Best iPad Mini Cases for Kids

An iPad mini is one of the few fully-fledged technology pieces that children use today. The best iPad mini case for kids provides reliable protection to your kid’s iPad mini when on the go. Besides, its portability makes it more vulnerable to breakage or damage. So, the iPad mini has to be protected before its screen is scratched, cracked, or even worse. The only way you can protect your kid’s iPad and give it a chance of lasting long is by using an iPad case.  

Children use the iPad mini for different purposes. For kids, iPad mini provides the perfect platform for watching movies, playing games, and creating arts. However, these are expensive and need all the protection they can get to protect them from damage arising from mishandling. For that, the iPad mini requires a proper case. Over the past 5 years, the technology used in the production of iPad case for kids and many other electronics has come a long way.

With children using iPad minis for leisure and learning, you must protect them while leaving all the necessary ports accessible. Today, you can find cases for every generation of iPad mini. For your kid’s iPad mini, you need a strong and reliable case that fits the iPad. A good protective iPad mini case for kids is a great remedy for safeguarding an iPad mini. In this post, we share the best iPad mini cases for kids in 2022.

Quick Summary

  • LEDNICEKER Kids Case for iPad Mini is the best iPad case for kids if you want simplicity. It has a bold design and a chunky handle that is kid-friendly making it the best iPad case for toddlers.
  • With Tading Kids Case for Apple iPad Mini, you get a unique butterfly design that is durable and attractive. The wings are adjustable making them act as a kickstand for the iPad mini
  • The TIRIN Kids Case for iPad Mini is a characterful option that features a robot design at the back. It comes with useful handles for great ergonomics while protecting your kid’s device. It has a strong lanyard to make it easy to carry.
  • With this iPad mini case from Aceguarder, you get a military-grade rugged case. It combines soft rubber silicone and polycarbonate plastic for maximum protection of your kid’s iPad.
  • BMOUO Kids Case for New iPad Mini 5 is designed for maximum protection of your kid’s iPad mini. It is made from non-toxic impact-resistant material with shock-absorbing silicone to protect from accidental bumps.

Who Should Get This?

If you have just bought your daughter or son a new iPad mini, you are going to need some form of protection for the iPad. Regardless of whether you’ve spent money on an old iPad mini or a new sleek iPad mini, you will need to protect it. It will need a iPad mini case for kids to safeguard its beautiful display. Besides protecting the iPad mini, protective cases add to the iPad functionality. Some children cases are versatile enough to support different uses. They can transform from being a case into a stand when your child is ready to use it in freestanding mode.

Accidents when using our gadgets happen to even the best of us. Children are no exception and since the iPad minis are not exactly cheap, you need to buy in a case. Having an iPad mini case is the best way of protecting your kid’s iPad mini. Regardless of whether the iPad mini leaves home or not, one drop can result in a cracked screen.

How We Picked the Best iPad Mini Cases for Kids?

Safety and Durability

For kids, safety and durability are important components when choosing a best iPad case for toddlers. We tested the protective abilities of all cases from shock-absorption to scratch-proofing among other features. The cases were evaluated on their efficacy on how they would keep your kid’s iPad mini safe and secure.

The iPad mini case has to provide the necessary protection to safeguard the iPad. It should absorb shock when your child drops the iPad mini and even protect it from a liquid that can be spilled accidentally on the device. Also, look for a freestanding feature in the case which allows the iPad to be more secure since it allows it to stand on its own. Another essential component to look at to protect your child is to ensure the iPad mini case is free of toxic material.

Sensory stimulation

The design was also considered. Features like colors and texture among others were evaluated to determine if they appeal to children. Kids don’t require platinum-plated or stainless steel covers like adults. Rather, they need designs that are fun for them.

The reason for iPad mini cases with unique designs and bright vibrant colors is to make them appealing to kids. Besides, if your child likes things like butterflies or robots, try finding cases that will appeal to them.


Although you want the iPad mini case to protect your child’s iPad mini, it should not interfere with the proper functioning of the iPad. Also, the kid should be aware that the iPad mini must remain in the case. To facilitate this, the iPad mini still needs to function as if it is not in a protective case. Manufacturers consider this when making the iPad mini case. Make sure the material of the case is non-toxic and safe for kids. The most recommended material is EVA foam.

