Best iPhone Finger Grips in 2022

Imagine this situation – you are holding the phone in your hand, and in the next moment, you see it hitting the floor. Phones can be slippery, which is why you should consider finding the best iPhone finger grip out there. These devices will ensure you have a soft and comfortable grip with a single hand while personalizing your device in the process. If that sounds like a good deal, check out our top choices for iPhone finger grips below!

Quick Summary

  • Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand is our top choice for an iPhone finger grip. It is slim and convenient for carrying, and the adhesion is durable and reliable. The manufacturer even offers a generous three-year warranty.
  • LOVEHANDLE Universal Grip is another excellent pick, especially if you want to pick from a large number of combinations. The material is both comfortable and firm, while the slim handle ensures a pocket-friendly design.
  • Ghostek Loop Phone Holder Strap is the most versatile product on our list. It is a phone holder, kickstand, and a magnetic car mount. As a bonus, you can choose from more than ten different patterns to find an optimal appearance.
  • Sinjimoru Phone Grip is a fantastic fit for those who would like a credit card slot with their iPhone grip. The pouch allows you to put credit, ID, and other cards, while the elastic band ensures to provide a firm grip.

Who Should Get This?

We’ve all been in a situation where our clumsiness leads us to drop the phone on the floor. That can be a considerable risk of damage, which is why you could benefit from a firm and secure grip. Finger grips work to ensure you can hold your phone comfortably by using only a single hand.

Apple iPhone finger grips are very convenient when you are on the move. Imagine that you need to carry your laptop and grocery bags – these products give you a convenient way of carrying your phone, too.

It is worth noting that these holders are convenient because many of them act as kickstands or magnetic car mounts. Some will even double as wallets and come with credit card pouches, and it is this versatility that could make this product a good fit.

Best iPhone Finger Grips: What to Consider in 2022

Are you wondering how to find the best grip for iPhone in 2020? We analyzed the finger grip market carefully and selected top products by keeping in mind the following factors.

Is the Grip Firm and Secure?

The initial thing you want to confirm is that the grip is firm and secure. One of the main reasons why you are buying this product is that you want a safer way to hold your phone. That is why it is crucial to confirm that you can hold it firmly in one hand. You don’t want the unit to be slipper since that is a risk of dropping and damaging your phone.

Is the Grip Comfortable?

You can’t avoid comfort as one of the factors to consider when choosing the best grip for the iPhone. You want to feel comfortable while carrying and using your phone, which is why the fit should be optimal. Many units come with elastic bands that are highly-adaptable to different finger sizes.

Durability and Quality of Construction

The next thing to confirm is the durability of the desired iPhone grip. Apart from the quality of materials, adhesion is a crucial factor here. It is vital for the adhesion to hold for long because you don’t want to risk your holder falling off easily.

If you are using a finger grip with an elastic band, the band shouldn’t be too stretchable. That risks compromising the firmness of the grip over time.

Other Features:

Here are some other things to consider while choosing the best iPhone finger grip:

  • Bulkiness – a slim unit is convenient to carry around in your pocket.
  • Appearance – choose a design that meets your taste to personalize your phone.
  • Other functions – many finger grips double as kickstands, some come with wallet-like functions, and some can be used as magnetic car mounts.

Best iPhone Finger Grips: Our Picks for 2022

1. Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand

Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand

Syncwire might have designed the best iPhone grip out there, especially if you set your mind on ring holders. The unit is only 0.014-inch thick, which is incredibly slim. Thanks to the vacuum ion plating technology, the surface will hold the color well for a long.

You can rotate the holder or fold it up to 180-degrees. That is convenient when you need to find an optimal position for using or watching content on your phone. Although the rotation is a bit stiff, it will do the job well.

The product is surprisingly durable, which is confirmed by the generous 36-month warranty. You can get a two-pack of these ring holders at a better price.

What We Like

  • It will firmly stick to your phone case and is surprisingly durable.
  • The ultra-slim design is very convenient when carried around and placed on different surfaces.
  • 360-degree rotation and 180-degree folding will ensure that you can always find a great viewing angle.
  • A generous three-year warranty.

