Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clock in 2022

Every mobile phone is equipped with an alarm clock these days. However, that might not be sufficient to wake you up every morning. The volume might not be loud enough, or you are having problems setting up the app to meet your needs.

That is where the best alarm clock with iPhone charger comes into play. These devices feature a loud and reliable alarm clock, and they are often packed with extra features like charging ports, FM radios, and Bluetooth connectivity. We selected the top three dock alarm clocks for your iPhone – go ahead and check them out below!

Quick Summary

  • iHome iPL24 comes from a reputable brand and includes an alarm with fantastic volume and FM radio with crisp and clean sound. The ascending volume will ensure that the alarm wakes you up gradually, while the lightning connector, USB charging port, and aux-in jack secure excellent connectivity.
  • You can also consider dpnao YW-008, which features a stylish and attractive appearance. It is compatible with the latest iPhone models, and the base can rotate up to 90 degrees to allow watching videos and other content.
  • iHOME iBTW38 offers wireless charging while giving you the opportunity to play music via Bluetooth. It is possible to set two alarms, which is great if you have a different waking time than your partner.

Who Should Get an iPhone Dock Alarm Clock?

You need an iPhone dock alarm clock if you have problems waking up in the morning, or your iPhone alarm not working. If you are a sound sleeper, the extra volume might be required to get you on your feet. That is where alarm clocks deliver since they are equipped with strong speakers.

You shouldn’t underestimate the additional features of a dock. For starters, it will charge your devices so that you never worry about battery level in the morning. Additionally, you can listen to the radio until you fall asleep, and even take calls or play music via Bluetooth.

Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clock: What to Consider in 2020

What should the best radio alarm clock with iPhone dock have? Our experts analyzed these products carefully, and these are their most important factors.

Sound Quality and Volume

The basic function of an alarm clock is to wake you up, which puts this at the top of the feature list to consider. You want the sound volume to be as high as possible, especially if you had problems hearing the alarm in the past.

However, make sure that the sound quality is also optimal. You can benefit from ascending volume, which won’t scare you in the process.

How Many Alarms Can You Set?

Are you sleeping with a partner, and you are waking up at different times? Do you have problems with waking up, and you could benefit from multiple alarms?

The benefit of an alarm clock with an iPhone charger is that you can usually set multiple alarms. It gives you an option to set various times in advance so that you don’t forget to adjust the settings every time.

Other Options to Consider

Here are some other factors to take into account when choosing an iPhone dock alarm clock:

  • Alarm options – does the device come with integrated tones? Can you use FM radio as an option to wake you up as an alarm?
  • Appearance – the product will be on your nightstand or in another visible area, so make sure it looks attractive.
  • FM radio – a useful option for listening to music before you fall asleep.
  • Connectivity – when it comes to connectivity options, you can choose from USB, lightning connectors, aux-in jacks, etc.

Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clock: Our Picks for 2022

1. iHome iPL24 Alarm Clock FM Radio

iHome iPL24 Alarm Clock FM Radio

iHome iPL24 is an iPhone dock alarm clock loaded with bells and whistles. If you need a reliable wake-up alarm, but also appreciate extra features, you will love this unit.

For starters, you can pick an alarm tone or choose to wake up with the FM radio. The device supports setting two alarms at once, which is great if you are sharing a bed with the partner. Even if a power failure occurs, the backup battery will memorize the alarm settings. Apart from a waking-up mode, you will also find a sleep mode. You can listen to the radio until you fall asleep, and the device will turn it off automatically.

You will love the sound quality, which is particularly visible when listening to the radio. The antenna secures a clear and crisp signal. It is possible to memorize up to six stations, and the display shows both frequency and volume.

iHome iPL24 features a modern design and a lightning connector. You can also use the USB port for charging and the aux-in jack to connect external devices.

What We Like

  • Designed by a reputable brand famous for making clock radios for Apple’s devices.
  • You can wake up to the sounds of a particular radio station, which is a nice touch.
  • The ascending alarm volume will wake you up peacefully and without annoying you.
  • Numerous extra features to improve the overall user experience.

What We Dislike

  • It might be tricky to put the phone on the lightning connector if it comes with a case.
  • The downloadable app that you can use with the device is prone to crashing and not too reliable.

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2. dpnao YW-008 5 in 1 iPhone Charger Dock Station with Alarm Clock

dpnao 5 in 1 iPhone Charger Dock Station with Alarm Clock FM Radio

Dpnao designed an attractive combination of alarm clock with iPhone charger and FM radio. The first thing you notice is that the device looks stylish. You will even get a remote for controlling it, and the dominating black color with a dark blue display will look great on your nightstand.

You can rotate the base up to 90 degrees to place the phone in the desired position. It can be convenient if you plan on watching videos before you fall asleep. You can use the USB charging port for your devices, as well as play FM radio or stream music over Bluetooth.

The lightning connector works flawlessly, and the dock will synchronize with your phone. That means there is no need to adjust the time since the device will do that automatically. Although the display is large, you can use the dimmer so that it doesn’t bother you at night.

What We Like

  • An attractive appearance and stylish addition to every area.
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone models.
  • The rotation of the docking speaker base is convenient if you are watching videos.
  • FM radio and USB charging port add to the overall product’s value.

What We Dislike

  • If you receive a phone call, you will need to re-dock the device for it to continue working.
  • The docking station won’t accept your iPhone unless you take off the case.

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3. iHOME iBTW38 Wireless Charging Bluetooth Alarm Clock

iHOME iBTW38 Wireless Charging Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Here is another unit designed by iHome, except this one features a wireless charging option. It is nice to see that the charging works flawlessly. You shouldn’t have any problems positioning the phone to charge, and it doesn’t take long for the battery life to reach the highest level. It is possible to charge devices by using the included USB port, too.

As for the sound, it is nice to see that there are four built-in tones. Thanks to that, you can mix and match to avoid getting bored with the sound waking you up in the morning. If you are a sound sleeper, you can adjust two alarms at different times.

The sound quality is impressive, although it is not as loud as some similar units. You can use digital voice echo cancellation, and the integrated EXB bass secures a bolder bass. Users can activate voice control to answer calls or play and change songs. If you are using iOS 10 or newer, you can even hear an audio caller ID.

What We Like

  • Wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity are both reliable and easy to connect.
  • You can take calls, play music, and change songs via Bluetooth.
  • The option to set two alarms for different waking times is useful.
  • It comes with four integrated alarm tones so that you don’t get bored with available options.

What We Dislike

  • The button placement is not that intuitive, which could cause problems when you are dozy and only waking up.
  • Although it was probably designed with a retro-look in mind, the display doesn’t look attractive and could be better.

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Useful Tips and Tricks

If you are a new iPhone user only entering the iOS world, you might be confused about how the Alarms app work. Fortunately, iPhone-Tricks prepared a tutorial that will explain everything step by step. Read it to discover how to turn off the snooze, set multiple alarms, and use other functions of the app.

An iPhone dock alarm clock combo might use lightning connectors for charging your phone and establishing the connection between the devices. These products often come with a USB charging port, too. It is why you might find it useful to check the benefits of using USB-C and lightning connectors.


The best radio alarm clock with iPhone dock isn’t the one that gets the highest rating, but a device that meets your expectations. Perhaps you don’t need an FM radio, and maybe you prefer classic over wireless charging. These specifics are up to you, but we hope that our gadget selection helped. Think about the features you need, and that will be the best guidance to find a product that suits your needs.

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