Best Laptops for Teenagers

Best Chromebook for Teenagers: Samsung Chromebook Plus V2
Best Laptop for Teenagers under 500: ASUS Chromebook Flip C302
Also Great: Apple MacBook Air

Laptops have become one of the most important gadgets not only for adults but kids as well. The advent of technology has forced the teens to learn those things we did learn in our time. Kids of today need a mobile-computer to connect to the outer world, consume social media, store lots of files and school projects, and also play video games sometimes.  

It is no more a luxury these days but a must-have device.  

Even schools recommend buying teens a laptop and their labs are filled with such tools already. If they do not own a laptop, maybe they would not match today’s race of studies.

But the problem is buying a laptop for an adult is way easier than a kid. The reasons are obvious, teens do not take care of their expensive gadgets and chances of it being broken are expected. For teens, a laptop should be of a kind that withstands roughness and possess an extended lifespan compares to the normal laptops.

Another thing is you do not want your kid to have uncontrolled access to everything a computer has to offer. You want the best laptop for teenager that comes with the features that you could protect your kid from accessing those sites you do not want them to see.

Quick Summary:

  1. For the users looking for superior overall computing experienced with an enhanced battery backup, Apple MacBook Air is the best laptop for teenager to go with. The display is amazing; the detailed production of images and videos would spellbind you. The specs might not be that bulky, but overall performance would definitely amaze you.
  2. For someone looking for the best chromebook for teenager, Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 would be the best option to go with. It is not a cheaply built machine, render a superior computing experience compare to its counterparts come in hands at the same price bracket. The memory options are not that big, but you get a microSD card to extend the storage up to your desired level.
  3. ASUS Zenbook is a hands-down option for a teenager looking for a powerful laptop. It comes powered with amazing specs; bulky specs make it a go-to machine even for gamers. It comes in hands at an affordable price; the only drawback is that it does not have a touch display. It is a magnificent machine, by all means; help teens to go through any amount of workload without any issue.

Who Should Get This?

The question is whether your teen needs a laptop or not? Your concerns and responsibility are to protect them for any negative activity that a computer can offer. The technology has paved their way to learn new things by sitting at home but on the other hand, has opened the gateways of learning many bad things, without parents even noticing them.

Being a parent, you should put close eyes on the activities of your kid and may use some tracking software to learn the recent events your kid has been indulged in.

I do not think, a teenager of today would survive in studies without having a laptop.

Many elementary and middle schools consider them a major educational tool. They also have equipped their schools with modern gadgets to make the kids learn new technology. That’s why; you might have seen schools recommending parents to buy a laptop.

A laptop is an effective way to make your kid learn new things. They need a quality laptop, and parents should buy them a new machine following up on the school’s recommendations.

How We Picked the Best Laptop for Teenagers?

As the needs and requirements of every teen differ from each other, it is imperative to learn the needs and use of a laptop before giving a product final shot. For a teenager with a passion to play games, it would be good to look for gaming laptops and behold features to make the gaming experiences standout. These are some attributes you need to look at a laptop for a teenager.


CPU (Central Processing Unit) is no doubt a brand of computer. Without a latest-generation processor, you might not be able to match today’s race. The latest generation processor helps you stay in the competition; no one knows which app or game would release in the next few years. If you are grabbing the latest-generation processor, there are chances that for years to come you would not have to buy another laptop.

So for the best computer for teenager, must look for the latest generation processor.


GPU (Graphical processing unit) is another vital important attribute. Though for casual computing or even mild level professional computing, you would not require a discrete graphics card, still if you get a dedicated graphics card you ensure that your laptop would not suffer in producing high resolution on the screen.

For gamers, looking for a dedicated graphics card is a must-have. Without it, you would not be able to stay in the competition.

