Best & Most Trusted iCloud Removal Service in 2022

Apple provides a robust security feature to protect the iPhone and its other devices. You can lock your device using iCloud activation lock that is difficult to bypass. But sometimes it becomes essential to use the iCloud removal service, especially when you bought a second hand Apple device that protects with iCloud lock and you cannot be able to contact the first owner.

The iCloud let you synchronize your internal data with iTunes that you can easily access over the internet whenever needed. It is essential to remember the id and password of your iCloud account as it can put your iPhone useless it gets locked due to factory reset. It is also vital to remember the password so that you can erase your data and credentials if you look forward to selling your device to someone.

Part 1. What is Trusted iCloud Removal Service?

The iCloud Activation Lock enables automatically when the very first time you switch on your new iPhone device.  iCloud provides the facility of storing your personal information so that you can easily synchronize your data whenever required by logging in your iCloud account. It also uses to provide an extra shield to safeguard your iPhone device in case of lost or stolen. But there comes a need to know the process of removing this shield when you buy a used iPhone set from the market and find out that the credentials of the previous user are still stored in the device.  

You can not erase that data without knowing the correct iCloud password. So in such a case, there comes a need to know about the iCloud removal service that can let you bypass the security feature provided by iCloud account. The iCloud unlock service lets you removal of iCloud activation lock that secures your device in case of lost or stolen. But sometimes you may forget or misplace the iCloud account password. This will lead you to stop entering your own iPhone device. In such a case, using some relevant and authenticate tools and methods can assist you in the process of removal of the iCloud account from your device.

Part 2. Best iCloud Unlock Service Review

It is a cumbersome situation when you get your iPhone blocked by the iCloud and you either don’t know the Apple credentials or have forgotten it to get it unlocked. But to overcome this stress, you can take help from the various service providers that are experts in the same field. There are various iCloud removal services prevalent in the market, but not all of them serve the purpose. Many are even Scams and don’t give you the expected results. So to prevent you from this bewildering situation, here we have talked about two best iCloud removal services that don’t only produce the required result but also give value for money experience.  

These services require few easy steps to be followed to continue the process. You are require provide the needed information about your device and make payment as per the Apple device and model. You can then relax and wait for 2-3 days when you get the mailer from their sides that consists of the information to remove the iCloud account from your device. Both the services are tested and backed by professionals; thus, there are lesser chances of you to get any bitter experience from them. Let us find out more about these services below.

Top 1. Apple iPhone Unlock  

Updated in June: There is a new product called iBypasser from iMyFone, which is the best iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Tool so far. It claims to bypass Activation Lock in 3 simple steps. AppleiPhoneUnlock needs a few days.

When you got your iPhone, iPad or iWatch device locked with the iCloud activation lock, the first thing that comes in your mind is to get device unlocked as soon as possible. It is a panicky situation when you have your iPhone with you, but unfortunately, you are unable to use it. In such a case, the Apple iPhone Unlock system can assist you in bypassing the iCloud activation lock by following a few easy steps. If you have purchased a second-hand mobile and realize that it locked via iCloud account, this iCloud unlock service can let you remove the activation lock permanently without the need of previous owner’s Apple ID and password. Thus let you use the device and set it up as a fresh and normal one.

Apple iPhone Unlock Service

This service is a paid service that is run by professionals of this field. You are required to provide some information related to your device, and within 72 hours, your device unlocks. It supports all the Apple models like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and compatible with iOS versions ranging from iOS 7 to 13. To avail the service, you need to present the IMEI number and go through the payment formalities before proceeding to unlock your device. The iCloud Activation Lock removal can be recognized as a trusted iCloud removal service because it got the backing of some of the efficient and talented professionals, who review your request and start working on it on immediate basis.


  • This service is run by the professional technicians to give the best and prompt result
  • It supports all the Apple devices and compatible with iOS 7, 7.1, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13
  • It is effortless to perform with minimal steps
  • It removes the Apple ID permanently, making the iPhone fresh to set up


  • It takes a long time to unlock the Apple device
  • This service sometimes gets stuck in between while entering details

Our Reviews:

The Apple iPhone Unlock service provides the easy to use and efficient way to remove the Apple ID from the iPhone and other Apple devices. It not only supports all the Apple products ranging from iPhone, iPads, iWatch and iPod touch devices but also competent to all the iOS versions from iOS 7 to iOS 13. Since the technically sound professional team backs this service, it proves to be the trusted iCloud removal service amongst others.

The Apple iPhone Unlock Service charges for the services that start from $27 and varies as per the model of your Apple iPhone. If you bought a second hand iPhone or accidentally lost your Apple ID and password, then using this service, you can erase the credentials and quickly get access to your device. But it takes around 72 hours to get your device free from the iCloud account, which is way too much time taking. Otherwise, it is a reliable service that can be taken into consideration if you get stuck in such a situation.  

