iPhone Lost Mode Unlock – How to Turn Off Lost Mode on iPhone

There is no doubt that the iPhone comes up with outstanding and unique features that no other operating system holds, either security or other things. iPhone Lost Mode is one of those security measures that Apple offers to its users so that no one can access their personal stuff when it is stolen. The feature also allows you to track your lost device. When you get back your iDevice, you can apply iPhone lost mode unlock to open it safely. On the other hand, the iPhone lost mode bypass becomes trouble itself if you cannot perform it.

In this article, we will be discussing the same problem and let you know how to override lost mode on iPhone. So without wasting any time, let’s see how to turn off lost mode on iPhone.

Part 1. What is Lost Mode on iPhone?

Basically, lost mode on iPhone is a distinct feature you can find in the iPhone 6 or later versions. The feature was introduced to make Apple devices more secure if they are stolen or lost by chance. If you ever think that you have lost your iPhone, you can turn this feature on. It will immediately lock the device and shows a custom message on the iPhone/iPad screen. Moreover, you can trace it through its location, and even the location services feature was turned off. Now, let’s have a look at iPhone lost mode bypass.

Part 2. Turn off iPhone Lost Mode with Passcode

In normal cases, you can easily turn off the iPhone lost mode by entering the accurate passcode on it. Now, there are two scenarios. Either you already have set the passcode on your iPhone before putting the iPhone/iPad into the lost mode or not.

If you were already using a passcode for your iOS device, you need to put that passcode while turning off the iPhone lost mode. Otherwise, if you were not using the passcode on your iOS device, you need to enter the passcode you used for the iCloud account while setting up the lost mode. That’s a simple trick for iPhone lost mode unlock.

iphone lost mode

Part 3. Unlock iPhone Lost Mode via iCloud

You can also use the Find My iPhone feature on the iCloud account to unlock iPhone lost mode. Here’s a simple guide on how to bypass iPhone lost mode via iCloud.

Open any browser on the internet and navigate to iCloud.com.

Use your Apple ID to log in with the same credentials you used on the iPhone/iPad.

icloud.com web page

After the login, you will see a Find My iPhone option there; click on it and then press on the All devices option that can be found at the bottom of the screen. Select your target iPhone device.

Because your iOS device is in the lost mode, press the Lost Mode button and then click on Stop Lost Mode to unlock your locked iPhone.

stop lost mode on iphone

Part 4. Unlock iPhone Lost Mode without Passcode

Well, the above scenarios were for those cases in which you remember the passcodes. But you may forget the iPhone lost mode passcode; what to do in that case? You will look for how to turn off lost mode on iPhone without passcode.

In this part, we will see how to unlock iPhone lost mode without passcode using different best online techniques.

4.1. Using DoctorUnlock to Bypass iPhone/iPad Lost Mode without Password

First off, I will highly recommend this solution if you are looking for how to override lost mode on iPhone. DoctorUnlock.net is an extremely safe place at which you can trust and unlock your iPhone device without any password.

Go to DoctorUnlock.net

Key Features:

  • A completely legal and safe place to unlock locked iPhone mobiles without a passcode.
  • SSL secured and comes up with 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Bypass iPhone/iPad lost mode within minutes.

How it works:

Open a safe internet browser and navigate to Doctorunlock.net’s official website.

Here, you need to select your iOS device model. You can use the dropdown menu for further options.

After making a selection, type your iPhone/iPad IMEI or Serial number to verify that you are the right person with original credentials.

Click on the “Unlock Now” button, wait for a while and your device will be unlocked.

doctorunlock for icloud

4.2. Using AppleiPhoneUnlock to Bypass iPhone/iPad Lost Mode without Password

AppleiPhoneUnlock is another online source used to bypass iPhone/iPad lost mode without a password. It is almost similar to the above one. AppleiPhoneUnlock is also a safe and trusted place that you can use to unlock iOS devices. All you have in hand is the IMEI number of the iPhone or Serial Number for iPad/iPods.

Go to AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud Activation Lock removal

Key Features:

  • Removes iCloud ID of previous owners
  • Very fast and efficient
  • Compatible with all the latest as well older versions of iPhones/iPad/iPods

How it works:

  1. As described above, go to the official website of AppleiPhoneUnlock.
  2. Select the model number of your iPhone/iPad.
  3. Enter the IMEI number or Serial number of iPhone/iPad, respectively.
  4. That’s all, press the “Unlock Now” button, and your iOS device will be instantly unlocked.
appleiphoneunlock for icloud


Did you forget the iPhone lost mode passcode? Try the above guide where we have discussed in-depth detail on how to unlock iPhone lost mode with or without a passcode. It is well and good if you remember the passcode. Else, you can use these two online sources to perform iPhone lost mode unlock operation. How was the article? Leave your feedback in the comment section.

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