5 Best Apple Music Converter in 2022

Best Choice: DRmare Audio Converter Windows/macOS, $39.95+
Runner-Up: Sidify Apple Music converter Windows/macOS, $39.95+
Also Great: TuneKeep Audio Converter Windows/macOS, $39.95+

People always search for ways to convert M4P to MP3 because the former is a protected iTunes music format. Songs you purchase on iTunes or Apple Music come with some protection that prevents you from playing them outside of Apple Music.

Also, you can only listen to music when you have a valid subscription. The same goes for iTunes audio. To remove these restrictions and truly claim ownership of your downloaded iTunes or Apple Music files, you need an Apple Music audio converter.

The number of Apple Music or iTunes audio converters run into their hundreds, but you cannot use them randomly. We have already selected which programs are the best Apple Music audio converters of 2022. Below is a quick summary of all the top music converters. Read the post to the end to learn more about them so that you can select the one that best suits you.

Quick Summary

DRmare Audio Converter is an easy-to-use M4P converter for changing Apple Music songs and iTunes M4P into MP3 and other formats that have no restrictions and can be played on a plethora of music players. A standout feature of DRmare Audio Converter is its incredible speed. This application converts your downloaded music at speeds of up to thirty times the standard industry speed. With all its speed and power, music saved using DRmare will not lose quality in the course of the conversion process.

Sidify Apple Music converter,like DRmare, can convert Apple Music or iTunes M4P to MP3 and other popular formats. When you do the conversion with Sidify Apple Music converter, your audio quality stays the same. Apart from merely converting your Apple Music, pieces of information in their ID3 tags are unaltered, meaning that you still get the artist’s name, genre, and other information on your songs.

TuneKeep Audio Converter is much more than just your regular Apple Music audio converter. It can convert to MP3, M4A, FLAC, AIFF, and other popular formats. TuneKeep’s interface is simple for the layman, yet robust and stable enough for convenient day-to-day use on all Windows versions

Notice how the above similar the iTunes music converters are? This is because we handpicked them to give you only the most advanced options. Not sure which to get? Continue reading this article; we will go over them in greater detail.

Part 1. What is Apple Music audio converter

To enjoy Apple Music and iTunes more and be able to listen to purchased music on other devices, you need an Apple Music or iTunes audio converter.  The best Apple Music to MP3 converters are merely pieces of software or services that let you convert songs from DRM-protected Apple Music to a different format, mainly from protected M4P to MP3.

Part 2. Do You Need An Apple Music converter

When it comes to Apple music converters, Apple already provides you with QuickTime Player. However, if you would love to enjoy your Apple Music songs on an MP3 player or even burn it to a CD, play in your car, or burn the songs to a CD, then you need a different Apple Music audio converter.

Also, with an Apple Music converter, after your subscription runs out or you unsubscribe, you would still be able to play songs from Apple Music. People need Apple Music converters for several reasons, and here, we will show you the best you can get.

Part 3. How We Tested and Picked the Best Apple Music converter in 2022

Before you get to our list of the best Apple Music converters in 2022, you need to know that this review is unbiased and well-researched. Here is how we made our picks.


For this list of Apple Music converters, we only examined the ones compatible with the latest Windows and macOS computers. We also only listed the converters that offer high-resolution 4K video.

Formats Supported

Another huge criteria that the Apple Music converters needed to satisfy in order to make this list is the power to work on the most popular formats, most of which are not supported by the default music converter.


The features we looked out for when choosing the best Apple Music converters are those that you can’t get on QuickTime. For instance, we went for the converters that have filters, let you customize the playback speed, synchronize subtitles, and other functions. These and more features are what make the best Apple Music to MP3 converters.


A remarkable thing about Apple Music converters is that they are mostly free to use. However, this does not eliminate entirely the possibility of you paying money for one of these tools. To unlock some additional features, you may need to purchase premium versions of these applications.

Part 4. Our Picks: Best Apple Music converter in 2022

Top 1. DRmare Audio Converter

DRmare is widely regarded as a top iTunes audio converter. It powers up your music management in many more ways than you can get from iTunes or many other Apple Music converters. Now, note that DRmare is fundamentally distributed for personal use and not to be used commercially.

To remove Apple Music and iTunes limitations and encryptions, download music, and to convert the songs to other more widely accepted formats, DRmare should be your go-to application. With DRmare, you can convert Apple Music from MP3, M4A, AC3, MP2, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AC3, AAC, AC3, M4R, RAM, MKA, etc. to FLAC, WAV, M4B, MP3, AAC, and M4A.

Regarding your computer’s compatibility with DRmare Audio Converter, if you are reading this on a web browser, then it can most likely work with this software. You can install and run DRmare on Windows and Mac computers with at least 1GHz processor or more. For a smooth operation, you need only 512MB of RAM.

Converting Spotify to MP3 is easy using DRmare. Simply launch the program; when you do this, iTunes will also open automatically. The interface shows you two different “Add Files” buttons. Use the one at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Click this button to get the songs in to DRmare. Alternatively, an easier way is by dragging and dropping the music into the application.

import music into drmare

With the songs now in DRmare, you now have to only select the format you wish to convert it into and set other paramenters for the operation. To tell DRmare what format you want the songs in, go to the “Format” tab and specify the output format. To edit ID3 tag information like the artist, album, and year of release, click “Edit.”

select the output format and edit id3 tag details

Finally, convert the song and save it on any device on which you want to play it.

Top 2. Sidify Apple Music converter

sidify Apple Music converter

Sidify Apple Music converter features a new converter that helps you remove DRM protection from songs you get from Apple Music. With this, you can listen to them offline whenever you like.

