13 Best PDF Editor for Windows 10/11 in 2024

Whether you need a free or premium PDF editing software, our reviews will help you to find the best PDF editor for Windows 10!
Best PDF editor for Windows 10

Imagine this – you are reading an important business document and realize a typo exists. You want to fix it but realize it is a PDF document, and you don’t have a suitable editor.

If you need a reliable tool to edit these documents, we did the footwork for you. Our experts searched the market for the best PDF editor for Windows 10/11. Look at our reviews and pick the most suitable product for you!

Quick Summary

  • Our top pick for the best PDF software for Windows 10/11 is PDFelement. The software is an all-around editor suitable for both beginners and professional users. The unique combination of a user-friendly interface and powerful features makes it a great choice for editing PDFs.
  • Adobe Acrobat DC Standard comes from a brand that is likely the most popular PDF editor in the world. We picked this version because it offers a great mixture of a convenient interface and handy functions. Everything is easily done with Acrobat DC, from conversion to splitting and editing documents.
  • ABBYY FineReader is a fine choice if you are a professional user looking for advanced functions from your PDF editing software. It will be worth figuring out how the software works because it offers a comprehensive array of useful features.

What Is PDF Editor?

The PDF editor allows you to create PDF documents from other files or from scratch. You can also edit existing documents by modifying text, adding new images, rearranging pages, etc.

Who Should (Or Should Not) Get a PDF Editor for Windows 10/11?

You will not want a PDF editor for Windows 10 if you don’t use this operating system or PDF documents. However, most of the tools listed in this article are compatible with the earlier versions of Windows. And the odds are that you will need to edit a PDF document sooner or later.

If you are employed in a company, perhaps you are working on a joint project with your team. PDF editors offer options to markup text, comment, and communicate to ensure the final document meets the requirements. PDF documents can also be convenient for creating legal paperwork, technical specifications for tools, and other business documents. You might also find PDF forms to fill out online, and you can’t complete them without these editors. The versatility of these tools is incredible, which is why you should ensure to have a suitable PDF editor in your software collection.

How We Test the Best PDF Editor for Windows 10/11?

We took choosing the best PDF software for Windows 10 seriously. Take a look at the features that we considered:

  • Editing options – after all, we are looking for the best PDF editor. That is why we made sure that all tools have adequate editing functions. That includes the basics like adding and modifying text and images, splitting and rearranging pages, etc.
  • Conversion and creation – you can find tools that allow creating PDFs from scratch and other formats. It could even be possible to combine various file types into a single PDF. The conversion also works the other way around, which means you can transfer PDFs to text files, Excel tables, etc.
  • OCR options – OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. If you have a scanner, you can scan a piece of paper and turn it into an editable PDF document. The tool can recognize the letters and turn them into changeable text.
  • Ease of use – the interfaces of PDF editors are often cluttered because these tools offer a comprehensive range of options. It is why ease of use becomes an extremely important feature. It is particularly vital if you are a beginner and need the tool to be simple to use.

The Winners

Best Choice: PDFelement

Have you ever wanted full freedom to edit your PDF documents? That is what PDFelement gives, which is why we find it the best PDF editor for Windows 10.

PDFelement features an all-around word processor for editing PDF files. You can also convert files effortlessly while ensuring you will keep the existing layout. Those who work in teams will appreciate the ability to comment and communicate with colleagues and receive feedback from clients.

What Is the Price of PDFelement?

You can try PDFelement to see if it fits, and if you deem that you like the tool, buy the full version to unlock all its features.

The software contains Standard and Pro editions. The standard version allows signing and securing files, filling out forms, converting, commenting, annotating files, and editing images and text. You can also export files or create them from scratch.

It is the Pro edition that shows the true power of PDFelement. It features OCR and allows scanning papers into editable PDFs. You can also make and change form fields, optimize and compress documents, and even add a digital signature.

Here is the pricing overview for both editions.

