Best iTunes Repair Tools in 2022

Best Choice: Tenorshare TunesCare Windows/macOS, $14.95+
Runner-Up: iMyFone TunesFix Windows, $14.99+
Also Great: dr.fone – iTunes Repair Windows, $19.95+

Being an Apple user, you may know that Apple has made the iTunes very customized and besides storing media, is an extremely good iPhone manager that may perform other efficient tasks as well including Backup and Restore, etc.

But as an application, bugs are also part of this, no doubt, Apple tried its best to make its Application error-free but if it ever happens due to some kind of minor error then it would be quite natural. Many apps crash as soon as they start and iTunes does the same sometimes.

But nowadays, fixing iTunes issues and making it repair is not an issue at all and they can be fixed by any iTunes repair software and that’s what we will be talking about in this article. You will see what are the top 3 best iTunes Repair Tools out there and how these iTunes fixer tools work to repair the iTunes.

What is iTunes Repair Tool?

Apple has provided a free application to its iOS users and called it iTunes. That is used to download, store and play music files. If the same iTunes get corrupted or damaged due to some reason then you need to use an iTunes Repair Tool that can fix all the issues related to iTunes. These types of programs are known as iTunes Repair Tool.

Here’s a little about what you can do with iTunes Repair Tool and what type of issues it can resolve.

  • iTunes Not Detecting iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  • iTunes has stopped working
  • iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone
  • An error occurred while installing the updates
  • iTunes not syncing music
  • iPhone could not be restored error 4014/4013
  • iTunes sync session failed to start
  • iTunes was not installed correctly error 7
  • iTunes syncing slow and stuck
  • iTunes update error 6/9/14/27/45/50/4003
  • iTunes sync cannot find a file.

Let’s see what are the best iTunes Repair Tools and how you can use them in order to repair the iTunes fixes.

Best iTunes Repair Tool: Tenorshare TunesCare

Want to save time in figuring out what actually happened to your iTunes? Tenorshare TunesCare is the perfect solution for your iOS device. It can find the list of all those issues that might have occurred to your iTunes or about to occur in the near future. It comes with a load of features and efficiency and that’s the one reason that makes it a perfect choice to repair your iTunes.

Our Review:

The first good impression of it was quick to install. The software comes up with a very friendly interface and with a good welcome screen that makes it interesting from the start.

After that, I came to know that the tool has two repair types. You are allowed to choose any of them depending on your need. The two repair modes are:

  • Fix iTunes Sync Problem
  • Fix All iTunes Issues

Just for the sake to analyze the software and its efficiency, I attached my iPhone to the computer and clicked on the first mode. I remained on the same screen and I was informed that repairing is in progress. The software took some time and after that, I was notified that the repairing is done and now, I am good to use my iTunes again. So basically, it was a quick fix.

While considering the second one, I clicked on the second mode and a Repair screen came in front of me where I was supposed to choose the Repair iTunes to check all iTunes issues. It informed me that my iTunes is working fine and there is no need to do anything or any repair to it. Well, in another case, iTunes had some issues when I clicked on the Repair iTunes and what I saw on the screen was, your iTunes needs to be repaired. There, I clicked on the Repair iTunes, and I find that iTunes started working perfectly after the repair.

So, overall it was a very nice experience with Tenorshare TunesCare and that’s the main reason I placed it on the top among all other iTunes repairing tools.


  • It helps in enhancing the iTunes performance by fixing any kind of crashing problem.
  • This software can repair the iTunes errors and issues that are generated on the iOS device.
  • Completely compatible with the latest iTunes software.
  • It requires only three steps to repair the whole of iTunes.
  • Resolve all iTunes syncing issues.


  • It just repairs the iTunes, you can not optimize or clean your iTunes.

How it Works:

Assuming that you have already downloaded and installed the Tenorshare TunesCare tool on your computer, launch the software.

Connect your iOS device with the computer and click on Trust in order to associate it properly.

Tenorshare Tunescare trust your computer

On the start screen, you will see two types of repairing options. Choose the first one if your iTunes is suffering through minor issues and need a quick fix.

Tenorshare Tunescare fix itunes sync problems

You will see a Repairing your iTunes Library option on the screen. Wait for a while and let it perform the action.

Tenorshare Tunescare repairing your iTunes library

If the repair goes successful, you will see a Successfully Repaired message on TunesCare’s window which indicates that your iTunes is 100% fit to use.

Tenorshare Tunescare iTunes library has been repaired

If you think that your iTunes is caught by some serious problem and need a deep scan and fix then choose the second repair option.

Tenorshare tunescare fix all itunes issues

It will immediately start repairing your iTunes as soon as you click on the Fix All iTunes Issues. Wait for the process to end.

Tenorshare tunescare repairing itunes drivers

If everything is fine and your iTunes doesn’t need any repairing then you will see a screen like this.

