Static Residential Proxies Review

Static proxy is a mixture of residential and datacenter proxies’ best traits. Find out benefits of static proxy servers compared to other kinds of proxies. Learn more here now!
Static Residential Proxies Review

There are different types of proxies out there, and the variety can be confusing to the new user. This confusion can be a disadvantage because not all types of proxies are created equal. They have varying costs and, therefore, should be utilized with their cost-effectiveness and accessibility in mind. 

Proxies or proxy servers are intermediaries between a device’s web browser and the internet. They are used for multiple purposes, including enhancing online anonymity, security, and web scraping. Proxy servers intercept web traffic to and from your computer, channelling it via the proxy server.

This process hides your device’s IP address and displays the proxy’s IP address instead of to any online agent tracking or monitoring your web activity. IP addresses can be used to accurately identify personal information such as your geographic location or internet service provider.

Different types of proxies and their uses

Residential and data center proxies are the most commonly known types of proxies in the market. Residential proxies are sold by internet service providers and are an actual IP address. Residential proxies, therefore, have a physical location, and a business or individual user can choose a proxy from any desired geographical location in the world. 

These proxies are essential in the web scraping process. Data scrapers are heavily reliant on residential proxy use because these proxy servers are not quickly banned, flagged, or blacklisted during the web scraping process. This is the residential proxy server’s most significant advantage. If you use data center proxies for web scraping, there are very high chances that your operations will be banned.

Datacenter proxies do not have valid IP addresses. Residential proxies are also very valuable for data protection. Businesses that handle sensitive information through their browsers should use proxy servers from security-driven internet service providers.

Letting sensitive data flow through unprotected datacenter servers could endanger your business’s data security. Residential proxies are, however, very expensive proxy solutions. They are also not easy to access as you would data center proxies.

Data center proxies are cheaper than residential proxies and are either sold or distributed free by third-party cloud-hosted providers. They also offer ample anonymity online, are fast, and are used to access geo-blocked content.

You can also use them in SEO and social media monitoring, especially for your Instagram accounts. One other great application for datacenter proxy use in copping sneakers. Since these proxies make it easy to access geo-blocked content, sneaker fans use them to access limited edition sneakers from one single computer. 

Static proxies

A static proxy is a cross between the residential proxy server and the datacenter type. They provide two major benefits of proxies at an affordable price. These benefits are the residential proxy’s legitimacy and the datacenter proxy’s speed attribute. A static proxy can be defined as data center IPs with an assigned IP address from an internet service provider.

You can use a static proxy server’s IP for the period agreed with its provider at a more affordable price than you would have to pay for a residential proxy. Static proxies are used to configure web servers, in website hosting, gaming and for Voice-over-Internet Protocol applications.  

Since a static proxy server has a fixed IP address, it is not only cheaper but also easier to maintain. Static proxies are therefore used by individuals or businesses that need stable but anonymous IP connection when online.

Benefits of static proxy servers

  • They provide the speed of private data center proxies
  • They have legitimate IP addresses assigned to them by an ISP. They, therefore, offer better anonymity online than data center proxies do.
  • They are more reliable than shared datacenter proxies since static proxies are assigned by ISP and managed by reputable providers
  • Unlike some types of datacenter proxies, you can have a guaranteed uptime experience with static proxies.
  • They provide the legitimacy at a lower price than you would have to pay for with residential proxies.

How should you best use static proxies?

Static proxies can be purchased as per need. They are immediately available on order, and most providers have easy pay-as-you-go pricing packages. You can, therefore, access a static proxy for a single-use or a lifetime of use. 

These proxies are very beneficial for use in certain situations where a rotating IP places you at a disadvantage. As an illustration, a rotating residential IP on some social media or e-commerce actions can lead to the flagging or banning of the IP address.

These proxy types allow city or country-level targeting making online proxies dependent actions such as price comparison, account management, bottomless ticket purchasing, or unencumbered sneaker release access a walk in the park.

To fully enjoy the many advantages of static proxies, purchase them from reliable proxy solutions, providers with robust customer care departments.

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