Best iPhone 11 Battery Case in 2022

iPhones, in general, don’t have giant batteries. Even when Android smartphones have started going beyond 5000mAh and 6000mAh, Apple has limited its iPhone batteries to 2500 to 3500mAh capacities. While Apple’s iOS does a fantastic job of battery optimization, you cannot imagine lasting more than a day with full usage on the device.

Sure, Apple has optimized things further starting with iPhone 11, and the device now offers extra backup. At the same time, if you use your iPhone 11 for photography, vlogging, hardcore gaming, or intensive media consumption, these batteries aren’t going to be enough. Most people find power banks and battery packs as the solution, but they are not as convenient as they seem.

This is the part where battery cases come in. Battery cases for iPhone 11 are like power banks, but better. They do offer the extra battery juice that you can use — but without compromising the portability. Instead, as the name says, the extra battery is attached to the protective case. Depending on the battery case you choose, you may get additional features as well.

Quick Summary

  • Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging is our top recommendation if you are looking for a well-integrated and feature-rich battery case for your iPhone 11. In addition to offering top-notch integration, it supports all sorts of connections, including Lightning-based EarPods.
  • Alpatronix iPhone 11 Battery Case is another superb option in the market, especially if you are looking for higher capacity and lower price. While this battery case doesn’t cost more than a decent meal, it can provide a good amount of extra juice for your iPhone 11 on the go.
  • OMEETIE Battery Case for iPhone 11 also deserves a round of applause, primarily for offering an impressive level of capacity and compatibility despite its low price tag. While the battery case does not support wireless charging, it checks all the essential boxes.

Who Should Get This?

Are you wondering whether you need a battery case for your iPhone 11? We think you need to get a battery case if you can relate to the following scenarios.

  • You can barely last a day with the built-in battery of your iPhone 11. This could be because you have to use the device for resource-intensive tasks like gaming or media streaming from the web.
  • You don’t have easy access to charging slots. If you are someone who is always on the move, you can use the extra juice to keep your iPhone shutting down before you make it home.
  • Not everyone can afford an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max just because they need a bigger battery. So, instead, you can get a battery case for iPhone 11.

If you have ever found in any of these situations, you should check out the best iPhone 11 battery cases you can buy in 2022.

Best iPhone 11 Battery Case: What to Consider in 2022

As you can guess, there is a wide variety of battery cases you can choose from. However, as each of them is different from each other, you have to make the right choice at the right time. And here are some criteria that you can use to make that selection.

  • Capacity: Capacity refers to the amount of extra charge the battery case can hold inside. This basically translates to how many times you can recharge your iPhone when it is about to go off.
  • Convenience: You should have an iPhone battery case that doesn’t add too much bulk. That is, you should be able to carry it with your iPhone quite conveniently.
  • Design: By design, we mean the overall aesthetic appeal of the battery case. If you are someone who wants to keep the iPhone’s elegant design intact, you have to keep an eye on how the case looks.
  • Wireless Charging: If you use wireless charging instead of Lightning, you must see if the battery case supports wireless charging.
  • Integration: The battery case should integrate well with your iPhone — both hardware and software. I mean, it’s nice to track the level of charge left in the battery from your iPhone screen.
  • Additional Features: You should also see if the battery case offers any other features. This may include dedicated indicators, camera buttons, or the ability to swap battery modules.

In addition to these, we had looked for basic options like security, compatibility with the iPhone 11, and the overall trustworthiness of the product/brand.

Now that you know how we picked the battery cases, shall we check out the products themselves?

Best iPhone 11 Charging Case: Our Picks for 2022

1. Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging

Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging

In case you didn’t know, Apple makes an official smart battery case for iPhone 11 and other iPhone models in the market. This smart battery case is the best option if you need the most straightforward way to get the benefits of extra battery power. Installing the Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging on the iPhone 11 is like applying Apple’s silicone-made protective case, but with a battery attached on the back. Apple says that the battery case can provide you up to 50% of extra juice when fully charged.

The case is available in two colors — Black and White. Regardless of the color you choose, it works perfectly with your iPhone 11 body; we are talking about snug-fit. Since it’s an Apple-made accessory, you don’t have to worry about port placement and camera cutouts. Besides, this accessory works hand in hand with your iPhone. For example, you can know the current battery level of the battery case and your iPhone battery on the same interface. At any point in time, you know how much charge is left.

On the hardware side, the Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging supports USB-PD charging also. You can easily connect Lightning-based accessories without compromising speed or safety, either. As you can see from the name, the device supports wireless charging as well. You can use a Qi-based wireless dock or charger to recharge your iPhone battery and the case battery. Altogether, you can count on this device if seamless performance is your priority.

Despite all this, this product isn’t perfect. For one, you don’t get many color options. More importantly, 50% extra charge may not be enough for all people. That having said, you may find the extra integration as a useful feature.


  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Works fine with iPhone
  • Smart charging options
  • Wireless and Fast Charging


  • Limited capacity
  • Quite expensive

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2. Alpatronix iPhone 11 Battery Case

Alpatronix iPhone 11 Battery Case

If you don’t want to spend a lot on an iPhone battery case, you should consider Alpatronix iPhone 11 Battery Case, which doesn’t cost you more than a decent meal. At the same time, it packs the essential things you’d expect from an additional battery pack. To begin with, this model of the iPhone battery case has a maximum capacity of 5000mAh, which is more than sufficient to charge your iPhone 11 without any struggle fully. So, this is a fantastic choice if extra battery capacity is your priority.

This product is available only in a Black finish, but it looks super-cool. Sure, it adds some bulk to the overall device, but you can’t get the benefits of a 5000mAh battery otherwise. On the bright side, the battery case can effectively protect your iPhone from casual drops and bumps as well. It even comes with raised bezels and an included tempered glass protector. Both improve the comfort with which you can use your iPhone 11. As you can see, the case offers superior protection for the camera module as well.

