How To Add Spotify Music To Instagram Stories

Instagram is a social networking platform by Facebook, where users can create free accounts, and post photographs or videos. It is adopted by a lot of active social media users for its usability, features, and outreach globally. But Instagram Story is one of the facilities in the application, which is trending amongst the people. Regarding this, one of the questions that are raised over the internet is about how to add Spotify song to Instagram Story.

With Instagram Story, the users can add photographs or small videos on their accounts, which can be viewed by their friends and relatives. It is a nice feature where users can upload videos of an event or simply to portray their mood, and it automatically gets erased after 24 hours. Many users enquire, “How to add music to Instagram Story” as they wish to combine pictures to make a video with background music in it, or even a video merged with a music file. But things become more complicated when the motive is to add a song from Spotify app because there are very few who understand how to add Spotify music to Instagram Story.

Spotify itself is famous for covering more than 30 million songs available for each user, and this is one reason why it has the maximum number of downloads World-wide. It has a significant and exclusive collection of songs, podcasts, music albums, etc. which can only be enjoyed online on free accounts or can also be downloaded on the device. But the downloaded songs are in encrypted form and are prohibited from sharing over other devices or apps. This is a prime factor that creates doubt about how to play Spotify song on Instagram Story.

Instagram Story has a specific method, with which the user can add Spotify music into it, but the procedure has a lot of hassles, and the sound quality of the combined music is low level. DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a useful and reliable third-party tool, which removes all your worries and eases the process of how to put Spotify song on Instagram Story. There is also an option to add the music to Instagram Story with Music Sticker. Let us discuss each in detail in the article below.

Method 1. Add Spotify Music To Instagram Stories Through Instagram

Instagram provides a feature to upload or make Instagram Story instantly. So the user can either choose to upload a pre-created photo/ video over the section, or he can create immediately using the in-built function of the Instagram app. If the user does not has the particular Spotify music, song, or the audio file on his device, that he wishes to upload, then he has to go through the other way by directly adding the song from the Spotify app.

The Spotify app, although does not allow songs downloading, but it still has an option through which the songs can be played parallel to other applications. This feature helps in times when a user is finding ways on how to play Spotify song on Instagram Story. There are many limitations in this method, as the user may face difficulty in managing the required portion of the song, while the sound quality also gets compromised to a low standard. Here is a brief description of the method.

Step 1: First, you need to get ready with the song that you want to put in the background. For that, click on the Spotify app to open it, and search out the particular song or music from the list.

Step 2: Click on the song to play it, and pause it over the part from where you want it to be added in your Instagram Story.

Step 3: Now come to your Instagram account and hit the Camera option to make a story.

Step 4: Play the chosen song on Spotify and start recording the video on Instagram.

Record Spotify Music With Instagram

Step 5: Once the video completes, you can add it to the Instagram stories by clicking the “+” button.

Check out the recorded video with the Spotify song playing in the background.

Method 2. Add Spotify Music To Instagram Stories Through A Spotify Music Converter

With the above-designed system of Instagram, to add Spotify music to Instagram Stories, the user can quickly create a video and upload it online. The method works best when you want to post the story on the spot, without any editing. The recorded video is in a rough-and-ready condition, and certainly won’t be the right choice if you wish to present your emotions, in a perfect way to the audience. Video editing is not possible in this method, while the song recorded will not have the clarity as expected.

For those who like posting perfect and stylized, Instagram Stories will not prefer the above process and seek to find out how to put Spotify song on Instagram Story without any blemish. The ideal way to add an Instagram Story with audio in the background is to create the video offline over your device. So it becomes imperative to download the required music, album, podcast, etc. from the Spotify App, on your computer, and later merge it with the file. Here is a brief description of DRmare Spotify Music Converter, with which you can swiftly download the song, after that, follow the procedure to know how to add a song to Instagram Story.

2.1. Convert And Download Spotify Music To MP3

A regular Spotify user is aware of the fact that Spotify does not permit file download at any cost. Even the premium members can only listen to the songs offline, but cannot share the song on other devices or apps. To overcome this problem, DRmare has devised a compact toolkit that helps the user to download any specific or bunch of songs and convert them into any required file format.

It is essential to use DRmare Spotify Music Convertor to reach the possibility of how to share Spotify on Instagram Story. It is a robust software that can fetch any number of music, podcasts, albums, etc. to create a long playlist of your choice in a folder on your PC. With that, it lets the user get all the files converted into the MP3 or any other format.

With Spotify downloaded files, there is a level of restrictions to keep them only usable for the Spotify app. But DRmare Spotify Music Convertor removes all the limits from the downloaded files, and they can be comfortably shared with other machines without any difficulties. DRmare makes sure to keep the originality of the music and protect the quality standard of the sound with each detail intact.

To make out how to play Spotify song on Instagram Story, you should download and use the trial version of this Spotify Music Converter. And if you find it suitable, then you can buy it as a Single-User Edition, Family Edition, or Single-Bundle Edition. Here are some exciting features of DRmare Spotify Music Converter.

