EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

In this EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard review, learn what it is like to use the professional software for the first time, as well as key benefits and top competitors.
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When you delete or lose a file, it doesn’t cease to exist. It is the digital equivalent of a professional painter using white primer on a painting he/she disliked. When deleting or painting over, the intent is to make more storage or painting space available.

So while your lost files are never truly lost, it is currently impossible to retrieve them once they’ve been “painted over” again; that is, overwritten with new files. Until you overwrite deleted files, data recovery software has a good chance of retrieving them.

Not all data recovery software is created equal. But the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best at bringing back as many files as possible.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard combs through all your deleted files (except those that have been overwritten), lists them for you, and allows you to pick and choose which files you want to recover. It works for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Computer scans can take an hour to all day, depending upon how much you’ve stored on your computer. During and after a scan, you can find and recover files you’ve lost to malware, accidental deletion, or a corrupted drive.

What I Like

First, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is just as easy for me to use as it is to use my Facebook or Netflix account.

Second, the free version gives me up to 2GB of file recovery, which is a bit more than the free versions offered by most EaseUS competitors.

Third, EaseUS retains all file extensions (.docx, .pdf, .jpeg, etc.), allowing me to quickly find the file I wish to recover. If I have thousands of deleted files for recovery, EaseUS offers filter options and file previews.

easeus filter and previews options

Fourth, my research from customer reviews demonstrated that EaseUS Data Recovery does a much better job of recovering as many lost/deleted files as possible.

Lastly, scans go incredibly fast. What usually takes other data recovery programs double-digit hours to scan my computer took only 2 ½ hours with EaseUS. This is probably my favorite part of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

What I Don’t Like

In contrast to a number of my product review peers, I didn’t find it too inconvenient that my EaseUS dashboard lacked “integrity indicators.” In other words, the file data did not show whether or not the file was fully recoverable.

However, I turned on the preview feature (as pictured above) to fix this. Files that EaseUS could recover are displayed correctly in a preview and vice versa. Still, I agree that EaseUS might do better in providing more by way of file integrity indicators.

While EaseUS’s chat feature was adequate, at one point, I had really hoped to get on the phone with customer service. Customer support maintains odd hours for customers in the United States, as shown below from a screenshot I took of their customer support page.

easeus customer support page

If you are experiencing issues with your recovery software during business hours, EaseUS customer support may not be available. They are available on chat after 5 pm PST (or 8 pm EST), and phone support isn’t available until 6 pm PST (or 9 pm EST).

My final complaint is that EaseUS gives me the option to recover files to the hard drive from whence they had been deleted.

While this may seem like a convenient touch, this endangers other deleted files I might want to recover later. Returning a file to the same drive essentially overwrites deleted files, rendering them unrecoverable.

Who Should Get It?

EaseUS Data Recovery works perfectly for both personal and professional use. If you have precious memories or vital information stored on your hard drive, you should seriously consider downloading and using EaseUS to protect your files.

If you manage an office of employees, at least one of your employees will likely have an issue with lost/deleted files. Employers should, as a general rule, have data recovery software for all company computers.

Is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Safe?

Unless there are more critical issues with your computer or drive hardware, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is perfectly safe. EaseUS does not change a file’s composition – it is merely a “read-only” recovery tool.

However, if you choose to recover files onto the same drive from which they were deleted, then you risk overwriting other deleted files that you may still wish to retrieve. I recommend keeping a thumb drive or external hard drive handy for recovered files until you’ve finished your EaseUS scan.

Is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free?

EaseUS offers a free version that allows you to recover up to 2GB of deleted files.

So long as you remain within the 2GB data recovery limit with your free version, you have access to all support tools available to Pro members.

To clarify, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free version does not limit the amount/size of files scanned; only the amount/size of data recovered.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Version VS Professional Version

If you want unlimited data recovery, you can select from one of three EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional options – 1-Month, 1-Year, or Lifetime.

easeus data recovery price

I searched high and low on EaseUS’s website looking for a side-by-side comparison of the Free Version versus the Pro Version. Finally, I got on customer chat and confirmed that the only real difference is the 2GB recovery limit.

easeus data recovery wizard free vs pro

Does EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Work? What’s in it For You?

No data recovery software can recover every file after an accident. The best way to keep your essential files safe is to delete carefully, maintain your computer hardware, use cloud backups, and stay away from sites and emails that could contain malware.

In spite of all these best practices, you are likely to have an issue where you (or someone else) accidentally deletes critical files. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard outperforms other recovery software when it comes to data recovery.

Here are the most common reasons that customers are using EaseUS with great success.

Quick Fix After an Accident

While it is best to have your EaseUS Data Recovery software installed before you lose files in an accident, many install it after their accident.

When first testing the software, I scanned my computer for deleted files qualifying for recovery. Well over 50% of my deleted files were available for recovery.

