Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 11 (Pro/Pro Max Included) in 2022

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While Apple iPhone 11 is technically waterproof, it can only hold for up to 30 minutes, and you cannot submerge it to bigger depths than three feet. If you spend a lot of time close to the water, you will benefit from finding the best waterproof cases for iPhone 11.

These cases will keep your phone safe whether you only take it to the bathroom, or head to the beach. Since the warranty doesn’t cover liquid damages, these items are a great way to prevent any problems from appearing in the first place. Check out our detailed reviews and discover how to find the most suitable case for your needs!

Quick Summary

  • LifeProof FRE Series Waterproof Case for iPhone is the top pick for those looking a beautiful and water-resistant case. It gives you full access to buttons and ports while providing shock resistance, too.
  • Ghostek Nautical Waterproof iPhone 11 Case with Screen Protector allows you to submerge the phone into the water for up to 20 feet. Your screen also stays safe, and ports and buttons are easy to access.
  • GOLDJU iPhone 11 Waterproof Case is for those who want uncompromised sound quality when using the accessory. The product is snug, and it can keep your phone safe when submerged for an hour.
  • JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch takes a different approach – you put the phone in the bag and protect it from environmental factors. It is perfect for rains and when you go to the beach or water park.

Who Should Get a Waterproof Case for iPhone?

Do you think whether you even need an iPhone Pro 11 waterproof case? These are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss acquiring this accessory:

  • You spend a lot of time close to the water – does your job require you to be on the phone often, even when you are outdoors? A waterproof case will protect the device against rain. It is also efficient if you are close to any body of water. For example, if you are heading to the beach or camping near the river, this case can be very efficient.
  • You are afraid of spilling something over the phone – you might be clumsy, or keep the phone on the table often. A waterproof case will keep the device safe if you spill anything over it.
  • Protect your investment – the latest Apple models aren’t cheap at all, which is why you need a case to protect your investment.

Best Waterproof iPhone 11 Case: What to Consider in 2022

If you want to buy a waterproof iPhone 11 case, it is essential to understand its crucial features. Our expert team analyzed the products currently available on the market, and we focused on the following factors!

Water Resistance Rating

It is only natural that water resistance rating is the primary thing to consider when choosing an iPhone 11 waterproof case. Some manufacturers will tell you the exact rating (IP 68 is the standard), while others prefer discussing the unit’s capabilities.

For example, you can submerge most cases up to six feet, but some can hold well up to 20 feet. In most cases, you should avoid keeping the case in water for a long time, especially over an hour.

Overall Protection Capability

Apart from protecting against water, a durable case will hold well against other types of shock. That includes bumping the phone against the wall or dropping it from large heights. A screen protector is there to protect the front, while the case focuses on keeping the back safe.

Does It Affect Using the Phone?

The best iPhone 11 Max waterproof case shouldn’t compromise sound quality. That means you can talk over the phone while you are in a crowd.

Additionally, the screen protector should allow you to continue using the display – typing messages, browsing news, etc. Due to the protective materials, you might not be able to use the touch ID fingerprint.

Bulkiness and Heaviness

A couple of extra ounces often mean additional protection to your phone. However, light and slim cases can also do an excellent job. That is why size and weight are a matter of preference – make sure to find the right balance between the desired protection and the heaviness of the case.

Best iPhone 11 Waterproof Case: Our Picks for 2022

1. LifeProof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone

LifeProof FRE SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone

If you want the best waterproof iPhone 11 case, you can’t go wrong with the LifeProof FRE Series. The manufacturer put in a great effort to secure extreme water resistance. You can submerge this case in water for up to six feet, and it will hold up to 60 minutes.

Additionally, it is military-grade shockproof and can withstand drops from considerable heights. The only downside is that the case might start peeling after a while, but you still get excellent value for money.

Make sure to choose the correct version since different cases are available for Apple iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max. You will have open access to ports and buttons to charge your devices, adjust volume, and use earphones.

