How To Recover Data From Samsung Phone With Broken Screen

Wondering how to retrieve data from broken Samsung mobile? Let’s discuss the most reliable way to recover data from Samsung's phone with a cracked screen.
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With continuous technology advancements, smartphone companies like Samsung are inventing touchpads that are sensitive, and responsive but also durable. But consolidating data processing units or processors under a brittle surface itself makes it vulnerable to damage. Even the most expensive and hardcover Samsung mobiles come with a risk of devastation on a sudden and coincidental blunder.  

The most common question that trembles the Samsung user is how to retrieve data from a broken Samsung phone when the phone becomes inoperable due to screen damage.

It becomes imperative to retrieve data from a broken Samsung Phone to safeguard the essential contacts, photos, or other relevant documents or files. The mobile phone may or may not get repaired, but dr.fone – Recover(Android) is one such recovery tool, which is the right solution to retrieve data from a broken Samsung mobile.

Part 1. Understanding Broken Screen On Samsung Phones

What’s more traumatic after having a damaged phone in hand is to worry about retrieving data from a broken Samsung.  You may think of visiting a service engineer to get things repaired, but there is always a risk of losing the crucial files and folders.  As most phones these days are touch screens, the danger of accidentally dropping them and getting the screen cracked or broken is a real concern.

There could generally be two critical reasons that get your Samsung device screen damaged:

  • The impact created by dropping the phone
  • The effect created by the direct hit of any sharp object on the screen
Retrieve Data From Broken Samsung

In any such case, the thought that chills down your spine is, what if the phone never responds? Or a most thrilling question that blows your mind is how to recover data from Samsung phone with a broken screen?

The Foremost Step to take when the Samsung Phone Screen Breaks

If, somehow, by accident, you break the screen of your Samsung Phone, it is not safe to put the mobile on the charger in such a case. To begin with, follow the below first and foremost steps before going for further solutions:

  • Check the status of the phone breakage. Bring the phone under proper light and make a careful check of the screen.
  • After such a hard drop, the mobile usually turns off automatically. Try to turn on the device carefully without slicing your finger; see if it is still in working condition.
  • If the phone turns on, attentively find out if the phone is responding to your commands.
  • If the device is not responding, there is a higher chance that the screen has turned out blank/black.

The cracked phone screen may stop the functioning of the device completely. It is a dismal condition when the first thought that hit your mind: how you can now retrieve data from Samsung mobile. To solve the purpose, a few crucial steps are discussed in the article to help you recover the data from the device quickly.  

Part 2. Is it Possible to Recover Data from Broken Samsung Phone?

How frustrating it could be that you broke the screen and now wondering how to retrieve data from Samsung Phone. But need not panic as there are still some methods using which you can salvage the essential files and folders back from your damaged phone.

In such a case, recovering data from Samsung phone with a broken screen is not easy, but not impossible as well. Don’t stress out and follow a few simple techniques mentioned in this article to retrieve maximum files, photos, videos, contacts, documents, etc., from your device.

Part 3. Best Samsung Broken Screen Data Recovery – Dr.Fone – Recover (Android)

Whenever you fall into a situation where you have your new or old Samsung smartphone in a damaged condition, then before looking around for ways to get the hardware repaired, you must connect your mobile with dr.fone-Recover (Android) to save the data stored in it. Dr.fone-Recover is the first in the world that provides personal use free downloadable software to recover data from Samsung phones with a broken screens. 

dr.fone is a specially designed Android data recovery tool that works comfortably with all computer machines and can recollect 100% of data from the smartphone, even if the physical condition is unresponsive. Read our full review of dr.fone toolkit here.  

Part 4. Recover Data from a Broken Samsung Phone with Dr.Fone – Recover (Android)?

To retrieve data from a broken Samsung mobile, you only need to download and install dr.fone-Recover (Android) software on your PC or laptop.

Step 1. If you already have dr.fone on your laptop, then click on the desktop icon, the software is ready to get started.

Click Recover Button in drfone

Step 2. Click on the “Recover” button in green given in the top corner, which opens another panel that asks to “Connect your device to PC.” You can connect your broken Samsung phone to the PC with a USB cable.

Connect broken samsung Mobile To PC with drfone

Step 3. You are automatically on the next page, or else you can click on the “Recover Android Data” button given below. On the next page, click on the “Recover from broken phone” option on the left blue column.

Select Samsung file types to recover with drfone

Step 4. On the next page, select the files that you want to recover. (“Select all” option is checked by default.) Click the “Next” button, and select one of the two options, which are “Touch doesn’t work” or “Broken screen,” according to the issues that you are facing.

Select Broken Screen Or Touch Doesn't Work in Samsung with drfone
Select The Samsung Device Name And Model with drfone

Step 5. On the next page, you need to pick the Device Name and Model from the drop-down list and click “Next.”

Confirmation Of The Samsung Model with drfone

Step 6. A pop-up asks you to type “confirm” in the box provided and click the “confirm” button.

Guide To Enter Samsung The Download Mode with drfone

Step 7. You need to apply three simple steps to retrieve data from broken Samsung. As per the instructions, you have to switch off your phone first. Now press & hold Volume Down and Power buttons together; after that, press the Volume Up button to enter the download mode.

Step 8. As the dr.fone enters the download mode, it starts the scrutiny process, which might take some time depending upon the storage size.

Check The Samsung Recovery Files And Click Recover Button with drfone

Step 9. In the new window, device details are shown with different file types, like photos, messages, contacts, etc., in the left column. You can select the ones you want to recover and click on the “Recover” button.

Your Samsung broken screen data recovery is over. dr.fone saves all the selected files on the PC and is ready to be reinstalled on the new or repaired Samsung.


Dr.fone is a reliable tool to retrieve data from a broken Samsung smartphone. Therefore, if you face such a situation with your Samsung smartphone, without hysteria, follow the simple steps for extracting your significant data using secure, reliable, and shielded software, Dr. fone.

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