How to Retrieve Deleted Contacts on iPhone with/without Backup

Mobile phones are now the part of our lives, and it is now our habit to keep most of our relevant data and files saved in it. Likewise, hardly any of us are used to of maintaining a diary to continue our essential contacts. But what if somehow you get all the contacts deleted from your mobile? The iPhone owners may find it impossible to retrieve the lost contacts from there device itself once removed because of the robust technology and secure environment provided by Apple. So how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone if such a situation arises with your iPhone device?

There are instances when you may accidentally delete or erase the contacts saved in your iPhone. This could happen because of accidental deletion of the contact list, transferring the contacts while replacing the old iPhone device with the new one, jailbreak, iOS system update, use of any software or program to deal with some other problem that leads to wiping off the saved contacts, or simply because of any apparent reason. The only thought that continuously hit your mind in such a situation is how to get deleted contacts back on iPhone.

Thus, it is essential to cope up with this dilemma as soon as possible, and for that, there are numerous techniques and tools available online. Since none of us would want to take a risk in regards to a breach of privacy or permanent loss of contacts because of selecting the wrong method, so here we have created a comprehensive and detailed study of the approaches to deal with the problem of how to get deleted contacts back on iPhone. The tools and ways discussed here are the most authentic and genuine and have been tested thoroughly by our team before recommending in this article.

Option 1. Best Way to Retrieve Deleted Contacts on iPhone without Backup

In the Apple iPhone, you can store as many contacts as you wish. The robust platform of iOS also offers the option to create a backup of the entire data stored in your iPhone. But there are always chances that by any means, you tend to lose or delete the whole or partial contact information from your iPhone. The misfortune doesn’t end here when you realize you haven’t created the backup file of the contact detail in iTunes or iCloud. Therefore, searching for a tool for how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without backup becomes a priority.

recover deleted photos right from your idevice using tenorshare ultdata

The Tenorshare UltData is a tenacious and persistent tool to deal iPhone contacts recovery problem, within no time. It is perhaps the excellent program that can retrieve the entire deleted contacts back to your device, even if you had never created a backup file. It is the most reliable and trusted software prevailing, to encounter such an issue by following a few quick and simple steps. It works equally good on both Windows and Mac Operating System and compatible with even the latest iOS 13/12 beta version as well.

The UltData from Tenorshare perfectly developed to come up as a competent tool to give you solutions for how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone. This software can quickly recover the entire data from your device itself under any circumstances, within no time. It offers a trial version for the users to understand the comprehensive features and ease of work, before buying the complete package. It guarantees the 100% recovery rate, without any loss or damage of the contact file during the process. Read our UltData review here.

Key Features:

  • The iPhone data recovery is capable of retrieving deleted contacts from the device itself.
  • It can easily pull out the lost contacts, without the need of backup file.
  • It can recover the deleted contacts under any circumstances; such as accidental deletion, damages occur because of water, jailbroken, iOS system errors, removal because of system update etc.
  • The program offers the feature of data preview before starting the retrieval process.
  • The program supports most of the iOS platforms, including the latest version of iOS 13.
  • It can efficiently run on Windows and Mac Operating Systems.
  • It offers a robust platform and a straightforward, user-friendly interface.
  • It can easily handle more than 35 file types for recovery under any situation.
  • It recovers the lost files via three modes: from the iDevice, from iTunes backup and from iCloud backup.

Let us now learn about the detailed steps for how to retrieve deleted contents on iPhone without backup:

Step 1: Download the Tenorshare UltData on your Mac or Windows computer. Launch the program once the installation is complete.

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Step 2: The program once installed, automatically set on the “Recover Data from iOS Device” screen over your PC display.

Step 3: Using the USB/lightning cable, connect your iPhone to the Mac or computer and unlock your iPhone if it is passcode protected. Click on “Trust” on your device if asked. Wait until UltData automatically detects your device on the system.

Wait until the program detects your iPhone automatically

Step 4: Within a few seconds, the program will detect your device, and a new wizard opens up on the screen showing an array of multiple applications available on your iPhone.

Step 5: Tap on the checkbox of “Contacts” for the retrieval of deleted or erased contacts data from your iPhone without the availability of a backup.

