Best iPhone 11 Cases with Lanyard in 2022

While iPhone protective cases, in general, offer the basic safety to your smartphone, a lanyard works as the extra layer for most people. If you take your iPhone with you while jogging, running, or working out, you’ve more reasons to get an iPhone case with lanyard in 2022.

You may end up paying a slightly higher amount to get the lanyard case, but that’s it. You are getting an accessory that can prevent drops and increase your confidence while carrying the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. Without further ado, we will check out the best iPhone cases with Lanyard in 2022.

Quick Summary

  • Labato iPhone 11 Leather Necklace Lanyard Strap Case is your best choice if you are looking for an all-in-one lanyard case for iPhone 11. In addition to the protective lanyard necklace, you get a leather wallet and card holder attached to the device. Made using PU Leather and Fabric Strap, you need not worry about durability either.
  • Lander Moab Rugged Outdoor Case for iPhone 11 is the next best choice if you need a durable case with a lanyard. This device comes with Thermolene temperature control that puts your device always at the optimal temperature. Overall, through a single purchase, you check so many marks on a page with the case.
  • ZVE iPhone 11 Case with Credit Card Holder is another great choice to protect your iPhone 11 devices from scratches and dents. It comes with a crossbody chain-bag attached via the lanyard. This product is available in a fantastic variety of colors as well. Therefore, choosing this iPhone case with a lanyard won’t be a problem for many.

Now that we have seen the quick look at the popular options, shall we see the detailed reviews?

Who Should Get An iPhone Case with Lanyard?

Are you still wondering whether you need an iPhone case with a lanyard? Well, we think you should get one of these protective cases if you can relate to the following scenarios.

  • Most importantly, though you need your phone almost everywhere, you don’t like to keep it in your hands. A lanyard case will help you keep the device quite accessible and walk hands-free.
  • You almost always wear something without pockets, meaning there is no space to keep your iPhone. In these instances, you can use the lanyard cable as an effective solution.
  • You take your iPhone with you almost everywhere, including jogging, hiking, and other workouts. Of course, you can use an armband here, but good lanyard cases also make things more flexible.
  • You have a habit of using your iPhone in rough environments. You can get a lanyard-based case to prevent the device from falling from your hand in such instances.
  • You are always afraid of losing your iPhone somewhere. In that case, a lanyard cable will keep an iPhone 11 attached to your bag or hand.

By now, you should have a clear idea about why you should get an iPhone case with a lanyard in 2022.

Best iPhone Cases with Lanyard: What to Consider in 2022

You have seen that lanyard iPhone cases come with multiple advantages. However, it’s not like you can get a random iPhone case with lanyard and expect maximum protection. As always, many factors affect how it becomes useful or not. To make our list of the best iPhone cases with lanyard cords, we depended on a few criteria.

  • Build Quality. Because most of us use lanyard cases to increase the iPhone’s safety, the case and the attached lanyard should be strong and durable. It should also be able to survive common issues like dust and debris.
  • Ease of Use. An iPhone protective case with a lanyard should also be easy to use. We’re talking about accurate-fit design and good covering over buttons.
  • Good Material: iPhone cases and the attached lanyards are things that we commonly use. Due to the same reason, the case should be made of health-friendly material.
  • Additional Features. You can also look for additional features like a wallet or a cardholder in a wallet, even if a lanyard is a primary priority.
  • Detachable. There are times when you’d want to use your iPhone without the lanyard. In that case, you should check if the protective case offers an option to detach the cable.

Based on these pointers, we chose the best four iPhone cases with a lanyard you can buy in 2022.

Best iPhone 11 Lanyard Cases: Our Picks for 2022

1. Labato iPhone 11 Leather Necklace Lanyard Strap Case with Card Holder

Labato iPhone 11 Leather Necklace Lanyard Strap Case with Card Holder

We think the Labato iPhone 11 Leather Necklace Lanyard Strap Case is one of the best protective cases you’d get for an iPhone 11. It stays valid even if you keep the lanyard part aside. As the name says, on top of giving protection for all the edges and screen, the product includes a mini wallet, where you can store some cards and money. However, everything has been designed well that it doesn’t impact your iPhone experience.

You should keep in mind that the lanyard on this case attaches from the bottom of your device. The lanyard itself comes with fantastic quality, and you don’t have to worry about durability. It also comes in handy that you can detach and adjust the neck strap with ease. For instance, if you want to convert the lanyard to one wrist strap, the process won’t take long.

