How to Hack or Crack ZIP File Password with/without Software

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There are a plethora of reasons why we usually compress our files into ZIP. The more common and primary purpose is to make storing files easier and more convenient, as a compressed file is generally smaller in size than the original uncompressed file. Files are also compressed into ZIP and further passworded because some of these files and documents are very sensitive, which serves as a protective layer against unwanted access.

Cases arise whereby we forget the passwords to these compressed ZIP files, however (we are only human, after all), and in such cases, it is impossible to gain access to these files. Which brings us to the question: “How do I crack a ZIP password?”. In this article, we’ll study several ways in how to crack ZIP file passwords. We’ll learn how to crack ZIP file password using CMD, how to break ZIP file passwords generally, and how to crack ZIP passwords without software.

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Part 1. How to Crack ZIP Password without Any Software

It is vital to learn how to crack ZIP passwords without software, chief of these reasons being that most of the cracking tools available for use usually require purchase or some form of payment. That being said, we’ll explain some technical maneuvers which we can apply without these tools to help us gain access to our ZIP file documents very quickly and without any stress.

1.1. Crack ZIP File Password Using CMD

CMD is short for Microsoft Windows command. However, in the cracking of a ZIP file password, you will need to download a CMD line tool. This CMD line tool is known as John the Ripper, and it is a free cracking tool available for basically all operating systems. It is easy to find, download, and use. Below are the steps involved in breaking a ZIP file password using John the Ripper

How to crack ZIP file password using CMD:

Step 1: Download the command line tool called John the Ripper. It usually comes in a ZIP format (without a password, surely!), which you will have to unzip to use.

Step 2: After unzipping, the folder containing its contained is usually labeled by default as “XYZ.” Change this to “John,” and make sure this folder is present on the desktop.

Crack ZIP File Password Using CMD

Step 3: Open this folder, and within it, another folder can be found labeled “run.” Open the “run” folder and create another folder within it. This new folder created should be labeled “Crack.”

Create folder "crack" inside  "run" folder

Step 4: Once this is done, you get a copy of the ZIP file whose password you would like to break and then paste it into the newly created Crack folder.

copy your password protected zip file and paste into the crack folder

Step 5: Return to the desktop, and after doing so, open the Command Prompt of the computer. This can be achieved by pressing Windows+R to open the Run box, after which you type cmd and then click “OK” for Command Prompt.

Step 6: Once the command prompt has successfully opened, type in the command “cd desktop/john/run” and proceed to press Enter on the keyboard.

Step 7: After entering the aforementioned command, the next process involved will be creating ZIP file password hashes, which are to be used in the hacking of the passworded ZIP file. These hashes are created by entering the command “ZIP2john.exe crack/YourFileName.ZIP>crack/Key.txt”. After this is done, it can be observed that a new folder will be created titled “Windows10keys.ZIP” with a password “ABC123”.

create zip file password hashes to crack zip file password

Step 8: This new folder signifies that the password hatches have been created, and can be accessed at any time by opening the “key.txt” file located within the Crack folder.

The Password Hashes have been created

Step 9: After the creation of this Hash file, the password of the ZIP file is now ready to be cracked, and this can be achieved by entering an easy command: john –format=ZIP crack/key.txt. Once this has been typed in, and the Enter button has been pressed, the cracking process of the ZIP file begins.

If the original password of the ZIP file is a simple one, it will only be a matter of minutes before it is cracked. But if the password is more complicated, it could take a longer period of time before it is cracked.

John the Ripper has proven to be a really helpful tool in cracking passworded ZIP files, and if the above steps are carefully followed, data will be cracked in no time.

type the command and hit enter

1.2. Crack ZIP File Password Online(Using Online ZIP Converter)

Another popular method used to hack ZIP file password without software is by using the online ZIP converter. This helps you to remove ZIP file passwords free of charge on the internet. It works by converting RAR files into ZIP format, after which the password is then removed. It can be achieved in the following steps:

Step 1: Open the online ZIP converter by visiting the link

Crack ZIP password online

Step 2: Once the link has been open, search for “Browse,” and upon clicking, you’ll add the RAR file in question. After adding, search for “Convert file” (usually not far below “browse”) and click.

Step 3: The file is converted to the ZIP file by this online tool, after which it then removes the password.

This is a simple, fast, and straightforward way of how to hack ZIP file password.

Part 2. How to Crack ZIP Password with ZIP Password Cracker

A ZIP password cracker is a software that can be used to crack ZIP file passwords. Unlike the previously mentioned techniques that can be applied without software and are free, a ZIP password cracker is a ZIP Password Recovery tool that is downloaded and purchased. This method is one of the most guaranteed ways of hacking a ZIP file password and has been known to bypass ZIP file passwords within a brief period. There are many ZIP password cracker software available on the market today, but in this post, we will show you how to break ZIP file password using Passper for ZIP.

2.1. Best ZIP Password Cracker – Passper for  ZIP

Passer for ZIP is inarguably the most effective and popular ZIP passwords crackers available on the market today. It is up to the task of removing ZIP passwords of files created with any problem, i.e., it is not program-specific.

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Another standout feature of Passer for ZIP is that it allows the user to provide a specific character range, which they think the password might contain. This is particularly helpful in the case of forgotten passwords and helps to speed the process of password recovery along.

Other incredible features of this software include an exceptionally high recovery rate, high compatibility with basically all types and versions of operating systems currently in use, 4 powerful modes of attack, and high recoverability efficiency.

This ZIP password cracker is one of the leading ZIP password cracker software in the market today and is a very sturdy and trustworthy tool capable of getting the job done. Let us now see what makes it so great.

Features at a glance:

  • Recover ZIP passwords with no data loss.
  • Features four robust password unlock attack modes.
  • Passper for ZIP has a very high ZIP password recovery rate.
  • The tool is easy and fast to use, even for the first time of using it.
  • It is a lightweight program.

2.2. Crack ZIP File Password with Passper for ZIP

How to hack ZIP password using Passper for ZIP involves 3 basic and easy steps, and they are listed below.

Step 1: Add the file you wish to hack into by clicking on “add” on the software’s home screen. This allows you to browse through your archives and select.

Passper for ZIP - the best ZIP password cracker

Step 2: Select the mode of attack that works best for the type of file whose ZIP password you aim to Crack. Modes of attack available include the following:

choose zip password recovery method in passper
  • Combination Attack: This mode of attack use only the range of characters you provide to try to crack the ZIP file password.
  • Dictionary Attack: This mode works by using a dictionary of prescribed words that have already been provided to Crack the password. This takes less time compared to the combination attack.
  • Mask Attack: In this method, the password is searched for based on the information which the user provides about it. This mode of attack is also high-speed.
  • Brute force attack: As implied in the name, this mode of attack tries to crack the password by any means necessary, and it tries all the possible combinations. Because it has a wider scope, it usually takes a more extended time to Crack.

Step 3: Click on “Recover” to start the process of cracking the ZIP file password. This works by any of the four modes of attack mentioned in step 2.

Crack zip password successfully with passper


The Zipping of files has proven to be a critical process that helps in making storage and retrieval much easier and also provided added security to sensitive data. In cases where passwords for such ZIP files are forgotten, there are tools that can be used to open them. These techniques are multiple, affording users with options on which best suits their ZIP password cracking requirements.

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