How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

Getting lost your important WhatsApp messages on your iPhone is so confusing situation. You are also a victim of this? Don’t worry at all, you can find a whirlpool of techniques on how to restore WhatsApp messages on iPhone, among them most of them are scams. In this article, I will share some significant ways and you will get the answer of how to recover deleted WhatsApp chat on the iPhone.

In terms of our digital lives, there are hardly many other things that can be worse than losing your data. Unfortunately even today losing your iPhone data is a common occurrence, with users losing their precious photos, videos, contacts, notes, iMessages, WhatsApp messages and more.

With social media engulfing our lives, it becomes all the more important to keep track of people close to us through various social media apps, not only personally but professionally as well.

Messaging apps such as WhatsApp gives you total access to chat and share data with your family, friends, and even with your business or work colleagues 24*7. Each day, billions of people all over the globe, chat and share videos, audio, photos, etc. over this one messaging app. Therefore, it contains information that is of great value.

But it is also important to know that this App is not flawless. Sometimes due to some technical reasons, WhatsApp chats and other valuable information gets erased from the iPhone and chances of recovery are very slight. If you are an iPhone user, it is a common scenario that due to tech issues such as jailbreaking or when you upgrade your iPhone, your data, as well as your WhatsApp chats, may get removed from the iPhone.

Method 1. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message Directly From iPhone

Luckily you can prevent your deleted Whatsapp messages with the help of iMyFone D-Back. This neat little iPhone Data Recovery application for macOS and Windows makes it possible for iOS users to recover deleted Whatsapp messages from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. In addition to recovering important data from stock apps like Messages, Photos, Contacts, Notes, etc you can also use iMyFone D-Back to recover Viber, WeChat, Kik and Line messages.


  • It retrieves text messages, audio messages, photos and videos in WhatsApp conversations.
  • Besides WhatsApp data, it recovers data of more than 20 types. You can recover deleted Viber messages, recover deleted photos, text messages, and notes on the iPhone mobile.
  • It enables users to preview WhatsApp messages before restoring so that they can selectively retrieve the data they need.
  • Supports to extract WhatsApp from iPhone or backups without overwriting the current data on the iPhone.

You can do so by following the simple steps below.

Download and install iMyFone D-Back either for Windows or Mac. Launch the program and then choose the Smart Recovery tab from the left pane. Now from the available options, choose how you lost your data.

imyfone smart recovery how did you lose the data

Connect your iPhone to your computer if you are recovering from the device. If it is being restored from iTunes Backup, then select the backup file that contains your lost WhatsApp messages. You can also recover WhatsApp messages from iCloud, in that case, you have to log into your account.

imyfone connect iphone to pc

Next, select the file types(can be only specific) that you want to recover, make sure WhatsApp app is chosen and press the “Scan” button.

imyfone select file types to recover from ios device

Once iMyFone D-Back has scanned the data, it will show you with the restored files. Select WhatsApp from side pane, after which you will be able to preview the lost messages by clicking on the relevant thread. Click on the “Recover” button and choose the storage path. This will save the WhatsApp messages on your selected location.

imyfone recover from ios device preview recover whatsapp messages

That’s it. That is how you can easily retrieve WhatsApp messages from your iPhone. Or you can read our iMyFone D-Back review here.

Method 2. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message Directly From WhatsApp iCloud Backup

You may know that WhatsApp doesn’t store your chat history on its servers. Therefore, it can’t restore your deleted message. However, you can get them back if you have backed up your WhatsApp chat history through iCloud or iTunes.

WhatsApp enables iPhone users to create a backup of chats using iCloud. If you have backup WhatsApp chats prior to deleting or losing them, you can follow these steps to recover WhatsApp chat history from an iCloud backup:

In order to restore the deleted WhatsApp chat history from iPhone, you need to make sure that iCloud backup is turned on. Simply, head over to:

  • WhatsApp Settings
  • Chats
  • Chat Backup
whatapp chat backup

Find out when the Last Backup was performed.

whatsapp find out last backup

Delete WhatsApp from your iPhone. Tap and hold on the app icon, then tap on the “X” which appears when the app will start wiggling. Tap on Delete in the pop-up to confirm.

delete whatsapp from iphone

Next up, launch the App Store. Search WhatsApp and install it. Enable Push notifications and on the next screen tap on Agree & Continue.

install whatsapp in iphone

You’ll need to verify your phone number which you use for the WhatsApp account.

verify your phone number for whatsapp account

Tap on Restore Chat History.

restore chat history in whatsapp

You shall get all your messages once the restore process is done.

get all messages on whatsapp

Note: The phone number used for backing up the chats and media and retrieving must be the same. You cannot recover the chat history from another WhatsApp account.

Method 3. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message Directly From iTunes Backup

If you are an iPhone user then you should know that there is only 5GB free storage for iCloud backup. And the backup speed is limited on the network connection. So if you have a large number of files to be backed up and prefer a fast speed, then iTunes is the ideal tool to back up and restore your iPhone to retrieve delete Whatsapp messages.

So if you have backed up your WhatsApp chats and files in the iTunes, then you can easily get back all your chats and files easily from it by following the below steps:

Open the iTunes app on your computer and then connect your iPhone into it. Next, click on the iPhone icon and then select restore the backup. Then select the backup file that contains the WhatsApp messages and then select the recover option.

restore backup in itunes

Method 4. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message Directly From iCloud Backup

Just like iTunes, you can even back up your files and WhatsApp chats on iCloud present in your iPhone. However, before getting started, make sure that the data and chats are securely backed up in the app from which you have to recover.

  • The very first step consists of erasing all the content and settings available on the iPhone. This can be done by going to the general setting existing in the iPhone.
  • A setup screen will be displayed. Follow the steps to get to the apps and data, then select on restore from iCloud backup from it.
  • Choose the files and data that you want to backup and then click on the recover button and let the system retrieve all the backed up data into your phone.
erase all content and settings in iphone


Either intentionally or accidentally, losing chats and other data from WhatsApp may lead to a situation of frustration. Therefore, to ease you off your worries, the above simple steps will help restore all your chats as well as your lost photos, audio, and videos from your iPhone. I have tested all above-described methods and found out the iMyFone D-Back one is my favorite because of its flexibility. An addition is when using iTunes or iCloud backup for recovery, then all of the other data is also recovered such as contacts, messages, etc. You need additional time to deal with the mess. However, it’s more a personal choice. You are free to choose the best suite for you.

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