Best iPad Mini Cases for Kids: Our Picks in 2022

1. LEDNICEKER Kids Case for iPad Mini 1 2 3 4 5

LEDNICEKER Kids Case for iPad Mini 1 2 3 4 5

If you want a solid iPad mini case that will make you and your kid happy when using the iPad mini, then check out this case from Ledniceker. This iPad mini case for kids is made from heavy-duty EVA foam that can resist considerable wear as it provides maximum shock-absorption capabilities. The EVA used is lightweight making it easy for kids to use an iPad mini for longer. What’s more, your kid’s device is encased in this foam on all sides. The tough rear stands can withstand whatever abuse or use your child will throw at them. To cap it all, this iPad mini case offers an economical solution and is available in different bright colors. The top handle serves two purposes. First, it is useful as a carrying handle and secondly, it can be used to transform the iPad mini into a watching stand. It has a built-in kickstand that is foldable to avoid taking up too much space.

The swivel kickstand allows for use in multiple angles giving your child a hands-free experience. The corners of this iPad mini case feature air cushion technology that protects against drops making it the best solution for protection against falls. This shock-resistant Ledniceker case for iPad mini prevents dust, scratches, and bumps from damaging the iPad. The non-toxic and tasteless child-friendly material does not harm the body. It gives you full access to the charger and earphone ports, cameras, power, and volume buttons. The openings are important for heat dissipation.

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What We Like

  • The design includes a built-in handle
  • Uses durable heavy-duty EVA foam
  • Encapsulates the iPad mini
  • Comes with foldable kickstands that make it stand freely  

What We Dislike

  • Difficult to snap on and off

2. Tading Kids Case for Apple iPad Mini 5/4/3/2/1

Tading Kids Case for Apple iPad Mini 5/4/3/2/1

This is the cutest iPad case for kids/toddlers thanks to its butterfly looks. The wings of the butterfly have a practical use. By spreading them, your child can use the case as a stand. Also, when they adjust the angle of the wings, kids can control the screen angle. This iPad mini case is made from the most popular material in the toy industry i.e. EVA. The use of high-density non-toxic EVA foam rubber provides greater protection against shock while ensuring it is 100% safe for kids. It has thicker corners to offer extra protection from falls.This iPad mini case lets you choose from nine colors that include light blue, pink, and yellow.

Also, it has cutouts that allow unhindered access to ports, rear-camera, speakers, and buttons. Besides, its raised screen bezel provides extra protection. It uses thick foam at the back, sides and extends over the iPad mini screen to safeguard it from scratches. The butterfly antenna is used as a carrying handle which is easy to hold for toddlers.

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What We Like

  • Uses durable and non-toxic EVA foam
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Provides shock absorption

What We Dislike

  • The wings easily fall off

3. TIRIN Kids Case for iPad Mini 1/2/3/4/5

TIRIN Kids Case for iPad Mini 1/2/3/4/5

Another amazing best iPad mini case for kids is the Tirin case that includes a lanyard. The design also includes a robot at the back with legs and feet that double up as stand for the case. Its ergonomic design includes EVA handles. It provides incredible protection to your kid’s device. Besides, to ease the carrying of the device, this iPad mini case comes with a strong lanyard. Also, the case has precise cutouts that make it easy to access buttons, ports, and speakers. The fun iPad mini case is available in various colors.

This iPad mini case is made from durable EVA rubber foam, a material that can resist wear and tear while providing shock protection. Installing and removing the case to clean is very easy. The fun squishy material is safe for kids and the cute design makes it fit for children. It features comfortable handles that are easy for children to hold and protect the iPad against falls. The built-in foldable kickstand allows kids to set up different angles for a hands-free experience when watching cartoons on their iPad.