How to Use the Apple iPhone Unlock Service

To use this Apple iPhone iCloud removal service, below are a few simple steps that need to follow:

Step 1: As the first step, you require to open the official website of Apple iPhone Unlock Service.

Step 2: Enter your iPhone model name in the first box and mention the IMEI number in the second box.

Step 3: After you enter the required details, click onto the “Unlock Now” tab. The website will ask you for payment as per your device and model. Make payments, and then your job is done.

After the payment formalities complete, the experts of Apple iPhone Unlock service start working on your application, and within 72 hours, you will get your device free from the iCloud account. This iCloud unlock service is easy to use, and with fewer steps, you can open your device.

Top 2. Doctor Unlock’s  iCloud Removal Service

Another method to resolve the issue of bypassing the iCloud Activation lock is using the Doctor Unlock’s iCloud Removal Service.  It assists the process of cracking the Apple ID from your device using the legitimate method by official iCloud removal service. Using this method, you can permanently get rid of the Apple ID, without getting into notice of the previous owner. Thus to deal with such a situation when you cannot make out what to do, Doctor Unlock’s iCloud removal service can be a savior.

Doctor Unlock’s iCloud Removal Service

This iCloud unlock service is enabled to remove the iCloud account from any Apple device ranging from iPhone, iPad, iPod and iWatch. This service is sufficient to remove the iCloud account from the device permanently, without the need of your Apple credentials. You will receive an email as the iCloud account is successfully deleted, and thus you can freely use and set up your device as a fresh one. This service is an IMEI based service provider that offers three primary assistance to any of the Apple devices, Unlock iPhone, iCloud Unlock and Carrier Checker. It uses Whitelisting the IMEI from Apple’s database to unlock your iPhone device. This is a paid service that charges as your Apple device and takes around 2-3 days to free your iPhone.

Go to


  • It can unlock all the Apple devices from iPhone, iPad, iPod to iWatch and can remove iCloud account from iOS versions from iOS 7, 8, 9, 10 or higher
  • It is easy to use with some minimal steps required
  • This iCloud unlock service offers 100% money back guaranty if it is unable to remove the password
  • It provides a lifetime unlock warranty to the device
  • It is run by experts of this field so there is a better chance that you may get your device free from iCloud account


  • It is a time taking process
  • Sometimes even after waiting for three days, they couldn’t crack the iCloud account from your device

Our Reviews:

The Doctor Unlock iCloud removal service is easy to use and includes minimum steps to let you bypass the Apple lock from your device. Since it supports all the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and iWatch and competent to iOS versions 7 and higher, but it doesn’t support the iOS 6 or lower versions. Hence, if you have any of those models, you are required to use iTunes to unlock the device. It supports all the iPhone models and can permanently remove the iCloud account from your Apple device.

Here in this remove iCloud lock review, we can say that this service is a 100% legit and backed by professionals who can easily unlock your device using less information from your side. Another benefit using this service is it whitelists your IMEI from Apple database to unlock your iPhone. Thus it will never get relocked once the opening process. Although they give 100% money back guaranty if unable to crack password for your device, it becomes quite cumbersome to wait for long with no reliability from their behalf.

How to Use Doctor Unlock iCloud Removal Service

To use this iCloud unlock service, a few easy steps to be followed. Below mentioned are the steps that can let you unlock your device without any hassle:

Step 1: To take the first step, you need to arrange the IMEI number of your iPhone.

Step 1.1: To know about the IMEI number of your model, you can check the following points:

  1. In case of Active iPhone model – Dial *#6# to get the IMEI number or else go to Settings, then click on “General”.  Select “About” and then scroll down to find your IMEI number.
  2. In the case of Inactive iPhone model – Find the “I” icon on the Activation screen. On tapping that icon, you can see your IMEI number flashing on the screen.

Step 2: As you get to know your IMEI number, enter the same digit in the box given.

Step 3: Select your Apple model name and version from the drop box.

Step 4: After entering both the information needed in the given box, press the “Unlock Now” button and wait for a while.

Step 5: You’ll be directed to the next page to make payments formalities as per your Apple device and model. As you make the payments, your task completed.

As you make payments to this iCloud unlock service, an email will be sent from them related to the confirmation of the payments. Your application will be reviewed thoroughly by professional engineers. After waiting for a few working days, an email to inform about the completion of the process will send. Thus now you can efficiently operate and set up your iPhone.

Part 3. Top Rated iCloud Unlock Tool

Apple provides the facility to safeguard the user’s credentials in the iPhone that protected with the layer of iCloud account. The above mentioned services are focused to assist you with minimal steps, but not always provide the desired results. Both the above functions are time taking, and there may be a case when even after waiting for three working days, these iCloud removal services fails to get back your hold on your Apple device. Thus to resolve the issue, there are some trusted iCloud removal services and tools that commit to give you guaranteed results within a shorter period.

