How to Bypass Activation Lock on Apple Watch

The last decade saw a revolution in wearable tech devices, and at the forefront of this development is the Apple watch. This amazing device puts the power of your entire iPhone on your wrist; the usefulness and portability are features that are hard to turn down, even for thieves. The Apple watch is highly attractive to criminals because, unlike iPads or iPhones, it’s always in view, and if a person owns one, it’s easy to know. This article will teach you how to bypass Apple watch Activation Lock using the best methods. Activation Lock is an iOS security feature that prevents malicious persons from performing a factory restoration on Apple devices.

Sometimes, legit owners may wipe their Apple watches and need to restore it; without knowing the Apple ID, Activation Lock treats you like a thief and prevents you from doing so. If all of these sound new to you, don’t worry; we will discuss Activation Lock in the section that follows, as well as services for bypassing Activation Lock on the Apple watch.

Part 1. What is Activation Lock?

As promised, we will give a brief overview of Activation Lock. Whenever you set up a new Apple watch, you need to associate it with an Apple ID to make use of it. However, if a device is already linked to an Apple ID, you will be required to enter the details, thanks to Activation Lock. Activation Lock is part of the “Find My” service. To avoid this predicament, you need to disconnect the Apple ID from the Apple watch before attempting the restore. However, if you do not know the Apple ID, this blog will show you how to bypass Apple watch Activation Lock.

Part 2. Check If the Apple Watch Activation Lock is On

Before proceeding to bypass the Activation Lock on the Apple watch, you have to make sure that Activation Lock is on. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Apple Watch app.
  • Navigate to the “My Watch” tab.
  • From the top of the screen, find the name of your Apple watch.
  • When you see it, look at the side for an exclamation mark, which is the “Additional information” tab, and tap on it.
  • If there is a “Find My Apple Watch” button there, then you can be sure that the device’s Activation Lock is enabled.

If Activation Lock is not on, you can stop reading this post and reboot your device.

Part 3. Using AppleiPhoneUnlock Apple Watch Activation Lock Bypass Service

appleiphoneunlock remove Activation Lock from apple watch

Updated in June: There is a new product called iBypasser from iMyFone, which is the best iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Tool so far. It claims to bypass Activation Lock in 3 simple steps. AppleiPhoneUnlock needs a few days.

AppleiPhoneUnlock offers a cool Apple watch Activation Lock bypassing service. This service is highly recommended because, with their swift refund policy, you have nothing to lose making use of their service. AppleiPhoneUnlock is not a downloadable software, rather, it is a tool hosted online.

Key Features:

  • It is an online Apple watch Activation Lock removal service.
  • You get a full refund if the Apple watch iCloud lock bypass fails, thanks to its fast money-back guarantee.
  • The Apple watch iCloud lock bypass is permanent.
  • It can also bypass Activation Lock on all iPhone modes, and other iOS devices, not only the Apple watch.

How to use AppleiPhoneUnlock to bypass Activation lock on Apple Watch:

Step 1. On a web browser, open the website.

Step 2. Click “iCloud Unlock.” On the next page, you will find a form; you will have to fill it with the requested information, as it is needed for the operation.

Step 3 Click inside the “Select your iPhone model” field on the web page to reveal a list of devices and select Apple watch.

Step4. Next, click in the field labeled “Your IMEI (iPhone) / Serial Number (iPad)” and type in the IMEI number of your Apple Watch. On the Apple Watch Series 1 and above, the IMEI number is written in the band slot. Remove the band to reveal it. The IMEI number of 1st gen Apple watches can be found at the back of the gadget.

where to find the imei number of apple watches

Step 5. Hit the “Unlock now” button below the form.

Step 6. You will be redirected to the next page. Here, enter your email address and the additional details for your order.

Step 7. AppleiPhoneUnlock will send you an email to say that your payment has been received.

Step 8. Wait for a couple of days, and you will get another email confirming whether or not the unlock was successful.

Step 9. Suppose it was successful, simply turn off your device and turn it back on. The Activation Lock page will be gone, and you will now be able to set up the iPhone or iPad without limitations.

Part 4. Using DoctorUnlock Apple Watch Activation Lock Bypass Service

The DoctorUnlock Apple watch Activation Lock bypass service is quite similar to AppleiPhoneUnlock in terms of operating. Widely regarded as the best Apple watch iCloud Lock removal service, DoctorUnlock is also an online service that takes the weight of bypassing Activation Lock off your shoulders.

Go to

Key Features:

  • Apple Watch Activation Lock removal service is handled online. No download is necessary.
  • It is one of the first online Apple Watch Activation Lock removal services, and has a great track record of success.
  • It lets you track your order to monitor the progress.
  • The Apple Watch Activation Lock bypass is easy and fast, without the user having much to do.

How to use DoctorUnlock to bypass Activation lock on Apple Watch:

Step 1. Open the website

Since this is an online Apple Watch Activation Lock removal service, the first step is to go to the site on an internet browser. This is where the Apple watch iCloud lock bypass will be done –

Step 2. Enter IMEI number

DoctorUnlock requires the IMEI number of your device to unlock it. Remember that you can find the Apple watch IMEI number written on the housing of the gadget. When you have the IMEI number in hand, the next step is to send it to DoctorUnlock. On an internet browser, open the website, and on the homepage, enter the IMEI number and click “Unlock now.”

bypass Activation lock on Apple Watch with DoctorUnlock

Step 3. Make payment and unlock

Immediately you provide the IMEI number of your Apple watch and, you will get an email to confirm that you have paid for the service. Wait for a few days for the Activation Lock to be removed. When that happens, you will receive another email to confirm the unlock.

Part 5. How to Bypass Apple Watch Activation Lock with Password

If you have the iCloud password, you do not need any of the above guides, as the Apple ID is sufficient. This is the regular technique for bypassing Apple watch Activation Lock. Below are the steps for performing this task:

  1. Open on an internet browser.
  2. Sign in to using the iCloud login.
  3. On your Apple Watch, launch the Settings app.
  4. Next, in Settings, tap “My Devices” and find your Apple watch from this list.
  5. When you locate your gadget, click the blue “X” beside it to unlink the Apple watch from the Apple ID. Confirm by clicking the “Remove” button on the prompt.


The sophisticated security features of smart devices improve our user experience and make the devices safer and more efficient. The security feature, Activation Lock, backfires all the time, and when this happens, you need a good Apple Watch Activation Lock removal service. If you understand and follow the guides here, you already know how to bypass Apple ID on Apple Watch.

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