even use it to stress-test your mobile phones.

3. HeavyLoad

HeavyLoad is another free high-quality PC stress testing software that can be installed in any Windows edition. With HeavyLoad, you will be able to test your PC under extreme conditions to see if it can be relied upon or not. There will be tests run on every system component like Hard disk, RAM, CPU, GPU, etc.

You can completely customize the stress testing tool as per your requirements from the Options tab. The intuitive graphical interface is pretty easy to understand and work with. Your workstation will be put under extreme load levels to test the system properly.


Some of the main features of HeavyLoad are:

  • Customize the stress test as per your requirements
  • Utilizes 3D rendered graphics for GPU stress testing
  • Choose the cores you wish to test from the available ones

HeavyLoad is a freeware PC stress test software that you can install to see if there’s any fixing required in your system.

4. Core Temp

Core Temp is a fundamental yet powerful CPU stress testing tool. You will be able to determine the temperature of each core of the processors. Based on the changing workloads, the tool can display the real-time temperature of your system.

Even though Core Temp is a pretty basic tool, there are plenty of customizations made available for users and developers. If you are a developer, you can customize the tool as per your requirements to build your own addition to the system.

Core Temp

Some of the key features of Core Temp to look at are:

  • Supports high-level customizations
  • Developers can add different plug-ins and add-ons
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

With Core Temp CPU test software, you will receive a proper temperature report for all the cores in your system.

5. HWiNFO64

HWiNFO64 is another useful software for diagnosing your PC and checking its health. This CPU test software can perform hardware analysis with maximum accuracy and provide appropriate reports.

Another thing that makes it a worthy option for CPU stress testing is that you can download it for free from its official website. There are plenty of customizations available, along with extensive reporting for analyzing your hardware and different cores of the system.


Some of the key features to watch out for are:

  • Get in-depth information about your hardware and system
  • Ability to perform real-time monitoring
  • Provides different types of reports for extensive understanding
  • Supports hardware components of almost every company

The real-time system monitoring and extensive reporting make it an ideal choice for developers as well as users who are concerned about their system’s health.

6. Prime95

You can stress test your RAM and CPU with extensive load by using Prime95. With this PC stress test software, you will be able to perform stress testing on both processor and memory. On top of that, the tool allows you to use it in both manuals as well as automatic ways.

In order to test the stability of your system, the software will feed the processor with a consistent workload and keep your system under extreme conditions. For proper stress testing, the software puts the load on every single core of the system.


Key features of Prime95 are:

  • Default options can sufficiently perform balanced stress testing
  • Perform stability and stress tests on your CPU and memory

Prime95 is another simple and easy-to-use stress testing tool for all your operating systems. The best thing here is that you can install Prime95 in Windows, Linux, and macOS.

7. AIDA64

AIDA64 is an industry-leading tool when it comes to system information and stress testing. You will be able to properly measure the performance of your system with this computer stress test software. The software is compatible with all the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Due to real-time monitoring sensors, you will be able to see accurate temperature, speed, and voltage readings. The diagnostic function will provide a detailed report of the fixes you need to make in your system to prevent the hardware from permanent damages and issues.


Some of the key features of AIDA64 are:

  • Drive your system to ultimate limits for testing its performance and stability
  • Accurate hardware detection to prevent major hardware issues
  • Supports more than 250 sensor devices for measuring voltages, fan speeds, temperature, and power consumption

On top of that, you can even find the right AIDA64 tool as per your requirements because there are different editions made available. So, you get to choose the right tool for your systems.

8. Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

The Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is CPU stress test software that is useful for verifying the functionality of an Intel microprocessor. The software is compatible with every version of the intel microprocessor as well as multiprocessors.

As soon as you download the installer, the tool will verify the processor and test for various operating system features by performing different stress tests. If you are looking for a native PC stress test software for your intel system, you should definitely check out this tool.

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool
Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

Some of the key features of the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool are:

  • Built natively for Intel processors
  • Ability to perform rigorous stress testing on microprocessors and multiprocessors

If you are looking for a trusted and authentic stress testing tool for your Intel processor, this is a perfect choice.

9. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is another freeware that gathers information from your system to perform a health check on your device. The software performs a real-time measurement of every core based on its internal and memory frequency.

On top of that, you can even use CPU-Z with different customizations to use it in a way that you prefer to perform stress tests for your system. If your system is facing any issues or even if there are any chances of damage to your system, then CPU-Z can help you prevent it.