What We Like

  • Pick between three different versions and five color designs
  • Resistant to shock and can withstand drops from big heights
  • Full access to ports and buttons – you can charge the device easily
  • You can submerge it up to six feet for over an hour

What We Dislike

  • It might start peeling after a while, especially on the sides
  • The front cover leaves bubbles on the screen, and they are difficult to remove

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2. Ghostek Nautical Waterproof iPhone 11 Case with Screen Protector

Ghostek Nautical Waterproof iPhone 11 Case with Screen Protector

Do you want the most durable iPhone 11 Pro waterproof case out there? If the answer is yes, Ghostek has the right item for you!

This fantastic case features durable military-grade protection, and you can submerge it in water up to 20 feet. That offers far better protection than similar units, so feel free to swim and even dive with this product.

Please note that the case is a bit bulky and heavy, but if you want the ultimate protection, it will be worth it. The buttons and ports are easy to access, and you can use the phone with the screen protector applied.

What We Like

  • Extremely tough and resistant to water and other forms of damage
  • A snug fit and different cases available for various iPhone 11 versions
  • The screen protector keeps the display safe from breaking
  • All ports and buttons are easy to access

What We Dislike

  • The case is a bit bulky, and it adds some weight to the device
  • Makes it tricky to talk over the phone, especially if you are in a crowded street

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3. GOLDJU iPhone 11 Waterproof Case

GOLDJU iPhone 11 Waterproof Case

GOLDJU designed a waterproof iPhone 11 case that features an IP68 water resistance rating. That means it will hold underwater for up to six feet, and keep your phone safe for up to an hour when submerged.

The case comes with a clear screen protector, which allows using the display without interruptions. It might not be as effortless as without the case, but it will do the job. The important thing is that the sound quality remains at the same level.

Once you put the case on the phone, you realize it doesn’t add a lot of weight. It also looks slim, and the only tricky part is that it is not easy to remove the covering for the charging port.

What We Like

  • You can submerge the case in water, and it will protect your phone for an hour
  • A slim and light design that doesn’t add weight to your device
  • It maintains sound quality when talking or listening to music
  • A clear screen protector allows you to continue using the device

What We Dislike

  • Covering for the charging case is snug and hard to remove when needed
  • The case doesn’t have impressive resistance to scratches

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4. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

JOTO’s pouch shows that an iPhone 11 waterproof case can be cheap while providing optimal protection. You will find that this unit to be a real bargain deal, but that is not its only advantage.

First of all, this is a pouch, which means it is not a classic case. You open the product and put your phone inside. An easy mechanism will secure that it is protected from any outdoor elements, including water, dirt, and sand. That makes the pouch very versatile and suitable for hiking or heading to the beach.

The bag is clear, which means you can see the screen at all times. It is touch-friendly, which means you can type messages or browse menus, but it doesn’t support touch fingerprints. The cord makes the pouch easy to carry around, but be careful since it is prone to breaking when stuck on chairs or other objects.

What We Like

  • More than a dozen of different colors available
  • A simple snap and lock mechanism for the ultimate protection
  • The price tag is affordable compared to other cases
  • A transparent pouch that allows you to read e-mails, take photos, and get a good look of the screen

What We Dislike

  • Doesn’t support touch ID fingerprints while mounted
  • The cord could be stronger

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Useful Tips and Tricks

Acquiring an iPhone 11 Pro Max waterproof case is the best way of protecting your device against water damage. But what happens if you already spilled something over your phone? It might be possible to save a soggy phone, but make sure to follow these steps. Make sure to read this because acting quickly could be critical.

The reason why you need a waterproof case is probably that you want to use it when outside. Protecting the device is vital at all times, but you should be particularly careful when the weather is cold. If it is chilly out, these tips could help you to keep your phone working.


We hope that our selection of the best iPhone 11 waterproof cases helped you to find the most suitable unit for your needs. These units offer different degrees of protection and might vary in features, too. Make sure to clarify the exact expectations you have, and it shouldn’t be a problem to find a case that will impress you!

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