How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from One Phone to Another Phone

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Did you ever come into a situation where you need to find out how to transfer WhatsApp chats to another phone or currently searching for it?

According to research, WhatsApp is the third most used application all around the World. Almost every person has installed the WhatsApp because it has made communication very easy. Even you can make instant decisions about certain things. So, the thousands of queries regarding WhatsApp shouldn’t be unexpected at all.

Transferring your WhatsApp data including chats, audio notes, media, etc. from one phone to another phone is one of the most searched contents on the internet. Switching your old phone with a new one is quite natural and definitely, one would not like to lose his/her important data while switching the phone. Are you also switching the phone and worried about how to transfer WhatsApp chats to another phone? Don’t worry, I will show you how to get WhatsApp messages on another phone.

Part 1. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android Phone to Another Android Phone

In the first part of our article, we will see how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android. In this part, I will explain different techniques to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android phone to Android phone with depth details. So let’s began.

1.1. Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to Android Directly

I will highly recommend the dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer – a robust and handy approach to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android directly. It is a reliable software and comes up with a large number of user’s feedback. It only takes a couple of minutes to transfer WhatsApp messages from one Android phone to another one. dr.fone toolkit effectively transfers the whole data regardless of the storage of the data. It has a very high transfer rate which makes it more attractive. I bet you that you are going to love the software after using it. Read the full review of dr.fone toolkit here.

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Key Features:

  • An effective, easy, and handy approach to transfer, backup, and restore WhatsApp messages
  • Transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android/iPhone/iPad
  • It allows you to select specific data to backup and restore
  • If offers a preview of the data so that you can choose specific data to restore from the backup
  • Works with the both Windows and Mac

How it works:

You can visit dr.fone’s official website to download the dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer toolkit. After that, install and launch the software. Choose the “WhatsApp Transfer” option from the main screen.

connect your iphone and select screen unlock

An interface with different features will appear on the screen. Choose the first option that is “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” in order to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android.

drfone transfer whatsapp messages

After that, the software will automatically detect your Android devices. Make sure that both target Android devices are connected with that computer. When your phones are detected, set the source and destination positions among them.

When you are done with these changes, click on the “Transfer” button.

drfone transfer button

dr.fone will immediately start transferring the WhatsApp messages from one Android device to another Android device. You can also see the progress bar on your screen.

drfone migrating whatsapp data

After the WhatsApp messages have transferred to the new Android phone, you can simply set up that phone and there you will find the WhatsApp messages.

drfone open whatsapp on other phone

1.2. Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to Android via Local Backup

Besides using third-party software, there are also some working ways through which you can transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android and Local Backup is among one of them. You might know that every day at 2 AM, your WhatsApp messages are automatically backed up to a folder in your phone’s internal memory. You can utilize this local backup to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to another Android phone.

Follow the below instructions to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android via local backup.

It would be great if you already have installed the WhatsApp on SD card, if yes, simply put that SD card into another Android phone else if it is installed on the internal memory of the device then you need to perform some additional steps.

Look for the My Files option > navigate to the internal memory > tap on WhatsApp folder > Find the Databases folder

Make sure, your phone is connected to the computer. Now, if you further explore the Databases folder, you will come to know that there are different backups with different dates. Look for the backup with the recent date. All these files will be named as .db.crypt so you need to look for the date. Now, copy that file on the desktop or at another desired location.

copy whatsapp database

When you are done with copying that file, install the WhatsApp application on the other Android phone but remember that connect this new Android phone with the computer instead of opening it.

As you have installed the WhatsApp on this new device so Databases folder should have been created automatically. If this never happens, no problem, you can create it yourself. After that, copy that WhatsApp database file inside this folder and set up WhatsApp on your mobile. After verifying it, you will see a prompt on your new Android phone screen indicating that A backup is found. Click on the restore button and it will transfer the previous chats onto this new Android phone.

1.3. Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to Android via Google Drive

You can use the Google Drive feature if the size of the WhatsApp chats is not too large. If so, it would be the easiest way to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android. Let’s see how this method works.

Simply open the WhatsApp application on your Android phone.

You will see an icon like “⋮” at the top-right of your screen. Click on it then tap on Settings.

Now, press the “Chats” option and then look for the “Chat backup” option. Tap on it.

There will be a “Backup” box, click on it to create a backup on your Google Drive.

settings chats backup

Part 2. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Another iPhone

In our second part, we will see how to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone. Like our first part, we will some general tricks as well as a professional solution to transfer WhatsApp chats from one iPhone to another iPhone. So let’s see how they work.

2.1. Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to iPhone Directly

dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer also compatible with all the latest versions of the iPhone so if you are an iPhone user, you can use dr.fone toolkit (iOS) – the best, easiest, and professional WhatsApp transfer tool to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone.

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Without further explaining, let’s see how to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone using Dr.fone toolkit (iOS).

