Best iPhone 11 Cases with Credit Card Holder in 2022

Do you keep forgetting your credit cards at home? If you want to carry your cards wherever you go, how about placing them in a phone case?

We singled out the top four choices for the best iPhone 11 case with a card holder. These unique accessories are designed to protect your phone and offer convenient storage room for your cards. Keep reading to discover how to pick the most suitable case for your needs!

Quick Summary

Who Should Get an iPhone Case with Credit Holder?

An iPhone 11 case with a credit card holder can be a beneficial investment. For starters, acquiring a case will protect your phone. The odds are that you paid big money for the device, which is why you want it to serve you well for years. That is why protecting it is imperative.

Getting a case with a dedicated card holder will also protect your credit cards. If you keep them in your pocket, you risk losing them by accident. Those who don’t have the habit of carrying a wallet all the time claim that a case with a card holder made their life more comfortable.

Finally, don’t neglect the fact that you will always have cards on you. The odds are you take your phone everywhere, which means you don’t have to worry where your credit cards are. If you need to pay something, you will always be ready.

Best iPhone 11 Cases with Card Holder: What to Consider in 2022

How did we choose the best iPhone 11 card holder case? Our expert team looked beyond the appearances of these accessories. Here is what we analyzed in the process of selecting the top choices mentioned below!


The mandatory thing is to confirm that the product is compatible with your phone. That doesn’t only include fitting the device inside the case. The accessory should also have the required cutouts for speakers, chargers, and buttons.

Are the Card Slots Hidden?

The market offers cases with different types of card slots. Some are entirely hidden and usually provide a magnetic closure. That way, the cards are entirely out of sight, which might reduce the risk of theft. Alternatively, you can choose a compartment where your card might be a bit visible. That makes it easier to pull the card out quickly, and it shouldn’t compromise its safety as long as you are careful.

The Number of Card Slots

How many cards do you need to fit in the holder? That will be an essential question when choosing a suitable iPhone 11 credit card case. The general rule is that you can fit anywhere from two or more cards into these accessories. Some might fit more, but that carries a risk of making a bulge.

Other Things to Consider

Here is what else to take into account when picking an iPhone 11 card holder case:

  • Materials – these are usually faux leather and similar materials that add to the appearance while maintaining maximum durability.
  • Kickstand – a convenient feature when you want to use the device for watching TV shows or other content.
  • Design – from the color to the case type (flip, bumper, etc.); everything should fit your preference.
  • Price – you can pick from budget-friendly and deals that require a bit more money, but the general rule is that phone cases aren’t that expensive.

Best iPhone 11 Cases with Credit Card Holder: Our Picks for 2022

1. OT ONETOP iPhone 11 Wallet Case with Card Holder

iPhone 11 Wallet Case with Card Holder, OT ONETOP

The reason why we picked this as our top choice for an iPhone 11 case with a credit card holder is that the product comes with three card slots. There is plenty of space for placing cards and cash, and you should be able to fit all your precious cash-related possessions. If you go too far, you might create a small bulge, but the case will still hold all the items well.

As for the actual holder materials, OT ONETOP picked premium PU leather for maximum durability and a soft feel once you touch the case. The manufacturer made precise openings for a charger and speaker, although there are minor compatibility issues with wireless chargers.

You can choose between five different designs: black, rose gold, red, brown, and blue. That should ensure both males and females find a suitable design for them.

What We Like:

  • The material is both soft and durable, which ensures that you are comfortable using the device while it secures maximum protection.
  • You can store cards in three different slots, and there should be enough room for all your valuable items for cashless paying.
  • The item doubles as a stand, which is convenient when you want to watch videos or read.

What We Dislike:

  • Minor problems with wireless chargers might keep the device from charging if it is in the case.

