Best Phone Screen Magnifier for iPhone in 2022

The iPhone screen magnifier could help you to get more from your phone. As smartphone technology continues to develop, we’re all spending more time on our devices than ever. We use these portable screens for everything from sending emails to watching movies.

Unfortunately, after a while, staring at a handheld screen isn’t s comfortable or as efficient as we might like. Eventually, you’re going to want a better view of the content of your viewing or reading. The best iPhone screen magnifier allows you to watch videos, browse through pictures, and even read eBooks in a much more convenient way.

Let’s explore the benefits of some of the best phone screen magnifier devices on the market.

Quick Summary

The iPhone is a convenient pocket-sized tool that we can take with us wherever we go. It supports everything from sending emails, texts, and phone calls, to various forms of entertainment in the form of video streams, games, and digital eBooks.

While you might not mind sending the occasional text on your compact iPhone screen, there will be some content that’s much easier to consume if you have more space. That’s where a phone screen magnifier comes in. These tools magnify your screen to give you a better image and reduce eye strain. Our top choices include:

  • Fanlory Screen Magnifier is an excellent choice for enhancing the size of the videos you watch on iPhone. The HD screen is compact enough to slip into a bag when you’re on the move, and it works with a range of iPhones.
  • ARCTIC EAGLE screen magnifier uses a curved screen to reduce the strain on your eyes when you’re viewing the enlarged image of your phone. There’s no battery or extra power needed with this device.
  • COOVEE phone amplifier is an easy-to-use device that you can set up in seconds. The portable and lightweight design makes it great for transportation, and there’s no need for any complex set-up.
  • Kingamei 12 inch screen magnifier is a flexible device that comes with its own gooseneck holder. You can clamp your device to your table or desk and view it at any angle you choose. This product works with all iPhones.

Who Should Get an iPhone Screen Magnifier?

As much as we all love spending time on our iPhones, staring at a tiny screen for long periods isn’t always a good idea. The best screen magnifier for iPhone is an excellent way to reduce the strain on your vision when you want to view visual content on your phone.

A phone screen magnifier can improve the experience you have when watching videos and browsing through Instagram Stories. It’s much easier to make out every detail of a YouTube video when you’re using a magnifier, instead of squinting at your iPhone screen.

So, anyone who regularly watches content on their phone screen can benefit from a magnifier.

Best Screen Magnifier for iPhone: What to Consider in 2022

The best iPhone screen magnifier is essentially a magnifying device that enlarges your mobile screen. Most magnifiers transmit the image on your iPhone onto a larger screen so that you can enjoy more detailed content. So, how do you choose the best screen magnifier for iPhone?

The right product for you will depend on how you use your iPhone. However, we recommend keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Size: In general, a good phone screen magnifier will be small enough to fit in your backpack for portability, but large enough to offer a fantastic upgrade to your smartphone display. 12 inches is the most common size, but you may be able to find other options too. Make sure that the size of the display doesn’t detract from the quality of the image.
  • Features: Most smartphone screen magnifiers come with a range of convenient features. Some support HD pictures, with a unique coating that prevents light glare. Other devices come with handy phone and screen holders so you can clip the device to a table or use it on the passenger seat in a car.
  • Durability: The ideal phone screen magnifier needs to stand the test of time. Always look for a product made with high-quality materials. Corrosion-proof metals and a touch screen that won’t break under pressure are good features to look for.
  • Compatibility: Your iPhone screen magnifier needs to be compatible with the size of the iPhone you’re using. Double-check that your phone is going to fit into the included holding slot without any issues.
  • Design: A high-quality phone screen magnifier can come in a range of styles and designs. Some need an electrical current, while others work with just the power of your iPhone. Look for a design that prioritizes image quality for your enlarged display. A fold-down structure can also make your magnifier more portable.

Best Phone Screen Magnifier for iPhone: Our Picks for 2022

1. Fanlory Screen Magnifier

Fanlory Screen Magnifier

The Fanlory 12-inch screen magnifier will help you to get a better view of the movies and videos you watch on your phone. Available in a range of colors, the HD screen amplifier protects your eyes from blue light to relieve eye strain as you watch. You also get the benefit of an adjustable structure, so you can adjust the height of your display to suit your needs.