Make your selection for data retrieval without backup

Step 6: Tenorshare UltData offers the option of previewing your selection for data retrieval. Before coming on the final stage of restoring, go through the contact details once. You can remove the selection of any particular contact if you don’t want it back on your device.

Preview your Selection of contacts

Step 7: Once finalizing your choice, click on the “Recover to Device” option for restoring the deleted contact file on your iPhone. If you want to restore the contact file on your computer, press on the option “Recover to Computer”.

Select the destination to restore the contacts from iphone

Once recovered, you can unwire our iPhone from the computer and use it usually. Tenorshare UltData is a powerful tool to retrieve the lost and erased contacts data on your iPhone device, within no time. With a few and easy steps are can easily be followed by anyone without much technical know-how. It offers a secure platform to the users and performs as a one-stop solution for how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without backup.

Option 2. Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone with iTunes Backup

Apple’s iPhone offers another popular method for iPhone contacts recovery via extracting the erased data and files from iTunes backup. iTunes can also be used for saving the iPhone data and files. If you have a habit of updating your contact folder regularly on iTunes, you are most likely to restore it to your iPhone quite easily, if got deleted from your device by any chance.

However, iTunes doesn’t allow the preview of data before the restoration process. Also, the system is bound to overwrite the current data with the data last saved on iTunes and takes a lot of space on your hard disk of PC since it doesn’t offer the storage facility on clouds. It is also to be noted that if you are looking for solutions to how to get deleted contacts back on iPhone, the most recommended way of doing so is via taking the help of a third-party program. The reason is, there are chances that you may be stuck between the process or may get some files lost or corrupted while restoring.

Thus to combat such an issue, Tenorshare UltData is a most trusted and tested software to recover the deleted contacts from iTunes backup. Let us know more about the same further in the article.

2.1. Best Way to Retrieve Deleted Contacts on iPhone with iTunes Backup

The iTunes is an Apple’s application in every iPhone that offers a robust feature of backing-up of the entire or partial data storage in your iDevice. With Tenorshare UltData recovery software, you can quickly get back the wiped-off contact list or file from the iTunes backup. For that, it is must that you have enabled the iTunes backup in your iPhone and have created the backup file already before the deletion of data for successful iPhone contacts recovery.

The UltData let the user retrieve the data by following simple steps from iTunes backup with a 100% success rate. It lets you preview the file first before restoring so that if you want you can make all or partial selection of data recovery. So let us now see the steps for how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone using Tenorshare UltData.

Step 1: Power on your PC and download the Tenorshare UltData software from the official website. Launch the program once downloading completes.

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Step 2: Make the selection of “Recover from iTunes Backup”, and the program will instantly display the complete list of the entire iTunes backup files from this device.

Step 3: Click “Start Scan” and wait till the program displays the files you are looking for.

*If you are unable to find the file you are looking for, that can be imported manually by clicking the “Import Now” option given right at the bottom of the screen.

Distinguish the itunes backup file and click Scan Now

**For Windows users, UltData gives an option to retrieve the deleted files from iTunes backup as well. Hit the option “Go get back deleted iTunes backup” at the end of the screen and select the desired location. Press on “Start Scan” once done.

Select location for downloading deleted itunes backup files and Start Scan

Step 4: Wait for a while until the scanning process completes. Within a few minutes, the program will display the erased contacts file on the screen. Select that file and press on the “Recover” button to proceed further with the retrieval of the data.

Click Recover once scanning completes

Step 5: The software will let you preview the files. Make selections if you want the partial retrieval or you can select all if you wish to complete recovery of the contact list. Click on the “Recover” button once contented.

Preview the lost contacts and click on Recover

Step 6: Once done with the above step, the next window pop-up asking for the file recovery location. Select “Recover to Device” for file restore in the iPhone. You can select “Recover to Computer” if you want to keep it on your computer.

Select your contacts recovery location

After the above steps completed, you will easily get back everything you lost and get the solution for how to get deleted contacts back on the iPhone, without any glitches.

2.2. Official Way to Retrieve Deleted Contacts on iPhone with iTunes Backup

The method mentioned above is an excellent way to retrieve lost contact data using iTunes backup. However, you can also go for Apple’s official approach to recover the deleted contacts on iPhone with iTunes backup. So when you get stuck and wondering how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone, using iTunes restoring can sort out the issue within no time, if you had already created a backup file before the incident of data erased from your iPhone.