I’ve concluded that those downloading EaseUS after an accident stand a good chance of recovering lost data. After recovering those files, customers see the value in keeping EeaseUS active on their computer and may even upgrade to the Pro version.

Easy to Use Dashboard

The first window you will see when launching the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a macro view of your hard drive with a Scan button on the right.

easeus data recovery wizard

You do not have to run a full computer scan, as shown above. If you know where the file you lost was before it was lost (most often the trash bin), you can choose to scan only that specific folder.

easeus scan specific folder

I chose to test the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on my Macbook and run a full computer scan. Though I wasn’t looking to recover any specific files that I had lost, I was able to replicate the user experience shown on the EaseUS webpage.

As the scan progressed, lost/deleted files accumulated in the database to the right.

easeus deleted files accumulated in the database

I selected an image file I recognized as having deleted months ago. By double-clicking on the image, it gave me a preview showing the jpeg file fully intact. I would be able to recover this file by clicking on the Recover Now button on the top right-hand corner.

User Error Peace of Mind

Having reliable data recovery through EaseUS shouldn’t cause us to become careless with our hard drives. However, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will undoubtedly give you, your family, and your employees a peace of mind that all is not lost after an accident.

Where to Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

To download EaseUS Data Recovery, visit the company’s website and select the option for a free download.

Make sure that you are downloading the wizard for your PC or Mac. When navigating the website for myself, I found that the download page landed on the Windows download by default.

If you are on the wrong page for your operating system, simply click the link below the download button, which in this particular case, is “Go to Mac Version.” Learn more about the best Windows data recovery here and Mac data recovery here.

easeus data recovery for pc or mac

I recommend downloading the free version since you can always choose to upgrade your EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to the Pro version anytime you please. Look for the orange “Upgrade” button on the wizard dashboard.

easeus data recovery upgrade

Reasons Behind Our Reviews & Ratings

When researching EaseUS for this product review, I tested the software myself and consulted several leading software review authorities.

I feel that the consensus clearly shows EaseUS as the undisputed leader in data recovery software. Here are my scores based on my research and user experience.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Effectiveness (4.5/5)

It is very difficult for a data recovery program to restore all deleted data (that weren’t overwritten), but EaseUS does an amazing job. Thousands of users have reported being able to recover items that they couldn’t with alternative software options like Stellar.

  • Price (4.1/5)

The EeaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is free for up to 2GB of retrieved files/data. The Pro Version is a little pricey, but few complain that they aren’t getting good value for their money.

  • Ease of Use (5/5)

This program is exceptionally simple to use for all computer skill levels.

  • Support (4.2/5)

Though the live customer support options (phone or chat) maintain peculiar hours for those living in the United States, agents are responsive and helpful. Additionally, the help center contains plenty of online tutorials and forums.

Alternatives to EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

If you are looking for features that the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does not offer, here are a couple hand-picked alternatives.

1. Stellar Data Recovery Professional

The Stellar Data Recovery software has a free version that allows you to recover up to 1GB of lost/deleted data.

The professional version normally costs $99.99/year to $299/year, depending on which plan you choose. That said, Stellar usually runs promotions for first-time customers that effectively cut first-year subscription prices in half.

stellar data recovery

I found Stellar’s software also easy to use. They also boast disk testing. This feature will show you how each drive is performing and whether or not any of them are corrupted.

If you want to duplicate a disk or drive, Stellar also supports disk cloning.

However, there are many complaints about Stellar’s ability to recover as much in lost data as the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Still, Stellar is a worthy alternative for your home or business. Read the complete Stellar Data Recovery Professional review here

Stellar Data Recovery Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Great promotions for first-time customers
  • Hard drive disk cloning and testing

Stellar Data Recovery Cons:

  • Data recovery is mediocre compared with EaseUS

2. Recuva

If cost is your biggest concern, Recuva is by far the cheapest with Pro versions costing less than $20/year for first-time customers.

As a product in a line-up of computer optimization programs by CCleaner, Recuva does not put a limit on their free version when it comes to the amount of data you need to recover. If you’re looking for a better free version than EaseUS, then look no further.


The interface is user-friendly, and if you want better disk scans, the pro version is the most affordable of our line-up here.

However, you do get what you pay for. The price is low, but you’re likely not going to be able to recover nearly as many files as you could with EaseUS or Stellar.

Recuva Pros:

  • Low-cost pro version
  • No GB recovery limit on the free version
  • Other optimization software add-ons cost $10 extra

Recuva Cons:

  • Not as effective data recovery as EaseUS or Stellar
  • Windows computers only


When it comes to our computer data, anything can happen. In spite of our best efforts to maintain hard drives and avoid clicking on unknown links, accidents occur all the time. Whether for personal use or at work, choosing the right data recovery software eliminates the stress associated with lost/deleted files.

EaseUS is, in my opinion, the best in the biz. If you tragically lost an important file, EaseUS is your best bet for recovering it. I hope that you found this EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard review helpful in your search for reliable recovery software.

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