Tenorshare tunescare your itunes no need to repair

Else, if it encounters some serious issues, it will inform you that your iTunes needs to fix immediately. Just click on the “Repair iTunes” button

Tenorshare tunescare your itunes performs abnormally

When it will be done with the repairing, you will get a success message on the screen.

Tenorshare tunescare iTunes is successfully repaired

Top 2: iMyFone TunesFix

iMyFone TunesFix is another great choice in case if you don’t find the Tenorshare working. It is also the best alternative to the Tenorshare TunesCare. iMyFone TunesFix is capable to deeply scan the iTunes and afterward repairs those issues speedily. TunesFix has got so much fame in a very short period of time due to its quick repair speed and very attracting user-interface. It is all in one solution to all iTunes issues and can fix them very efficiently.

Our Review:

A free version of iMyFone TunesFix can be downloaded to use it. The software installation was quick and completed within seconds. As soon as I launched the software, without delay, it started to detect my iTunes. After fetching the iTunes, it took an analysis of it and informed me that my iTunes is damaged and needs to be fixed very soon.

I have read that it also provides the details about damaged parts so, I clicked on the question mark and it displayed the issues in front of me where I noticed that some of the parts were really harmed and the information was true. The results were enough to get the answer to my own question that is iMyFone TunesFix really efficient?

After that, I hit the repair option and as a result, it started repairing my iTunes. First of all, it downloaded the repair drivers and then installed them. It showed my your iTunes is fixed now message after the whole procedure.

To make sure about the results, I tested iTunes and it was working perfectly. The whole repairing process was so quick and take a few minutes to repair my iTunes.


  • Automatic iTunes scanning feature that allows users to get rid of the iTunes issues within seconds.
  • Capable to Fix up to 100+ iTunes issues quickly and efficiently.
  • It comes with a number of various manual iTunes repair modes. They can be used to do a quick repair regarding different iTunes issues.
  • Increases the performance of iTunes.
  • Free up of disk space covered by unnecessary things.
  • It allows you to completely uninstall iTunes along with its components.


  • The free mode covers very limited features, all the features are available in pro mode.

How it works:

Download and install the iMyFone TunesFix setup on your computer. Connect the iTunes and it will start to detect iTunes. Wait for it to detect.

imyfone tunesfix detecting itunes

If there are some issues with your iTunes, it will display it on the screen. You can click on the question mark icon to know the details of the issues.

If you think these are genuine and your iTunes really need these modifications then click on the “Repair” option to start the iTunes repair.

imyfone tunesfix your itunes is damaged

Wait for TunesFix to completely repair iTunes.

imyfone tunesfix repairing itunes

After it is done with repairing iTunes, it will inform you though a success message. It informs that your iTunes installation and updates problem has been resolved. Now, you can use iTunes.

imyfone tunesfix itunes repaired successfully

Top 3: dr.fone – iTunes Repair

Whenever you look for an iTunes Repair tool, you can’t miss the dr.fone – iTunes Repair software. It is the most versatile and customized repairing tool that can repair iTunes as quick as you think. It is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. The software can easily do a quick as well as deep scan to iTunes in order to find the list of the issues that might be hindering the performance of it.

Our Review:

The dr.fone – iTunes Repair software is capable to fix iTunes issues in three ways. Yes, it is right. It offers three repairing modes depending on the nature of the issue. The three different repairing modes are:

  • Repair iTunes Errors
  • Repair iTunes Connection Issues
  • Repair iTunes syncing Issues

You can choose the one that best suits your needs. When I clicked on the first mode that is Repair iTunes Errors, it started analyzing my iTunes to know about its current condition. After knowing the faults, it started downloading the relative drivers and components that could solve the problem.

When all is done and the latest components were downloaded, I was asked to start repair so that the previous errors can be kicked out. It took a bit of time while repairing the iTunes but overall was quick to finish. I was informed through a success message that I can now use iTunes.

The experience was quite simple and good.


  • It comes with a very high success rate and great user reviews.
  • No data will be lost during the whole process.
  • Capable to remove/fix all the issues related to iTunes.
  • Just 1 click and you are done with repairing.
  • Available for both Mac and Windows.


  • It is a little expensive than other repairing tools.

How it works:

Download the software from its official website and launch it on your computer. Choose the “Repair iTunes Erros” repairing option to proceed to the next step.

repair itunes errors

Wait for it to check for the components.

checking itunes components

When the latest components are installed, click on the “Repair” to start repairing.

itunes components are full installation

It will take some time depending on the type of errors and issues. You will be informed when it is done. After that, you can easily use iTunes.

repairing itunes


No doubt, all the three repairing methods Tenorshare TunesCare, iMyFone TunesFix, and dr.fone – iTunes Repair are the best knowing software regarding iTunes repair but I will recommend Tenorshare TunesCare among them all because it the most robust and customized iTunes repair tool that can fix iTunes issues within minutes.

I hope that the article truly delivered accurate information regarding the best iTunes Repair Tools in 2022. If you are troubleshooting iTunes issues then it is the best point to get started with your iTunes Repair. If there are other better suggestions, do let us know through your feedback.