There are a lot of iCloud removal tools prevalent in the market, but not all of them can be called reliable and trustworthy. Thus to prevent you from being confused and stressed while selecting the right tool for you, below mentioned are the most trusted and best iCloud unlock services and methods provided after thorough research. These tools are amongst the most committed ones and backed by the professionals to get the desired results. These can regard as the value for money iCloud unlocks services to get your device free from iCloud account.

Top 1. iMyFone iBypasser

iMyFone iBypasser (Updated in June 2020, which is better) is among the most trusted and best iCloud unlock service available online. There are various reasons because of which you want to delete your iCloud/Apple account, for example, you want to sell your iPhone or give it to someone, but you have lost or forgotten your password for iCloud account. Another situation could be that you have purchased iPhone from someone else and he has not logged off forgot to remove his iCloud account.

iMyFone LockWiper to remove iCloud account

Whatever the reason may be iMyFone Lockwiper will help you in all situations of iCloud account like deactivating Apple ID, bypassing iCloud account, wiping off the iCloud account of the previous user etc. It is the most relevant iCloud removal service that enables you to bypass the Apple ID promptly by connecting your device with your computer.  It also protects your disabled iPhone, and you don’t need a passcode to log in. It consists of the user-friendly interface and can remove your AppleID/iCloud account in three easy steps. You can learn more from our iMyFone LockWiper review here.

Free Download Free Download


  • It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, and it works only in three steps
  • You can remove Apple ID or iCloud account without finding the IMEI code
  • The previous user of iCloud account cannot track or block your iPhone after removing it from the device
  • Removing the iCloud account is very fast, and it takes only a few minutes, using this software
  • Free trial version is available to check if this service supports the selected model


  • It only works if your iOS device is already activated
  • If your “Find my iPhone” option turn on, then iCloud account removing of iOS 11.4 and higher versions are not possible

Our Reviews:

The reviews of iMyFone Lockwiper are good, and it is one of the best iCloud unlock service tool. It has excellent efficiency to wipe out, change and create iCloud/Apple ID from any iOS device without using any password. After changing your Apple ID, you can do many things like update or download new apps on iPhone iOS, shop using iTunes, etc. It can also switch off “Find my iPhone” option without using any password. It provides a free trial version to the users, but it is not full-featured. So for full features, you have to buy the paid version of this software which starts from $29.95 for one month, $39.95 for one year and $59.95 for a lifetime. So the cost of this software is also very competitive. It also provides the free trial version to check if your iPhone model is compatible with this service. Thus we recommend iMyFone Lockwiper as a trusted iCloud removal service as compared to other prevalent tools.

How to Use iMyFone LockWiper

Now let’s see the steps on iCloud removal service using iMyFone Lockwiper:

Step 1.1:  Taking the first step, install and open iMyFone Lockwiper and select “Unlock Apple ID” option.

Select Unlock Apple ID

Step 1.2: Now connect the iOS device to the computer and unprotect your device by entering the passcode, and choose “Trust” option on the iPhone screen.

imyfone unlock your device and trust this connection

Step 2: Now on the iMyFone Lockwiper interface, select “Start to unlock” option to remove the current iCloud account.

Select Start to unlock

Step 3.1: If “Find My iPhone” turn off.

  • After selecting start to unlock it will deliberately begin to open your iCloud/Apple ID, if your “Find my iPhone” option turn off.
Unlocking iCloud account
  • After a few minutes, your Apple ID/ iCloud account will remove from your iOS device.
iCloud account unlocked

Situation 3.2: If “Find My iPhone” option turns on.

  1. If “Find my iPhone” option turns on, then you have to reset your settings on your iPhone device. For resetting the settings kindly to the “Settings” option and then tap on the “General” option and then on “Reset all settings” option. Now you have to confirm to reset your settings, and then your iPhone will restart.
  2. After your iPhone restarts, you have to click on “Start to unlock” option, and your iCloud account will remove.
Reset iPhone settings and unlock iCloud account

Once you have performed all the steps, the old iCloud account will delete, and now you can set up a new Apple ID/ iCloud account.

iCloud account removed

Thus using the iMyFone LockWiper, you can easily unlock the device with minimal and easy steps. It provides prompt results as compared to any other tool. Since it allows for the trial version to check if your device is supportive of this iCloud unlock service, you can get an idea if this method is worth paying for the full version.

