3 Best LG Tone Bluetooth Headset in 2022

If you’re into gaming on your PC or if you take a lot of calls while working from home, a high-quality headset can make your life easier.

When people think of headsets, they think of bulky contraptions that go over their heads and start becoming uncomfortable after a few minutes of use.

Well, fortunately, technology has improved a lot compared to the first iterations of the headset. If you know which features to look for, you can easily find a headset that will continue to be comfortable hours into use while you’re gaming with friends, working on a team project, and more.

The first thing you should focus on when buying any piece of hardware is ensuring it’s from a reliable brand. The name LG is synonymous with quality. So, an LG headset should be capable of providing you with the features you’re looking for. The best LG Bluetooth headset should have an impressive microphone, offer a high audio quality, and be lighter compared to a variety of headphones available. LG can offer all of that and more.

We have created this headset buying guide to help you learn about the 3 best LG Tone Bluetooth Headsets in 2022. The guide also goes over the benefits of owning such a headset and addresses certain concerns you might have when wanting to buy one. Check it out!

Quick Summary

For those who likely don’t have time to read the entire guide right now, here’s a quick rundown to give you an idea of our Top 3 Best LG HBS Headset Picks!

Who Should Get This?

LG Tone Bluetooth headsets are great for anyone not wanting to go the usual route of buying headsets that go over the head. The around-the-neck design allows for more comfort. And the retractable earbuds ensure you don’t have to worry about overly-tangled earbud wires when it’s time for you to use the said headset.

Due to the design of such types of headsets, you can easily wear them to the gym and not experience the hassle of always adjusting them during workout sessions. Not only that, but the wireless design allows you to keep connected while taking care of nearby chores when working from home.

Do continue reading to learn more details about our selections for the best LG neckband headphones that offer high-quality features.

Best LG Tone Bluetooth Headset: Our Picks for 2022

LG Tone Ultra A Bluetooth Wireless Neckband (HBS-830)

The LG Tone Ultra A Bluetooth wireless headset is definitely a statement piece due to its appealing design. If you were worried about a headset constricting your head, you won’t have to deal with such an issue with this neckband.

As the name states, this item goes around your neck instead of your head and covers the ears. But wait! How will you be able to listen to the audio? Well, this LG wireless Bluetooth neckband features earbuds that are stored inside the neckband when not in use. Simply pull out the retractable earbuds when you’re ready to sit for a Zoom meeting or a gaming session.

It has Advanced Quad-Layer Speaker Technology to ensure that you get balanced audio with very little distortion. Not only that, it has Dual MEMS Microphones. The presence of two microphones assists with clear conversations.

This chargeable headset doesn’t take a lot of space because of its sleek design. And since the earbuds are retractable, you don’t have to worry about tangled-up wires. The around-the-neck design ensures comfort while these best LG neckband headphones are in use.

What We Like

  • Retractable earbuds
  • Slim design saves space
  • Features dual microphones for better conversations
  • Offers balanced audio with little to no distortion
  • Comfortable around-the-neck design

What We Dislike

  • Connection range could be wider

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LG Tone Style HBS-SL5 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

Here’s another one of the best LG hbs headsets that has an around-the-neck design. The LG Tone Style HBS-SL5 wireless headset is crafted with Meridian Technology to give one of the best audio levels possible. You will get to experience a balanced sound without little to no interference.

The speaker unit inside this item has a composite diaphragm that assists with producing clarity in low and high ranges. Not only that, but the metal layer makes for accurate treble. Deep bass is produced by the plastic layer. This headset can help you become engrossed in the audio of your favorite game.

The dual microphones in this headset ensure that your voice is delivered clearly to listeners during a meeting or gaming session. If there’s a lot of noise or disturbances in your location, the dual microphones will help keep your voice clear.

It has an 8-hour-long battery time. So, you can rest assured the battery won’t completely deplete during an important meeting. If a charge is required, and you’re in a hurry, this headset can function for at least 3 hours on a 10-minute charge. There’s also a vibration alert when you receive a call or text.
When not in use, this LG headset has a standby time of 18 days. It doesn’t need a lot of storage space due to the retractable earbuds.

What We Like

  • Features dual microphones for audio clarity during conversations
  • Doesn’t take long to charge
  • Meridian Technology keeps audio distortions at bay
  • Comes with a vibration alert
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space

What We Dislike

  • Connection range could be wider
  • Turning it on and off can be a bit inconvenient

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LG Tone Pro HBS-780 Bluetooth Neckband Wireless Headset

The final reliable headset on our list is the LG Tone Pro HBS-780. This wireless Bluetooth headset is another dependable option for those looking for a sleek, around-the-neck design. It, too, has earbuds that you can easily pull out when the headset is in use. The headset has a magnetic design to keep earbuds in place. However, unlike the other two options on this list, the earbud wires are located outside the headset.