Screen and display:

Yes, that’s the most important attribute and for a teenager the importance of a display doubles. The reason is, bigger screen sized laptops often put lots of weight and become difficult to carry around. If you are one who travels a lot and is always on the go, look for a 12.5 inches screen size. For traditional user or student who uses a laptop for preparation of assignments and other educational tasks, 15.6 inches laptop screen size is adequate.

As long as the display is concerned, the student is more into buying a 2 in 1 laptop. The reason is they are more useful and help students to carry out their regular tasks with convenience. For such students, Chromebooks are the best option; they are lightweight and come in hand at an affordable price range.

Battery backup

For the best first laptop for teenager, the battery is the section that plays a vital role in its overall functionality. That’s the battery that makes a computer portable and useful at a remote location. For a laptop with a short battery runtime, students would have no benefit. They want a machine that always runs, and does not drain so quickly.

Almost all of the laptops we review come powered with extended battery backup. You can pick any of them as per your needs and requirements.

Sturdy construction:

For a good laptop for teenager, it is imperative that it suffers a few bumps and drops. Because teens do not take care of their products so much and few drops are common and expected. So, look for a laptop that covers accidental damages and ensures safety.

Best Laptop for Teenagers: Our Picks in 2022

While coming up to a list of top best laptop for teenager, we reviewed dozens of products and identify the best of the best.

Have a view of this list and see the top laptops to buy for teens.

1. Best Chromebook for Teenagers: Samsung Chromebook plus V2

Best Chromebook for Teenagers: Samsung Chromebook plus V2

If you are looking for the best laptop for teenager at educational purposes and entertainment, your search ends with Samsung designed Chromebook 2. The laptop is placed on number one because of its extraordinary features, parallel performance, eye-catching looking and ultra-compactness. The laptop comes in hands at an affordable price range, and bridge the gap between a small machine and a larger media compliant Chromebooks.

It comes with a comfortable keyboard that helps your teen to enjoy a seamless typing. It comes with a standard keyboard, with well-spaced keys that render smooth typing experience for hours without any hiccup. Though it does not come with a backlit key we do not expect the feature at this price range either.

This laptop is powered with the Intel Core m3 processor with 2.1 GHz clock speed. The processor is paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. The storage might not fit the needs of even school students. That’s why it comes with a microSD card that helps you extend the internal storage up to your pocket size.

The designers had the portability in mind, that’s why you find it a compact ultra-lightweight. It weighs just 2.6 pounds and has to share a 12.2 inches Full HD touch display with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution. The laptop comes with a stylus pen that helps users to experience the power of the incredibly precise pen that never needs any charging. With the pen, it is always ready to craft your imagination, sketch anything you wish, edit and magnify your screenshot.

The last but not the least, it comes with an extended battery. The use and effectiveness of a laptop die without it coming with an extended battery backup.

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Samsung Chromebook is a best Chromebook for teenager that comes with a vibrant 12.2 inches touch display. It is a lightweight machine bridge the gap between a small laptop and larger media compliant Chromebooks. It is ideal for school-goers, due to its stunning display and adequate 4GB RAM size.

The glaring downsides are low internal storage 64 GB SSD and poor processor (Intel Core m3). It cannot be taken onboard for complex processing or heavy apps running.

2. Best Laptop for Teenagers under 500: ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

Best Laptop for Teenagers under 500: ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

ASUS has been a big name in the world of laptop manufacturing. The brand has many successful line-ups and is ranking on the top of one of the biggest shopping portal. It’s designed laptop strikes a good balance between price and performance.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 is another great functioning machine that comes in hands at an affordable price range. This laptop is often chosen by those parents who cannot afford to buy expensive premium laptops such as MacBook or others.

I am not saying that a particular laptop offers performance equal to the MacBook but it does pretty well.

Asus Chromebook-flip C302 comes fitted with a 12.2 inches Full HD touch display with IPS panels and anti-glaring coating onboard. These bells and whistles integrated with the display make it an ideal grab for watching movies, compiling assignments and rolling hands-on gaming.

