How to Fix Front/Back Camera Not Working on Android

Android users are widely spread all around the world. The latest models of Android mobile are coming up with extremely wonderful and advance features. Android’s camera is one of the strongest reasons why people prefer Android cell phones over other operating systems. Everyone wants to capture adorable pictures and videos and that’s what the Android operating system does. The companies are offering Android cell phones with exceptional camera features to grab the world’s attention.

Besides all of this, it is possible that you suddenly come to know that Android camera not working anymore due to an unknown reason. However, if your camera is really not damaged then that’s not an issue and can be solved by applying a few tricks.

So, to answer your question why is my camera not working on my Android phone then we have a whirlpool of solutions for you so that you can get rid of the camera not working on Android phone issue as quickly as you can.

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Part 1. What Are the Reasons for Android Camera Not Working?

Anything can happen to your Android phone and cause the Android camera not working issue. Read the potential reasons that can create this issue, in case if you are looking for how to fix the Android camera not working.

  • Your Android phone storage is running low.
  • The device memory (RAM) is full and the Android phone starts behaving abnormally.
  • The camera is incompatible with the cell phone.
  • Due to an internal hardware or software issue.
  • Some kind of external virus/malware attack.
  • The mobile is hanged/stuck due to a large number of installed applications.
  • Due to a software update.
  • The device is running low with battery.
  • The mobile camera sensor gets damaged.
  • The camera seems to be frozen.

Part 2. How to Fix Camera Not Working on Android?

There are a bunch of solutions that you can try to solve Camera not working on the Android issue. We have shortlisted some of the best solutions to fix the camera not working problem. All the below-described methods are very handy solutions to come out of the Android camera stuck state. So, you must try these.

Solution 1. Restart the Camera(Force Stop and Launch It Again)

Force stopping the then restarting the camera is an extensive trick. Read the below instructions to apply the solution.

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Tap on the Apps option.
  • Look for the Camera application among the all installed apps.
  • Tap to open it and press the FORCE STOP button.
  • After that, open the camera again.
force stop camera application in android

Solution 2. Reboot Your Android Phone

Sometimes a simple reboot can fix the technical issues that are causing the camera not working issue. Also, it eliminates the apps running in the background and clear’s the device memory.

To perform a device reboot, simply press the Power button until you see Reboot options. You can choose the Reboot option by pressing it.

restart android phone

Solution 3. Clear the Camera Cache Files

If you did not clear the cache for a long time, it may affect the camera efficiency and cause the regarding the issue. You can try clearing cache of you Android camera.

To clear the camera cache files on Android phone, follow these instructions.

  • Open Settings.
  • Look for Apps in the device settings.
  • Scroll to find the Camera application, tap it once you found.
  • Find and tap on Storage button.
  • Hit the Clear Cache button.
clear cache for android camera

Solution 4. Clear the Camera Data Files

Clearing the Camera Data Files is also one of the best options in case if the camera is not working. You can find the Clear Data with the Clear Cache option. However, follow the steps.

  • Open Settings.
  • Head over Apps in the device settings.
  • Find the Camera option, tap on it once you found.
  • Find and tap on Storage button.
  • Hit the Clear Data button.
clear data for android camera

Solution 5. Update Your Software

Each update comes up with a fix to previous bugs so you should absolutely check for the software update. If an update is available then update the mobile and check if the problem is solved.

Follow the instructions to head over the update software option.

  • Click on System from the menu.
  • You can find it in the settings menu or in the About Phone part.
  • Click on the Check for update.
  • Press the Download button to install the latest updates, if available.
update you android

Solution 6. Reset all App Preferences

Reset all App Preferences is another great working idea. Follow the simple steps to reset the settings.

  • Open the Settings on your Android cell phone.
  • Look for the Apps/Apps manager feature.
  • Check for All Apps.
  • Hit on the (⋮) icon at the top-right of the screen.
  • Click on Reset App Preferences.
Reset all App Preferences

Solution 7. Uninstall All Third-party Camera Apps

Not all but most of the third-party camera applications comes up with unnecessary files that can harm the functionality of the default camera. Try uninstalling the third-part camera apps and then check the camera after rebooting it.

That’s how you can find the installed third-party camera applications on your Android cell phone.

  • Head over the Settings.
  • Head over Apps in the device settings.
  • Find the third-party camera, tap on it once you found.
  • Hit the Uninstall button to completely remove it from the device.
uninstall third party camera in Android

Solution 8. Factory Reset Your Android Phone

Last but not least, if these simple fixes don’t work then you should go for a factory data reset. Backup your all data to another device and try this.

The reset settings vary from device to device so, find the reset settings of your Android cell phone and press the Reset or Factory Data Reset button to accomplish the purpose.

factory data reset Android

Solution 9. One-click to Fix the Android Camera – Repair Android System with ReiBoot for Android

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is a splendidly designed software for Android operating systems and all in one solution to every problem. ReiBoot for Android is an ultimate solution to 50+ Android issues and the Android camera not working issue is one of them. So, you can use this magnificent application to fix the Android front/back camera not working issue. Moreover, it works very quickly and does the job within a few clicks. And you can learn more about system repair for Android 2022 here.

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  • It only requires a single click to enter and exit the quick boot mode Android.
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How it works:

Supposing that you have already downloaded and installed the software, let’s see how ReiBoot for Android works.

Launch the software and connect your Android cell phone with the computer. Choose the Repair Android System option.

repair android system in reiboot for android

Click on the Repair Now button to fix the camera not working issue.

repair now in reiboot for android

Follow the instructions as described in the image below and click on the Next button.

select the device information in reiboot for android

As soon as you provide the device details, the software will start downloading the latest firmware package for your device.

downloading the firmware package in reiboot for android

Wait for it to finish and press the Repair Now button when you see the package has been downloaded successfully.

firmware package has been downloaded successfully in reiboot for android

Carefully read the instructions and when you think you have understood the information provided, click on the Continue button.

information prior to repair in reiboot for android

If your mobile device has the home button then read the below instructions to enter into the download mode.

  • Power off the cell phone
  • Press tightly the Volume Down + Home Button + Power Off button simultaneously
  • Press Volume Up to enter
phone with home button enter download mode with reiboot for android

If you are using the latest models and your mobile device does not have the home button then read the below instructions to enter into the download mode.

  • Power off the cell phone
  • Press and clutch the Volume Down + Bixby + Power Off button simultaneously
  • Press Volume Up to enter
phone without home button enter download mode with reiboot for android

It will start the repairing as soon as you entered into the download mode.

repairing with reiboot for android

Detach your Android mobile, check the front/back camera and everything will be set at the end of the repair.

the repair process is completed with reiboot for android


I truly hope that everything will be understandable to you regarding the Android camera not working after reading this article and applying these quick solutions. You can pick any of the solutions which best suits you. If none of these can help, you have another great tool like ReiBoot for Android – an absolute solution with 100% results every time. ReiBoot for Android is a robust application that will resolve your camera not working on the Android issue with a few hits. So don’t waste your time looking at other recovery options and use reliable software like ReiBoot for repairing your Android camera.

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