For one, the Alpatronix iPhone 11 Battery Case does not offer the same integration you’d expect from an Apple-made accessory. You will have to rely on the hardware button and battery indicators to know how much charge is left. Nevertheless, the battery case supports essential needs. For instance, you could enjoy support for Lightning charging as well as CarPlay. One problem is that you can’t use Lightning-based EarPods with the device.

Last but not least, the Alpatronix iPhone 11 Battery Case works fine with Qi-based wireless charging and Bluetooth audio. Altogether, we recommend this product to anyone who needs a reliable battery case that doesn’t cost much.


  • High, 5000mAh battery
  • Dedicated charge indicator
  • Lightning, CarPlay support
  • Top-notch protection


  • No color options
  • Doesn’t support EarPods

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3. OMEETIE Battery Case for iPhone 11

OMEETIE Battery Case for iPhone 11

OMEETIE Battery Case for iPhone 11 is a great battery case if you are looking for a more flexible option from the market. Unlike the second product we have covered, this case is made using rubber and gel, which offer 360-degree protection as well. Although the product comes with a whopping capacity of 5000mAh, it makes a few compromises here and there. Rest assured, you can get up to 120% of extra charge with the battery case attached to your iPhone.

Apart from the 5000mAh battery capacity, there are a few good things about this battery case. For instance, it offers perhaps the best level of compatibility, despite being a non-Apple accessory. That is, you can connect not just the Lightning charging/data cable but also your Lightning-based EarPods. EarPods support is a thing that we don’t see in battery cases of this budget. You can use your Bluetooth accessories without any trouble as well. Also, because the case is made using rubber and gel, installing and removing it is easier than ever.

The product checks all the essential boxes, too. For instance, you can charge your iPhone and the battery at the same time. Similarly, the battery case as a standard protective case, providing ample protection for the body and the camera module. One thing that you would miss is wireless charging. So, for the time being, you are stuck with Lightning-based wired charging, which, on the bright side, is faster. You should also keep in mind that this is a manual-activated charging system.

Despite a few shortcomings, OMEETIE Battery Case for iPhone 11 is a fantastic battery case if you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet feature-rich option. It also happens to be the most compatible one, right after the official case from Apple.


  • High-capacity battery
  • Amazing compatibility
  • Supports EarPods via Lightning
  • Compact, flexible design


  • Manually-activated
  • Lacks wireless charging support

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4. Pelican iPhone 11 Protector Series Case

Pelican iPhone 11 Protector Series Case

You should check out the Pelican iPhone 11 Protector Series Case if military-grade protection is an equal priority as extra battery backup. Unlike the abovementioned products, this one comes with a magnet-based detachable design. It means you can remove the battery pack from the case when you don’t want it. This is an amazing feature if you don’t want to carry the bulk all the time. Although Pelican doesn’t specify the total capacity of the battery, it could provide 38% to 51% of extra juice on the go.

Something that deserves applause in the package is the level of protection it gives. Made with polycarbonate of the highest quality, this product can easily survive multiple drops and bumps. In fact, Pelican has taken its products through several standardized tests as well. So, if you use your iPhone roughly and would enjoy the perks of some extra battery on the way, this product suits you the best. On the way, the integrated easy-mount system and additional USB ports would come in handy.

You can add wireless charging and easy connection to the set of good things. Similarly, you can use the extra USB port to charge other devices. It’s more like having a power bank that you can easily attach to your iPhone for quick charging. All the while, you can enjoy the perks of shock absorption as well. Altogether, this battery case can conveniently protect your iPhone 11 from a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to dust, debris, and drops.

Conclusively, we think the Pelican iPhone 11 Protector Series Case is an excellent choice if you can spend a decent amount of money. By the way, you can purchase other accessories from Pelican and use them with this case.


  • Sturdy, military-grade construction
  • Modular, removable battery pack
  • Support for more accessories
  • Convenient design


  • Low battery capacity
  • Bulky design

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Useful Tips and Tricks

Choosing the best iPhone battery case can help you improve the overall usage time. Nevertheless, you have to follow some tips while charging and using your iPhone 11 — or any other iPhone, for that matter.

  • Use Optimized Battery Charging from Settings >> Battery >> Battery Health. This feature, available in iOS 13 and later, can optimize the charging speed and intensity to increase the lifespan of your iPhone battery.
  • You have to drain your iPhone battery once in a while. That is, you should let the battery reach a level of 10% or so. If you keep recharging your iPhone every time the battery level dips to 70% or so, you may face some issues. This applies to when you are using a battery case as well.
  • If you use the battery case regularly, you should time to clean it up once in a while. This helps in two ways. One, it can help you remove dust and debris from the insides. Two, it will enable air circulation, which improves the overall battery health.
  • Apple itself recommends several tips that can help you increase the battery lifespan. You should follow these battery optimization steps. For instance, Apple says that you should keep the device at a lower charge level if you want the best standby time.
  • You should also stick to the official accessories, or at least the certified one. When using battery cases, you should use the charging accessories as recommended by the manufacturer. Most of them would want you to use the Lightning cable that came with your iPhone, though.
  • You should also keep your iPhone 11 away from extreme temperatures and bug-filled software. Even the manufacturers who create rugged-built protective cases don’t recommend storing the device at extreme temperatures, since this could affect the battery and other hardware.

The Bottom Line

When used properly, an iPhone battery case can provide extra battery life and protection for your iPhone. If we take the case of the iPhone 11, it already comes with a water-resistant design. So, getting an iPhone battery case with rugged build quality can assure you a more confident iPhone experience. You have to make sure that you also follow the right tips to enhance battery life.

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