Here, you must note that iTunes will not recognize any changes in the files and applications made after the backup creation and will overwrite everything with the one you saved earlier, without offering a preview. The iTunes backup file may also get malfunctioned during the process of iPhone contacts recovery, and you may end up with losing everything. Still, this is one of the legit methods and could be given a try before coming on to any other solutions. So let us see the detailed steps to combat the issue using the conventional way of restoring from iTunes backup.

Step 1: Switch on your PC or Mac with which you earlier synchronized the iTunes for your iPhone.

Step 2: With the USB/lightning cable, connect your affected iPhone to your PC. As soon as the iPhone gets recognized by the computer, the iTunes app automatically launches on your computer.

Step 3: Press the iPhone icon appears on the iTunes window and then click on the “Restore iPhone” option in the next page.

Restore the contact list from iTunes backup

Step 4: You will now be headed towards the “Latest Backup” section that shows the date of the last backup you created on iTunes.

Step 5: Within a few minutes, iTunes will recover all the deleted contact data and restore the whole backup on your iPhone. Keep your iPhone connected to the system until the process ends.

Once the process completes, your iPhone will automatically restart. You can now proceed for safe removal of the device from the system and check the contact list. However, this method of how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone will replace your current data with the earlier saved one on iTunes, and there may be chances that not the full file gets restored, but it will still help you get the maximum out of this.

Option 3. Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone with iCloud Backup

Another way to recover the deleted contacts on the iPhone is to restore it with iCloud backup. iCloud is automatically synchronized with the iPhone and save the entire data, including contacts, by default, if you have activated this service on your device. So if you have lost or accidentally deleted some part of or the whole list of a contact saved in your iPhone and looking for the ways to how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without a computer, iCloud backup may save your day.

But since this method too has its own drawbacks and shortcomings like it doesn’t promise to recover the 100% lost data and so on, it is viable to take a help of a third-party solution for iPhone contacts recovery. Here, the most suggestive and reliable tool to take care of restoring the contacts from iCloud is Tenorshare UltData recovery software that is designed to perform this task smoothly and quickly, without risking any data lost during the process. Let us know more about both the process further.

3.1. Best Way to Retrieve Deleted Contacts on iPhone with iCloud Backup

The iCloud offers the cloud space to save the entire or selected data on the webspace. This data will remain safe even if your iOS software gets corrupted or malfunctioned. Apple offers the official way to retrieve the data from iCloud backup, but it observes some unavoidable shortcomings. Thus to combat such issues, it is advisable to take help of the highly reliable and powerful tool, Tenorshare UltData for how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone.

With UltData from Tenorshare, you can restore the deleted contact file from the device itself or can easily retrieve it from the iCloud backup, if you have earlier created the backup file on the cloud. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to use for anybody. This program is safe to use and enables the contact file recovery from iCloud backup, without the fear of losing any data during the process. Thus looking at its benefits, Tenorshare UltData offers the best way for iPhone contacts recovery with the highest recovery rate as compared to others. Let us now look at the steps of using this tool to restore the lost contact file.

>> Get Tenorshare UltData <<

Step 1: Switch on your PC and download the UltData from the official website of Tenorshare. Install and then launch the program once downloading is finished.

Step 2: The program will show three recovery mode options on the screen. Select “Recover from iCloud Backup File” and then enter your Apple credentials to log in to your iCloud Account.

Select the relevant recovery type and sign in to your iCloud Account

Step 3: As soon as you sign in your iCloud account, the next wizard will display all the iDevice that is connected to the same ID. Select the iPhone for which you wanted to use this facility to restore contacts from iCloud.

Step 4: The next Window will display all the data and files of your iPhone for which you created iCloud backup. Select and tick on the “Contacts” check-box and click “Next” to proceed.

Click Next after selecting Contacts option from the list

Step 5: The UltData will start the downloading process now, and after a few minutes of waiting, the program will automatically continue with the scanning process of the files once the downloading ends.

Program will scan the file after downloading

Step 6: The software will let you preview the downloaded files before restoring to the iPhone. The panel shows both deleted and existing contacts information. Click on “Show Only Deleted” if you want to preview only the data that got deleted. Press on the “Recover” button once convinced with the preview.