  • Standard – a yearly license will cost you $59, while a one-time license is priced at $69.
  • Pro – a yearly subscription costs $79, but you can also buy the program for a one-time fee of $119.

The prices are the same for both Windows and Mac. You can also get special deals for businesses, teams, schools, teachers, etc.

Does PDFelement Matches User Expectations? Hands-On Testing

We always recommend downloading PDF editors from their official websites. That is why we downloaded this tool from Wondershare’s website. The tool features a standard installation process, which should be fairly simple for everyone. Click Next several times, and you are good to go.

PDFelement – Installation Process

This main screen is the first thing you will notice when you open PDFelement.

PDFelement – Home Screen – Open File Shortcut

From here, you can easily choose the desired action. That can vary from creating, converting, and combining documents to opening new files. If you want to open a new document, click on “Open File” on the left part of the screen.

The interface is as expected from a PDF editor for Windows 10. If you have used Office programs or other apps like Photoshop, you should be familiar with the interface.

PDFelement – Interface Layout

It will take a couple of minutes to get to know PDFelement, especially if you haven’t used these editors before. The top of the page contains a quick-access toolbox; you will find the main menu buttons right below.

All documents opened will be listed above the document currently opened so that you can change between them effortlessly. You will also find different panels on the left, including thumbnail, bookmark, annotation, and other types.

Another convenient feature is setting up the desired Page View mode. You can do that by clicking the “View” submenu in the upper part of the screen.

PDFelement – View Options

Now, notice the settings opened above the documents. You can choose whether you want to see a page at the time, arrange the pages in a continuous mode, or even arrange them side by side. That will enable you to check out the document as if you are reading a book, which is quite convenient.

Let’s skip to the actual functions that make this the best PDF software for Windows 10.

How to Create and Edit PDFs with PDFelement?

From the main screen, you can choose to create a PDF from scratch.

PDFelement – Create PDF Shortcut from Home Screen

Once you click, a browser will open. You can select files to open and then choose File à Save As to convert them to a PDF file.

You can also combine multiple files of various formats by picking “Combine PDF.”

PDFelement – Combine PDF from the Main Screen

You will now be taken to the screen where you can add multiple files to merge into a single PDF.

PDFelement – Add Files to Combine into a PDF

And if you don’t want to make PDF pages from existing files, you can always create a blank document. Choose the File from the top menu, and select New. In the next menu, choose the paper size and enter other desired adjustments. Once you are done, click on “Blank.”

PDFelement – Create a New Blank PDF

Editing PDF documents is also a piece of cake with PDFelement. Once a document is open, click on the “Edit” button at the top of the screen. As soon as you click it, you can select the text to change.

PDFelement – Edit Options – Line and Paragraph Mode

Please notice the Line and Paragraph mode adjustments on the right. If you pick the Paragraph, the software will show text blocks. But if you pick Line mode, it will remind you of classic text editors like Microsoft Word. Each line will be an independent block. It is a very convenient feature that allows users to adjust the editing options to their preferences.

Other editing functions are also there, including adding new text, adjusting font, and adding subscript and superscript features.

Can You Comment on PDFs with PDFelement?

Comments are a great feature for people working in teams and businesses aiming to get customer feedback. If you are looking for the best PDF for Windows 10 tool with annotating functions, PDFelement could be the one.

First, you need to open the desired document. Now, look at the top menu and choose the “Comment” section.

PDFelement – Comment Functions

This will open an entire submenu with functions related to comments. You have various approaches to adding comments, including simple notes, typewriter comments, text boxes, and highlighting areas. You can experiment with them by choosing the commands on the left and the top part of the screen.

The entire process is user-intuitive, which makes it quick to add, read, and respond to comments. It is why teams love using PDFelement in their projects.

What Else Can You Do with PDFelement?

People often find it difficult to organize their PDF documents, so PDFelement was looking for a way to streamline that process. The “Page” menu will open the available functions. It will be easy to replace a page, delete it, or insert a new one into the document.

