Best iPad Pro Case with Pencil Holder

Apple iPad is a powerful and versatile device suitable for personal and business use. The specialized Apple Pencil increases the versatility of the device. Both of these products are expensive and long-term investments, which is why keeping them safe is crucial.

That is where an iPad Pro 12.9 case with pencil holder comes into play. These units protect your device from drops and impacts, and they can also improve the overall experience of using the iPad. Check out our reviews to find out the most suitable iPad Pro case with a pencil holder for your needs!

Quick Summary

Who Should Get This?

Here are some situations when you could benefit from an iPad Pro case with a pencil holder:

  • Protect your device – whether you are clumsy or only want to protect your investment, covers protect iPads from bumps, scratches, drops, and other damage.
  • Improve user experience – a kickstand is excellent for drawing with your pencil, watching movies, or playing games. A pencil holder also keeps your pencil safe and close to you.
  • Change the appearance – cases of different styles and designs are exceptional for altering the appearance of your Apple iPad Pro.

How We Picked the Best iPad Pro 12.9-Inch Case with Pencil Holder?

It is not easy to find the best iPad 12.9 Case with pencil holder since you need to consider various product characteristics. Here is the list of features to take into account during the selection process.

Case Material

The first thing to check is the material used to design the case. You can pick from heavy-duty cases and soft iPad covers with pencil holders. The manufacturers usually use TPU or its combination with PC hard shell.

The material could also affect the weight of the iPad Pro 12.9 case with a pencil holder. Although a light cover is easy to carry around, heavier cases tend to offer a higher level of protection.

Style and Design

You can pick a classic case that only protects the back of your iPad. Alternatively, you can go with a cover that wraps the entire device. These cases protect the entire iPad Pro, which makes them suitable for those that want to keep their Apple device completely safe. All-around covers come with a kickstand, which allows you to adjust the device to different positions.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 cover with pencil holder might come in various colors. The classic combination is usually black, but you can experiment with vivid colors like blue, rose gold, etc.

Pencil Security and Options

Since you want an iPad case with a pencil holder, it is only natural that fitting the pencil is among the primary considerations. Make sure that the pencil fits snugly into its slot so that it doesn’t fall out easily. You want to be able to take out the pencil effortlessly when you need to use it.

Best iPad Pro 12.9-Inch Case with Pencil Holder: Our Picks in 2022

1. SupCase UB Pro Series Case for iPad Pro 12.9

SupCase UB Pro Series Case for iPad Pro 12.9

SupCase features a heavy-duty product that is a viable candidate for the best case for iPad with pencil slot. The case features multiple layers for defense against damage. The built-in screen protector keeps the screen safe from scratches and impacts. TPU is soft and strong enough to keep the corners and the back protected, too.

The kickstand increases user convenience. That is especially true if you plan on using a pencil since it makes the entire experience more enjoyable. The cut-outs are precise and secure easy access to all ports and buttons. The cover offers a classic black option and a modern blue variation for those looking to stand out from the crowd.

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At a Glance

  • Material: PC shell and TPU
  • Weight: 1.31 pounds
  • Colors: Black, blue
  • Precise cut-outs
  • A multi-layered case


  • Integrated screen protector – it is a crucial component of keeping your screen safe from impacts and drops.
  • Durable and shock-resistant – an excellent choice for those that are a bit clumsy with their iPad Pro.
  • The kickstand is convenient for working with a pencil – it is much easier to work when the device is at the angle provided by the kickstand.
  • Easy access to buttons and ports – you can use volume buttons and charging ports, and the device supports wireless charging.


  • The weight difference is noticeable – it is a heavy-duty case, which means protection comes at the cost of an evident weight difference if you use the cover.
  • The stand is a bit flimsy – although it will hold the device well, it seems that the stand could be a bit sturdier.

2. Inateck iPad Pro 12.9 Inch Keyboard Case with Pencil Holder

Inateck iPad Pro 12.9 Inch Keyboard Case with Pencil Holder

It might seem that this iPad Pro 12.9 cover with a pencil holder is expensive. However, it is essential to mention that the product comes with a keyboard case. And not just any keyboard case, but one that features multiple backlight variations. Thanks to seven available colors in every area, you can enjoy a true starlight effect delivered by the keyboard.

The case itself is made of high-quality TPU, and soft rubber at the edges is crucial for drop protection. The cover fits snugly, and it provides a designated spot for your pencil. You can charge the pencil without removing the keyboard, which is convenient.

The cover allows picking between multiple angles to adjust everything to your liking. The opening of the case will automatically turn the screen on and off, which is a nice touch.

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At a Glance

  • Material: TPU
  • Weight: 2 pounds with the keyboard
  • Colors: Black
  • A designated slot for Apple Pencil
  • Starlight effect on the keyboard


  • A keyboard comes with a case – the keyboard is a useful addition and offers multiple-color customization.
  • Multiangle adjustment – you can pick between three different angles to play games, watch videos, and perform other activities.
  • Effective corner protection – the special soft rubber material protects corners in case you drop the iPad.
  • Lid opening turns the screen on and off – it is a convenient feature that saves the battery and prolongs the lifespan of the device.


  • The back stand is tricky to position – it isn’t the most intuitive process to place the iPad in the desired position.  
  • No options to choose a case color – apart from the standard design, you don’t have the option to pick a different color variation.

