How to Unlock Android Phone without Password

It’s been noticed that how to unlock my Android phone is one of the most searched queries on the internet. So, if you are one who is looking for how to unlock Android phone without a password, this is the perfect post you have landed on.

Regarding security concerns, password protection is might a wonderful invention whether it is a smartphone or the computer. Protecting your Android phones is the need of the hour. Anyone can set a screen lock on Android phones to keep the privacy of important data. Sometimes, you forget this screen lock and need to access your Android phone but unable to do that.

Well, we have different solutions through which you can easily get access to your Android phone again without any password. Let’s see how to unlock an Android phone password?

Method 1. Unlock Android Phone with Google Account Password

We all know that security might be the trending topic in the world. By introducing the latest technology and advancements in Android phones, it has become more difficult to crack the password easily as it was easy before. But focusing on nothing is impossible, there are always ways that can give you access to your Android phone again.

Google account password is one of the simplest ways to unlock Android phones.

The only limitation of this method is you must have linked your Android mobile before getting locked out of your Android device. The method won’t work if your Google account is not synced with your Android cell phone.

If you are confirmed that you have lost the Android screen lock, enter the wrong password until you don’t see the Forget pattern? option on your mobile’s screen. If you are using an Android device with an older version, you may have entered a security question while setting the password or screen lock pattern. However, if you don’t remember the password, you can use your Google account to unlock the Android phone.

unlock android phone with Google account password

Enter the Google account information which is associated with the locked device. If the credentials you entered meet with the right credentials, you will be allowed to set a new screen lock on your Android phone.

set a new screen lock on your Android phone with Google account password

Method 2. Unlock Android Phone without Code via Android Device Manager

You can definitely unlock your Android phone without a password in case if you have enabled the Android Device Manager before getting locked out of the Android phone. The method will not work if you hadn’t turned the feature on.

Let’s see how easily you can unlock an Android phone without a screen lock via ADM.

First of all, visit and you will be taken to the login screen if you haven’t already logged in. Else you will be directly taken to the dashboard.

You can see the Lock” option at your screen, click on it and set a temporary password and username, etc.

unlock android phone with android device manager

Once you have followed the instructions, click on Lock again and use that password to unlock your Android device.


  • It only works if your android mobile is connected to the Internet.
  • Your Google account must be associated with the Android device.
  • The method only works if the Android Device Manager is enabled.

Method 3. Unlock Android Phone Using Google’s “Find My Device” Website

Android always looks at its user’s ease and that’s why it has provided a by default application to unlock or lock the Android device in case if you have forgotten the screen lock or it is stolen. “Find My Device” application allows you to control some specific features of your Android device. You can get the application from the play store.

Install the app on another device or follow this link to approach your device. Log in to the application through your Google account.

You will see a Secure Device option at your screen. Click on it and proceed with the instructions

unlock android phone with find my device

You may find the option as LOCK if you are using an older version of Android. It is also possible that the application won’t work for you if your Android device has the latest version.

Method 4. Unlock Android Phone with An Android Unlocker – 4uKey For Android

4uKey for Android is a professional and powerful Android unlock tool that can unlock any Android phone within minutes in case if you forgot the Android phone password. The software can easily unlock Android phones even it was locked with PIN, password, Fingerprint or FaceID. The software supports all the latest mobile so, it would be a great choice if you are looking for how to unlock Android phones without a password.


  • The software comes up with a very easy to use interface.
  • It requires only a few steps to unlock the Android device.
  • 4uKey for Android is the fastest Android unlocking tool.

How it works:

Download the setup from its official website and launch the program on your operating system. You will see two unlock features on the screen, choose the Remove Screen Lock option. But first, connect your Android device with it.

4ukey for android

If your Android device is connected successfully, you will see a prompt on the screen.

After making sure that the device is connected, press the Start button to begin the unlocking process.

remove screen lock on Android with 4ukey

4uKey for Android will confirm that are you sure you want to erase the whole data inside the Android phone because the application format the internal memory and all data is lost. If you are okay with it, click the Yes button to proceed.

removing the lock screen password with 4ukey for android will erase all data

As soon as you start the process, you will see a progress bar at the screen indicating how much process is done. Patiently wait for the process to end.

removing android screen lock with 4ukey for android

You will see a success message on the screen once the unlocking process is finished. Click on Done, detach the device and check if it is working.

screen password has been removed with 4ukey for android

Method 5. Perform Factory Reset to Unlock Android Phone Password

The factory reset method is a very good option if there is no important data in the locked device. If the above-mentioned methods don’t work, you can try this last technique and it will definitely work.

It is very easy to factory reset your Android device even it is locked but you can not do it through settings.

Every Android operating system has a different way/buttons to factory reset depending on the keys structure, well, not too much different.

Let’s see how to perform a factory reset to unlock the Android device.

First of all, switch off your Android device. Hold the power button as well as the Volume Down button for a few seconds until you don’t see anything on the screen.

Use the Volume keys to scroll. Scroll down to the Wipe data/Factory reset and press the power button to apply the changes.

It will start rebooting your device, wait for the whole process and after that, your device will be set to its default settings and the screen lock will be removed.

factory reset to unlock android phone


All in all, forget the Android screen lock unluckily? This post can be the best way to unlock your Android device. We saw different ways to unlock Android phones without a password including unlocking it through “Find My Device” or performing a Factory Reset but the best way that I always recommend is Unlocking your Android device through 4uKey For Android. How was the article? Please, let us know through your comments and we would feel happy in case if you have any other query.

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