PDFelement – Page Editing Options

These functions mostly work similarly. We tried the “Split Pages” option, which opened a new pop-up menu as soon as we clicked it.

PDFelement – Split Pages

Here, you can choose the number of pages to split and the output path on your computer. The program finished the task in a matter of seconds, which proved it is fast and reliable.

You shouldn’t underestimate the possibility of right-click menus in this tool. For example, if you pick page thumbnails in the View screen and right-click on a particular page, you will see the available commands related to organizing the document.

PDFelement – Right-Click Menu

Overall, PDFelement is an incredibly useful tool. It is easy to learn how things work and navigate your way around it. If you don’t have previous experience with PDF editors, getting used to how these tools work might take a while. But if you are familiar with these apps, you will find this software to have a very intuitive interface that is simple to use.

Runner-up: Adobe Acrobat DC Standard

Adobe Acrobat DC Standard is probably the most famous name in the industry. Its popularity led to millions of PC owners using the tool. Adobe worked hard on it, which is why it is filled with great features:

  • Creating PDFs – you can easily convert JPG, XLS, DOC, and other file types into PDFs. It is also possible to merge multiple files or split them.
  • Editing – the program will scan tables and allow you to edit data inside them easily. You can also edit text, organize, delete, and rotate pages.
  • Signing and sharing – whether you need to add your signature or ask others to sign, you can do that with Adobe Acrobat DC Standard. It is easy to protect documents so only certain users can access them. Commenting, reviewing, and sharing are all intuitive functions, too.

 Once you open Acrobat DC, the Home screen will open.

Adobe Acrobat DC Standard – Home Screen

If you click “Home” at the top of the screen, you will find available commands, such as the one to access recent pages, document clouds, etc. The center of the screen will show the list of recent documents and a to-do list with tasks you added. Finally, you will find a search box on the right and the latest notifications about things you should know.

You can access various commands by clicking on the “Tools” menu.

Adobe Acrobat DC Standard – Tools Screen

These include creating PDFs from scratch, combining multiple files in a single document, editing, etc. It takes a while to get used to how Adobe Acrobat DC Standard works, but once you do, you will be able to use its full power effortlessly. The software is available via a free trial, or you can purchase a full version immediately.

Also Great: ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader could easily be the best PDF editing software for Windows 10 for advanced users. The tool has a wide range of features, including:

  • Organize and edit documents – it is easy to rearrange elements, add new sections, and fill out forms with this app.
  • Approve and collaborate – an excellent choice for working in teams, with options for text markup and comments. You can even send documents for another person to approve.
  • Sign and protect – a redaction tool that allows you to deal with sensitive information properly. The tool is also compatible with digital signatures and allows password protection.
  • Convert, create, and compare – the program can convert various file types into PDFs, and you can compare documents easily.
  • OCR – an OCR editor allows advanced document conversion and enables turning papers and scanned files into editable documents.

Once you open the tool, you will notice the “New Task” options.

ABBYY FineReader – New Task

You can easily choose the desired actions from here, such as opening or converting documents.

If you open a file, it will look like this:

ABBYY FineReader – interface

The interface might seem a bit cluttered, but it offers plenty of options. The left side has navigation options, and you can also manage bookmarks. Searching for desired information can make it easier to find it in large documents. You can also view and edit comments to communicate with coworkers or read customer feedback.

ABBYY FineReader is available in Standard and Corporate editions.


Nitro Pro PDF Editor

Do you need a powerful but user-friendly custom PDF editor? Nitro Pro PDF editor is an advanced tool that gives you total freedom in editing documents. Do you want to add a single page or prefer rearranging pages? Would you like to change the text or protect it with a password?

Nitro Pro PDF Editor

Redaction is another option with Nitro PDF.  The user interface is simple and similar to the ones used by popular PDF editing tools. You will immediately become comfortable with the ribbon bar and the rest of the design.

