Best Running Armbands for iPhone 12, 11, 11 Pro/ Pro Max in 2022

Searching for an iPhone 11 running armband? You’re in the right place.

These days, we use our smartphones for everything. Whether it’s sending emails to colleagues or catching up with friends, we’re constantly connected to our screens.

Many people even workout with their phones!

Unfortunately, running with a smart device isn’t always safe (or easy). You don’t want to end up dropping your expensive investment mid-journey. That’s why we’ve tracked down some of the best iPhone 11 armband options to help.

Quick Summary

Our top recommendations for a running armband for iPhone 11 include:

  • Revere Sport waterproof running armband is an excellent splash-proof solution for training athletes. Accessing your phone is easy, and there’s space for your keys and cards too.
  • VUP running armband is a unique option for runners on the move, with a 360-degree rotation system so you can easily send texts and check your messages as you jog.
  • E Tronic Edge armband is simple but effective. It’s suitable for a wide range of phones, comfortable, and spacious, with extra room for your essentials.

Who Should Get a Running Armband?

If you want to keep your phone with you when you run, but you don’t want to worry about accidentally dropping your device or breaking the screen, an iPhone 11 running armband is essential.

These handy products keep your phone safely protected when you’re on the move, offering more stability and safety for active people. It’s a great alternative to a backpack, where your phone can bounce around and collide with other items. Plus, you don’t run the risk of scraping your phone with keys and other items in your pocket.

What’s more, an excellent running armband will also keep your phone close if you’re listening to music on your headphones. This reduces your risk of dealing with cables that are getting in the way of your movement, or lost Bluetooth connections.

Best Running Armbands for iPhone 11: What to Consider in 2022

The best iPhone 11 armband for you depends heavily on your personal preferences and needs. You’ll need to decide why you’re using an armband, and what you can do to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Consider factors like:


Having a phone strapped to your arm can be annoying if the armband is too tight, or the material is scratchy. Look for something that you can almost forget you’re wearing when you’re on your run. The armband should be tight enough that it doesn’t slip, but still fine for circulation.


No-one needs to deal with the stress of a phone flying out of their pocket and ending up on the pavement. Running armbands protect against this issue. However, these accessories can also defend against sweat, rain, and other issues.


Some of the leading armbands for iPhone 11 options come with extra features for convenience, like a space to hold your bank card and house keys too. You may also need to look for an armband that’s easy to apply and remove when you want to access your phone fast.


Make sure that your armband comes in the size that’s right for you. This includes avoiding any options that might cover too much of your arm if you think that a lot of excess material might make you uncomfortable.


A great running armband for iPhone 11 phones doesn’t have to cost a fortune. While you might not want to purchase the cheapest option around, you do need something that fits your budget. Remember to consider the features you’re getting when assessing value for money.

Best Running Armbands for iPhone 11: Our Picks for 2022

1. Revere Sport Waterproof Running Armband

One of the most comprehensive iPhone 11 running armband options we’ve seen, the Revere Sport product is packed full of features. The lightweight armband holds your iPhone and displays it for you so that you can still listen to music, take calls, and access facial recognition.

The advanced and comfortable running armband from Revere Sport comes with a fully waterproof coating, to protect the device from rain and sweat. There are also extra pockets included for your bank cards and keys. On top of that, the extra-bright reflector strip helps to keep you safe when you’re exercising at night.


  • Reflector strip for safety during night-time runs
  • Displays your iPhone for easy access and calls
  • Waterproof coating to protect from rain and sweat
  • Extra pockets for your keys and cards
  • Lightweight and comfortable material


  • Not very stretchy material
  • Isn’t compatible with phone cases

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2. VUP Running Armband

VUP takes a unique approach to an exercise armband for iPhone 11. This impressive device comes with a mechanical section that you can rotate if you need to access your phone in a hurry. 360-degree rotation means checking and sending texts is a breeze.

The skin-friendly neoprene and Lycra material mix ensures provides a soft and durable experience for your lightweight armband. You can even wash your armband when your phone isn’t in it. VUP also promises that the fully adjustable design supports various arm sizes too.


  • Works with a range of phones, including iPhone 11
  • Skin-friendly Neoprene and Lycra mix
  • 360-degree rotation for easy phone access
  • Fits most arms with adjustable elements
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Too large for most women
  • A little bulky

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3. E Tronic Edge Phone Armband

If you need something reliable and straightforward to keep your phone close when you’re on your next run, E Tronic Edge has you covered. This convenient armband in a range of colors and patterns is comfortable and soft, similar in style to a compression sleeve.

The accessory works with almost any phone size, thanks to a stretchy material.

There’s also extra room for other items besides your phone. Extra pockets will protect your keys, money, and cards too. The reflective logo on the armband helps to keep you safe when you’re out at night also. Slots on the bottom of the sleeve mean you can easily attach headphones for a more fun workout.


  • Multiple styles and pattern options
  • Stores your phone and other essential items
  • Reflective logo to protect you at night
  • Sizes to suit every runner
  • Headphone compatibility included


  • Can slide around on the arm
  • No access to your phone screen

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Useful Tips and Tricks

Remember, once you’ve purchased the right running armband for iPhone 11, put it to the test carefully before you go on any high-octane adventures. It’s important to follow the instructions provided for your accessory, and make sure it fits your arm properly, without slipping.

Adjust the armband to your size and try going for a light jog. If it moves around too much, you may need to alter the sizing again. Make sure you learn how to use your armband correctly too. Check the instructions and read reviews from other customers before you begin.

Remember to find out how to regularly wash your armband. Regular exposure to sweat and dirt will make the material uncomfortable. Frequent washing will extend the life of your accessory, and improve your comfort levels.

Finishing Thoughts

A great running armband for iPhone 11 offers easy access to your phone when you need it. These handy accessories protect your device from damage and provide great peace of mind so that you can focus on the run ahead.

Remember to think carefully about what you need from a running armband before you start shopping and keep the features we mentioned above in mind.

Do you have a fantastic running armband we haven’t mentioned? Tell us about it!

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