Best External Wireless Keyboard for MacBook Pro

Are you looking for a best external wireless keyboard for MacBook pro? You are landed on the right spot. In this post, we are going to review five of the best MacBook external keyboard that is available on the market right now.  And we are going to compare them for in-depth to learn their advantages and disadvantages in detail to help users find the best as per their needs.

But, why would you like to buy an external keyboard for an expensive MacBook Pro? Does the integrated keyboard bring no good for you? No that’s not true; the integrated keyboard is good and offers smooth typing experience with highly responsive keys.

But, pro users would back my claim that a standalone full-sized keyboard also provides a solid base to type for hours. So, to have a more comfortable typing experience, I will have to make sure to grab a quality keyboard. There are few things that I always look forward to having in my standalone external keyboard such as compact design, strong construction, smooth and well-placed keys with good travel time.

So, without further ado let’s get started our hunt and behold the top products this post has to offer.

Quick Summary

  1. For someone looking for a budget range option while choosing the best keyboard for Macbook pro, Macally Bluetooth wireless option makes an ideal grab. The budget range price does not mean it lacks in performance. It comes with 103 keys and shares 15 short keys to enhance your typing experience. It makes a good option for the students whose original keyboard is broken and looking for a silent and efficient companion.
  2. If you are a pro user who spends days and nights in front of a computer or a gamer who loves to play AAA titles, Logitech MK550 is something you should give serious consideration. This keyboard and mouse combo is the ultimate comfortable and best external keyboard for Macbook pro option. Its wavy design keyboard and keys along with contoured design mouse help users to carry on typing work for prolonged time without straining hands and wrists. It is an affordable option as well, comes loaded with various advanced features.
  3. If you are on budget but still looking for unmatched typing experience without sacrificing quality and performance, Jelly Comb Rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard makes an ideal option. They come in hand at a tiny price and strike a perfect balance of price and performance. They share a low profile design, ideal for on the go users.

Who should get this?

MacBook Pro comes integrated with a sober keyboard with a smooth typing experience. But sometimes, those users who play lots of video games or indulge in more typing than usual have to buy an external wireless keyboard for their MacBook Pro.  

For gamers who want to play the latest AAA titles on a MacBook, they cannot carry out their gaming needs with an integrated keyboard. For them, it is important to choose the best Macbook keyboard to play games in better ways. Such as with an external keyboard they can use segmented backlighting that is not available in an integrated MacBook Pro keyboard.

For others who have to go through lots of typing work, such as for thesis work. They need a keyboard with enhanced travel speed, tactical feedback, and improved typing experience. They can choose a perfect external keyboard for Macbook pro to carry out their professional typing work.

So, whichever the case it is, you can have a wireless keyboard for Macbook pro from the picked products and buy as per your needs, requirement, and typing job.

How We Picked the Best External Wireless Keyboard for MacBook Pro?

Before we browse these products there are some important considerations you need to make. You need to learn, whether you need an external wireless keyboard in the first place. Many users are forced by manufacturers or salesmen to use a wireless keyboard.

Yes, you get unmatched mobility by using a wireless keyboard but you would not experience the same performance you would get with a Mac integrated keyboard.

So once you decide that you need a wireless keyboard for Macbook pro there are some attributes you need to give special attention to.

Let’s start and behold what is the important consideration we have made to pick up these products.


Style is also important, because when you type you will have to look at the keyboard. Plus, it is always recommended to behold the aesthetics of a product. But, that should not be the only criterion of your purchase.

Most Bluetooth keyboard for Macbook pro is naturally good looking, slim and they are always colored grey. However, in recent times, some manufactures have also come up with some different sober colors.

To get the most out of your computing experience, you need to double-check whether your keyboard has convenience keys. A number of Mac Keyboards are made with convenience keys which allow users to adjust the volume and control other several factors.


When it comes to buying a best wireless keyboard for Macbook pro functionality is the most important to check. But, it would be ideal to look for a balance between functionality and convenience. Look for the USB ports a keyboard comes featured with, and some additional functionality.


Yes, price plays a significant role and more than often dominant your purchase. If you are on a budget, you will have to look at some cheaper options with less functionality. You may have to sacrifice the convenience and extra bells and whistles on a keyboard. For a person without any budget restraints, there would be a plethora of options to choose from.

Connection type:

If you plan on using a keyboard on a single location, it is fine to have a wired connection. For someone who is always on the go, the wireless option is the better option to go with. In this guide as well, we are reviewing the wireless external keyboard for Macbook pro.

Battery Life:

For an external keyboard with the wireless option, the battery is also important. If you are an avid user and need to type more than an average user, look for a good battery source to power the keyboards. For you, maybe battery-operated keyboards might not be a good option. For you, rechargeable battery keyboards are the best-suited option to go with.

Whichever you may end up choosing, double-check whether it offers an enhanced battery life or not?