Able2Extract Professional

As the name suggests, Able2Extract Professional is a tool for advanced users that know their way around PDF editing. It is versatile and offers a wide range of functions. Creating and opening a PDF document is simple, and you can edit it with a couple of clicks.

Able2Extract Professional

Able2Extract also offers redaction tools and Bates numbering for business files. Whatever you want to do with your PDF, the chances are that this program will make it possible.

Kofax Power PDF Advanced

Kofax Power PDF Advanced has a fairly simple interface and clean graphics. The layout is quite basic, but the range of functions will suit even the most demanding users.

Kofax Power PDF Advanced

Opening and creating documents only takes a couple of clicks. The software is also suitable for editing text, images, splitting, rotating, rearranging pages, and all other expected functions from a PDF editor.

Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is another popular solution on the market. A user-friendly interface is the primary benefit of this tool. You can get into editing PDFs right away without wasting a single second on unnecessary adjustments.

Foxit PhantomPDF

The program allows you to edit texts in columns, paragraphs, or entire pages. You can set the desired text block size, and add bates numbering, footers, headers, and other useful additions. PhantomPDF doesn’t have a long learning curve, even if you are a beginner at using PDF editing apps.

PDF Architect Pro

The software has a unique name, and you can also see the creativity of the developers once you start working with the program. Newbies want their PDF editors to remind of Microsoft Word or similar processors, and this tool delivers.

PDF Architect Pro

The central screen allows accessing existing PDF files, creating documents, and even access guides and blogs with resources. PDF Architect Pro takes the functionality of the program to the next level with additional features. 

Smallpdf Editor

Are you tired of downloading software and installing it on your computer? If you are looking for a fast and free PDF editor for Windows 10, how about heading online? Smallpdf Editor is an online-based tool with various functions.

Smallpdf.com Editor

Although it is simple and doesn’t offer complex operations, it has more than enough functionality for an average user. You can take advantage of the cloud to access files from anywhere, and apart from editing, you also have conversion available.


PDFEscape offers both online and desktop editing options. If you use the online version, the graphics might seem a bit outdated. However, the desktop version features advanced graphics and a modern layout.

PDFexcape Pro

You can fill out forms with this app, as well as edit documents and rearrange them as you fit. The tool seems reliable, although it is not very fast when creating PDFs.

Qoppa PDF Studio

The best thing about Qoppa PDF Studio is that all functions are easily accessible. Whether you want to rearrange pages within a document or convert it to another type, finding the desired feature shouldn’t be a problem.

Qoppa PDF Studio

Digital signatures are another option that this program offers. You can also print documents and e-mail them to others. Although graphics might not be as advanced as other tools, the software is user-friendly.

Microsoft Word

Did you know that Microsoft Word can open PDF files? It is worth noting that the software will immediately convert them to DOC files. These documents might not look like the original, especially if they contain a lot of graphics. However, Word will offer an option to edit the text instantly.

Microsoft Word 2007

If you use Microsoft Word, you can also save your documents as PDFs. All that you have to do is to pick a suitable format when saving the file.

Sejda PDF

Here is another free PDF editor Windows 10 allows you to access online. Sejda PDF works like this: open the tool and upload the desired file. The software allows you to change things online and then download your files.

Sejda PDF

Other functions are available, such as signing documents, deleting, and merging pages. If you prefer working offline, Sejda Desktop is also available.


If you are a Windows 10 user, you have the privilege of choosing numerous PDF editors designed for this operating system. Some tools stick to basic functions, but they are extremely simple to use. Others offer a comprehensive feature range, but they also require a bit of patience in accustoming to their interface.

A free editing app might be enough if you only want a quick edit, deletion, or conversion. But if you need full freedom to work on your PDF documents, we strongly suggest finding the best PDF editor for Windows 10. These are usually premium tools, but you can give them a shot via a free trial. Once you confirm they suit your preference, pick a plan and unlock all features!

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