How to Get Into Windows without Password

For preventing unauthorized access to your system, you usually protect it with a password. Though it is the best way to increase the security of your confidential data, what about when you forgot the password? During such a scenario, getting into the Windows system becomes troublesome.

Are you in the same situation and wondering how to log into Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista without a password? This article will guide you with the different methods on how to get into your system without a password.

Method 1: Get Into Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista without Password Using Password Reset Disk

Keeping track of multiple passwords can become challenging for you. Forgetting a password is quite normal! Sometimes your set password hint also won’t turn out helpful to you. But to lower the frustration level in such cases, a backup plan is a must. When you are looking for different ways on how to login to Windows 10 without password, a password reset disk can help you.

Having a password reset disk in your hand can make resetting very easy. So, it is advisable to create the disk beforehand. Some people won’t think creating a password reset disk is essential, but when they fall into such situations, they realize its importance.

So, if you are ready with your reset disk, then proceed to login into your Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista with the following steps:

Step 1. Reach Windows Login Screen

Turn on your laptop, tablet, or computer, insert the disk, and reach your Windows login screen. Fill the wrong password. After the failed login attempt, a pop-up to reset password appears on the screen.

reset password link in windows 7

Step 2. Click on Next in Password Reset Wizard

When you click on “Reset Password,” reset wizard opens up. Tap on “Next” to begin resetting your Windows password.

password reset wizard in windows 7

Step 3. Insert Password Reset Disk

Once you tap on “Next,” the wizard asks you to select the drive that contains a password reset information. Select the disk, and click on “Next.”

insert the password reset disk in windows 7

Step 4. Confirm New Password

Now enter the new password, retype it to confirm, and also enter the password hint that can quickly remind you about your password if you forget it in the future. Once you are done with all this, click on “Next.”

enter new password in windows 7

Step 5. Click on Finish

If completed successfully, a confirmation window appears with a message that your password is reset successfully.

With this step, your password reset completes. Now you can easily log in to your Windows. But you can get into your Windows with this method, only when you have previously created a password reset disk. However, if you have forgotten to create it, there is nothing to worry about. You can try the next method. It will surely help you to get into your Windows.

Method 2: Get Into Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista without Password Using PassFab 4WinKey

The best software, PassFab 4WinKey, helps you to get into Windows without a password. With a 100 % success rate, the tool allows you to reset or remove your Windows password easily. Read our full PassFab 4WinKey review here.

Here are the fantastic features of the award-winning software:

  • The tool eliminates the need for reinstalling the operating system, in case you have forgotten your password and wondering how to get into Windows 10 without password.
  • You can easily remove and reset the password, delete an account if you do not have permission to access an old account.
  • The tool also permits you to create a Windows admin account when you lose access to your account.
  • You can use this recovery tool for creating a password reset disk for your Windows.  

Get PassFab 4WinKey

You must be thinking of how to get into Windows 7 without password with PassFab 4WinKey. Here are the detailed steps that will help you login to your system when you forgot your password.

Part 1. Create a Password Reset Disk

Step 1. After downloading and installing PassFab 4WinKey, launch it on an unlocked PC. The main interface will appear on the screen.

PassFab 4WinKey Welcome Screen

Step 2. Select boot media

PassFab 4WinKey choosing boot disk media

Select USB flash drive or CD/DCD and click on “Next.”

Step 3. Software prompts you that your selected media will be formatted, and you will lose all its data. Here select “Next” and then continue.

PassFab 4WinKey Confirming Boot Disk Creation

Step 4. Burning bootable disk

The software will burn the disc in a few seconds. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to unlock your Windows.

passfab 4winkey disk burning in progress
PassFab 4WinKey Successfully Created Boot Disk

Part 2. Boot Locked Computer from USB/CD/DVD

Step 1. Insert your bootable DVD/CD/USB into your locked computer

Step 2. Restart your computer and enter into the Boot menu by pressing “Esc” or “F12.”