Key Features Of DRmare Spotify Music Converter:

  • The software can be installed on computers with Windows OS or Mac OS, with any of the latest or old versions, and 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM.
  • The software panel is easy to work on by any technical or non-technical person.
  • It can seamlessly download music from premium or free Spotify account.
  • DRmare can download unlimited content from the Spotify store, may it be songs, audiobooks, podcasts, albums, etc.
  • The downloaded files can be converted to any required file format, like MP3, Flac, etc. as is suitable.
  • The DRmare tool takes the guarantee to secure the 100% quality and details of the songs, music, or other files.
  • It does not take much time to download or convert the file if the internet speed is consistently good.
  • It is easy to create a playlist according to different categories, like album name, artist name, year, and others.

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How To Use DRmare Spotify Music Converter:

The tool is primarily a Spotify music converter, which helps in converting the file format. But unlike other tools which require a pre-downloaded file to be uploaded on the software panel for conversion, it can directly extract the music, song, or any other content from the app itself. For this, you have to copy the URL link of the song and enter it into the specified space. The DRmare Spotify Music Convertor works from a computer, and so you need to arrange one and download the software from the official website. Follow the instructions to convert and download Spotify music to MP3.

Free Download Free Download

Step 1: Click on the icon to launch the DRmare software, and Spotify app automatically gets started with it.

Step 2: Type the keyword of particular music on the Spotify app that you want to attach to the video.

Step 3: When you find your song, instead of playing it, just copy down the URL link provided.

DRmare Spotify music converter

Step 4: Now paste the URL link that you copied from Spotify, into the search bar of DRmare tool. You can also directly drag and drop the song from Spotify to the DRmare interface.

DRmare Choose output format settings

Step 5: Click on the Search bar to get the preference window where you have to select the output file format details from the drop-down list.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter Downloads And Converts The Spotify Music

Now hit the “Convert” button to initiate the process. This may take few seconds, and you can find the converted music file in the preset folder location.

2.2. Put Your Spotify Song To Instagram Stories With InShot Video Editor

Now that you have the Spotify music in MP3 format on your PC, the next step is to incorporate the song with a video for Instagram Story. For this, you need a better quality video editing tool. The InShot Video Editor is popular among the category of editing tools. It has options to cut the video, edit with filters, but most specifically, the user can use the tool to mix an audio track with a video file. The InShot Video Editor is an advanced tool that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. While editing a video file, it primarily takes care to maintain the picture and sound quality of the entire output file.

The InShot Video Editor stands out as the appropriate solution if you want to know how to add Spotify music to Instagram Story. For this, you need to transfer the pre-downloaded Spotify song from the PC to the smartphone and install the software on the device, which is available on Google Store, and Apple Store. Follow the procedure given below to know how to add music to Instagram Story.

Step 1: Click the InShot Video Editor app icon on your mobile to launch it.

Step 2: From the Video section, upload the video file that is to be merged.

Step 3: Reach to the “My Music” option from the “Music” section and select the music file.

Add Music To InShot Video Editor

Step 4: Now hit the “Save” button given on the top, and choose the video quality in pixels.

The procedure takes a few seconds to save the file, and later you can comfortably upload it over the Instagram Stories.

Tip: Add Music to Instagram Stories with Music Sticker

Instagram has a long time back, included a Music Sticker into the application, with which the users can add a song in the background to the Instagram Stories. This feature is useful in times when the user does not have other music applications on his mobile. The Music Sticker has a list of few exclusive songs and music, which the user can directly add to the Instagram Stories. However, there are certain limitations while adding a song using Music Sticker. There are a limited number of songs in the store, with a restriction of a maximum 15 seconds track at a time. Follow the method given below to learn how to add a song to Instagram Story using Music Sticker.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and click on the Instagram Stories section to take a photo/ video, or upload from your device.

Click On Instagram Music Sticker

Step 2: After creating a story, click on the Music Sticker button given on top.

Step 3: Find a song of your choice from the music section. You can search on specific genres and even listen to a preview of the song by playing it.

Select The Portion Of The Track

Step 4: Once you are ready with your choice, tap over it to move to a new page where you have to select the portion of the song to be added in the background. Remember, the maximum time limit is 15 seconds.

Step 5: Hit the “Done” button to add the selected portion of the song, and finally click on the “Send To” button to upload the story.

The Instagram Story gets created with background music, and a sticker gets displayed over the story, whose position or display can be changed before uploading the story.


Instagram Stories has given wings to regular users, who always try creativeness in making a story of their current status. When pictures or videos do not stand sufficient, then album songs and music fill the gap. Regarding the same, adding Spotify songs is now preferred as it has storage of unlimited content from around the World. Instagram answers the fundamental question of how to share Spotify on Instagram Story with the help of an integrated feature. Still, it is unsatisfying for most of the users due to the lousy sound quality and inability to edit the story.

The DRmare Spotify Music Converter plays a significant role in resolving how to play Spotify song on Instagram Story by assisting in downloading unlimited content from Spotify app and converting them to MP3 or other file formats. The user can enjoy the music anytime or share them with any device, without any restrictions, and assurance of securing the original quality of sound and genre details in the downloaded file.

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