How it Works:

Visit dr.fone’s website to freely get the software for Windows or Mac. Install it on your computer and then open it. Select the “WhatsApp Transfer” feature from the welcome screen.

connect your iphone and select screen unlock

From the next screen, look at the left pane of the screen and tap on the WhatsApp icon. It will be expanded to four further features. As we are looking for how to transfer WhatsApp messages, see you need to choose the first feature among all others.

drfone transfer whatsapp messages

Connect both iPhones to the same computer and software will automatically detect them. If due to any reason, it is unable to make the right selection, you can choose it from the dropdown menu. After that, you need to decide between source iPhone and target iPhone. For that, set a Source position as well as a Destination position for the data which is being transferred. Click on the Transfer button when you are sure that you have made the right selections.

drfone transfer button

It will start transferring data to the destination mobile and will show you a message when it is done. Now, you are allowed to disconnect the second iPhone and you will see that all the WhatsApp messages have been transferred to the second iPhone from the first iPhone.

drfone migrating whatsapp data

2.2. Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

iCloud is similar to Google Drive because, in both conditions, WhatsApp chats are backed up on cloud storage. Well, for an iPhone, before transferring WhatsApp messages, you must make sure that the iCloud storage feature is turned on WhatsApp. Let’s see how to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud.

For that, you can follow the below steps.

Open Settings > Click on your user ID > Tap on iCloud > Toggle on iCloud Drive > Toggle on WhatsApp

transfer whatsapp data from iphone to iphne via icloud

Now, you can transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud. To do that,

Open WhatsApp > Navigate to Settings > Click on Chats > Tap on Chats Backup > hit the Backup button

transfer whatsapp data from iphone to iphone using icloud

When you have backed up the WhatsApp messages, install WhatsApp on your new iPhone, verify it through the same phone number that you were using on the old iPhone and the application will auto-detect the backup. To get back your previous WhatsApp messages, just press the Restore Chat History button and it will restore the backup.

transfer whatsapp data from iphone to iphone restore from icloud

2.3. Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes Backup

Being an Apple user, you may know that you can also create a backup on iTunes. So, you can use this Apple provided facility to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to iPhone. This can be easily restored later. The process consist of multiple steps which are:

First off, the latest version of iTunes should be installed on your computer.

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone with that computer. iTunes will automatically detect it if it is properly plugged in. As soon as your iPhone is detected, it will be displayed in a new window. You can find it on the left-top side of the screen. It will be displayed with the owner’s name. Click on “Summary,” which can also be found on the left pane of the screen.

As soon as you click on the Summary, a new window will appear where you can see a “Back Up Now” button. It will back up the whole data.

When the back up is finished, you need to remove the current iPhone device and connect the new iPhone with the computer. The process is the same, the PC will detect your iPhone device. Again click on the “Summary,” and there, you need to click on the “Restore Backup.” 

Choose the backup with the latest date and click on “Restore.”

recovery mode restore in itunes

2.4. Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to iPhone via Email

If you don’t like to transfer WhatsApp chats on Cloud due to or without any reason, and you also don’t want to download and install software for the sake of WhatsApp chats transfer, there is another handy approach that you can use to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to iPhone. You can use Email services to mail your WhatsApp chats but this method is not suitable for massive WhatsApp chats transfer. Though, the process is very simple and easy. Let’s see how to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to iPhone via Email.

Open the WhatsApp application on your previous iPhone and mark the chats that you want to transfer. After that, click on the More  option and then press the “Settings” button.

Tap on “Chat Settings” and then “Email Chat.”

A prompt will appear asking you to choose whether you want to attach the chat media or not, choose the option on your own and then Enter the recipient’s Email ID. When the transfer is done, you can see those transferred chats on your other iPhone mobile.

transfer whatsapp data via email

Part 3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages Between iPhone and Another Android Phone

Well, it doesn’t end here. What if you switch from iPhone to Android? How will your transfer WhatsApp messages between iPhone and Android? Luckily, you are the right post. In this part, I will show you how to transfer WhatsApp messages between iPhone and Android phones. Let’s start transferring WhatsApp chats between iPhone and Android phones without using iCloud, Email, and Google Drive.

3.1. Best Way to Transfer WhatsApp messages Between iPhone and Android

Backuptrans is the best and the leading third-party software used to transfer WhatsApp messages from iOS to Android devices. The process doesn’t require any kind of jailbreak or root to transfer WhatsApp chats across two different operating systems. It works with all the iPhone and Android operating systems. Moreover, the software allows you to either transfer the whole WhatsApp messages or choose specific chats to transfer. Let’s explore more and see the best way to transfer WhatsApp messages between iPhone and Android.

Get Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer

How it works:

Here are some necessary precautions before getting started with the process.

  • Your iCloud backup should be turned off.
  • You have downloaded the most recent version of iTunes on your computer.
  • USB debugging mode should be enabled on that Android device.

Download and Install the Backuptrans iOS to Android WhatsApp transfer on your Windows or Mac. Launch the software and connect the both iPhone device and Android phone with the same computer.

Click on “Back Up My Data,” in case if a notification appears on the Android’s phone screen. After that, return to the software screen and press the “OK” button to continue. The software will instantly display all the WhatsApp chats on your iPhone and Android devices.

backuptrans back up my data

Your iPhone and Android device will be displayed on the left side of the screen. From there, right-click on the iPhone device icon and it will display a list of actions. Choose the “Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android” option.

backuptrans transfer messages from iphone to android

In case, if you want a single or specific chat to transfer, click on that and then right-click on the iPhone’s icon. Choose “Backup Messages with this Chat” option.

backuptrans backup messages with this chat

After that click on the Android device where you want to transfer these WhatsApp chats. A confirmation prompt will appear. Click on “Confirm” to proceed with the process. And your WhatsApp chats will be transferred from iPhone to iOS. That’s how it works.


Finally, you are able to transfer WhatsApp messages either from Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to Android. All these methods that are described in this article are working and the best ways to transfer WhatsApp messages from one phone to another. I hope you liked it. Leave your good thoughts in the comment section.

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