Best Running Belt for iPhone 12/11/X/Xr/8/7/6 in 2022

You might be expecting an important call, or you want to enjoy music while running. Whatever the reason, you want your iPhone close to you. A running belt can help to solve all your problems without compromising your comfort.

In this article, we are looking for the best running belt for iPhone 12 and older models. These accessories can store your phone and personal items to ensure easy access while on the go. Check out our top four choices and the detailed reviews below!

Quick Summary

  • FlipBelt is our top choice in the world of iPhone running belts. The product comes in multiple sizes, and without fasteners, so there will be no chafing issues. You will have plenty of room for the phone and other personal items you want to keep close while on the move.
  • URPOWER Running Belt is lightweight and features a padded phone pocket. It is also waterproof, which means you can use it in rainy conditions. The manufacturer even secured two water bottles to help you stay hydrated.
  • Sport2People Running Pouch Belt comes with reflective darts for people to recognize you in the dark. Your phone will fit comfortably in the specially designed pocket for these devices. The product is durable and will serve you well for a long time.
  • Running Buddy Magnetic Buddy Pouch is different than the other products. It offers a pouch with a water-resistant inner pocket for your iPhone. The item is lightweight and easy to carry around your waist while running.

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Who Should Get This?

It is not an exaggeration if we say that every runner can benefit from getting an iPhone running belt. Has it ever happened that you drop your phone while on the move? It takes a split-second for it to fall out of your pocket. The idea of a running belt is to ensure the device is easy to access without a hassle. If you need to check your phone, it will be accessible in a second.

A running belt for iPhone guarantees secure pocket space. You can pack your phone and rest assured it won’t fall out from the belt, but the belt can also hold other personal items. It is worth noting that these accessories are comfortable, which means the phone won’t poke or bother you in any way while driving. Finally, if you want to look great while you run, a running belt that matches your outfit is the right move.

Best Running Belt for iPhone: What to Consider in 2022

Are you wondering how to find the best iPhone belt holder for running? Our experts left no stone unturned when selecting the top products below. These are the features we considered when choosing the items to include in our list!

Is There Enough Room for Your Phone?

The first thing you want to analyze is the compartment for your iPhone. For starters, you should be able to fit it comfortably in that pocket. It helps if the pocket (or the product) is padded or water-resistant since it improves your phone protection level.

If you plan on using the phone with headphones, make sure there is a suitable hole for the cable. That won’t be a problem if you are using wireless earphones.

Finally, don’t forget about the additional compartments. Apart from the phone, you can use the running belt to store keys, cards, and other personal items.

Do You Feel Comfortable Wearing the Belt?

The next thing to ensure is that you feel comfortable while running with the belt. For starters, check if there is an adjustable strap. The lengths offered should be sufficient to find the one that suits you. Fortunately, most belts come in multiple sizes to help you choose.

You should also consider the bounce that the belt makes while you are moving. Is it prone to moving up and down, and would you have to readjust it often? All that could affect your comfort level.

Does the iPhone Running Belt Look Good on You?

It is now time to consider the design of your running belt for the iPhone. For starters, you want to pick a color variation that suits your style. It helps if it fits the rest of your outfit. By looking good, you might get extra confidence and motivation to achieve better results while running.

Make sure that the belt is not too tight or loose. Apart from looking bad, these could also compromise your comfort and cause chafes and other problems.

Best Running Belt for iPhone: Our Picks for 2022

1. FlipBelt


If you need the best running belt for iPhone, FlipBelt is a reliable brand that has been in the market for years. Athletes love it, and they have a good reason for that. For starters, you can choose from seven different sizes, which ensures you will find the one that fits comfortably.

FlipBelt doesn’t have any fasteners, which means that you will remain chafe-free while using this belt. You might need to readjust it occasionally because it rides up the waist while running, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

Your iPhone will fit comfortably in the belt, and you can use a total of four slots. These slots are perfect for storing your keys and other personal items. Apart from size, it is possible to choose between nine different colors. That includes black and carbon, but also vivid variations like neon yellow and pink.

FlipBelt might get damp after a session, but the good news is that it is washable in a washing machine.