Step 3. Find your inserted disk after entering the Boot menu. Highlight it with arrow keys and press enter. Save and exit from the Boot menu.

Part 3. Reset Password

When you exit from the BIOS setting, your laptop or computer restarts again. Select your system for which you want to reset or remove the password.

PassFab 4WinKey Main Interface

Option 1. Remove Account Password

Step 1. Select the account

Select the account for which you need to remove the password and then click on “Next.”

PassFab 4WinKey Remove Account Password

Step 2. Login password removes

Within a few minutes, the password removes from the Windows. After removing the boot disk, reboot your system, to log in to your Windows without password successfully.  

PassFab 4WinKey Successfully Removed Account Password

Option 2. Reset Account Password

Step 1. Select your account, enter your new password, and click on “Next.”

PassFab 4WinKey Enter New Account Password

Step 2. After a successful reset, remove the disk and reboot your computer. Now you can log into Windows with new password.

Method 3: Get into Windows with iSunshare Windows Password Genius

iSunshare Windows Password Genius is another one of the best Windows password recovery that you can use today. This software comes with many features and also helps you to recover your password fast.

The best thing about iSunshare Windows Password Genius is that it can be installed for all Windows versions. If recovering your password is a nightmare for you, then try this software. This software helps you to create a password reset disk with CD/DVD/ or USB. Learn more from our iSunshare Windows Password Genius review here

Here are the following steps that will help you to use this software.

Step 1: Run Windows Password Genius on an accessible computer. Now choose your USB driver. In case if you want to reset password with CD/ DVD, then choose CD/DVD option as you can see two options on your screen after running the software.

isunshare windows password genius choose media type

Step 2: Now, insert the USB flash and click “Begin Burning” button. This will help you to make a new password reset disk.

isunshare begin burning

After this step is done, it’s time to boot the locked computer, and for that, you can try the method given below.

Step 3. Boot the locked computer from password reset disk

  • Insert the USB to the computer and restart your locked computer.
  • Press Boot Menu key when the vendor logo appears .
  • Choose USB flash drive so you can boot it easily.
  • Once you have chosen the USB now boot the locked computer.

Boot Menu will appear like the picture mentioned below.

isunshare boot menu

You can use the same method for CD/DVD as well. Make sure to insert the CD/DVD instead of USB flash drive.

Step 4. Reset Windows forgotten password

This is the simple method that you can use to get into Windows without the password. If you have forgotten your password and want to reset it, then try this method.

  • Now the Windows Password Genius will on the locked computer and choose the user account you want to reset password.
  • Click on “Reset Password” button.
  • Now click the “Reboot” button, so you can restart your computer.
  • After the restart, you can login to Windows without password.
isunshare reset password

Method 4: Get Into Windows with Ophcrack

Ophcrack is the bootable version of Ophcrack 3.6.0, which is the most effective method that you can use today. This method contains easy steps that make it more effective when it comes to resetting the password.  If you have forgotten your Windows password and want to make your work easier, then this software is best for you.

Ophcrack will help you to do reset your Windows password, and you can easily get the crack from their official website. To use this software, you have to download the CD image from their official website. Once you have got the .iso file, you can now install it into your USB.

Make sure to download the right version of Ophcrack otherwise, this software will not work properly. In step 2, you can see which version work for your Windows. Before trying the first 4 steps, don’t forget to have a separate PC.

Furthermore, here is the method that you can use to get into Windows with Ophcrack.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Ophcrack. You can enter the keyword “Ophcrack,” and the official website will appear once the website loads click the “Download Ophcrack LiveCD” button.

download ophcrack livecd option

Note: Since you can’t open your own computer because of the password, then make sure to follow the first four steps into another computer.

Step 2: Choose the correct version. You will find many versions, so make sure to choose the right one. Below are the versions and the Windows that will help you to decide which version you want. You can choose any of these versions according to your requirements.

