How to Play Apple Music on PS4

PS4 (Playstation 4) is a Sony product that allows the users to play and enjoy their favorite games with its ultra-advanced home video gaming console. The user can also play their preferred music in the background using the online music streaming service, Spotify. But the question is, can you play Apple Music on PS4 if you are an Apple Music subscriber?

For the Apple Music subscriber, PS4 doesn’t provide any direct link to stream the online music on the console. However, you can easily connect the USB cable to listen to the pre-saved music too, if not going online, but for those who have already purchased the Apple subscription, how to listen to Apple Music on PS4 is a challenging situation.

Part 1. Can You Directly Play Apple Music on PS4?

Here, the question arises, is there is any way to play the Apple music directly on the PS4 game console? The answer will please you as there is certainly a sure shot way to get your favorite music played on PS4 Media App from the online Apple Music store. It would need a dedicated converter tool that gives a solution to how to play Apple Music on PS4.

Apple, however, prevents to synchronize the Apple Music on Playstation 4. The PS4 also doesn’t support any Apple Music App feature in it. Thus there is no direct link that can be formed between them. But, you can play local files via USB drive through its built-in “Media Player” App. So here, using the third-party tool, the Apple Music can be converted to a USB drive to play on the console.

Now the question is, which is the best third party tool that can easily convert the Apple Music to the USB drive without any glitch? The best and highly professional tool that can be used for how to listen Apple Music on PS4 is Drmare Audio Converter. With its help, you can easily convert Apple Music to a USB drive and play freely over the PS4 console.

Part 2. How to Play Apple Music on PS4 with An Apple Music Converter

The Playstation 4 is an eight-generation, technically upgraded video game console that allows the users to enjoy the gaming with the background music of their own choice and also play the media files, whether local or online, through the built-in “Media Player” application.

Since there is no provision for the Apple users to connect the Apple Music store with the console, there comes a vital need to search for the third-party solution for how to play Apple Music on PS4. Thus to combat such issue, DRmare Audio Converter is the perfect tool that easily converts the Apple Music to the USB drive, which can be played on PS4 anytime.

DRmare Audio Converter possesses a clean layout that is designed with the purpose of users’ convenience while converting the music to be played on any platform or Apple Music PS4. This tool effectively removes the DRM from the Apple Music or iTunes and converts it to the supported format of PS4, like MP3, AAC, and M4A with the pace of 10X faster than others.

So now using the smart Apple music converter, you can listen to all your favorite songs on the popular PS4 game console without degrading the music quality of Apple’s own and keeping the original ID3 tags for all the audio to be played. Let us now see the detailed steps to play Apple Music Playstation using DRmare Audio Converter tool.

Step 1: Go to DRmare Audio Converter official link and download the program to your PC or Mac. Install the program and launch it by clicking on the icon given. It will automatically launch iTunes and show the home layout on the screen.

The main interface of DRmare Audio Converter

Step 2: At the main interface of the program, you can find two “Add Files” button given at the left corner at the bottom of the screen. Click the first button to add the encrypted audio files directly from the Apple Music store or drag the selective files and drop them on the software layout.

Add the Apple Music files on the program directly from the Apple librerary

Step 3: Press the “Format” button given at the left-bottom of the screen to convert the encoded M4P Apple Music format to the PS4 supported MP3, AAC or M4A format. You can also manage the parameters such as ID3 tags, audio codec, bit rate, sample rate, or split it into chapters and channels to personalize the audio files.

Change to supportive file format

Step 4: After making the selection, click on the “Convert” tab at the bottom of the interface. DRmare is now set to convert all the selected Apple Music files to the set format with the speed that can be 30 times faster, depending on the type and number of data. It will also remove the DRM protection successfully from the Apple Music to make it ready to be played on PS4.   

Click Convert to proceed with the conversion of files

Step 5: On the completion of Apple Music files conversion process, the program will transfer them to the defined destination on your computer. These files are free from the DRM protection and are ready to be copied on any media device.

Converted music files transferred to the given destination

Now that the unprotected and converted Apple Music files have been successfully transferred to the prescribed destination by DRmare Audio Converter tool, it is the time to transfer them to the USB drive to make it ready to be played on PS4. Follow the given steps to proceed with the task to make Apple Music PS4 process:

Step 1: Get the USB drive on which you wish to transfer the converted Apple Music. Insert the same on the same computer or laptop. Start with the process of copying the converted and DRM-protection free Apple Music files created by DRmare software to pasting the same on the USB drive.

Step 2: The pasting of files may take a few minutes depending upon the folder size. Once done, exit the USB file from the computer and insert the same to the PS4 USB port.

Step 3: Within no time, the PS4 will detect the USB drive. Once you see it, go to the Content section and then tap on the “USB Media Player” tab.

Step 4: You can now find the list of Apple Music songs with the same quality as that of Apple. Select the music and songs of your choice by clicking “X” to be played on PS4. Alternatively, you can also copy and save these Apple Music files to the PS4 console from the USB drive by pressing the Triangle shaped button.

Now that you have found the solution for how to listen to Apple Music on PS4 play and enjoy the music and songs of your choice anytime on PS4 gaming console by using the most reliable and successful audio converter tool, DRmare Audio Converter.


With the help of the above-discussed method, you can now listen to the songs and music of your choice while playing the games on PS4, without the need to purchase Spotify music streaming subscription, if you have already bought Apple Music subscription.

DRmare Audio Convertertool removes the DRM protection from Apple Music within seconds and converts the same to any supported format of your choice. With its 60 days, money-back guarantee, and high success rate, this tool has become the highly trusted and recommended program for how to play Apple Music on PS4.

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