Preview the contacts before restoring and click Recover

Step 7: Click on the option given “Recover to Device” to restore the contact file to the iPhone as the dialogue box pops up. Alternatively, you can select “Recover to Computer” if you want to restore the file to your PC.

Tap on the option of your choice for restoring the contact list

Using UltData from Tenorshare, you should be relaxed for the smoothest iPhone contacts recovery or other files to your device without any risk of losing data.

3.2. Official Way to Retrieve Deleted Contacts on iPhone with iCloud Backup

If you think you should go for the Apple’s official way to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone with iCloud backup, you must go for this method discussed here. Since iCloud automatically synchronize with your iPhone and stores the entire data, it is quite simple to retrieve it through this facility. When you think of how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone, this is Apple’s most authentic way of restoring the data.

It is also to be noted that to get the deleted contacts back to your iPhone, you must have enabled iCloud service on your device and selected the contact list for backup. Moreover, the iCloud backup completely erases the contact list with the one you saved as a backup in the application. It means you will lose those contacts that you might have added after the last iCloud backup. Since this method doesn’t require your PC, it makes a right choice if you are looking for how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without a computer. So let us learn about the official way to recover lost contact list using iCloud backup.

Step 1: Power on your iPhone. Click and open the “Settings” Application in your device.

Step 2: Select and press on the option “iCloud” given on the screen.

Step 3: Go to the “Contacts” option and tap the bar in front of it to turn it off. The software will instantly ask for your permission for the next step. Select “Keep on My iPhone” and wait for a while.

Select Keep on My iPhone option

Step 4: Come to the “Contacts” again and then tap the bar to switch it on back. Click on the “Merge” option as the software flashes it for your permission. Let your iPhone synchronize with iCloud to restore the deleted contacts.

Select Merge to synchronize with iCloud for data restore

Within a few seconds, you will get back the erased contact list back to your iPhone. But since it restores the data up to last saved on iCloud, you may lose some of it if that was stored later. There is also a fear of complete data loss as this process leads the device to factory reset mode. However, this is still the easiest method for how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without computer.

3.3. Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone from

Losing the vital contacts from your iPhone is the biggest nightmare for anyone. But there are ways to handle this situation and finding solutions for how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone. One such method is to restore the deleted data from Apple service. The saves the archives of your entire mobile data over the internet that you can use for restoring at any point of time. But for this, you must enable your iPhone to save data on platform.

It is to be noted that although this is a simple method, yet there are chances that you may end up losing everything because the iCloud service puts your phone on to Factory Reset before restoring the data. Moreover, this technique for iPhone contacts recovery restores the data up until the last update made on Thus you may still not get the contact details that you might have saved later. However, this is a secure and Apple’s authentic method to sort out the problem. Let us see the steps for this below.

Step 1: Switch on your computer or Mac and browse for the website,

Step 2: As the website opens, you are required to enter your Apple’s credentials (Apple ID and password) to sign-in.

Step 3: As you sign-in the website, there comes a lot of options on the web-page. Click on the option showing “Settings” icon.

Click on the Settings option on icloud

Step 4: As the new page opens, scroll down till the end of the page where you will find as option stating “Advance” section. Find the “Restore Contacts” under that section and tap on the same.

Click on Restore Contacts under Advance section on icloud

Step 5: A pop-up box emerges showing the various options for restore in the iPhone, like restore files, calendar, bookmarks. Select “Restore Contacts” and click on the same. Press the “Restore” button in the dialogue box to confirm your choice.

Click Restore Contacts to proceed further

Wait for a while till iCloud completely restores the contact files on your iPhone by replacing the earlier saved. This method for how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone is straightforward to follow and save your day to an extent if you don’t require the latest data on your iPhone.


Under any circumstances, none of us wants to lose or forgo our relevant contacts data as it may lead another more significant issue of not being able to make a call or drop a message to the other person if needed urgently. This is something very frustrating since usually, we don’t keep a hard copy of every contact of our mobile. To combat such problem, if you have already created a backup file earlier then that may save your day. But not everybody does so. Therefore, another situation leads to how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without backup.

Whatever the scenario is, Tenorshare UltData is seemingly the best tool to retrieve the erased contacts, with or without backup. Using this tool, there is no chance of risking the damage or permanent loss of data, as we have seen with the other methods and techniques. It offers the 100% success rate and guarantees to remain the most recommended tool for how to get deleted contacts back on iPhone.

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