3. Ztotop Leather Folio Stand Case for iPad Pro 12.9

Ztotop Leather Folio Stand Case for iPad Pro 12.9

Ztotop designed the best iPad Pro case with an Apple Pencil holder that covers the entire device. The first thing you note is the design. It looks classy and elegant, and you can choose between six color combinations. The magnetic closing system is convenient, and the anti-slip interior keeps the device safe.

The manufacturer used premium components like synthetic leather and microfiber lining. The cover weight more than a pound and significantly adjusts the weight of the product. Button cut-outs are appropriately placed, and the pencil fits well in the holder. The hand strap on the back makes the product suitable to use with a single hand. The kickstand supports holding the cover at three different angles.

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At a Glance

  • Materials: Synthetic leather and microfiber
  • Weight: 1.04 pounds
  • Colors: Black, navy blue, rose gold, dark gray, denim black and brown, brown
  • Anti-slip interior
  • Magnetic closure for closing the cover


  • A wide choice of colors – you can pick from classic black to business brown, cute rose gold, and modern denim black and brown combo.
  • Elastic pencil loop – the loop is extremely convenient for your Apple pencil.
  • Hand strap – it is suitable for carrying the product around and single-handed use.
  • Secure stand angles – it is very comfortable when you want to watch movies or put the iPad in a horizontal position.


  • Not the lightest case out there – you will feel the weight difference once you put the product in the cover.
  • It might have a distinct odor in the beginning – you will probably feel it once you get close to the case. The good news is that time will minimize this odor.

4. Miesherk iPad Pro 12.9 Case

Miesherk iPad Pro 12.9 Case

You can’t put a price on a top-quality iPad Pro case with a pencil holder. Miesherk designed a product that is only suitable for the third generation of 12.9 devices. The product fits optimally, and it provides admirable protection. It endured a military drop test, which means it will protect your iPad if it falls on the ground.

The manufacturer used eco-friendly materials to ensure there are no harmful effects on the user or the environment. This iPad case with a pencil holder offers a hand sleeve and a shoulder carrying strap. That makes it easy for transport. The design is attractive, although you can only choose to combine different colors with the base shade of the case.

The rotating stand is incredibly useful, and it allows you to enjoy watching videos without holding the device. The pencil remains firm in its position. If you want to use it, there is no integrated screen protector to ensure optimal contact with the surface.

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At a Glance

  • Material: Environmental PC and hard TPU
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Colors: Black, green, red
  • Eco-friendly design
  • 360-degree rotatable stand
  • Supports magnetic attachment for the pencil and wireless charging


  • Easy to carry around – if you take your iPad with you all the time, you could benefit from the hand sleeve.
  • Durable and long-lasting – the product seems to be of high quality, and it should serve you for years.
  • A rotating kickstand – it is incredibly convenient if you are watching a show, or you want to change the viewing angle.
  • Passed a drop test – the manufacturer claims the case provides military-grade protection since it passed the required drop test.


  • The base color is always black – you can only choose the complementing color with the default design.
  • The stand gets unlocked easily – even if you lock the foldable stand in place, it might happen that it opens up accidentally.

5. Poetic Lumos Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Case

Poetic Lumos Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Case

Here is the best iPad case with a pencil holder if you are looking for bargain deals. Poetic put great care into designing this back case. It used high-grade TPU and created two color variations. Whichever design that you choose, you can rest assured the product will fit the device snugly. That guarantees optimal protection for the back of your device.

The product is lightweight and features a raised lip to ensure you don’t scratch the screen by getting it into contact with surfaces. The openings are all in the right spots, including those for charging port, speakers, and volume buttons.

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At a Glance

  • Material: High-grade TPU
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Colors: Transparent gray, frosted clear
  • Micro grips for a stronger fit
  • A built-in pencil holder


  • Affordable price tag – you won’t find many better deals for an iPad Pro case that fits a pen well.
  • It is light and keeps the iPad easy to use – the product doesn’t put on additional weight on your device and ensures you can hold it in your hand easily.
  • An excellent way to protect the back of your iPad – the item does an excellent job at protecting the back of your device and keeping it safe from bumps and dirt.
  • A snug and tight fit – the way it fits guarantees that the device cannot fall from the case. That ensures optimal protection at all times.


  • Potential problems with Apple keyboard – although it doesn’t happen frequently, the case might become a problem for the Apple smart keyboard. The device has problems maintaining the connection with the accessory.
  • It is not exactly transparent – it is better to describe it as translucent, which means you should expect 100% transparency.

Useful Tips & Resources

Did you know that it is easy to check the battery of your Apple Pencil? That way, you will always know when it is time to charge the battery. You can also use the pencil to trace from the paper into an app, and also draw fatter lines than usual. If you are interested in making the most out of Apple Pencil 2, the Cult of Mac offers useful tips in that category.

And if you are fairly new to iPad Pro 12.9, getting a case with a pencil holder is only a start. You should read these pro tips listed by Screenrant to utilize the device’s full potential. You will learn about signing and scanning documents, mirror the display by using USB-C, or wake up the device by using Face ID.


Have you already found the best iPad Pro case with a pencil holder for your requirements? Consider the features you need – do you think that a case protecting the iPad’s back is the best choice? Would you like a product that covers the entire device and protects both the screen and the back?

We hope that our guide helped you to find a case that fits your needs. Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Instead, it all comes down to the cover meeting your preferences when it comes to features and appearance. As long as you choose wisely, the iPad case with pencil holder will exceed all expectations!

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