It is a 2 in 1 laptop, comes with the features that let it turn into a complete tab. You can flip the screen back around 360-degree and get the amusement experience of using a tab. On the other hand a full-fledged laptop with a full-sized keyboard to help you compile assignments and use the keyboard.

It is a powerful laptop for teenager, comes powered with the Intel Core M3 processor. To assist the processor going through the processing, there comes a 4GB ram. The ram size onboard is good enough to take care of multitasking, but an integrated processor would not help you in digging through a complex processing work.

The internal storage capacity of the machine falls at 64GB SSD, and to render a fast, efficient and smooth performance it comes with a backlit illuminated keyboard.

The laptop starts up in seconds due to the SSD onboard and lasts for hours in terms of battery backup.

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To fits the needs of users with short-budget, there come ASUS designed Chromebook. It comes fitted with every feature that a casual user would ever need, especially teens. It offers a stunning display with 12.2 inches FHD screen, 64GB SSD storage, and adequate 4GB RAM. It turns back into a tablet with superior touchscreen experience. It comfortable big keyboard with illuminated keys mesmerize the computing experience, 9-hours long battery is an added bonus.

3. Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

The list of best computer for teenager could not have been compiled without Apple products. And I do not think I need any introductory words to introduce this Apple product. This product got loads of attention since day one when it was released.

This premium range Apple MacBook air comes powered by Intel Core i5 Processor dual-core 1.8 GHz processor. That’s the processor that helps it to go through any amount of work you throw at it. You can easily process through all high-end applications or software without any lag, freeze or rendering error.

Apple adorns its MacBook air with 8GB DDR4 RAM. The ram size is adequate enough to help you do significant tasks on what other laptops at this price lag. This size of ram helps you run more than one application, and switch from one application to the other without any issue.

With 128GB SSD, the laptop got a handsome amount of storage to store lots of files, apps, software, games or class projects without sacrificing the speed and load time.

This laptop has to share a 13.3 inches FHD screen with a glossy display. For students who need to run educational software or use a computing machine for a longer time, it would not put any strain on the eyes.

It makes an ideal teen laptop due to its compact size. It just weighs 2.92 pounds; Apple has given the right name to it “Air” due to its ultra-portability feature.

From the connectivity and ports point of view, it comes with all bells and whistles on board. It shares a handsome variety of ports and connectivity options such as thunderbolt 2 which is 20 times faster than a conventional port.

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Apple MacBook Air makes an ideal option for those who can afford a big price. It comes in hands at a handsome price, around 1000 dollars. But, it is a perfect premium laptop for teens, as it comes featured with everything that a teen student would need to help in studies. For instance, its processor renders an immense amount of power to help users go through any amount of processing work. It shares a sunny FHD glossy display; it comes with adequate SSD storage and above all ample memory to hold lots of apps and software run simultaneously.

Above all, its battery backup is world-famous. No other laptop can come closer to the battery backup provided by Apple MacBook Air.

4. ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

If you really want to buy the best laptop for a teenager that offers unparalleled performance and showcases an unbounded beauty, you should opt with ASUS designed Ultra slim Zenbook 13. It comes in hands at a big price, almost equal to what Apple’s MacBook charges. For the performance comparison, you would see this machine topping the chart in some areas such as battery backup and memory size.

ASUS ZenBook 13 comes powered with Intel 8th generation Core i7-8565U CPU. It further couples Intel UHD graphics and the combination brings froth unparalleled, consistent and seamless performance what is difficult to witness from any other machine at this price.

Furthermore, it comes paired with an abundance of 16GB DDR4 RAM. The amount of ram is more than enough not only for personal and professional computing but for gaming. It is really important to learn that, the added ram size is difficult to grab under the mentioned price bracket. The same goes for the added SSD storage. Here you get 512 GB SSD storage to save lots of files, movies, class projects, applications, software, and games.