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2. Vena iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Vena iPhone 11 Wallet Case

If you are frequently dropping your phone, you need a durable holder. This iPhone 11 credit card case uses a flip mechanism to secure the maximum protection of your device. Apart from that, the case doubles as a kickstand. That makes the case convenient if you often watch movies or other content on your phone.

Vena claims that their holder offers military-grade protection. It can survive even drops from four feet, which is impressive. The design is attractive, and the slots for chargers and buttons are in all the right places.

The case adds a bit of weight to your phone, and it is not the slimmest one out there. However, it will store your cards away in a hidden compartment. You can fit up to four cards for different purposes, and you don’t have to worry about interference with Apple Pay.

What We Like:

  • An attractive design that fits your device perfectly, including slots for speakers and the charger.
  • It can fit up to four cards and store them safely in a hidden compartment.
  • The case had a leather flap that folds and serves as a kickstand. That makes it an excellent choice for watching videos.

What We Dislike:

  • It adds to both the depth and weight of your phone.

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3. Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for Apple iPhone 11 Case

Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for Apple iPhone 11 Case

Here is a fantastic iPhone 11 card holder case for all those looking for bargain deals. Spigen also managed to keep the case very slim. It only adds half of your phone’s depth, which is impressive.

Despite the case being slim, the manufacturer didn’t compromise quality. They used polycarbonate to design a strong exterior and TPU for the interior. Thanks to that, this bumper can absorb shock and resist damage well. The raised bezels will even protect the camera.

When it comes to cards, there is a dedicated exterior compartment. It can hold up to two cards, which is very convenient. The cards stay safe and protected, and you can access them in seconds. The only thing to pay attention to is that the case is a bit slippery. You should be careful when pulling the phone out of your pocket or holding it above your head.

What We Like:

  • It is incredibly slim, and it only adds 0.15” of depth to your phone.
  • The case fits up to two cards in a dedicated exterior slot.
  • The material is dual-layered and capable of absorbing shocks because of the strong outer frame.

What We Dislike:

  • You might find it a bit slippery, which puts the phone at the risk of dropping it.

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4. Bellroy Phone Case with Card Holder for iPhone 11

Bellroy Phone Case with Card Holder for iPhone 11

If you need a high-quality iPhone 11 case with a card holder, this unit designed by Bellroy can be a smart choice. The available color options include caramel, graphite, and coral. If you go with caramel, you will secure the classic caramel look, while graphite and coral guarantee a modern appearance.

The manufacturer used LWG leather of exceptional quality and added flex-polymer to improve protection. That means your phone will be protected if you accidentally drop it on the ground or bump it against a wall.

The case looks slim overall, and you keep the cards in a hidden compartment. The magnetic closure ensures the items in the compartment remain safe and protected from falling out by accident.

What We Like:

  • You can choose between three different colors, and it shouldn’t be challenging to find a design that meets your preference.
  • The cards are not visible until you open the compartment for storing them. That makes it hard for thieves to reach out and pull out your precious items.
  • Top-quality LWG leather used ensures excellent durability of the case.

What We Dislike:

  • The price tag is considerably higher than for similar units.

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Useful Tips and Tricks

If you have never used an iPhone 11 case with a card holder before, you might be wondering how to correctly put it on. It is essential to clear the workspace and remove any dirt from your phone. Putting the case involves five simple steps, and they are well-explained in this video.

Finding a suitable case for your iPhone will protect it physically, but it is also critical to prevent anyone from stealing your data. Macworld offers excellent tips on how to improve iPhone security. Those include updating iOS regularly, activating Find My iPhone, and creating a secure passcode.

It is crucial to be careful with credit card safety, too. For example, you shouldn’t loan the card or share its numbers with anyone. WestStar Bank has some great tips when it comes to card protection.


Have you already found the best iPhone 11 case with a card holder? You should think about how many cards it can accommodate, and never forget that phone protection is essential, too. Ultimately, these products can help to keep your cards safe while always having them nearby. That makes cases with card holders incredibly convenient, which is why they are a smart investment.

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