Long story short, you should check out the Labato iPhone 11 Leather Necklace Lanyard Strap Case with Card Holder if multipurpose protection is your priority. While it may not be as strong as the military-grade cases in the market, rest assured, you can get the job done.

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2. Lander Moab Rugged Outdoor Case for Apple iPhone 11

Lander Moab Rugged Outdoor Case for Apple iPhone 11

The Lander Moab Rugged Outdoor Case for Apple iPhone 11 should be the option if you are looking for the best protection level for your device. If you have to use the device under not-so-healthy environments, the case will increase the ruggedness and help in temperature control. The Thermoline temperature control will also impact the overall battery life and performance of the device.

While the anchor system ensures you don’t accidentally drop the device, the Lander case can handle some kind of damage. It comes with military-grade protection that is just excellent. As additional features, Lander has included sipped edges and illuminated sides. Both these features help you keep the device firm in your hand and find it if you lose it.

Compared to our first pick, Lander Moab Rugged Outdoor Case for Apple iPhone 11 is a little expensive. But you are paying for the higher-quality material and precise fits. That the case can keep your iPhone within a recommended temperature range is just incredible.

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3. ZVE iPhone 11 Case with Crossbody Chain Handbag

ZVE iPhone 11 Case with Crossbody Chain Handbag

You should check out the ZVE iPhone 11 Case with Crossbody Chain Handbag if you are looking for a package that can smoothly carry your iPhone 11 device. In addition to offering edge-to-edge protection for your Apple device, this product becomes a crossbody chain handbag. It means you can quickly wear the handbag and use the extra space for storing stuff.

One of the highest-rated iPhone protective cases on Amazon, this product is available in various colors also. You can choose one as per your fashion aesthetics. Even from the utility perspective, this device is exciting to the user. The built-in wallet allows you to stash in some cash and a few cards, for instances where you can’t use Apple Pay.

We think women users should consider what the ZVE iPhone 11 Case with Crossbody Chain Handbag offers. At the same time, we’d strongly recommend this lanyard iPhone case to people who care a little more about how they look.

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4. MoKo Waterproof Phone Case with Lanyard

MoKo Waterproof Phone Case with Lanyard

Do you keep your iPhone near water bodies? Are you afraid of what would happen to your phone when you’re going water-skiing? Well, the MoKo Waterproof Phone Case with Lanyard can be a solution to both queries. This waterproof phone pouch comes with an attached lanyard that you can wrap around your wrist or neck.

Once you do, your iPhone 11 — or any other device you can fit in — becomes waterproof. While the maker does not say anything about certifications, the case is powerful enough to prevent water flow inside the device. Even then, you won’t have any problem using the buttons or the touchscreen. Now, you can’t do this with most devices, can you?

Giving us one more reason for people to get this, the MoKo Waterproof Phone Case with Lanyard is cheap. You can get a pair of these protective cases for less than a tenner, which is great. So, you may want to get a lanyard case of this sort before you plan the next beach vacation or water-skiing trip.

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Useful Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips that can help you get the best out of lanyard cases for your iPhone.

  • Though your iPhone may need 24*7 protection from dust and debris, make sure you detach it from the protective case once in a while. This is because the regular use of the protective case will increase the amount of dust inside the edges. It makes sense to remove these dust particles before it becomes a part of your device’s body.
  • You should also learn to prioritize utility over a design if you can’t find the best of both. You wouldn’t understand the difference between a fancy-looking iPhone case and a sturdy one until the moment of truth — when you drop the device. Only a well-designed protective case can prevent your device from severe damage.
  • When you are outside, make sure you get the best experience from the lanyard. Of course, it might be a little uncomfortable to get started. In an hour or two, however, you can get the hang of things. Provided that you have bought a lanyard case with a practical extension, you don’t have to worry about practicality.
  • Last but not least, be ready to invest in a rugged iPhone case if you work in unsafe environments. If you think about it, the iPhone 11 for which you pay several hundreds of dollars deserves a case that is worth more than a cup of coffee. Of course, the money you spend here would be just a fraction of an untimely screen-breaking accident on the device.

We hope these tips help you choose the best iPhone cases with lanyard and make the best of the incredible addition to your phone.

The Bottom Line

In the end, make sure you get an iPhone protective case with lanyard that your device experience deserves. We don’t recommend trying to save money in this department, due to obvious reasons. Regardless of how much you decide to spend, you can find one of the suitable products from the list we have made, we believe.

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