Key features to watch out for in CPU-Z are:

  • Ideal tool for both Windows and Android devices
  • Real-time measurement of every core’s memory
  • Available free of cost

With real-time monitoring of all the cores of your system, you can keep an eye on your system’s performance and health in the best way.

10. Passmark BurnInTest

If you wish to perform a thorough test of your system, then Passmark BurnInTest is the right computer stress test software. You will be amazed to see that every single component of your device will be tested under extreme conditions by this software.

Your CPU, Hard drive, RAM, optical drives, network ports, printers, webcams, batteries, USB ports, and everything connected to your device will be tested under stressful conditions by this tool. Along with checking the health of your system, you will also know whether your system is reliable and stable or not.

Passmark BurnInTest
Passmark BurnInTest

Some of the key features of Passmark BurnInTest are:

  • Professional hardware testing tool
  • Ability to test your system’s stability under extreme conditions
  • Supports user-written plug-in tests

Every PC enthusiast and overclocker considers this to be an ideal tool for verifying their system’s stability and reliability by performing rigorous torture tests.

How We Tested and Picked the Best CPU Stress Test Software in 2022?

Choosing any software is a tough task because many alternatives are available for every tool. No matter what your purpose is, you will find various companies offering software in the market.

In order to come up with the best CPU stress test software, we tested every software based on different parameters. These parameters helped us to identify whether any particular tool is the right choice or not. If any tool doesn’t match the requirements, we didn’t consider adding it to this list of top CPU stress testing tools.

Some of the key parameters for picking the best CPU stress test software are listed below.


The first and the most important parameter that we never compromise on is the security of your system. We tested every software in terms of the security of your device so that there are no issues for you down the line. Every tool mentioned in this list is completely secure, and there will be no security issues for your system when you download them.


Every CPU test software mentioned in this list consists of some key features and the basic functionalities that should be present. Some of these tools are capable of performing stress testing on every single core as well as every single component of your system. This rigorous testing is what makes your PC health checking much easier.


Each software mentioned above is reliable as reputed, and authentic companies develop it. You can entirely rely on them to verify your device’s stability and reliability.


All the PC stress test software mentioned in this list is completely free to download. You will find all the basic functionalities in the free version of every tool. On top of that, if you like any particular software and wish to explore more of it, you can consider purchasing the paid plan of that particular software. This will help you perform stress testing and check the health of your system in the best way.

We went through all these parameters before introducing any software in this list of 10 Best CPU Stress Test software.


Why do you need CPU stress testing?

CPU stress testing is really important to discover your system’s health and verify its stability. The three main reasons for performing stress testing are:

  • Performance issues in old systems – If you notice that your old system is lagging and working very slowly, you should perform a CPU stress test to see how you can fix the system.
  • Overclocking – If you’re using your system under extreme conditions for work or gaming, you would demand more speed. With stress testing, you can find out whether your system’s performance has been enhanced with overclocking or not.
  • Explore maximum performance – Stress testing can help you determine whether your system is working at a maximum performance or you need to fix the components. This will prevent any issues of permanent damage to your system.

What should I use to stress test my CPU?

For performing adequate CPU stress testing, you need to choose the best PCU stress test software. The right tool will help you rigorously test your system under extreme conditions by imparting maximum load. With real-time monitoring, you will know which component needs fixing and how you can enhance your system’s performance.

How long should you run a CPU stress test?

This will depend a lot on your system and its configurations, but on average, you should stress test your CPU for at least one hour. This much time is enough for your CPU to reach its maximum temperature. At this time, you can impart maximum load on your system. But, if you wish to check the stability and reliability of your system, you can perform a prolonged stress test even for 24 hours. This is a long time for any system. You should perform such a prolonged test only if there are plenty of issues with your system.

Are PC stress tests safe?

If you are using a professional PC stress test software, there is no need to worry about your system. Every CPU has certain threshold limits for the system, and the system will automatically shut down before any damage can be done. If your system is too old and you try to perform prolonged stress testing, there are slight chances of your CPU getting damaged. The chances of such a scenario are pretty rare.


This was the list of the best computer stress test software that you can check out if you are more concerned about your system’s health and performance. With these tools, you will be able to enhance your device’s reliability and stability by fixing it before time.

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