4 Best Tablets for Video Calling (Especially Seniors) in 2022

Video calling is more important than it has ever been in the past. It is an amazing way to stay in touch with relatives, and even older people who might be less tech savvy.

In this guide, we have explored the best tablet for video calls, reviewing four options that are both simple and reliable, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about tablets. It shouldn’t have to feel like you’re starting up a spaceship whenever you want to jump on a call with your kids.

All of the tablets have multiple methods of making video calls including Skype, Zoom, and some other options too.

Quick Summary

  • 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro gives you a big screen, plenty of power and reliability, and an incredible 12MP camera to make video calls with.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a little more affordable than many iPads and has amazing audio as well as a simple Android layout.
  • Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is a fantastic model for those looking to save some money. The camera and storage aren’t as high spec but they are more than good enough for video calls.
  • The 2021 Apple iPad Mini still has an amazing 12MP camera, and is much more affordable and portable than bigger iPads.

Who Should Get This

Who needs a tablet for video calls? Well, we’re focusing on the best tablet for seniors to video call but it isn’t just the elderly that can benefit.

A lot of people find a tablet to be a better option than a phone. It has a bigger screen so you can see what you’re doing on the screen, it is easy to click on the required apps and buttons, and you can see those beaming smiles of your relatives too.

It isn’t just about a tablet for elderly video calls, either, every generation can benefit. Some people get these for children as it can be easier to control what a child accesses on a tablet compared to a phone.

All of these options have reliable cameras and quality screens to accommodate your video calls.

Best Tablets for Video Calling: Our Picks for 2022

The items below are hand-picked based on their suitability for video calling functions, reputation research carried out on dozens of tablets on the market today.

2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro

For many people, iPads will always be the very best option when it comes to a tablet for video calling or just about anything else. They aren’t cheap, but they have some top features for video calls.

New iPads have the M1 chip for quick performance and reliability. Your video calls will also show in incredible color with an 11-inch Retina display offering True Tone technology.

The camera you’ll be broadcasting with is a 12MP wide-angle camera, great for fitting a couple of you in the call and staying crystal clear for your call partners. The quality inbuilt microphones also give you high fidelity audio.

If you want, you can use the Thunderbolt port for connecting your iPad to other displays, so if you’re aiming for your call to be broadcast on a screen you can do this, too.

What we like:

  • Clarity of audio, video, and display.
  • Ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection for video calls without lag.
  • Simple layout, so it is easy to navigate to your video call app.
  • Easy to use FaceTime included.

What we dislike:

  • The price may be too expensive for some.
  • The iPad Pro is a bit big and bulky so not as portable as other models.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Next, onto the best android tablet for video calling. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is very similar in dimensions to the iPad Pro, and just a little more affordable. It’s great for those who are used to the Android operating system and being Samsung, it has some fantastic components.

It comes with an optional S Pen which means you can control your tablet with a stylus. Many elderly people find this much more intuitive.

For video calls, the edge-to-edge display LCD screen and amazing AKG speakers give you total clarity. The S7 even has Dolby Atmos built in.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has an ​​8MP front-facing camera. It isn’t quite as crisp and high-quality as the main camera, but it does a good job for video calls.

What we like:

  • Great for those who prefer to use a stylus to control the tablet.
  • Option to expand the storage.
  • Exceptional audio clarity and volume.

What we dislike:

  • The battery dies a bit quicker than many Apple tablets, but you can charge wirelessly while on a call.

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Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Looking for the best budget tablet for video calling? The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus has a lot to like, and it is available at a fraction of the price of many other tablets on the market.

Let’s be honest, if all you are hoping to do is make video calls to family, the ideal tablet for elderly video calls may be one that is affordable. You don’t need to worry much about memory or having something super powerful.

This tablet runs the Android 9 Pie operating system many people will already be familiar with. 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Dual Band Wi-Fi give you a quick connection (as long as your broadband is up to scratch).

The Tab M10 Plus is compatible with loads of video call software, including Skype and Zoom. The 5 MP front camera isn’t spectacular, but it will allow your family and friends to see you just fine.

What we like:

  • Excellent value and features on a budget.
  • Expandable memory via card storage.

What we dislike:

  • The screen technology doesn’t give the same vibrant HD feel as Samsung or Apple products.
  • Inbuilt storage is relatively low at 32GB (this is no obstacle for video calling, though).

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2021 Apple iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is a great choice for people who don’t want anything too big and bulky. It’s more affordable than the Pro, and it is easy to take from one place to another in a case or bag.

The 8.3-inch display still has True Tone color and plenty of quality and clarity, and the 12MP front camera ensures amazing quality while you’re on a call with your relatives.

Want to use it on the go? This is compatible with cellular data so you can (for a fee) be able to use this with 5G networks for speedy video calls on the go.

What we like:

  • Can be used on cellular data.
  • Amazing 12MP front-facing camera.
  • Not as expensive as many other Apple products.

What we dislike:

  • The speakers aren’t as strong as many other tablets and the iPad Pro.

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How to Choose a Tablet For Video Calling in 2022

Before you make your purchase, you should ensure that you have thought about all the vital features of tablets for video calls. You may prioritize different features compared to someone who needs the tablet for work or to play games.


Of course, to be able to use your tablet to make video calls, you need a front-facing camera. This means you can show your face while you are on a call with someone. The iPad models have up to 12MP front-facing cameras with high definition for video calls, too. Be sure to check whether the camera is up to standard before buying a tablet to make calls with.


Similar to a great camera, you need a reliable way to record your voice and to hear the person on the other end of the call. Loud and clear speakers make all the difference, and even if you plan to use a headset it is good to have them as a fallback option.


You need to be able to see the people you are calling with a lot of clarity, and this means an excellent display. If your eyesight isn’t amazing, a bigger display will also be a huge plus point.

Ease of Use

We’re focusing on seniors and video calls for elderly people here, and they may not use technology as much as some other folks. This means it is crucial that the tablet is easy to navigate and easy to use. Some people may prefer a stylus, or a big screen to easily tap the right buttons.

Operating System

The operating system doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of whether or not you can use the tablet, but it may change how you use it. For example, if you want to use FaceTime for video calls you’ll need an Apple tablet. Android tablets tend to be a little more affordable and allow you to use Zoom and Skype just as easily.

FAQs About Tablets For Video Calling

Q1. Can you video call on WhatsApp on a tablet?

Answer: Yes, you can use WhatsApp to video call, but the app must be installed and properly set up, and you must have an internet connection at the time.

Q2. Can I use voice control to FaceTime someone?

Answer: Yes, if you have an iPad connected to the internet, you can use Siri. Simply say “Siri, FaceTime (contact name)” and if they have an active number on their contact details you can call them.

Q3. Do Amazon Fire tablets allow video calls?

Answer: Yes, you can use a number of apps to make video calls, but the video and audio is lacking in quality so not included in our list of the best tablet for seniors to video call on.


So there we have it, four of the top options for making video calls, even if you aren’t very technical in general.

Make sure you read the buying guide first, and understand what sort of features and functions you’re looking for. Luckily, there are many suitable options at different price points, so you can even find a video calling tablet on a budget.

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