Best Kindles for Kids

E-readers have been around for quite some while now, but they failed to take the market by storm as Amazon Kindles did. Of course, many would argue that an iPad would be the better option; however, you can enjoy everything that an iPad has to offer on a paper-mimicking anti-glare screen that is not as damaging to the eye.  

One age group that can really benefit from Kindles is kids. Not only will one increase his or her interest in reading, but it will also allow them to read while on the go. In fact, children who run away from books might just be tempted to read something in hopes of getting a Kindle!

In addition to that, Amazon Kindles come with a number of benefits. For instance, it can let you define an unfamiliar word with just a few presses, and you can even change or resize the font to something you’re comfortable with. Both of these are impossible with an actual paperback and might just encourage people to read more.

Finally, kindles come backed by a vast library of material to read, making them a great investment. The real question, however, is, what is the best kindle for kids? To answer that, we look at the three best ereader for kids here.

Quick Summary

  • You will want to go for the fire HD 10 if you want a media-consumption tablet that comes with a bigger screen for video watching but doesn’t cost too much. With a 10.1” screen and a 30% faster processor, it is the latest addition to the series.
  • Designed primarily for reading books, the Kindle Kids Edition is a whole packed aimed at kids with a 6-inch tablet, a subscription package, warranty, and a good-quality case too. While it’s mainly for kids, older children or adults can make use of it too.  
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is the one to invest in if you want a low-cost tablet for gaming, videos, and social apps. Since it’s a Kids Edition, it comes with a bunch of extras that include Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, parental controls, and a 2-year warranty.

Does Your Kid Really Need A Kindle?

Whether your kids are avid readers or they shy away from the idea of reading books, an e-reader for kids like a Kindle can be a great investment in both cases. And since reading is a highly critical skill, it’s important as parents to try and foster that in their children in all possible ways. This is where your kids might really need a kindle.

According to some people, Kindle books are a treasure of not only endless knowledge but also entertainment. Not to mention, if your kid gets horrified just by the idea of opening a book, then a Kindle reader for kids can get him or her to realize that it’s not that bad by offering an engaging display, variety, as well as numerous resources including interactive stories and audiobooks.  

Of course, if you believe that your kids aren’t yet ready to use an electronic device daily, then you might not want to invest in one. All parents have their own expectations when it comes to the age of regular use as well as screen time, so you need to take that into consideration too.

At the same time, it should be mentioned that Kindles come with a set of parental controls, so if you’re hesitating about not buying one due to content access, you don’t have to worry about that. The parental controls not only ensure the parents’ ease of mind but also makes the device safer for the kids.

How We Picked the Best Kindle for Kids for Watching Movies?

Screen size

When it comes to watching movies or reading books, you want a Kindle that is large enough so that you can see everything, such as your most loved character, clearly.

When it comes to screen size, you will often see descriptions such as “10-inch tablet” or “8-inch tablet.” It’s important to understand here that this is the screen size measured diagonally. Generally, tablets above 8.9 inches are considered to be large, so you’ll be better off choosing those.

Such ebook reader are also relatively easier to hold and promise a comfortable viewing angle.

Aspect ratio

ebook reader for kids are usually available in two different aspect ratios, 16:9 and 4:3. If the content you’re watching doesn’t match the aspect ratio, the tablet automatically creates a blacked edge. Before you settle on a tablet for movies, make sure to decide on the aspect ratio most suitable for you.


Screen resolution is important for web surfing and reading an ebook. In such cases, what you need is a bright, sharp display.

Currently, HD is no longer the only kind of high-quality display available. While HD is just 720p, there is a full high definition as well that runs at 1080p.

For reading, in particular, you want a kindle for kids at 1080p to see the scenes as clearly as possible.


Usually, videos tend to drain the battery, and the last thing you would want is for your e-reader for kids to die while your favorite scene is going on. So, remember to pick something that has sufficient battery to work for one or two movies, at least.

Best Kindles for Kids: Our Picks in 2022

1. Best E-reader for 14-Year-Old and Above: Fire HD 10 Tablet

Fire HD 10 Tablet

As an improvement to its previous models, the Amazon Fire HD 10 doesn’t fail to wow customers. With features like hands-free Alexa integration and a sharp display, this is the device to buy to get the best value for your money.

With a length of 262mm, a width of 90.8mm, and a weight of just 504g, this Kindle is quite easy and comfortable to hold on a couch or even take along for the ride, making it a great Kindle pick for kids above 14. In fact, the shape won’t or weight won’t cause any fatigue to your kids.

Fire HD 10 comes with hard-wearing plastic that can easily take on slightly rough use so even if your children are careless when it comes to devices, rest assured that you won’t have to replace it soon.

