How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone

Having an iCloud locked iPhone is frustrating because you can’t make use of it until it’s been unlocked, and unlocking it isn’t always simple. So if your iPhone 7 iCloud locked out and you are worried about what to do then don’t worry, I have so many ideas to share with you to unlock iCloud locked iPhone.

Your very first and main bet is to understand what does iCLoud locked mean, understand how to fix this problem, and what to avoid when attempting.

What Does iCloud Locked Mean?

Basically, iCloud activation lock is the part of the normal procedure of setting up a new iPhone to register the mobile to an Apple ID. Each phone has a distinctive number, an IMEI. Also, to fully use the utilities offered by Apple each user needs to have an Apple ID, that is an iTunes account. When setting up a new iPhone, you should enable the “Find My iPhone” feature. When you do that the individual details are logged to the Apple account and the mobile is named to as being iCloud locked. Your account details are associated with the iPhone and stored on Apple’s servers, that’s why they are iCloud locked. If you don’t know the account details, the email and password used to initially register the new iPhone, it is a trouble, and you may find it convenient to know how to unlock iCloud locked iPhone 6/6s(Plus)/7/8 Plus)/X/Xs(Max).

Activation Lock is another name used for iCloud locking. Originally, this is a feature Apple introduced back in iOS 7 to intercept iPhone thefts.

Activation Lock is turned on mobiles whenever “Find My iPhone” is enabled. The benefit of this is when it is enabled, the iPhone can’t be erased, activated on a separate account, or have “Find My iPhone” disabled without entering the Apple ID username and password initially used with the device.

This is a very efficacious anti-theft standard because a thief definitely won’t have the iCloud username and password for the user who’s phone they stole, without it, the iPhone won’t work.

Is It Possible to Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone?

iCloud Lock can, in theory, be smashed through numerous jailbreak and hactivation methods which would perform the normal activation process used by the iPhone. While I have seen some hackers successfully bypassing this, it’s not something that’s really a popular solution as it makes the iPhone unusable by the average user.

There are a number of websites out there committing to offer these services. My personal opinion is that a number of them are scams, very matching to the iPhone carrier-unlocking services that were all the tempers a few years back.

However, to address these:

You can delete the iCloud lock on these devices as they are old enough to do so. Because of security concerns, I’m not going to describe how, if you have these phones you should upgrade anyway.

You can now contact Apple Support, and if you have proof of purchase, they will unlock the iCloud lock after confirming that those are real.

Another Question: Is it Safe to Buy iCloud Locked iPhone?

Another question that is frequently araised by the people “is it safe to purchase/buy iCloud Locked iPhone”. And my answer is always the same if you’re seeking for a used iPhone, and unfortunately, you find an iCloud locked iPhone in good condition and for a reasonable price, it’s an immediate red flag, please don’t go to get it at all. An iPhone that has been Activation Locked can only be set free with the iCloud details of its real owner. Therefore, purchasing an iCloud locked phone is identical to buying a very expensive paperweight.

Moreover, despite what YouTube videos or websites say about hacks or programs that let you unlock an iCloud lock, are all scams. you can’t do it. Basically, It’s a layer of security designed by Apple to save users from having their phones lost, stolen and then resold by thieves. As such, you can’t unlock or bypass it unless you were the original owner of that phone.

Part 1. Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone Online(Simple & Fast Solution)

There are some online services in the market which help you to unlock your iPhone devices, but they may charge some money in replacement. They provide one of the best ways to completely remove the current iCloud lock from your iPhone mobile.

DoctorUnlock online tool comprises a number of wonderful features for the end-users. With the help of those outstanding features, anyone can easily understand the real meaning of the iCloud unlock process. This is the only iCloud unlocking tool which provides this much features to the end-users.

This iPhone bypass service provider is highly rated and is famous to offer guaranteed, genuine and legit services to remove the iCloud account. They also deliver over the air services and are reliable taking only one or two days to complete the job. They also provide a money-back guarantee in case your iCloud account is not unlocked. In addition, DoctorUnlock whitelists your device’s IMEI assuring you no chance of your iPhone getting locked again in future.

Efficient, effective and easy to use – Online iCloud account unlocking method with IMEI number process is the most efficient and effective utility right now. Without passing through any technical process, any user can easily work with this tool. Moreover, DoctorUnlcok can be named as the fastest way to unlock any iPhone or iCloud account.

Legal, Safe and fully guaranteed – There are various tools are available in the public for the iCloud account unlock process. But most of them are not legal, safe and didn’t offer any guaranteed end result for the end-users. But DoctorUnlock quite differs from all. After spending innumerable hours for optimizing, modifying this tool it earned a huge impact in front of the end-users. This tool is absolutely safe, legal and fully guaranteed for using the process of iCloud account unlock service. So without any fear, any user can easily use this online tool.