What We Like

  • A huge selection of sizes available.
  • It fits your phone comfortably.
  • The four slots ensure you can place all your personal items in the belt.
  • No fasteners mean no problems with chafing.

What We Dislike

  • It might ride up the waist while running.
  • It gets a bit damp after the session.

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2. URPOWER Running Belt

URPOWER Running Belt

The manufacturer used neoprene for designing the URPOWER Running Belt. That makes the unit lightweight, which means it won’t be a burden while you are running. The material is also tear-resistant and waterproof.

You will find it easy to find the desired position because of the adjustable strap. The belt doesn’t move that much while you are running, which is convenient. Users can place their phone in the special padded pocket designed for these devices. The pocket is spacious, and it has an earphone hole. However, if you plan on using headphones, it might be a bit tricky to pack everything properly.

Another great thing about this iPhone running belt is that it comes with two water bottles. They can be placed in special slots on the front to be easily reachable. While you can choose between four color variations, the dominant color is always black. You merely pick the color of the belt’s top part and the water compartments.

What We Like

  • A lightweight and easy to carry around the waist.
  • The padded pocket ensures excellent protection for the phone.
  • You can easily find the desired position with the adjustable strap.
  • The product comes with two water bottles.

What We Dislike

  • The default color is always black.
  • It might have problems with storing an iPhone with earphones.

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3. Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

A running belt for iPhone should ensure easy access to your device while on the move. That is what Sport2People Running Pouch Belt secures, which makes this product a fine choice.
The materials used are waterproof, which means you can use them in water-related activities. The bulkiness might make it a bit tricky to exercise on a bench, but when it comes to running, the product works like a charm.

Thanks to the three reflective darts, people will see you coming in the dark. That is an important safety feature if you run close to roads or don’t want to scare anyone. Users can pick from different length adjustments, with the lowest one being 27.5 inches. That means those with an ultra-thin waist might not find this belt suitable.

What We Like

  • The product is waterproof and suitable for water-related activities.
  • Suitable for running in the dark due to the reflective darts.
  • Numerous options for finding the desired length.
  • Easy to access your phone while running.

What We Dislike

  • It is a bit bulkier than similar units.
  • Not for those with an ultra-thin waist.

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4. Running Buddy Magnetic Buddy Pouch

Running Buddy Magnetic Buddy Pouch

This magnetic buddy pouch is a bit different than the classic running belts available in the market. There is no classic belt, but you onto your waistband by using magnets. The magnets are quite strong, which means the pouch will remain in place.

However, you should tie your shorts or pants tightly. The product itself is lightweight, but the phone’s weight might start pulling your pants down. On the bright side, it is easy to access your iPhone or any other items stored in the pouch.

It is worth noting that the inner pocket is water-resistant. That means your phone will stay dry despite the rain or sweat. However, you should avoid getting the pouch in touch with sweaty skin since it might become damp. The good news is that it won’t retain any odors.

What We Like

  • Three different sizes and two colors available.
  • The inner pocket is water-resistant to protect your phone.
  • The magnetic technology makes it easy to access the desired items.
  • A lightweight and durable product.

What We Dislike

  • If you don’t tie your pants or shorts tightly, the pouch might start pulling them down.
  • It gets damp if it is in touch with sweaty skin.

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Useful Tips and Tricks

Using an iPhone belt holder for running can make the entire experience better and more enjoyable. However, it is also important to do other things right, too. If you are a beginner, check out these useful tips for beginners provided by Runtastic.

You might be an experienced runner, but if you are getting ready for your first half-marathon, you could still use some tips. This article describes the importance of wearing a hydration belt, which can also have enough room for your phone. However, make sure the rules allow you to wear it during the race!

Oh, and here is an interesting video on how to make a running belt. If you are in a hurry, you can try this method. However, DIY belts come with numerous limitations, which is why a professionally-designed accessory is much better.


It is hard to pick a single product and say that it is the best running belt for iPhone 12 in 2022. Ultimately, some people like having additional space and don’t mind a bulky belt, while others want to keep it as light and compact as possible.

The primary consideration is compatibility, so make sure that it can fit your iPhone. As long as the running belt can accommodate the device, feel free to choose other features based on your preference!

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