How to Free Up Space on iPhone

There are many individuals encountering iPhone storage issue and their iPhone has popped up the feared “Storage Almost Full” cautioning. It’s a standout amongst the most widely recognized issues right now for iPhone clients and they are looking through that how to free up apace on iPhone. Though, you have noticed that you were running low on space is irrelevant. One reason behind your iPhone memory reduction, besides your music, photographs, and recordings, is your cache. A Cache is basically storage of old information for memory. Your applications amass a great deal of cache, particularly on the off chance that they don’t self-clean. Here we tell you some useful tips that how to clear space on iPhone so don’t let limited storage to prevent you from taking another Instagram-commendable photograph or downloading another collection to tune in to in a hurry. It’s easy to free up space in iPhone.

Find Out What Uses Space On iPhone

Before you begin modifying this, moving, or erasing records and applications, you should take a couple of minutes to evaluate your iPhone’s storage condition. You may as of now have a smart thought that what the issue is. Maybe you realize you like having a huge amount of disconnected films to watch on your gadget, or you completed the process of shooting two thousand pictures at your favorite music concert.

When you want to how to free up storage in iphone then you first know about what things use your storage. So, get your nearly full iPhone, tap on Settings, tap General, and tap iPhone Storage. You’ll see what ought to be a natural sight, the little graph that demonstrates to you how much space you need to function with and which sorts of information like applications, media, photographs, or the secretive “other” are topping up your iPhone. Directly underneath that, you’ll see a rundown of your applications, positioned arranged by how much space they and their information take up on your gadget. This information helps you to how to make space on iPhone.

What uses space on iPhone

You can tap on any application to see the split between how much space the application occupies and how much room its related documents and information take up. This is significant, in such a case that you use iOS “Offload App” function, it’ll just erase the sum recorded under “application size”. So, this is a great time to go through your list of apps and throw away the data that you’ve never touched or use so infrequently that they’re probably not worth it especially if they’re toward the top of the “taking up space” list.

check app size on iphone

Top 10 Tips to Free Up Space on iPhone

We have identified 10 simple ways to manage and free up space on your iPhone.

Tip 1: Backup and Clean your iPhone Camera Roll

Before beginning to erase photographs, try to have a backup on your PC. Manually you can backup your iOS device photos on both iCloud and iTunes.

Backup By iCloud:

Step 1: Make sure that your iOS device is connected with a stable Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Open setting on an iOS device, tap on your name, click on iCloud and then click on iCloud backup. If iCloud backup is off then on it and clicks on “Back Up Now”, stay connected with the Wi-Fi until the backup process is complete.

backup iphone to icloud

Backup By iTunes:

Step 1: Start iTunes and connect your iOS device with PC using a USB cable. Sometimes it asked for to “Trust This Computer” and enter the password, follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 2: Now select the iOS device on iTunes. If you want an encrypted backup then click on Encrypt iPhone backup under the Automatically Backup and choose a password. If you don’t need an encrypted data then just click on backup.

backup iphone to itunes

Clean Up Camera Roll:

To clean up the camera roll there are different ways that are deleted photos individually, delete multiple photos and delete albums. For deleting multiple photos go to photos, open an album and click on “Select” in the top right corner, choose the photos that you want to delete and click on trash icon.

clean camera roll on iphone

If you want to delete album then go to photos, tap on view all in the top right corner and click on “Edit”, a red button appears on each album, click on it for delete that particular album.

clean albums on iphone

Tip 2: Back up and Remove iPhone Videos, Music and More

It is a straightforward method to erase music recordings on your iPhone with the Videos application, however it could be somewhat problematic for you have to erase them one by one. What’s more, you can’t erase more than one item at once.

Step 1: Open the video app on an iOS device.

open videos app on iphone

Step 2: Tap “Edit” button on the top right corner which will make the “-” appears on every single video, tap on it and it will show you the “Delete” button on the right side of the item, click this button for removing the item.

delete videos on iphone

Tip 3: Remove Unnecessary Apps from iPhone

There are some applications that you downloaded and just utilized once, or have supplanted with something better. Dump them. By erasing a couple of applications, you could free up as much as storage with very little effort.

To erase an application from the Home screen, tap and hold on its symbol and sit tight for it to begin shaking about, this implies you’re in Edit Mode. Now click on the “X” in the left corner to eradicate the application. Edit Mode additionally enables you to drag application symbols into new positions on the screen.

delete iphone apps

Tip 4: Beware of Apps’ Internal Downloads

In manage storage, the numbers you see includes the space app itself takes and data inside it. Some applications are of small size but it can store a large number of files. For instance, the WhatsApp size is only 88 MB but if you have a lot of photos and audio/video files in your conversations then the app takes a large amount of storage.

You can go to setting, click on “General”, then tap on iPhone storage. It will show you the list app with storage used. Click any app and it shows the app size and data size.

apps internal download on iphone

Tip 5: Empty Your Browser’s Cache

Almost all web browser apps stores data (cache) to save time to retrieving commonly visited sites. With the time, this cache builds up and use a large chunk of your iPhone storage. You can free up some space by deleting your browser cache.

For clearing Safari browser cache, go to Settings click on Safari, scroll down and click on “Clear History and Website data”.

clear safari history and website data

Tip 6: Shoot in High Efficiency

In iPhone 7 or later with iOS 11 installed, Apple introduces a new “High Efficiency” compression format that saves images in HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) as an alternative of JPEG and videos in HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) as an alternative of H.264 (.mov). It saves half of your storage taken by JPEG but it did not support all devices and you will need them to convert into JPEG if you want them to view and share them on other devices.

