How To Play Apple Music On Echo Dot

A must-have gadget for many tech-lovers is the Alexa voice-controlled Amazon Echo Speakers. It is a revolution in the AI industry where it possesses the system that gives the audience an option to ask the machine to follow specific instructions that are to be implemented over the mobile devices and revert with solutions. But it still raises the question, “can Echo Dot play Apple Music?”

The Apple devices have a firmly built-in iOS system that usually does not permit access to external programs that have the potential to make changes in the working ability. This is the only reason why Apple users have to think twice before buying Echo Dot that does Amazon Dot play Apple Music.

Amazon Echo Dot

Here is the complete guide for you, which mainly focuses on can you use Apple Music with Echo Dot, or can Alexa play Apple Music. The description below includes details about a useful tool, “DRmare Audio Converter” that works commendably to assist in how to play Apple Music on Echo Dot with Alexa. Before moving over to the solution, let us first answer a few questions related to Alexa, Echo Dot, and Apple Music.

Part 1. Can Echo Dot Play Apple Music?

The Amazon Echo is quite popular among Artificial intelligence-enabled devices and is launched with technically advanced features. The USP of such devices is that they can be controlled through voice commands, and Echo Dot is one of its kinds with the upgraded version.  But “does Amazon Dot play Apple Music,” is more often asked questions on the portals, apart from enquiring about its functioning abilities.

The Amazon speakers are different from regular speakers in the sense that they work over AI technology. Alexa is the specialized app deployed by Amazon over Google Play Store and Apple Store, while it can also be installed over computers from the Amazon website. With the help of Alexa, it becomes possible to keep control over the Amazon Echo devices to work around with music, podcast, schedule reminders, news content, and others.

Originally the Amazon Echo Speakers were designed to support Amazon Music and other private online streaming applications. But with rigorous advancement, they can now link to iOS and Android systems. And the answer to the question, “can you use Apple music with Echo Dot?” is YES! Now you can do this with the help of Alexa app and Bluetooth connectivity with iDevice.

The Alexa app, which is downloadable on iPhones and iPads from the Apple Store, provides an appropriate option by which the user can comfortably enjoy Apple music on Echo Speakers. For this, all you need to do is to establish Bluetooth connectivity between the Echo Dot, and the iOS device, from where the Echo dot can easily reach to the Apple music.

Part 2. Can Alexa Play Apple Music On Echo Dot?

Every Amazon device to work as a voice assistant should be activated with the Alexa app. Alexa, when installed over the mobile device or computer, helps in linking the Amazon Echo’s to the WiFi network, and that enables it to attend orders from the user. “Alexa” is the Wake word and used as the name of an assistant, while Amazon also gives an option to change it from the Alexa app.

The iOS compatible, Apple music, is programmed to only respond to the commands via the Siri app. The Echo Dot does support Apple music, but the fundamental question is, “can Alexa play Apple music on Echo Dot?” Well, the answer is NO! The Alexa can only manage to playback songs from Apple Music but cannot make any changes or reselections in the track via voice commands.

Since Amazon Echo Dot is an AI-enabled voice control speaker, it is likely to operate on commands from the user. But as the user tries to give voice commands over Alexa to change the song or play a particular music track, the linkage will drop out, and Echo Dot will start playing a random song from Amazon Music library.

It marks that Alexa cannot manage Apple music directly even if the Echo Dot is made connected to an iOS device via Bluetooth, which itself is not a standard applicable approach. An alternate method to devise, “how to play Apple Music on Alexa,” is to use a convenient tool, DRmare Audio Converter. Details about its usability and working capacity are given in the last section, but let us first make out how to play Apple Music on Echo Dot without Alexa.

Part 3. How To Play Apple Music On Echo Dot Without Alexa

The Amazon Echo Dot speakers are made compatible with almost all the music applications that can be linked to it, and the user can enjoy seamless music. The connectivity with the Apple music is not possible due to strict policies in the Apple brand. But for users who are worried that does Amazon Dot play Apple music, can try to use the Bluetooth connectivity to link their iPhone or iPad with the Echo Dot.

Using the Bluetooth connection with the Echo Dot to play Apple music is not an optimum method but is instead a trick to playback your favorite songs on a speaker. This method only lets you pair the two devices, but the Alexa voice control does not work over this connection. To listen to the songs from the Apple Music playlist, you will have to select the songs on the iPhone manually. Read the steps to know how to play Apple Music on Echo Dot.

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone, and go to the “Settings” menu.

Click to open the Bluetooth Section on iPhone

Step 2. Open the “Bluetooth” section, and start searching for a new device.