This headset features Advanced Quad Layer Speaker Technology to ensure all the sounds and well-balanced, and you don’t experience audio issues when playing or taking care of professional work. The voice quality is ensured through the Dual MEMS microphones. Conversations will be very clear when you’re using this headset.
Not only that, but this LG headset also comes with smart features, including Find-Me, Voice Memo, and Tone & Talk, for a convenient user experience.

What We Like

  • Compact design
  • Comes with smart features
  • Contains dual microphones for voice clarity
  • Has a magnetic design for earbud storage

What We Dislike

  • Earbud wires are outside the headset
  • Connection range could be wider

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How to Choose an LG Tone Bluetooth Headset in 2022

Before you put down money for a particular headset, it will be beneficial to learn about the features that can help determine its quality. Below is a list of specifications that can help you answer what is the best LG tone headset and how we made our three top selections.

Audio Quality

The headset you select should deliver impressive audio quality. The last thing you want to deal with is needing to repeat yourself because the person you’re talking to is unable to hear you properly. Bad audio quality can ruin a meeting or an intense gaming session.

When talking about the audio quality of a headset, it covers both the audio coming from the earbuds and the audio of your voice during a conversation. A headset could deliver a crisp sound in the earbud, but a microphone could be an issue. So, make sure you opt for a headset that has high-quality microphones installed.

Noise Cancellation

Transmission of outside noise is a big no when it comes to quality headsets. No one wants to hear the traffic outside your house or people talking around you if you’re using the headset at the park or café. Quality headsets have microphones capable of detecting unwanted or ambient noise and can cancel it out.

Battery Life

Your headset should give you enough battery life to keep using it for hours without needing to recharge it. Quality headsets are capable of functioning for at least 8 hours on a single charge. It would be helpful if you opt for a headset that gives you a proper warning when the battery of the headset is running low, so you aren’t cut out of conversations.

Quality headsets should also not take too long to charge fully. Also, look at the standby time of headsets. No one wants their headset to run out of battery while travelling.


Headsets should be comfortable to use. Feeling as if a headset is pressing around your head isn’t a good feeling. Also, you might not want to mess up a hairstyle by using bulky headsets. Fortunately, headsets with an around-the-neck design are able to offer a lot of comforts because they don’t cover a person’s head. Such models are placed around a person’s neck and have retractable earbuds.

Talking about what’s the best LG bluetooth headset, they should be comfortable, too. High-quality earbuds won’t feel like an annoyance inside your ears, even after hours of use.


The range offered by a Bluetooth headset matter. Even if you think you will be spending most of your time near your computer, you should still have a headset with a good range, just in case. A longer, wider range can allow you to remain connected with others while you make a quick trip to the kitchen. Getting consistent audio quality at a 30 feet range, that LG models can offer, should work for most people.

FAQs About LG Tone Bluetooth Headset

Q1. How long does the LG headset last?

A: Usually, an LG Bluetooth headset should be fully charged in around 2 hours. However, if you’re in a hurry and can’t wait that long, LG headsets can be quickly charged for 10 minutes to give you a couple of hours of activation time. A fully charged LG headset can last you 8 to 10 hours.

It’s recommended that you consider charging your headset for at least 30 minutes before use just to stay safe and not experience an abrupt shutdown during a meeting or gaming session.

Q2. How do you pair LG headsets?

A: Pairing your LG headset should be easy. You can pair a headset with a variety of compatible devices by holding down the call button and switching the headset ‘ON.’ When in Pairing Mode, the LED on the headset will blink or display a solid blue. From there, you can follow the appropriate instructions to pair the headset with a mobile device, TV, or PC.

Q3.Where are the LG Drivers for my headset?

A: LG headsets don’t require drivers to function. However, you will need updated drivers for your computer’s Bluetooth chipset for proper pairing.
Where is the call button on my LG headphones?

You will find the buttons on the left or right sides of the LG headset. The left side usually has buttons for controlling the volume, the call button, microphone, the LED indicator, the microphone, and the set’s charging port. Depending on the model, the right side is where you will find the buttons for play/pause, fast-forwarding, and rewind.


A reliable LG Tone Bluetooth headset can make your life easier whether you’re into professional work, gaming, or hitting the gym. The slim design won’t take up a lot of space, and the battery life can offer hours of continuous use. The dual microphones ensure clear audio quality and noise cancellation. The around-the-neck design is comfortable. They won’t fall off during your workout routine.

We hope that our guide answered your question about ‘what’s the best LG Bluetooth headset?’. Our top 3 picks are sure to cater to your needs.

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