Top 2. dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

The dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) is the top 2nd trusted iCloud removal service. This tool is simple to run and provides a famous company called Wondershare. The software is speedy and can remove the iCloud account within minutes. It works on three easy steps and positively deletes your Apple ID/iCloud account. It supports all the models and makes of iPhone, iPod and iPad including the latest iPhone XS, iPhone X and compatible with almost all versions of iOS including iOS 12 and iOS 13. You can remove the old Apple ID/ iCloud account and set up a new report which gives back you all iCloud services, using this software.

dr.fone iCloud removal service

The dr.fone provides prompt results and claims to open the device within 5 minutes using the elementary click-through processes. Since it allows for an easy to understand user-interface, it can efficiently operate by anybody. It will enable bypassing the locked screen in of your Apple device under any situation so you can simply rely on this iCloud unlock service if you are unable to access the device. We also have a detailed review of dr.fone – Unlock (iOS) here.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)


  • It has a user-friendly interface, and thus it is easy to use, and used without any technical knowledge can also use this tool.
  • It can remove any type of lock screens like Apple ID, Face ID, Touch ID and passcode.
  • It is safe, reliable and works very quickly.
  • It removes Apple ID/iCloud account in any situation.


  • It supports Apple ID/ iCloud account removal for iOS devices of 11.4 or earlier only.

Our Reviews:

The dr. fone- Unlock iOS to remove iCloud lock review is very positive due to many reasons. Firstly, it helps to remove the iCloud/ Apple ID very effectively and efficiently. Secondly, it is effortless to use and works on three easy steps. Thirdly, it supports all the models of iPhone, iPad and iPod and all the iOS versions up till iOS 11.4. Fourthly, the price of this software is very competitive, and it is light on your pockets. The one-year license price at $49.95 and a lifetime license priced at $59.95. It also comes for commercial purpose, which rates from $63.92 for one year. There is no trial version offered with this software.

Top 3. Tenorshare 4uKey

Tenorshare 4ukey is another most liked and reliable iCloud unlock service available in the market. It removes Apple ID/iCloud account very fast and efficiently without a password. It supports all the models of iPhone, iPod, iPad and all the versions of iOS up to iOS 11. This software is smooth, and a person without technical knowledge can also use this software, performing three easy steps. If you remove your Apple ID/ iCloud account, you can perform various functions on your iPhone like enjoy all the services of iCloud, turn on and turn off “Find my iPhone” option, backup your iPhone by iTunes, etc. Using this software to remove iCloud account have many benefits like your iPhone device can’t track by old iCloud account, your iPhone device can’t be blocked remotely by the last user, etc.

Tenorshare 4ukey iCloud removal service

You can trust the Tenorshare 4ukey to unlock your device under any situation. It recommends removing all your credentials from your iPhone if you want to sell it to someone to prevent personal data leakage. But if you forgot the Apple ID, this iCloud unlock service lets you unlock the device within a few minutes. Using this service, you can quickly restore your device as a fresh and new, without even the need of passcode or any other information. We also reviewed Tenorshare 4uKey here.

Free Download Free Download


  • It removes iCloud account without the password
  • It is straightforward to use and user-friendly
  • It can remove Apple ID/ iCloud account very quickly, and you don’t have to wait for many days
  • It makes the device non-traceable by the previous owner  


  • It can remove iCloud account from iOS devices running on iOS 11 and earlier. It also can’t work for iPhone X.
  • It doesn’t provide a trial version.

Our Reviews:

Tenorshare 4ukey is a seamless tool for removing Apple ID/iCloud account and its capability to remove iCloud lock review is very positive. It is effortless to use and user-friendly and has a fast speed and a trusted icloud removal service. Besides, to remove iCloud account, it can perform many other functions like recovering iTunes backup password, iPhone passcode etc. It is a professional and safe tool for various password issues of iOS devices. This software is cost-effective also with the primary one month license at $29.95, one year license at $39.95, lifetime license at $49.95. You can download it for free, but there is no free trial version for Tenorshare 4ukey. It comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.  


Apple provides the extra layer of protective shield to prevent your device from being misused or mishandled. For this, the iCloud Activation Lock activates as and when you start your brand new Apple device. But this feature sometimes becomes the reason for a headache when you either forget the Apple ID and passcode or bought the second-hand iPhone that is still iCloud protected. In such a situation, it becomes a tedious task to search for the previous owner and get the device unlocked. Thus the above mentioned are the trusted iCloud removal service available to combat such a situation.

These services are the most reliable as compared to the other prevalent methods and tools available on the internet. But since everybody seeks for the instant and impeccable results, it is recommended to use iMyfone LockWiper as the best iCloud removal service amongst others. It provides the easy to follow steps and prompt assistance to get your iPhone free from previous iCloud account. So, check out the best suitable iCloud removal service for your Apple device from the above mentioned comprehensive list that is compatible and provides the assistance as you are seeking.

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