Step 3. Put your iPhone close to the Echo Dot if scanning takes a longer time.

Select the Echo Dot device name in bluetooth

Step 4. Once you find the name of your Amazon Echo in the scan list, click on it to establish the link.

Step 5. After the connection is made, exit the Bluetooth menu, and open the Apple music to play the song.

The music selected will be heard from the Amazon Echo Dot. If you wish to change the song, then simply find out another track over your iPhone and tap on it to play along.

Part 4. How To Play Apple Music On Echo Dot With Alexa

The Amazon Echo Dot speakers are devised to let the user enjoy the hands-free environment. But it is unnecessary to compromise on using it as just a Bluetooth speaker by playing the Amazon music manually. Irrespective of whether Alexa does not support Apple Music, you do not need to worry, thinking, “can Alexa play Apple music.”

The DRmare Audio Converter is among the adequate tool which can effectively help in such situations. This tool is capable of downloading music files directly from the Apple Music library, and converts them to any required device compatible format, like MP3, AAC, WAV, etc. It is a computer application program and is designed with an understandable interface. 

The DRmare tool has technically advanced programming, which helps it in un-protecting audio files from Apple Music, iTunes, AA/ AAX audio-books, etc. and makes them ready to transfer on any other device. The most impressive part of this software is that it guarantees 100% sound quality assurance without any losses on the tags like title, artist name, etc. In-fact it even provides options to edit the labels or cut the audio file into smaller parts.

The conversion rate of this Apple music converter is 30 times faster and is powerful enough to decrypt any of the music files. A free trial version is easy to download from the website, while for a complete edition of the tool, you need to buy the software.

How To Use DRmare Audio Converter

Using this simple and straightforward functionality of DRmare Audio Converter, you can download all the soundtracks from Apple music and upload them to Echo Dot Amazon library. Once the songs are uploaded on Amazon library, the Alexa does not face any compatibility issues to read them, and choose as per commands given,

The DRmare is a computer-based app, and so you have to download it over a Windows or Mac computer. Now follow the method given below to know how to play Apple Music on Alexa with the help of DRmare Audio Converter.

Step 1. After installing the app on your PC, click on the icon to open it, which automatically launches the iTunes.

Click the first button in the bottom to add Apple Music

Step 2. The DRmare interface shows few buttons in the bottom, where you need to click on the first button with the “Musical keynote” symbol over it.

Step 3. Once you click the button, a confirmation window will appear that asks you to verify your PC for its authority to play the music well.

Songs added to the DRmare panel

Step 4. The software panel will now let you add the songs from Apple Music.

Step 5. After adding the songs, click on the format button given in the bottom right corner to set the audio output.

Set the music file output format

Step 6. A new panel shows up where you can choose the output format like MP3. You can also set the Channel, Codec, Bit Rate, etc. to receive the output file more objectively.

Click on the Convert button in the lower right corner

Step 7. Now finally hit the Convert button to initiate the conversion process.

DRmare Audio Converter successfully downloads the selected songs from the Apple Music and converts them to the chosen file format, such as MP3. The songs after conversion get saved in a default preset location on the PC.

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How To Upload The Converted Apple Music To The Echo Dot

Now you have got the favorite tracks from Apple music comfortably downloaded on your PC, and are converted in most compatible MP3 format. Depending upon the free or paid Amazon subscription, you can upload the songs over the Echo Dot in applicable numbers. Follow the instructions given below to upload the songs.

Step 1. Download and install the Amazon app on your PC.

Step 2. Open the Amazon app and Sign-in with your ID.

Step 3. Drag & Drop the downloaded songs into the upload page and click on the “My Music” tab.

Step 4. Go to the “Songs” section and select the “Offline” filter.

Upload music to Amazon echo

Step 5. Hit the “Upload” button.

The Apple Songs start uploading to amazon echo

The Apple Music downloaded songs will be uploaded in a few seconds or minutes to the Amazon app. Now you can command the Alexa to play the Apple music tracks on the Echo Dot specifically with their names.


The Amazon is a well-established brand for engineering smart voice control speakers with excellent receptors, to get the command and act promptly. The Amazon Echo’s are usually preferred over Apple HomePods by many iOS owners for its superb quality, but what most annoys them after buying the product is how to play Apple Music on Alexa.

The Amazon Echo Dot speakers are not compatible with Apple Music, but you can manage to play the songs via Bluetooth connectivity with the iPhone. However, Alexa voice control is not applicable. To effortlessly enjoy the hands-free Alexa you should instantly try out the DRmare Audio Converter tool and upload the Apple music playlist to the Amazon storage by converting them to MP3 format.

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