How to Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Password with/without Disk

Protecting your Windows with a password is significant so that we can save our private data from unauthorized access. Some of the people also keep their other accounts permanently logged in to Windows instead of logging every time. So what if we forget our Windows 10 password accidentally? You can rather use a password reset disk if you have or can perform Windows 10 password reset without disk. Windows 10 supports two account types, first is local accounts and the second one is Microsoft accounts. If you forgot Windows 10 password of the local account you can reset it through security question but not only local account we will also discuss what if you forgot admin password in Windows 10?

Part 1. What You Should Know Before Resetting Windows 10 Password

One should know about the different tools and techniques that are available online for Windows 10 password reset. There are some paid and free third-party tools to do so.

Reasons Why People Forgot Windows 10 Password

As we mentioned above, it is difficult to remember passwords of so many different accounts. Some reasons why people are mentioned below.

  • Due to using difficult Alphanumeric Passwords.
  • Using an account after a long time.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Long passwords are difficult to remember.

What is a Windows 10 Password Reset Disk?

A password reset disk for Windows 10 helps the user in Windows 10 password reset. By using this user can access his account. It is a file created by a user on USB or SD Card. Once created, it will always remain helpful no matter how many times you have changed your Windows password. It can be used many times.

What is a Third-party Windows 10 Password Reset Tool?

If you forgot Windows 10 password and are locked out of your computer, you cannot create a password reset disk then. But you can use third-party tools to reset your Windows 10 password by creating a password reset disk as there are many Windows Password Recovery available online. Some of them are totally free and few are paid.

Part 2. Reset Windows 10 Password with Disk

First of all, we will see how password reset disk is used to unlock your computer. If you forgot your Windows 10 login password then putting an incorrect password will create a reset password option at the Windows 10 login screen.

reset password option in windows 10

Click on reset password and Windows will start the password reset wizard, insert your password reset disk and then click on Next.

password reset wizard in windows 10

Choose the password reset disk that you just inserted and click on Next.

insert the password reset disk in windows 10

Enter a new password and password hint then click on Next.

enter new password and password hint in windows 10
completing the password reset wizard in windows 10

But in case, you never made a password reset disk and forgot your Windows 10 password then you are too late to make a password reset disk, well, in that case, you can use third-party Windows 10 password reset tool to unlock your Windows 10 local account.

Part 3. Reset Windows 10 Password without Disk

If you ever forgot your Windows 10 password and didn’t create a password reset disk, you knew very well how frustrating it could be to install new Windows in your operating system but thankfully, this not required at all in nowadays and it is no longer a problem and you can recover your Windows 10 password through several possible suggestions listed below:

Method 1. Reset Windows 10 Password with Password Hint

If you don’t have a good memory, then you can set a password hint( best matches to your password but not completely ) which will remind you of the password you used. The password hint is shown on the login screen of Windows 10 under the password text bar. But keep in mind the hint must have some hidden information inside it so that no one can access your operating system. So if you created a password hint before, try to remember the forgotten Windows 10 password with the hint.

reset windows 10 password with hint

Method 2. Reset Windows 10 Password by Resetting Microsoft Account Password Online

If you are logged in Windows 10 through Microsoft Account then you just need to have an internet and go to Microsoft Password Reset where you can reset your Microsoft password easily in following steps:

Enter your Email address which is associated with your Windows and click Next button.

microsoft windows password reset for windows 10

A window will appear with various options for password recovery, either you can get a verification code at your email or at your provided phone number and click on Send code option.

verify your identity of microsoft account

An email will come to you with security code, Enter the code and click on Next.

enter code to verify your identify of microsoft account

Enter the new password for Windows 10 and click on Next button.

enter the new password of microsoft account

That’s it! If everything goes well then you will see a success screen with a message of “Your account has been recovered”.

You can now sign in to your Windows 10 using this password but bear in mind that your PC must be connected to the internet while entering new password otherwise you won’t be able to sign in to your Windows.

Method 3. Reset Windows 10 Password with other Administrator Account

If you have set another administrator account on your Windows 10 then you can use that account to change the password of your current administrator account. Before using a visitor account you must create it before getting locked out of the Windows 10 system.

If you have already another account you can simply follow these steps to reset your current Windows 10 password:

Log in to your PC using another administrator account.

Right-click on My Computer and click on Manage.

right click my computer and manager in windows 10

A new computer management window will be opened, click on Local Users and Groups from the left pane.

click local users and groups in windows 10

Double click on Users.

double click on user in windows 10

Select the main user account and right click on it and choose the set password option.

select user account and choose set password in windows 10

A warning prompt will appear, click on Proceed to continue.

choose proceed to set password in windows 10

Enter your new password and click ok to finish.

enter new password and click ok in windows 10

That’s how you can change your Windows 10 account password by using another administrator account on your computer.

Method 4. Reset Windows 10 Password with A Paid Windows 10 Password Reset Tool

If you didn’t log in through Microsoft account then you can’t access to your PC by resetting its password, or if you don’t remember the password of your local account and you find the password reset disk used above still cannot help to reset Windows 10 login password and you don’t have another administrator account then what would you do? Reinstall your Windows or something else?

So if you are facing any kind of problem to access your PC without password iSunshare Windows Password Genius will help you out. It will directly remove forgotten local account and Microsoft account password for Windows 10 login. Then when the computer reboots, login password would be bypassed. Learn more from our complete review of iSunshare Windows Password Genius here.

iSunshare Windows password genius is a paid tool with the purpose of commercial use but a free trial version is also available. If you need it for a single piece of time please download and install it on your computer. Both MAC and Windows version are available.

