How Do I Retrieve Deleted Call History on Android Phone

It is very annoying for a person when he or she accidentally delete all the call logs or call history. Especially in the cases where the number was important and the user forgot to save it. In this case, it seems almost impossible to restore the deleted call logs from the Android phone. But, is it possible to recover the deleted call logs and how to recover call log on Android? There are a lot of viable solutions to restore the deleted call history in Android phone. It does not require any specific knowledge and can easily be done. Before, we look at the ways to restore the call logs, let’s have a look at the various reasons, due to which one can delete the call logs from the Android phone.

Situations Where You May Delete Call Logs on Android

There are a lot of different conditions due to which one can lose all their call history log from the Andriod phone. How to get deleted call history in Android phone from these situations might be different every time. It might or might not involve a user and can be a misfortune if you accidentally lose all the call logs. Various situations in which you can lose the call records are:

  • In cases where the phone accidentally drops from your hand or table and breaks, can lead to this problem when a phone breaks, it can damage or affect the way the phone works. Many times, a broken phone leads to the removal of call records.
  • Another most common reason is where a person accidentally deletes the call history or it happens due to a virus in the Android phone. Both of these situations are the most common reason for the removal of call logs. The presence of the virus, in this case, can be more harmful to the phone as it could affect the other important details saved on the phone.
  • Another cause can be where a person does not save phone numbers to the phone book and accidentally removed the important numbers in the call history with numbers that are not important. In this case, it is always suggested that a person should save all the important numbers in the phonebook or contact list in Android.

Once something like this happens, the next question on the user’s mind is how to get deleted call history in an Android phone? If you are facing a similar situation, then there are still certain ways you can retrieve the call records. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Can Call History Be Retrieved from Android Phones?

The question that how to recover deleted call history on Android can have a lot of different answers. There are multiple ways to do and you can find many different types of software online that can help you retrieve the call logs. However, not all are efficient and some of them even try to spam your phone with unwanted ads and information. Also, the call logs might have disappeared from the screen of your phone, but they are still stored in the internal memory, from which they can be recovered. Let’s have a look at some of the few things you can do to make sure that the Android call history can be restored.

Restoring from the Google ID

To set up an Android phone, one requires a Google email id or a google account, which acts as the primary account in setting up your phone. By default, the Google account will back up all your data such as messages, call records and history, contacts, etc. Not all users know about it and it might be active all the time. If not one needs to go in Setting>>Accounts>> and select the services that they want to regularly back up after a certain period. If this feature is on, then no matter what happens, a person can easily restore all the call history records. This is one of the safest ways to restore all the data from your google account to the phone. Since all the call records are backed up on the Google account, you can restore them on the same phone or a different phone as well by simply logging into the account.

Retrieve Deleted Call History on Android with an Android Data Recovery – UltData Android Data Recovery

There are cases where a person is unable to retrieve the call history records through every option available. In this case, one needs to contact the manufacturer’s service center is the phone is still under the warranty period. If not, then you can try the procedure mentioned below through which one can easily retrieve all the call logs through UltData Android Data Recovery software from Tenorshare. This software is one of the best third-party apps on the internet that can easily help a user retrieve the call history from an Android device. The device is compatible with multiple brands and types of Android devices and the process is recovering the data through it is fairly easy.

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Step 1. Open a web browser and visit the Tenorshare UltData Android Data Recovery official website.

Step 2. Download the trial version of the UltData for Android and install it on your system. You can purchase it from the same page later, if you like the software.

Step 3. Now launch the tool and connect the Android device to the system. From the main interface click on Recover All Data.

ultdata for android select recover all data

Step 4. Wait for the device to get connected and click on “OK” when asked if USB debugging is enabled.

tenorshare start scan

Step 5. Select the Call History option on the next screen and click on “Next”.

tenorshare choose file types

Step 6. Select the Call History option and click on Next.

tenorshare recover andriod files

Step 7. After previewing the file you want to recover, specify the location where you want to save the data on the system and click on “Save”.

After saving the file, the call history records will be saved on your system in the preferred location. One can easily see all the call records and save the desired phone numbers for future use. So the next time you see someone as the question “how to retrieve deleted phone calls on Android“, you will know the answer.

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Tip: Take a Regular Backup of Your Phone

The best option to prevent this issue is by taking the necessary steps to make sure that you are ready if any such situation arrives. You can take a regular backup of the entire phone data at regular intervals. If call records or any similar data is erased by mistake, it can easily be accessed through the local backup.


Losing data such as call records can be very agonizing especially when you lose an important contact number without even having the time to save it. Unless you have a regular backup of your device and its data, there are very few and trusted ways out there to retrieve it. There are many third-party apps in the market for the same, but not all are worth the money paid for the subscription and some even might spam your phone. The Tenorshare UltData Android Data Recovery, is one of the best third-party apps in the market which makes sure that you are not only able to access ad restore the call records data, but also other different types of important data stored on the phone. So the next time you face any such issues or your friend does, do not worry and simply follow the way explained here. One recommendation for the future will be to active the Google account backup that saves all your data on the Google account. If not, you will always have the help of Tenorshare. The software answers the question “how to recover deleted call history on Android” with complete satisfaction for the Android phone users.

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