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What We Like

  • Made from durable EVA foam
  • Easy for kids to carry around
  • Lightweight and made from safe material

What We Dislike

  • Weak straps that allow the adjuster to slide

4. ACEGUARDER Soft Silicone Rubber Shockproof iPad Mini 4/5 Case

ACEGUARDER Soft Silicone Rubber Shockproof iPad Mini 4/5 Case

This iPad mini case for kids from Aceguarder is made from silicone material and durable plastic inner cover. The case offers front and back protection to safeguard the iPad mini. This is a drop-resistant, shock-absorbing non-slip iPad case that provides perfect protection to your kid’s iPad. The back cover has a kickstand that provides the convenience to use the iPad mini hands-free. Also, the case has precise cutouts that give full access to different ports, buttons, cameras, and speakers. The case is designed for iPad mini 5 and 4. It is made from a material that is safe for children and offers a good grip. This iPad mini case also includes a handle that gives children and adults something to clutch on. The case is easy to install and remove.

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What We like

  • Provides excellent protection
  • Durable case
  • Sturdy design and child-friendly

What We Dislike

  • Doesn’t support all iPad minis

5. BMOUO Kids Case for New iPad Mini 5 2019

BMOUO Kids Case for New iPad Mini 5 2019

This is a simple iPad mini case for kids with a strong anti-slip grip handle. It is compatible with the iPad mini 5. The BMOUO iPad mini case is made from shockproof EVA foam which is durable. The shock-resistant case protects the iPad mini from bumps and scratches. Also, it has a built-in screen protector which is waterproof. The case from BMOUO has a child-friendly handle that makes it easy for little hands to move around. Also, the precise cutouts provide easy access to the charger port, earphone, power, and volume buttons. The openings are beneficial for heat dissipation. It also has a foldable swivel kickback stand that allows your child to have a hands-free experience as they watch cartoon online.

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What We Like

  • Durable case
  • Lightweight
  • Has a convertible stand

What We Dislike

  • Only supports iPad mini 5

Useful Tips & Resources

As your child plays with your iPad, it is difficult to control all their movement. The truth is children are not gentle at their tender age and tend to be messy and rough. To safeguard your iPad, you need the best iPad case which is cheaper than buying a new iPad mini after a few months. Choosing the best iPad mini case for your child is a task that requires careful consideration. Although cost is an element, parents should go beyond price when choosing iPad mini cases for their children. iPad mini cases should be highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. Before you make a purchasing decision, you need to carefully evaluate the potential provider to ensure they provide quality iPad mini cases.

As you look for iPad mini cases for boys or girls, consider a case that comes with a screen protector. The screen protector can either enclose the device or be a separate piece. For separate screen protectors, they contain adhesive that sticks them to the screen of the iPad without permanent effect on the screen. This not only protects the iPad mini aesthetics but also ensures it lasts for a long period. A screen protector is important because it prevents serious marks or scratches on the iPad mini. Scratches on the screen can weaken it which can result in more problems. Besides, you can clean iPad mini easily when it has a screen protector since you a cleaner can be used to remove anything sticky.

Also, look out for a best iPad case for toddlers that is waterproof. Accidents happen particularly with water bottles. So, the best way you can prepare for them is through getting a waterproof iPad mini case upfront. Although there is no perfect waterproof case, it can save your kid’s iPad mini from splashes that get on to it. As well, when looking for an iPad mini case for your child, consider the activities your child will be using the iPad for. For example, if it is for watching education videos then you should consider a case that comes with stand. With different types of cases with attached stand, we recommend choosing the most durable case.

Another important thing to look out for is the reviews of iPad mini case. Although this may be a no-brainer for an electronic-related purchase, especially accessories, you still need to check the reviews. For instance, you may be interested in a waterproof case that seems great; however, some reviews on it may indicate the quality of the case is not that good. Usually, customer reviews are transparent and provide more details about an item. These reviews let you know if the case works well and how well it is made. So, before shelling out cash to buy the best iPad mini case for kids, read through the reviews first.


Let’s face it, both adults and kids are vulnerable to dropping iPads some more often than others. iPad mini case for kids provide the best chance of safeguarding your child’s iPad from scratches and damage. So, the best case should protect your kid’s device from falls and other bumps. It should have some element of fun to make it attractive and kid-friendly. Some of the important feature to look out for include handles, stand, and safe materials. Also, it should be made from durable materials capable of absorbing impact. Above all, ensure the iPad mini case is compatible with your child’s iPad mini.

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