Compact and convenient, this phone screen magnifier simply folds away when not in use so that you can carry it in your bag. The device also fits with most iPhones, from the XS to the 7, 8, XR, and more. One slight issue is that there can be some distortion in the image at times.


  • 12-inch screen magnification with no blue light
  • Excellent adjustable design to suit your needs
  • Works with a selection of iPhones from the XS and XR to the iPhone 7 and 8
  • No power required
  • Folds down for easy transportation


  • Some distortion in the images at times

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2. ARCTIC EAGLE Screen magnifier

ARCTIC EAGLE Screen magnifier

Another great pick for anyone in search of the best screen magnifier for iPhone, the ARCTIC EAGLE magnifier comes with a 12-inch curved screen that supports more comfortable viewing. The HD blue-light proof lens magnifies your screen without harming your eyes.

There’s no installation necessary to start using this device. Just unfold your phone screen magnifier and insert your iPhone into the available slot. ARCTIC EAGLE promises that this product works with all smartphones. You can even adjust the viewing angle for your content using the foldable feet on the bottom of the product.

This device, compatible with everything from iPhone 11 to 6 and 6S, features a heavy-duty acrylic screen and two years of warranty for peace of mind.


  • Works with any device, including the iPhone 11
  • Folds down for easier transportation and storage
  • Curved lens with blue light protection for your eyes
  • Adjustable viewing angle for a more comfortable experience
  • No installation necessary


  • A little chunky compared to similar devices

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3. COOVEE Phone Amplifier

COOVEE Phone Amplifier

An excellent choice for anyone in search of the best iPhone screen magnifier, the COOVEE store 12-inch solution works with all sizes of smartphone. There’s no battery or separate power system required, you just place your phone on the included stand, and you’re ready to go. This high-performance magnifier is great for reducing visual fatigue in seconds.

With HD vision support and radiation protection, the COOVEE will help you to view your favorite video content with ease. You can also fold the system down and carry it with you anywhere you go. The portable and lightweight design makes this a great accessory to have on-hand whether you’re at home, on the move or outdoors camping.


  • Portable, lightweight design for life on the go
  • No need for any battery or external power
  • 12-inch screen with HD support
  • Easy to use and great for reducing visual fatigue


  • Some issues with picture quality

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4. Kingamei 12 inch Magnifier

Kingamei 12 inch Magnifier

The Kingamei 12-inch phone screen magnifier is an easy-to-use accessory for making your phone screen larger. This handy device works just like a magnifying glass to increase your screen size and reduce eye strain. Like many of the best screen magnifier for iPhone options, this product also reduces blue light while maintaining HD image quality.

The curved screen boosts the size of your screen while making viewing more comfortable for people of all ages. This device is compatible with all smartphones, including your iPhone, all you need to do is place your phone in the holder, and you’re ready to go. There’s even a gooseneck clamp included so you can attach your screen to a table or desk. The flexible arm features high-quality material that you can bend and twist in any direction.


  • Works with all smartphones, including iPhones
  • Gooseneck holder included to clamp your device to a desk or table
  • 3D HD performance with anti-blue-light screen
  • Increases the size of your screen by up to 3 times with a curved display
  • Compact enough for transportation


  • Feels a little fragile in some places due to the plastic construction

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Useful Tips and Tricks

Using the best screen magnifier for iPhone is a quick and easy way to improve your screen image and reduce eye strain. Remember, when setting up your magnifier, read the instructions carefully.

If you notice the image isn’t perfect, consider cleaning your smartphone screen and the magnifier itself. Here’s a guide from Apple on how you can clean your iPhone screen safely.

You might also be able to improve the image quality by changing your iPhone screen resolution settings. Adjusting your device’s brightness, reducing the white point, and turning off the night shift could help you get a better experience.


Be kinder to your eyes and avoid unnecessary strain by investing in the best screen magnifier for iPhone. The right device will help you to make the most out of the content you consume from your iPhone, whether you’re reading an eBook or watching a video.

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