Free Download Buy Now

Follow the step by step rules to create a password reset disk for your forgotten Windows 10 password.

Run iSunshare Windows Password Genius on your computer, insert a USB drive. You can also choose the CD/DVD option if you are using those. I am using a USB device that’s why I selected the USB device option.

isunshare windows password genius choose media type

After selecting the USB device click on Begin burning to make a password reset disk.

isunshare begin burning

When the process of USB Burning finish, you will see a success prompt. It means that your USB device has been set as Password reset disk.

isunshare burning successfully

Insert the USB into your locked Windows 10 computer, start your computer. When the vendor logo appears, press the boot key repeatedly until the boot options appear. Choose the USB drive to boot from. There is no difference rather you choose USB DISK PRO or UEFI: USB DISK PRO, no matter which you choose, from both you can successfully boot the locked computer from USB password reset disk.

choose usb drive in boot menu

When iSunshare Windows password genius starts, select the user account and click on Reset Password to remove Windows 10 password on your computer or either you can click on Add User to set a new account, after resetting your password you can click on Reboot button to restart your computer.

isunshare reset password

Wait for the restart and our system will reboot with the new password.

Method 5. Reset Windows 10 Password with A Free Windows 10 Password Reset Tool

Here is another free tool Ophcrack for Windows 10 password reset instead of using a paid tool. It is available for all platforms and the great thing is that you can download it as a tool as well as CD.

Download its latest version of LiveCD (iso file) from its official website Ophcrack.

ophcrack download live cd

Once the iso file is downloaded, you can install it onto a USB drive using ISO2Disc. Launch iso2disc, drag the iso file into it, select your USB drive and choose MBR(for legacy BIOS / CSM boot) and click on the start button to continue.

ophcrack install onto usb drive

Reboot your computer and insert the Ophcrack Live Crack USB that you created. You will see a default graphic screen of Ophcrack just click Enter.

ophcrack livecd

The computer will load the Linux Live image into memory and then launch the setup automatically to perform dictionary attack based on Vista rainbow table. If you have a complex password it will take a little longer to recover the password. So be patient and wait for the process to complete.

ophcrack reset password

After the reset Windows 10 password process finishes, reboot your system and sign in to your computer with the new password.

Method 6. Reset Windows 10 Password with Installation Disk

Another way to reset Windows 10 password is by using Command Prompt through Windows Installation Disk. For this, you must have a Windows installation disk first. So let’s recover our Windows 10 password through installation disk. In this method, we make changes in the Windows utility package Ultiman.exe to reset the password.

Insert the installation disk and start or Restart your computer. Click on Repair your computer.

repair your computer in windows 10

Clicking on it will open a window with certain options. Choose Troubleshoot option to continue.

choose troubleshoot in windows 10

After clicking on Troubleshoot you will see some troubleshoot options please select Advanced Options.

choose advanced options in windows 10

Please select Command Prompt option to do further changes.

choose command prompt in windows 10

Here are the commands to enter in command prompt to change the recovery options.

Please type the following commands:

cd Windows
cd System32

Now save the Ultiman.exe file by copying it to Ultiman.exe.old as:

Copy Ultiman.exe Ultiman.exe.old

Replace the Ultiman.exe file with the one from the command prompt (cmd.exe) as follows:

Copy cmd.exe Ultiman.exe

Confirm the overwriting with the Yes and Exit the command prompt.

Come back to the Advanced options and Click on Restart, once Windows have restarted, click on Utility Manager Icon and this will open a command prompt.

Now you can reset your password by typing the below commands:

net user

For example, to change user password to 123 you have to enter:

net user username 123

You can also add another administrator

net user <username> /add
net localgroup administrator <username> /add

After changing your Windows 10 password or adding a new user account you can simply click on the screen to appear sign in page again, your new account should show up and you can sign in with your newly created password.

Method 7. Reset Windows 10 Password by Restore Windows 10 to Factory Defaults

Microsft has made our life very easy because if you ever reset your password before Windows 8/10, you should know that how much frustrating and time taking it was to recover your Windows password. But now in Windows 10 you can recover your lost password in minutes and continue to do your work so thank you Microsoft for making too many utilities for our ease.

We will discuss here how to reset Windows 10 password through resetting your PC. But it erase all your data after factory reset. Follow these easy steps to get rid of forgotten Widnows 10 password

If you forgot your Windows 10 lock screen password just click on the restart button by holding the SHIFT button.

hold shift button while clicking on restart

This will enter you in Repair options where you have to click on Troubleshoot.

choose troubleshoot in windows 10

Now you will see two available option you have to click on Reset this PC option.

reset this pc in windows 10

Now if you see the screen, there are two options with keep My Files and Remove Everything title, simply click on Remove Everything option.

remove everything in windows 10

There will again appear a warning or confirmation screen just confirm the dialogue by clicking on Fully Remove The Drive.

fully remove the drive in windows 10

That’s it, A Windows reset screen will appear, wait for a while until your PC get reset and now you can sign in to Windows 10 with new settings.

resetting this pc in windows 10

Part 4. Comparison and Conclusion:

Here we go, finally we have discussed almost every possible method for Windows 10 password reset, the best way is that always connect your PC with Microsoft Account so that you can easily unlock your PC in case of forgetting password but it requires internet availability and we can’t have internet all the time, so Windows 10 Password recovery through password reset disk is a good way to unlock your computer in minutes. Try to use easy passwords instead of using a complicated password so that you don’t have to waste your time on password recovery but if you lost, don’t worry, we tried to help you out in each and every aspect and situation of Windows password recovery and hope so you would get your problem solved. if you have any kind of questions and suggestions please do let us know through the comment section and we will try to reach you out. Thank you.

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