What We Dislike

  • The ring is quite stiff when rotating, which might affect the entire experience of using the product.
  • Not the best choice for children’s or very small fingers.

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2. LOVEHANDLE Universal Grip

LOVEHANDLE Universal Grip

Whether you like a classic black color or prefer floral and other patterns, LoveHandle will have the right design for you. Not only this iPhone finger grip looks great, but it is also of excellent quality.

The manufacturer used a stretchy material that is elastic enough to ensure comfort while maintaining a secure grip. Due to the tightness, it might become uncomfortable holding the phone for a long time.

LoveHandle features a slim material that is both pocket and surface-friendly. You don’t even have to remove it for wireless charging. The installation process is simple and only requires following several simple steps in the instructions.

What We Like

  • A secure grip that will reduce the risk of dropping the phone accidentally.
  • The stretchable material contributes to comfort while wearing it.
  • A pocket-friendly design and a slim handle.
  • You can choose between more than 20 different color combinations.

What We Dislike

  • You might find it too tight, especially if using for a long time.
  • Light color variations will get dirty quickly.

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3. Ghostek Loop Phone Holder Strap

Ghostek Loop Phone Holder Strap

Ghostek Loop Phone Holder Strap is a versatile iPhone grip. Apart from being a phone holder, it also acts as a kickstand and comes with an integrated magnet. Thanks to that, you can use it for magnetic car mounts, which can be convenient for holding your phone while driving.

The manufacturer tried their hardest to deliver creative and unique patterns to their users. You can choose from different designs, but the color might wear off or get dirty quickly.
The kickstand and magnet are both reliable. Once you install the holder, it will be easy to carry the phone in one hand while having a more secure grip on it. Beginners often get confused about how to use this product, but its versatility is a reason why you should try it.

What We Like

  • An excellent choice of different patterns.
  • Very comfortable and secure when you slip your fingers into the holder.
  • The kickstand is a convenient addition.
  • The integrated magnet makes it suitable for car mounts.

What We Dislike

  • A beginner might get confused about how they should use the product.
  • It is not the slimmest holder out there.

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4. Sinjimoru Phone Grip

Sinjimoru Phone Grip

How many times has it happened that you go somewhere and forget your phone or wallet? By using the Sinjimoru Phone Grip and connecting the two, you will minimize the odds of forgetting an item at home. The wallet features a credit card slot where you can also store ID cards and small valuable items.

But this is not only a wallet but also the best grip for iPhone you can find in the market. The grip is surprisingly firm and durable, and it is convenient to use. Thanks to the adhesion, the product will stay connected to your phone for months.

The elastic band could be of better quality as it might get stretched and loosen the grip over time. But despite that, this product is a true bargain deal.

What We Like

  • A convenient slot for saving your credit and other cards.
  • An excellent choice for those who often forget their wallets.
  • The adhesion holds very well, and the product will stay connected to the phone.
  • A soft and comfortable grip makes it a pleasure to use.

What We Dislike

  • The elastic band stretches out over time and loosens the grip.
  • Colors might start to peel off and get dirty over time.

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Useful Tips and Tricks

You might have problems installing your iPhone finger grip if it is the first time using it. The good news is that most products come with detailed instructions regarding placing the unit on the device. If you need help, check out the video below that focuses on Syncwire’s unit, but the process is similar for most other grips. It usually comes down to cleaning the phone, peeling the protector off the holder, and placing it on the back of the device.

We all know that Apple is constantly updating iOS, and the next version of the system is currently in the beta phase. The current stable version is iOS 13, and you might need some guidance on how to maximize using this OS. Here are some tips that you can check to optimize the user experience and get to most from your phone.


The best iPhone grips out there will be compatible with both older and newer models. You can find a classic ring holder, look for a grip that doubles as a kickstand, or even seek one that you can use as a car mount. An iPhone finger grip can be incredibly versatile, which is why it is up to you to pick the product that best suits your needs.

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