About Us

Who We Are?

SoftWalla is dedicated to providing honest, unbiased reviews of software and any product you need, written by real users. Our goal is to help you find the best software & products for your individual needs. Our reviews, buying guides and tips are based on thorough testing and personal experience, and we show you everything we can about the products we recommend.

What Makes SoftWalla Different From Other Review Sites?

One thing you’ll notice immediately about our reviews is their honesty – it’s what makes our reviews worth reading. If we review a great product with an annoying problem, we won’t hide the fact from you. Our reliability and thoroughness are what make our reviews valuable, and we would never compromise that.

We never recommend the product without thoroughly testing it first, and we never recommend software that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We explain what makes a good software & product, and how each of the products we review stack up against those criteria. With plenty of screenshots along the way, you’ll be able to see exactly what we mean.

The products that we recommend are the ones that we use in our daily lives, and we only want to use the best of the best. We’re also available to help, and we encourage our readers to get involved in the SoftWalla community with any questions or concerns about any piece of product that we review.

We check each software with multiple malware scanners to ensure that any software we recommend won’t harm your computer – although you should always keep your own antivirus software up-to-date too! The digital world can be dangerous, after all.

Most importantly, we never post reviews that are actually advertisements in disguise – no matter how much money we’re offered.

What About Our Affiliate Commissions?

We are 100% reader-supported. When you purchase software or products or services through our links, we may earn affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

In case you’re not familiar with them, affiliate programs are simple. If you click a link on our website to purchase software, products or services, we receive a small commission from the product publisher. They pay us out of their revenue, so no extra cost is passed on to you.

SoftWalla makes money through affiliate programs, and it might seem that this would bias our reviews, but it doesn’t. Some reviews don’t contain affiliate links at all, and some reviews recommend free software over the paid competition. Our writers never know which software publishers offer affiliate commissions, so they can’t skew the results of their testing to make more money (even subconsciously).