Best External Wireless Keyboard for MacBook Pro: Our Picks in 2022

1. Apple Magic Keyboard (Wireless, Rechargeable)

Apple Magic Keyboard (Wireless, Rechargeable)

If you are looking for a low profile, slim and elegant looking best wireless keyboard for Macbook pro, your search should end with an Apple magic keyboard. It shares a good looking design and makes an ideal grab for on the go user due to its low profile and slender design. It does not come with a separate Numpad; Apple has another product with the same name Apple magic Keyboard with a Numpad, if you do lots of power work that would be the option to go with. It shares an amazing range of features, same as Numpad Apple magic keyboard offers but it is a more compact keyboard due to its small size.

It offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity, offers the freedom to type from almost anywhere without any issue. The Bluetooth keyboard for MacBook pro is especially useful when you are using a MacBook through a large display.

For example, maybe you want to use your Apple-designed laptop up to a 60-inch LCD. Yes, wireless technology is earth-shattering and comes with added convenience. But, it is not as efficient as a wired keyboard and sometimes halts some unexpected issues while typing.

The Bluetooth keyboard is good for various uses as they can be operated from a distance up to 30-feet. Its ultra-slim design is what makes an ideal grab for on-the-go users.

It is a wireless keyboard so you will have to charge it from time to time using the supplied lighting to USB cable and port. It is the keyboard for Mac but it can be used for iPad. Like other Apple products, it stands out in the crowd and makes a stylish statement along with amazing performance.

The only negative attribute attached to this keyboard is the lack of arrow keys and Numpad. For a power user, this might not be the best option. It does not come with advanced functionality, so if you need a basic keyboard with superb smooth typing experience, opt-with the Apple Magic keyboard.

It works with Mac OS X and later, and iOS 9.1 or later. It also offers an enhanced battery life; you can take it around for a day-long without putting it to juice up.

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  • The slim and elegant profile
  • Compact keyboard with small keys.
  • 30-feet distance operating
  • Perfect battery time, run or a day-long
  • Work with Mac and iPad


  • Not for power users
  • Lack of advanced functionalities
  • No Numpad

2. Macally Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Mac

Macally Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Mac

If your original keyboard is broke, and you are looking for an alternate external keyboard for Macbook pro in budget price range, you have no need to look anywhere, Macally has something amazing up to their sleeves. Macally has a range of good keyboard from mechanical keyboard to wired keyboard and this Bluetooth keyboard for MacBook pro. It is no doubt a budget replacement, as it comes in hands under $50. It is the cheapest keyboard, but that does not mean it does not offer advanced functionality or poor performance. It comes with 103 individual keys and has a numeric keypad.

The Macally Bluetooth wireless keyboard offers 15 different short keys that help you to perform several convenient functions with a mac laptop.

You get a built-in key for iTunes control as well. This wireless keyboard does not require drives so you can instantly connect it to your computer and use it without following through a long process.

It offers a low profile keys option, it helps you get comfortable and quieter typing experience. It is an ideal grab for students as they would require a quiet keyboard to use in their dorm room as well as a classroom.

Once you connect it with your MacBook Pro, you will see it works just like a full-sized keyboard. Each key offers tactile feedback and showcases a low profile design. The keys are more responsive than others; it helps you to type without any discomfort or irritation.

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  • Silent and efficient performance
  • It is a full-fledged keyboard with all extra bells and whistles
  • Enhanced battery backup
  • Each key offer tactile feedback
  • Separate button for iTunes


  • Some users mentioned that it disconnects with iMac frequently
  • Lost connections, very often users have to follow through the instruction to connect it.

3. Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo

If you are looking for an ergonomic option that does not stress you out even after spending all day at your computer, look no further we got a superb option for you. Logitech is a renowned brand in producing quality computer peripherals, and its various line-up is top-ranked on the various shopping portal. This Logitech MK550 is an ergonomic comfort wave design keyboard with a mouse. The combo shares wireless connectivity and helps users to continue their work at the computer without wrist straining.

The best keyboard for MacBook pro comes with adjustable leg height. The adjustable leg height allows you to adjust the height that feels comfortable when you type. Logitech has pushed their boundaries to offer a smooth seamless working keyboard.

It shares well-placed keys with a gradual wave-shaped contour. Your fingers vary in length that’s why wavy shaped keys support the actual length of your finger and help you continue typing for hours without any strain.

It includes keyboard and mouse for MacBook pro. It also comes with a contoured mouse that supports your hands and offers comfortable grips, so that you enjoy precise tracking and smooth functionality.

The Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse for MacBook Pro comes with a palm rest. The palm rest provides a comfortable base to your hands when you are typing and when you are not typing.

The most amazing feature that makes this super looking keyboard stands out is its battery life. It comes packed with a battery life that provides juice up to three years for the keyboard and two years for the mouse. So, practically speaking, you would not have to give a thought to the battery and replacing them.

All in all, Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse makes an ideal grab for a pro user. It is a useful keyboard for the power user who needs to indulge in the latest high-ended games or have to spend days in front of a computer. It would not stress them out, the contoured design of the mouse and wavy design of the keyboard with keys will cherish them when typing.