To shoot in high efficiency go to Settings, click on Camera, select Formats and then choose “High Efficiency” instead of “Most Compatible”.

shoot in high efficiency on iphone

Tip 7: Use Google Drive or Dropbox for Storing Photos

You don’t want to take al photos off your phone but you have a low storage issue. So, you can save space by having your photos library automatically backup on a cloud storage system.

For cloud storage, we recommended you to use the app Google Drive or Dropbox because it gives you unlimited storage amount but it also free. So, you just download the app make an account if you don’t have an account already and select Auto Backup under the app Settings. Carefully select the option that backup on Wi-Fi only to avoid the charges for data use.

use google drive to backup iphone

Tip 8: Set your Messages to Automatically Expire

In iOS 8 and later now you can automatically delete old messages. If you want old messages then don’t go this route but do you really don’t need those conversations after a year then this option is much easier than manually deleting old messages.

You can also adjust your video and audio messages expiry time like after two minutes or never.

For deleting messages automatically go to iOS device Settings, click on Messages, under “Keep Message” select 30 days, 1 year or never.

automatically expire messages on iphone

Tip 9: Wade Out of the Photo Stream

In the event that you have Photo Stream turned on, you will see photographs you have taken on your iPhone or iPad, and those you have transferred to your Mac from your camera. Your iPhone’s Photo Stream automatically syncs your last 1,000 photographs over your iOS gadgets. In any case, that implies it’s storing 1,000 photographs around 1 GB twice. On the off chance that you could truly do with that extra space, at that point turn off Photo Stream. Unfortunately, it additionally implies that your iPhone photographs are never again transferred to your Photo Stream on your different devices.

To stop the Photo Stream, go to Settings on your iOS device, click on Photos and uncheck “My Photo Stream”.

stop photo stream on iphone

Tip 10: Using iPhone Data Eraser to Clean up iPhone

There is an issue of your device performing languidly because of deficiency of extra space which may provoke you to eradicate iOS information to free up space and get it back to the ideal speed. So, besides all of the above tips, there’s best tip is to use a third-party data eraser tool to clean up the iOS device. Here we suggest you the best iPhone data easer the iMyFone Umate Pro.  

10.1 Free Up Space on iPhone with iMyFone Umate Pro

The iMyFone Umate Pro is the best tool for data erasing because it can erase a wide range of data whether it is call-history, accounts, connections, photos, messages, and other private information, to free up space and shield private data from being revealed. Umate Pro is very easy to use as it requires two or three stages for the data cleaning. Read our iMyFone Umate Pro review here.

Follow the steps to clean up space on your iOS device.

Free Download Free Download

Step 1: Install and run the iMyFone Umate Pro on your PC and connect your iOS device with PC by a cable.

imyfone umate pro interface

Step 2: This tool has different analyzing techniques that’s more than 25, with the help of that it can scan and analyze data.

Choose “1-Click Free Up Space” from the top left corner then click on “Quick Scan”.

imyfone 1 click free up space

It will start the scanning and analyzing how much space can be saved by cleaning up junk files, compressing photos, clearing temporary files, deleting large files and removing applications.

imyfone scanning iphone

Step 3: After scanning it will show you the list of junk files, temporary files, photos, large files and apps with the storage size that they used.

imyfone list of junk files

Click on the “Clean” button to clean up any type of files and free up space.

imyfone click clean button

10.2 Free Up Space on iPhone with PhoneClean

The iMobile PhoneClean is another best option for iOS data erasing. It empowers you to clean your iPhone, manage your space and keep up your privacy, no matter how you look at it easy to use bundle. The software can look at and delete iPhone cookies and script files, cache, hidden temporary and junk files, media records, help iOS clients to save more space and secure customers on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

iMobile PhoneClean have separate function to clean up your device, these are following:

Silent Clean:

It will remotely clean junk files associated with Apps, Photos, Downloading Temp Files, Artwork Caches and Crash Log.

Connect your device with PC and start the PhoneClean. If you used first time then click on the button on the lower left corner from grey to blue to enable Silent Clean.

enable silent clean

Disconnect the device and again connect with the PC. Now Silent clean detect the device and start cleaning process automatically.

phoneclean automatically cleaning

After cleaning, silent clean show you the current cleaning result as well as silent clean history. You may delete any cleaning history by taping on the delete button. You can also switch off the silent clean function.

phoneclean cleaning result

Quick Clean:

In Quick Clean you can clean junk files related to Apps, Photos, Videos and Temporary files for your iOS devices.

Connect your device, choose “Quick Clean” and click on “Scan”.

phoneclean quick clean

It will start analyzing your iOS device

analyzing ios device

After completing the analyzing, it will show you the junk files and their used space.

phoneclean list of junk files

You can review the file by clicking on “Review Details”.

phoneclean reviewing files

Click on the “Clean” button to clean safely.

phoneclean click clean button

When cleaning is complete then it shows you the complete screen.

phoneclean quick clean complete

Internet Clean:

In internet clean you can clear the junk files produced by the web browser and webmail on your iOS device, including safari cookies, histories, caches, and webmail cashes.

Connect your device with PC and choose “Internet Clean”, it will show you the three data types safari junks, browsing histories and webmail cashes.

phoneclean choose internet clean

Click on scan and it will start analyzing. The times of analyzing depend upon the junk file size.

phoneclean internet clean scanning analyzing

Reviewed the files and click on “Clean”.

phoneclean internet clean clean button

Your device will automatically restart after uploading the data.

phoneclean internet clean cleaning process

After finishing, you will see the complete screen

phoneclean internet clean complete

We hope these tips for cleaning the junk files will help you to free up space in your iOS device. In third-party software there’s a lot of option to free the storage. You can choose the option according to your device condition. Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section.

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