Ophcrack download choices page
  • Windows 8:  Ophcrack Vista/7 LiveCD.
  • Windows 7:  Ophcrack Vista/7 LiveCD.
  • Windows Vista: Click on Ophcrack Vista/7 LiveCD.
  • Windows XP: Click on Ophcrack XP LiveCD.

You will not find this software for Windows 10 as it doesn’t support it yet. Also, the current operating system you are using doesn’t have anything to do with the software you download. You have to be careful about the versions, not the operating system.

Step 3: Now download the Ophcrack ISO file. You can choose two options either download the file or save it. Make sure not to choose the “Open file” option. If you choose the open file, your process will start automatically, and this is the wrong step when it comes to downloading the ISO file.

Step 4: Now burn the file and make sure to choose the right method. You can also search for how to burn the ISO file onto a USB.

Step 5: Boot the computer and make sure to attach the Ophcrack live USB. You will see lots of graphic modes. Make sure to select the default mode.

ophcrack livecd

Step 6: The computer will load the live Linux image for you. After the image is loaded, Ophcrack will launch automatically. If you have a complex password, it will take time to reset it. Otherwise, it will take only a few minutes.

ophcrack reset password

Step 7: Reboot your system with the USB flash drive. Now you can easily enter into your Windows 10, 8 and other versions as well.

Method 5: Get Into Windows with Windows installation disk

You can also get into Windows without a password with the Windows Installation Disk. This method is useful when you do not have a password reset disk, or you don’t want to use any software. If you are thinking about how to get into Windows 8 without password, then here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Boot Installation Disk into Your Computer

Enter the BIOS setting by pressing DEL or F2. Move the option of CD-ROM to the top and save it. This is necessary to make your PC boot from the installation disk instantly. After saving the CD-ROM option, now restart your computer.

Step 2. Click Next On Install Windows Screen

install windows 7

Check language, time, and keyboard method. Now click on “Next.” 

Note: If you see your standard Windows screen, that indicates your computer is booted from the hard drive and not from the Installation Disk. If this happens, repeat the first step.

Step 3. Click on Repair Your Computer 

repair your computer in windows 7

Now you are again on the “Install Windows” screen. Click on “Repair Your Computer”. You can see it at the left bottom of your screen

Step 4. Wait Till the Screen Disappears

system recovery options in windows 7

After clicking on the “Repair Your Computer” option, you will come across two Windows with the “System Recovery” label. Wait till the screen displaying “Searching for Windows installations” is gone. Once it is away, you move ahead.

Step 5. Note Your Windows Location and Click on Next

system recovery option windows locations for windows 7

When the window with the progress bar disappears, note down your Windows location. It can be seen under the “Location” tab.

Note: Here, if you do not see anything under the “Operating System” tab, there is nothing to worry about. A password reset process has nothing to do with it. Your system recovery options should locate it necessarily only when you need to perform any repair task on the operating system.

But do not forget to select the radio button before – use recovery tools that help fix problems…. option.

Step 6. Select Command Prompt

choose command prompt in system recovery options windows 7

Step 7. Execute Commands

command running utilman in windows 7
copy *:\Windows\system32\utilman.exe *:\
copy *:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe *:\Windows\system32\utilman.exe

In place of * type your drive letter – c or d, in which your Windows is located.

Step 8. Remove the Installation CD and Restart Computer

Close command prompt when both the commands have run successfully and restart your PC.

Step 9. Reset Password

command to reset password in windows 7 install

When your login screen appears, press 5 times your “Shift” key. This will launch the command prompt. Type the below command to reset the password.

net user <username> < new password>

Type your username and password in the < >, but do not put < > while executing the command.

With this, you have reset your password successfully. Now you can easily log in to your Windows.


Forgetting your Windows password is not a problem anymore. Until you have a password reset disk with you all the time. However, if you have not created it, PassFab 4WinKey and iSunshare Windows Password Genius are the best tools to help you in such cases. We have discussed all the methods with detailed steps in this article. Try the above steps to get into your locked Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista without a password.

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