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  • Wavy design keyboard is pleasing to type using
  • Contoured designed mouse
  • Fast connectivity without delays
  • Wavy design keys that support the natural length of fingers
  • Comfortable palm rest


  • The battery life claims are untrue as per most of the previous buyers
  • Some people did not like a bundle, they want a separate keyboard

4. Jelly Comb Rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard for MacOS

Jelly Comb Rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard for MacOS

I do not think there are too many options that strike a balance between price and functionalities. This Jolly Comb designed rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard comes in hands at a tiny price compared to the others, but renders superior typing experience. This keyboard offers the best of the both worlds, impressive performance, and killer price point. It is one of the best wireless keyboard for Macbook pro.

The Jelly Comb designed Bluetooth keyboard sports a slim and low profile design, well for the on the go users. It helps you get along neatly with your work stations.

The keyboard helps you switch between three different MacOS neatly without buying any additional keyboards. You can connect this one wireless keyboard for three devices and get typing experience without spending for three keyboards.

This keyboard adheres to the scissor mechanism. This mechanism offers fluid typing performance and helps users to type more than an average keyboard. The same feature is also adhered to by the Apple magic keyboard what reviewed above.

It comes with 16 keyboard shortcuts, to help users to enjoy the full functionality of a keyboard without lagging behind. The 16 short keys might look low on the paper, but they are enough for an average to the pro user and help you deal with most tasks without having any big issue.

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  • It shares a slim and low profile design
  • A good alternative of Apple magic keyboard in the low price range
  • Scissors technology helps you to the fluid through keys


  • Louder keys

5. Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Keyboard

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Keyboard

Arteck external Bluetooth keyboards have been known for good reasons.They are great not only in performance but aesthetics looks. If you really want to augment your typing experience, get hands-on Arteck designed Universal Wireless Keyboard. It is one of the best external keyboard for Macbook pro.

It is the highest responsive keys of this keyboard that makes it world-famous. You receive tactile feedback and would be able to carry out typing for hours. You would see many top-notch brands would not be able to match this level of tactile feedback; you enjoy typing using this keyboard due to impressive and fluid typing experience.

The keyboard comes with attractive LED-backlit offering adjustable levels that ensure you get a good typing experience in dimly-lit environments.

The keyboard shares a top-notch quality zinc alloy material construction and comes with a brushed aluminum finish. This is one of the finest wireless keyboards for MacBook pro you can buy under the mentioned price range.

It is a good looking full-sized membrane keyboard that shares a full-fledged size to help users carry out their typing work. It is a beautifully designed product, smaller than a standard keyboard, and offers a smooth typing experience.

As long as the battery backup time is concerned, this keyboard offers as long as a 6-month backup. So practically, you would not have to worry about the battery, just take around wherever you want and get your typing job done.

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  • Small and compact to carry around without any issue
  • Smooth tactile feedback
  • Membrane keys press easily
  • Also, include programable hotkeys
  • It can be tethered via USB dongle


  • The overall keyboard feels cramped

6. iClever BK10 Bluetooth Keyboard

iClever BK10 Bluetooth Keyboard

It is another top-notch full-featured external keyboard for Macbook pro. It offers superior performance, enough good to provide reliable typing experience. The product shares ABS material and stainless steel construction which makes it a robust model that would not break so easily. Its construction is matchless, would withstand roughness, no doubt it is a durable product.

The keyboard looks ergonomics, with the presence of feet or legs you can adjust the slope of the keyboard as per your fitting. The keys are well placed and soft render fluid typing experience.

This best keyboard for Macbook pro connects with three external devices in one time. Switching between the devices would be a breeze, not just that but it remembers the last connection and connect without going through the entire connecting process. It automatically connects to the previously connected device so that you could get started with the typing sessions without any trouble.

As long as the battery section is concerned, the keyboard provides juice as long as 90-hours. Yes, that’s not enough compare to our other products, that’s the only area where this keyboard struggles. Otherwise, it offers superior performance and falls right on our criterion of the best MacBook keyboard.

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  • It offers three device connection
  • It automatically connects to the previous device without going through the connecting process
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable price range
  • Nice tactile feedback


  • The Keys’ travel speed is not on par

Useful tips and resources:

It is not just about buying a quality keyboard, there are other things as well that are useful to enhance the lifespan of a keyboard. It is less about the quality of a keyboard, it is more about how you take care of it and use it. If you are a novice and have no prior experience of using a top-notch high-ended keyboard, we would like to recommend 50 common keyboard shortcuts.

And keeping your keyboard clean is as important as buying a quality product. If you do not pay special attention in keeping it maintained, it would not offer desired performance and would fail to perform within a few months. So, to learn about how to keep your keyboard clean, and maintain it like a pro read a step by step guide to keep a keyboard clean.

You can use compressed Air or canned air that can be useful to blow out your last night’s chip crumbs right out your keyboard.


Apple’s designed MacBook pro is the one of finest laptop series. They have earned a huge name in the market and own the largest market share. So, when you need an external wireless keyboard for your MacBook pro, look for the best external keyboard for Macbook pro option, the keyboard that could match the performance of your laptop and adds a complement.

In this round-up, we have reviewed our top picks. These are the finest, top-rated, and most followed external wireless keyboard you can buy. These are the best for various use from playing games to penning down research papers.

So, have a read of these reviews, and decide which one of the products falls right on your criterion. Hope this guide will help you find a perfect product as per your needs.

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