As long as the portability and construction of this machine are concerned, it will exceed your expectations. It meets the ultra-demanding military standard for reliability and durability. Every ASUS ZenBook 13 produces go through a punishing test that includes harsh testing in extreme altitudes and temperatures.

It comes fitted with 13.3 inches Full HD 4-way Nano Edge design. The 4-way NanoEdge design offers most screens in the most compact size. The newly curated 4-way Nano edge is simply breathtaking.

ASUS ZenBook 13 goes extra miles with its unique ErgoLift design. This design automatically tilts the keyboard to offer an optimized user experience.

Zenbook comes powered with a high powered battery. The battery would not disappoint you; whether it is the extended journeys or day-long meeting, or zero-period in college you would not see it dying any time. It offers as long as 13-hours of runtime.

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It is one of the best computers for a teenager. The laptop makes an ideal option due to some reasons. For instance, it comes with a powerful processor, ample memory, abundant storage and above all extended battery runtime.

It’s unique ergo lift design that uplift the keyboard to offer optimized user experience is amazing.

It’s an innovative Numpad that opens up with a tap at the right on the touchpad. The illuminated touchpad returns back when a user taps it again. In a nutshell, it is a best laptop for teenage girl. It weighs just 2.6 pounds, an ultra-portable option to go with.

5. LG gram Thin and Light Laptop

LG gram Thin and Light Laptop

LG is a renowned electronics and home appliance brand. The brand has recently put its feet into laptop and computer manufacturing. It is a new name in the laptop manufacturing niche but earned a good name in that short span.

LG Gram thin and light laptop is one of those laptops that helped the LG brand earned a good reputation. The laptop comes powered with Intel 8th Generation i5-8250U CPU. The latest generation processor makes it the best laptop for teens, as the processor helps teens to run the latest games and goes through mild to complex processing. The brand goes one step ahead and gives the option to buy it alone or with Office 365 complete pack. Office activated version is important for student and assists them for their homework and assignments.

Its storage department is adorned with 256GB SSD storage, which helps users to store their files easily without sacrificing the speed. Yes, the storage is low on the side and some students might not like it. It comes with an extra slot to extend the storage, get the right use of the slot and have it enhanced up to 1TB.

As long as the memory section is concerned, you get 8GB DDR4 RAM. The added ram size is enough to help you deal with multitasking. You would not see your apps are freezing, or gaming has been rendered. You will enjoy smooth sailing, irrespective of the type of load you are throwing at it.

It comes fitted with a 13.3 inches FHD screen with IPS panels and anti-glaring angles onboard. The brighter, clearer and vibrant screen makes you behold everything in minute’s details with accurate color production and contrast ratio.

Talking about the portability, it is a good option laptop for teenage girl. It weighs just 2.1 pounds and can be carried around without any hiccup. The battery section is adorned with a good-sized battery. As per the company’s claim, the battery would not be an issue for you, it offers as long as 23-hours extended runtime.

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LG Gram is a fine grab for someone looking for bulky specs laptop for teenager in an affordable price range. It comes fitted with everything that a regular student would require. It comes with a good-sized screen with all bells and whistles on board. The laptop shares a Nano carbon magnesium full metal body that withstands roughness. The chassis is stronger than a usual laptop and offers an extended lifespan compared to others enlisted.

The vital specs are good but I feel storage size could have been enhanced. Just 256 does not seem fit at this price, other specs are good. The overall performance of this laptop forced us to include this machine. It worth the price and you can grab it if you are not too branding conscious.


We have reviewed our top best laptops for teenagers. These are the best products under the mentioned price bracket you can grab around the world. We have added one cheap model for the users with a limited budget range. We also added the best Chromebook for teenagers with different needs.

Our all 5 picks offer impressive performance in their range and serve different purposes. You should have a view of all of them and pick which one of them fits your needs.

We hope that the list will make you find the best laptop as per your needs. If you have any questions, query or recommendations, we are open to recommendations.

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