This iTunes/Apple Music audio converter has a sleek look and comes packaged in an intuitive user interface. Therefore, users with little or no technical expertise can convert all the Apple Music MP4 into MP3 and vice versa in just three simple steps. Sidify Apple Music converter does not strip your song of the ID3 tags, so you get music complete with all its details.

The music you purchase on Apple Music contains accurate details of the artist, songwriters, album (name, year, composer), and other information in the ID3 tag. When you download and convert Apple Music files to MP3, for instance, using Sidify Apple Music Converter, the output files will not be stripped of these details. Burning of your music files to a CD or transferring them to your connected device happens in only one click.

Speaking of transferring your Apple Music files, Sidify Apple Music converter also serves the critical function of allowing you to upload them to cloud storage, such as OneDrive and Google Drive. Like with DRmate, the first step to converting Apple Music to MP3 using Sidify is importing the songs into the application. Do this by hitting the “+” button and then selecting your desired songs.

import apple music songs into sidify

If you desire to enjoy Apple Music on your media players, then click MP3 as the output format. On the same screen, you will also choose the output path. After that, finally conclude the conversion, and your files will be in the “Converted” tab. One thing you would love about Sidify is the bright, clean interface.

converting apple music to mp3 with sidify

Top 3. TuneKeep Audio Converter

TuneKeep Audio Converter

If you need an Apple Music audio converter that transforms Apple Music and audiobooks into M4A, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and other useful formats losslessly, then you should consider TuneKeep Audio Converter. TuneKeep is a popular option for users who need to perform the conversion and manage their files with ease.

You can use TuneKeep to manage Apple Music songs, Audiobooks, as well as iTunes M4P music. The supported output formats include MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC, and it works on Apple Music, iTunes M4P, and Audiobooks.

TuneKeep is not only popular because of its ease-of-use, but the program is also famous for its incredible conversion speed of up to 16X faster than the average. It also retains ID3 tags on the piece of music and works on the latest Windows 10.

You don’t have to open iTunes because on launching TuneKeep, iTunes also opens up and loads its library showing your Apple Music playlists and songs. Instead of clicking any button or dragging and dropping, it’s easier with TuneKeep. Mark the checkboxes beside any song you want to convert abd click “Enter.”

select apple music songs to convert

Now, that is not all. You are trying to convert it to another format. On the same page, you will find the options to choose an output format. Here also, you can choose where you wish to save the converted music and other settings.

TuneKeep also allows you to change the music information. It’s an option called “Metadata.”  Adjust all you wish for the conversion and click “Convert.” You will see the progress on the screen as in the screenshot below. You’ll know when the conversion is complete, and then you can see the button to navigate to the folder the songs are saved.

progress of apple music conversion to mp3

Top 4. Ondesoft iTunes Converter

onedesoft itunes converter

Onedesoft iTunes Converter is an all-round iTunes audio converter for Windows and Mac that can also get rid of iTunes DRM, as well as convert M4P to MP3. If you prefer a professional PC or Mac software, then go for Onedesoft iTunes Converter. The interface is very similar to iTunes, and it loads your library automatically when you connect your device to the computer.

Whether you are looking for a software to convert Apple Music, iTunes M4P, or Audiobooks to the most widely used formats, Ondesoft iTunes Converter is easily capable of the operation. This program is a strong contender for the best Apple Music or iTunes M4P converter because it does not leave many functions to be desired.

The user interface is sleek and intuitive; throw in its versatility and power to handle multiple input and output formats, and you have the ultimate iTunes converter. With Onedesoft iTunes Converter, you can remove DRM from any iTunes M4P music, Apple music, AAX Audiobooks, and Audible AA.

The downloaded songs can be converted from protected formats like M4P to MP3, MKA, AC3, M4R, AIFF, FLAC, and AU formats. The quality of the output file is in your hands, as Onedesoft gives you options to select the bit rate, sample rate, and overall audio quality.

Also, on the output quality, I love that Onedesoft iTunes Converter does more than merely retain the ID3 tag information of your downloaded music. For your output converted files, you have the power to customize these details – change the song title, artist, album name, composers, Disk ID, etc.

On launching Onedesoft iTunes Converter, it immediately loads your existing iTunes library. Save time on your iTunes music and Audiobook conversion to MP3 with the incredible useful batch conversion function. All you have to do to convert multiple files is to click “check all” on your music library and hit “Start.” The entire conversion process is smooth, the buttons are located at easy-to-reach locations, and the application is fast on Mac and Windows. First-time users will find it easy to use at the first try.

Top 5. iMusic

imusic Apple Music converter

Don’t let the “i” part of the name make you think that iMusic is an official Apple Music audio converter. It’s more than that. As a capable replacement for your iTunes, iMusic has all the tools and functions required to download, convert, and manage all your downloaded music.

iMusic helps you manage all your music. By manage here, I mean that you can not only convert Apple Music, but you can also download music from YouTube, 4Shared, Jamendo, and thousands of other sites. No Apple Music converter on this list can download music from as many platforms as iMusic.

Regarding the download quality, iMusic gives you outputs of 128k to 320k music in all the popular formats like MP3, M4A, etc. It also features the batch download function that lets you get more than 600 songs at a go.

The availability of the batch download function does not mean in any way that downloading with iMusic is tough; it’s not. To download music, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the song into the iMusic download box and hit “Download.” Within minutes, your songs or playlists will be converted and saved on your computer.


When you purchase songs from Apple Music or iTunes, you can only enjoy them within the service or application. That’s why you need an Apple Music audio or iTunes M4P converter. These excellent programs record or download the original songs and convert them to more device-friendly formats.

With your downloaded music now on your computer, these tools also help you manage them and move them to other media players. Our top pick here is the DRmare Audio Converter, but all the other applications will also work correctly, depending on your scenario.

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