Featuring a 16:10 ratio, the 10.1-inch full HD screen is ideal for watching videos and doesn’t put a lot of strain on the kids’ eyes. To add to that, the LCD display is bright and crisp and has wide viewing angles to allow your children to watch TV shows and movies with friends and families.

Moreover, there are stereo speakers present on the top that are quite clear and produce a loud sound. However, what makes this tablet stand out from the others in the line is the speed boost. According to Amazon, the Fire HD 10 is up to 30% faster than the previous version, which also makes it increasingly responsive.

The speed of the kindle is also pretty good, so switching between apps, getting different apps started, and just simply swiping around the different pages is noticeably smooth. The device also responds to touch relatively quickly too. Video apps also work as well as they do in more powerful devices, and they scrub easily through the video.

Due to the increased speed, impatient children or those that are used to the better response time of most phones today will find the fire HD 10 to be a best Kindle.

Finally, the battery can last for up to eleven hours, that too when you’re streaming. It could be longer, too, if you watch downloaded videos. Thus, it can power through up to four movies on a single charge and keep your children entertained for longer.

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  • Colorful display that doesn’t put any strain on the eye
  • Includes a form-fitting case that has a built-in stand for hands-free use
  • Features an easy-to-use interface, even for kids
  • Battery life of at least 11 hours will keep your kids busy


  • Equipped with a low-resolution camera
  • Doesn’t come with any Google PlayStore apps

2. Best E-reader for 7-13 Years Old: Kindle Kids Edition

Kindle Kids Edition

The Kindle Kids Edition is basically a bundle of the 2019 Amazon Kindle with a few other extras such as a 2-year warranty, a protective cover, access to more books, and a bunch of other features that encourage your child to read and learn more.  

According to Amazon, this edition primarily targets kids of ages 7 years and over.  Since it is light and small, it is quite comfortable to hold, even for long hours, and you can easily slip it into your bag too. Besides, it comes with a hard plastic cover to securely hold the Kindle. If you are search for best kindle for 8 year old, then this will be your great pick.

Along with that, there is a subtly textured soft flap featuring an interior made of microfiber that protects the screen. When you open up the flap, the Kindle comes to life, and when you close it, the device goes back to sleep.

The screen measures 6 inches and has thick, big bezels around it. Featuring front lighting, the screen uses E-Ink. Plus, with 167 pixels per inch, the screen is sharp such that your kids can read comfortably without squinting their eyes.  

Another feature worth mentioning is the adjustable light, which makes sure that the screen remains legible enough for your kids, even in differing environments.

Furthermore, this best kindle for kids comes with 8GB of internal storage, which means it can hold up to a thousand titles easily. However, what makes this best ereader for 9 year old and above are the kid-centered extra features. These include one-year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited that’s absolutely free and comes with an incredible range of titles from different genres.

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  • Easy enough to use for kids and compact as a best kindle for 11 year old
  • Comes with a nice robust cover for protection
  • Backed by a long battery life that can work for weeks
  • Includes extras such as FreeTime Unlimited for free and a 2-year guarantee


  • Comes with a Micro USB charging port instead of a USB-C
  • Low screen-resolution and limited parental controls

3. Best E-reader for 6-Year-Old and Under: Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

By paying just a small amount, with the Kids Edition, you can get a lot more than just the Fire HD 8 tablet. With the numerous kid-centered features it comes with, it is the best ereader for kids 6 years old and below.  

For instance, during the setup process, you can create different profiles for your kids and let your kids share your tablet with you. Once you set their age as well as the age-rating of content that you find suitable for them, Amazon will curate a list of cartoons, games, and apps relevant to that age. The titles also rotate so that your kids have something new every time.  

Another add-on is the one-year free Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription that includes over 20,000 books, TV shows, apps, games, and movies.

Finally, Amazon includes granular parental control tools to set limits for your children. Doing so is relatively easy, and you can set limits like the daily time limit or even the bedtime hours.

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  • Offers curated content that’s age-appropriate
  • Backed by a generous warranty of 2 years
  • The rugged case keeps the tablet protected
  • Parental controls add to the peace of mind


  • You need an internet connection to access some content


For us parents, back in the days, paperback books might have been the only option; however, now there are new innovative ways to inculcate in your kids a habit to read, so investing in the best kindles for kids would be a great decision. Offering a wide range of things such as textbooks, audiobooks, and interactive picture books in the electronic form at half the price, kindles can really broaden your child’s mind and add to his or her knowledge in a fun and engaging manner, making these a worthwhile investment.  

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