How to Fix Data Connection Problem on Android Mobile Phone

The situation would definitely be frustrating when you have a good data bundle but your web pages are unable to load. A good internet connection might be the first thing that we seek in our daily life. The data connection may not be available due to many reasons – sometimes, it can be a Mobile network issue or sometimes, it happens due to an issue with the Mobile phone.

If you are the one who is passing through the same condition and looking for a potential solution to fix the Android phone mobile data not working issue, that is the exact post you are looking for. In this article, we will cover some of the key solutions that can resolve your data connection problem on Android within a few minutes.

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Part 1. Reasons Why Data Connection Problems Happen on Android

There may be certainly known and unknown reasons that cause the data connection problems in Android mobile. The below-described are some of the possible reasons:

  • Wak signal strength.
  • Never turned off your device for a long time.
  • LTE os not activated to get the faster data speed.
  • Forget to turn on the data connection.
  • The data connection may be limited up to a specific amount.
  • The sim card is in poor condition or misplaced from its position.

Part 2. Solutions to Fix Data Connection Problems in Android Mobile

Here are some quick yet effective ways using which you can fix Android phone mobile data not working.

Solution 1. Check If You Have Turned Your Mobile Data Is Turned On And The Signal Is Right

The first thing you should try is to check if you have turned on the mobile data or not. It is possible that you may be thinking that you have turned on the mobile data and you didn’t.

There could be two ways to check either the data connection is enabled on not.

The quickest way to check is, swipe the screen from the top bar and see if the Data is on.

check android data connection from the top bar

The other good way is to check it through settings. And it isn’t turned on from here, click on the Toggle button.

check android data connection from settings

Solution 2. Reset Your Android Phone’s Network Connection

A network reset might be the strongest fix that you can try in case if the data connection is turned on but not working on Android. There are millions of people who use the same network at the same time so it may be due to network glitch.

Make sure you have chosen the right network. If there was the wrong network chosen then change the network to the right one. If already the right is chosen then Reset the Network.

You can simply perform a network reset on Android by following these easy instructions.

  • Open settings from your Android menu.
  • Look for connections, it can be found at the top of the settings.
  • Choose the Mobile Network option among various available connections.
  • Here, you will also see the Access points option, click on it.
  • From the top-right, click on the three dots and choose the Reset Networks to Default option.
reset networks to default option in Android

Solution 4. Remove The SIM Card And Reinsert It Back

Sometimes, the inserted sims can be a little misplaced due to abnormal use of the mobile phone. If you are troubleshooting the Network Error issue and unable to use Data Network, remove the sim and insert it back to the sim port and Reboot the device.

remove the sim card and reinsert to fix the Android data connection problem

Solution 5. Reset Your APNs

APNs are basically short name to Access point Names. APNs are used to connect your mobile device with the network service provider (whatever you are using) to run the Internet on it. It automatically establishes all other important settings and sets the IP over the network so that the internet can run smoothly.

However, we all know the network service providers communicates with millions of mobile network at once so it might possible that something went wrong while establishing the internet connection. Well, that’s not a problem at all. You can manually change these APNs settings or reset them to default. Let’s see how to reset your APNs.

  • Tap on Settings from your Android menu
  • Look for Connections options within the settings
  • Choose the Mobile Network feature among different available connections.
  • Here, you will also find the Access points option as well, tap on it.
  • The available mobile connections will be displayed in front of you. Choose the right Access point and click on it.
  • All the network settings will be shown to you, here, you can manually change or reset the APNs settings.
reset your apns on android

Solution 6. Set APN Protocol to iPv4/IPv6

An issue with APN protocol might be the reason that you can’t access the internet even data connection is turned on. Usually, the Android operating systems do not facilitate its users with this option but nowadays, all the modern mobile phones have this feature and you can check it whether there is an issue with the internet.

Typically, the protocol is by default set to the iPv4/iPv5 but if it remained empty or a lower protocol is chosen, you can change it through settings.

To make sure your device is using the iPv4/iPv6 APN protocol, follow these instructions.

set apn to ipv4 ipv6 on android

Solution 7. Do You Have a Mobile Data Limit?

It happens when you set a data usage limit and then forget. The internet may not be available to you when data reach its limit. Check your internet settings and extend the usage limit if you have limited the data.

check your data usage on android

Solution 8. Turn Airplane Mode On & Off

We are aware of the fact that a network is loaded with users and it is possible that due to a network glitch or traffic over a network more than expected can cause internet issues.

Trying turning on & off the airplane mode can solve the problem so you must try this little fix.

turn airplane mode on off on android

Solution 9. Factory Reset Your Android Mobile

If all the above-described methods do not bring any effective results then you may try a factory reset. Resetting your Android device to its factory settings is also a good approach.

Find the reset option on your Android and do the factory reset to get rid of the data connection not working issue.

factory reset to fix the android data connection problem

Solution 10. Repair Android System with ReiBoot for Android(Safe Way)

ReiBoot for Android is the handiest and powerful approach if you are troubleshooting any kind of issue on your Android mobile phone. If all the above-mentioned techniques go fail and you do not want to factory reset your Android then Reiboot for Android is the most robust solution to solve the data connection problem on Android mobile phone. It is one of the best Android system repair tools that can find and resolve the error with a single click.

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Let’s see how to fix the data connection not working on Android phones using Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android repair tool.


  • Only a single click to enter and exit the download mode.
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How it works

You can download the ReiBoot for Android from its official website. Install and launch the software on your operating system.

repair android system in reiboot for android

Simply click “Repair Now to get started with the repair.

repair now in reiboot for android

Select the correct device information to avoid an error in the next steps.

select the device information in reiboot for android

It will download the firmware package for your Android cell phone which is best compatible with your device.

downloading the firmware package in reiboot for android

Click on the “Repair Now button after the firmware package is downloaded.

firmware package has been downloaded successfully in reiboot for android

Click “Continue if you have read the instructions.

information prior to repair in reiboot for android

Connect your Android device to it and follow the below pattern to enter into the download mode if your device has the home button.

phone with home button enter download mode with reiboot for android

Follow this entrance method if you are using one of the latest Android cell phones.

phone without home button enter download mode with reiboot for android

After the phone is entered into the download mode, ReiBoot will start repairing your Android phone.

repairing with reiboot for android

Remove the device and check. Hopefully, the internet problem would be resolved.

the repair process is completed with reiboot for android


Although, we have described all the possible methods and there is no one else except these. But if you have any other potential way to fix the data connection problem on Android cell phones, please share it with us and we will love to include it in our next guide. Leave the comments if you know of a substantial fix that wasn’t included in this article.

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