Here are a few important things to know about using this site:

  • One of the great things about DoctorUnlock is it is a permanent solution; even if you update to the latest version or sync your data with iTunes, your device won’t be locked again
  • supported by all iPhone models and iOS versions.
  • If your iCloud account isn’t unlocked, then a full refund is provided.
  • All iCloud features will be available after your order is completed.

Here’s a list of how long it took to unlock each iCloud account according to iPhone model respectively.

  • 1 x iPhone X – 3 days
  • 1 x  iPhone XS – 2 days
  • 1 x iPhone XS Max – 3 days
  • 1 x iPhone 8 – 3 days
  • 1 x iPhone 7 – 4 days
  • 1 x iPhone 7 Plus – 2 days
  • 1 x iPhone 6 – 2 day
  • 1 x iPhone 6 Plus – 2 days
  • 1 x iPhone 6s – 3 days
  • 1 x iPhone 6s Plus – 1 day

Click here to unlock your iCloud locked iPhone using DoctorUnlock and moreover, see pricing plans respectively.

doctor unlock enter idevice model and imei number is another iCloud account unlocks service provider. They deliver maximum between 1-3 days and commit for a money-back guarantee in case the phone is not unlocked. Their unlocking services are 100% online and are highly reliable and efficient. They are superb at their customer service and has very outstanding and real reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients and customers.

Although it is hard to believe if the above service providers fail to unlock your iPhone and you are looking for how to unlock iCloud locked iPhone then try out and you might be lucky.


  • Instant Results
  • Fast Completion
  • Awesome service, quick and easy.
  • 100% money-back guarantee

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iphoneunlock zone

Part 2. Unlock iCloud from iPhone Using iPhone Passcode Unlock Software

iMyFone LockWiper is a tool which asserts it will allow you to successfully remove the iCloud activation lock on iOS devices. Moreover, It also helps to delete the screen passcode of iDevices too if you have forgotten that. So, if your iPhone is connected to an iCloud account but you don’t have the password to unlock it, you can definitely consider this iPhone passcode unlock tool to solve your problem. LockWiper is a computer-based Apple ID bypass software and lock screen removal tool.

You can download and install a free trial version for Windows or Mac computers.

Although the trial won’t allow you to finalize the unlock without buying a license it will allow you to test it out to see if it might work for your iPhone or iPad. Technically this isn’t a free method, but you can try it before you buy it. So you can see if it will work before you commit to the cost of buying the App.


  • Instantly remove iCloud account & Apple ID from activated iOS devices, without a password.
  • You can also remove it by yourself in just a few minutes.
  • After removing iCloud, you get full control over your iPhone.
  • For your second-hand iPhone, it won’t be visible on the previous account settings, or remotely blocked by the previous Apple ID user.

Steps to Unlock iCloud From iPhone Using iMyFone LockWiper:

Go to the iMyFone website and download the free trial version of iMyfone LockWiper.

Once the program has been installed run it and select the Unlock Apple ID for which you want to remove the iCloud account.

The screenshots below are from my Mac computer – if you have a Windows computer they may look slightly different. Don’t panic, the software will work on your PC.

imyfone unlock apple id

Attach your iOS device to the computer via a USB cable.

If you are heading throughout the process by using the paid version and your device is compatible then the Apple ID will be removed.

When it’s done, the previous Apple ID and iCloud account will be removed from the iPhone. You can now use a new Apple ID and enjoy all the features on the iPhone. iMyFone LockWiper’s free trial version enables you to check whether your device is supported or not. Read our full review of iMyFone LockWiper here.

Part 3. Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone through Settings

If you purchased a used iPhone from the market and find that it requires Apple ID and password to activate the iPhone, it is very likely a stolen mobile. Unluckily, you have no way to find it out until you get the iPhone. But you can attempt to unlock using these unlocking iCloud tips.

Note: It is not a permanent solution to bypass the iCloud lock and access your iOS device.

Steps to Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone via Settings:

Click on the Home button and then select the “Wi-Fi Settings”. From the Wi-Fi network list, tap the “i” symbol beside the WiFi network which you want to connect to.

After you tap the “i”(info icon), you will be led to the network settings. Remove the actual DNS, and enter the new DNS according to your current location:

  • For those users who are in USA/North America, the new DNS is
  • For those users belongs to Europe, the new DNS is
  • For users in Asia, the new DNS is
  • For users in another area, the new DNS is

After you have entered the correct DNS, click the “Back” option and tap the “Activation Help” button.

unlock icloud locked iphone via settings


Having an iCloud locked iPhone really sucks. They can almost hold you ransom and make you pay whatever they needed to get access to the iPhone you’ve already paid for. And nobody would want that. If you have your iCloud account locked, try one of these services and you can beat their scams without having to pay them a penny. Leave a comment below regarding this post, how helpful it proved to sort out your problem.

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