How to Charge Your iPhone Without A Charger

Every iPhone comes with an adapter and a lightning cable for charging. However, when your charging accessories get lost or damaged, what do you do? There are other ways to charge the iPhone without a charger.

In this post, we explain how to charge your iPhone without a charger going from wired to wireless methods.

Part 1. How to Charge your iPhone without A Typical Wall Charger

Like most smartphones, the iPhone uses a typical wall charger to store up energy. Here, the adapter gets connected to a wall socket, the lightning cable gets inserted into the phone, and you will see a lightning bolt beside the battery icon indicating the phone is charging.

In the absence of a wall socket, iPhone users can make use of the lightning cable and the methods below to charge up the phone.

1. Charge your iPhone with A Power Bank

Anker PowerCore 10000

Power banks are also known as portable battery packs. You can find different types on the market that come in various voltages and sizes and fit into different budgets.

We advise that you choose a power bank that suits the device. There are certain factors to consider when selecting a power bank for your iPhone. They include:

  • Power input: how fast does the power bank charge itself? Power banks, especially those with large capacity, may take a while to charge to full capacity. For example, a 20000mAH capacity power bank can use up to 6 hours to achieve a full charge.
  • Power output: how long would it take for the power bank to charge the iPhone fully? Checking the specifications of the power bank should let you know if it is compatible with the iPhone.
  • Capacity: how often would you like to charge your iPhone without having to charge your power bank? Apple’s iPhone 11 has a battery capacity of 3110mAH. Getting a power bank with lesser capacity than 3110mAH for your device means you won’t be able to get a full charge in one cycle.
  • The number of ports: Depending on the number of gadgets you have, the number of ports for a power bank should be a significant consideration.
  • Included cables: not all power banks come pre-packaged with the lightning cable for the iPhone. When purchasing the power bank, it is essential to confirm that the cable included are appropriate for charging the iPhone.

2. Charge Your iPhone from Laptop/Desktop

Charge your iPhone from laptop

If you have a desktop or laptop, then you can charge your iPhone quickly while at work or watching a movie on your PC.

Here’s how to charge your iPhone using a laptop or desktop:

  1. Switch on your laptop or desktop.
  2. Plug in your iPhone using the lightning cable.

That’s all you need to do. If your laptop battery is healthy, then you don’t need to connect your laptop to a power source while charging your iPhone.

3. Charge Your iPhone with A Car Charger

Car Charger, Anker Quick Charge 3.0

A car charger is perfect if you are going on a long road trip or you find yourself spending long hours in a vehicle. On such a trip, you don’t have access to sockets to plug your typical charger. So even if you have your charger with you, it is useless.

Here’s how to charge your iPhone without a charger using a car charger:

  1. Plug in your car charger to the power socket of your vehicle.
  2. Connect your lightning cable to the car charger.
  3. Start charging your iPhone by plugging the lightning cable to the charging port of the iPhone.

A car charger may not power up your iPhone as fast as you would like, however, when you compare it to not charging at all, it is worth the wait.

4. Charge Your iPhone with A Solar Charger

Solar charging is one of the most reliable ways to charge your device when your typical charger isn’t available. Just as the name implies, solar chargers draw power from sunrays. It is an efficient and eco-friendly method of charging your iPhone.

To get the best of a solar charger, you need to charge the batteries. You can do this by placing the charger under the sun to get in contact with the sunrays. This way, the charger absorbs solar energy and stores it up for later use.

Here’s how to charge your iPhone using a solar charger:

  1. Plug your lightning cable to the solar charger.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the other end of the lightning cable.

Immediately you do this; your iPhone will begin to charge. Although eco-friendly, solar chargers aren’t exactly the most efficient ways to charge your iPhone. In the absence of sunlight, it becomes impossible to save up energy with them.

5. Charge Your iPhone from Devices with USB Ports

Another way to charge an iPhone without a charger requires using devices that have USB ports. Just like your laptop or desktop, several devices come with USB ports. Examples include televisions, stereos, and bedside clocks to mention a few.

Just like the car charger, many of these devices don’t charge quickly, but they’ll do just fine when there’s no alternative. To charge with these devices, plug your iPhone using the lightning cable to the USB ports of these devices, and it begins to charge. However, many of these devices have to be switched on for your iPhone to charge.

6. Charge Your iPhone with A Wind Generator

Wind generators are also known as wind turbines. They are simply energy converters that alter wind energy into electrical power. A wind turbine has a fan, just like the typical turbine.

When the fan moves, the turbine generates electrical power that you can use to charge your iPhone. It is essential to note that the speed of the fan will determine the energy that the turbine produces.

To charge your iPhone using the MarsRock wind generator, take the following steps:

  1. Plug your iPhone to the wind turbine using the lightning cord.
  2. Turn on the wind turbine.

Most wind turbines come with batteries. You can charge this battery periodically to have enough power to charge your device.

7. Charge Your iPhone with A Campfire Charger

A campfire charger is one of the unique ways to charge an iPhone without a charger. These chargers draw heat from camping burners then convert that heat into electrical energy. You can use this solution when you are on camping trips, picnics, or on hikes.

To use a campfire charger such as the BioLite Charging Camp Stove to charge your iPhone:

  1. Put the campfire charger on the campfire burner.
  2. Plug your lightning cord to the USB slot.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the other end of the charger.

There you go, your device will begin to charge immediately.

8. Charge Your iPhone with A Hand-cranked Generator

Remember the hand-cranked torchlight? Well, there is also the hand-cranked generator that works as a torchlight and comes in handy when you need to charge your iPhone. Hand-cranked generators are also energy converters, just like most of the methods above.

In this case, the generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The method is a little stressful and slow; however, it produces the desired results in the end. To use a hand-cranked generator like the EZBNB Hand Crank, take the steps below:

  1. Plug your iPhone to the generator using the lightning cable.
  2. Wind the hand crank to begin generating energy.

Your device will begin charging as you wind the crank. Since this process is slow, you may need to wind the crank for close to four hours for a full charge.

Part 2. How to Charge Your iPhone without Charger Cord

In Part 1, we listed out methods to charge the iPhone without a typical wall charger. However, these methods all had one thing in common, and that was the presence of the lightning cable. What happens in a situation where you do not have your lightning cord?

Well, here’s how to charge the iPhone without a charger cord:

Charge Your iPhone with A Wireless Power Bank

A wireless power bank comes in handy when you have lost both your adapter and power cord. There are several wireless power banks on the market. However, these power banks must have the Qi-certification to work with the iPhone.

Apart from the certification, we already listed out what you should look for before purchasing a typical power bank above, and some of them apply to the wireless power bank.

It is important to note that certain iPhones are not compatible with wireless charging. The wireless charging method is only compatible with the iPhone 8 upwards.

We should tell you at this point that wireless chargers work very fast. However, you need to remove the protective case of your iPhone if it has one. A protective case slows down the charging process. Something you should be on the lookout for with wireless power banks is overheating.


Charging your iPhone without a charger shouldn’t be a problem once you make use of any of the above-stated methods. What other ways of charging an iPhone without a charger do you know? Drop your comments below.

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