10 Best iPhone Manager Software in 2024

Are you dissatisfied with the conventional iPhone data transfer? Here is a list of few iPhone managers, which are trending as the best iPhone transfer software.
best iphone manager software

Short on time? Here’s the best iPhone manager for 2024:

Best Choice: Tenorshare iCareFone    Windows/macOS, $35.95+
Runner-up: iMazing    Windows/macOS, $44.99+
Also Great: AnyTrans for iOS    Windows/macOS, $49.99+

iPhones are not mere portable calling devices but used for many other purposes similar to personal computers. And with specific facilities of communications, gaming, and usage of multiple categories of applications, there is ample space for data storage. But most of us face issues in file sharing and seek for iPhone file transfer software that is secure and efficient.

The mobile phones now are typically advanced to have ample storage spaces and can always be used in place of pen drives or other such utilities. Mobiles have the option of transferring data to and from computers via USB wire. iTunes is a unique application software featured for all Apple devices to help a secure iPhone manager. But it is found that this tool works insignificantly in dealing with the files, whether it is media files like audio/ video, or ebooks, and other textual data.

The iTunes App was designed as a music library for iPhones and other iDevices. Later with the launch of the iTunes 9.1 version, it was also provisioned as iPhone file transfer software. But it has a lot of limitations, then favoring facilities that can in any way ease the file sharing process. It is always difficult to share files from computer to iPhone where it is necessary to load all the data to the iTunes App initially. Later the files are synced to the device, but if the files are non-purchased, they might get erased during synchronization. Most iPhone users had to reinstall the iTunes App when it crashed during synching, resulting in data loss.

There are a lot more issues associated with iTunes, especially during iPhone data transfer. These issues are thoughtfully addressed by some software developers who invested their minds in developing iPhone manager software. We have discussed below the top 10 iPhone file transfer software, which is highly popular among iPhone users, and have excellent working capabilities. Let us first understand what iPhone transfer & manager software is and who should get them.

Part 1. What Is iPhone Transfer & Manager Software

Mobile phones are used as storage spaces too. The iPhones have substantial hard drive space, loaded with essential and private data files of the user. The data can be a critical document, personal or family photographs and videos, contacts and messages, or App data and credentials. Taking a backup of such data files is extremely important, whether it is done over a computer or cloud-based technology.

The iPhone manager and transfer software are compounded programs that are distinctively designed to ease the process of data sharing over digital devices to & from iDevices. iTunes is a popular application from the Apple store, which was initially launched as a music App, can now precisely regulate the iPhone data transfer as well as making a backup file.
But the iTunes always had many restrictions in its usage. Many users have trouble using its confusing interface, while the worst is when it slows down or crashes entirely if multiple options are clicked simultaneously. iTunes also has compatibility issues with Windows Operating System, and not just that, you may observe the same with many un-purchased or unauthentic files, too, as iTunes will not synchronize them.

Now there are many such third-party tools available online, which have made individual analysis over the users’ requirements, and have presented iPhone transfer software, which is much better in experience than the Company suggested iTunes.

Part 2. Who Should Get An iPhone Manager

The Apple iPhones are unique mobile devices that work on iOS technology, unlike any other brand mobile. There are many software provided by the Apple Company to assist the users for different attributes. iTunes has failed to perform as an optimum iPhone manager on many stages. Its sluggish behavior towards numerous data formats urges us to find out a sustainable iPhone file transfer software.

With a lot more of such complicated issues, it becomes evident for an iPhone user to switch to a better third party solution. iPhone management software has multiple uses to a mobile user from data sharing, making backups, organizing data, and creating a music library. It is always necessary to get an all-in-one, user-friendly application that eases the usability of the device and helps in a better arrangement of data files, keeping the process safe and comfortable.

Part 3. How We Tested And Picked The Best iPhone Manager Software In 2024

iPhone manager is expected to be a competent tool with a primary function to manage the data section of the device. Our team has scrolled through the entire World Wide Web and scrutinized the maximum number of third-party tools developed specifically for the purpose. We have listed out the top 10 iPhone transfer software based on criteria that are beneficial from the user’s point of view. Here are some of the features on which we have found our pick.

  • The tool should have user-interactive menu options and panel design.
  • It should be easy to use and implement.
  • The software must have all the functions of an iPhone manager, and add to those other useful features if any.
  • Its compatibility with computer Operating System.
  • Its compatibility with different file formats.
  • It must transfer data from inside and outside of the iTunes limitations.
  • It is appreciable if the software can transfer the data while switching from Android mobiles to iOS.
  • Its connectivity options Wire/ Wireless.
  • The software must have an affordable price structure and value for money product features.

These are some of the highlighted features taken into prime consideration while selecting the top-notch tools for iPhone data transfer. Below is the list where you can find the best match as per your requirements.

Part 4. Our Picks: Best iPhone Manager Software In 2024

The iPhone manager software has developed from a long time back, which has proved beneficial in many aspects and gave fierce competition to the official iTunes. Here is a current list of tools which are delivering fantastic results in the category.

Top 1. Tenorshare iCareFone

The most convenient iPhone management software is Tenorshare iCareFone. The software development team has deduced all the limitations of iTunes and other third-party tools and built an application that can ease your life to a great extent. Tenorshare is one of the most reliable brands with years of experience in delivering software tools for mobiles and computer Operating Systems and set a landmark in a technology-driven environment.

Tenorshare iCareFone

Tenorshare iCareFone is an excellent iPhone manager as it is loaded with multiple features to assist the user in the smooth functioning of the iDevice. It is the safest and most powerful software capable of resolving the normal-to-complex issues on your iPhone. The software panel is easy to understand, and most of the menu options initiate with a single click. The primary functions of iPhone data transfer, i.e., music, photographs, videos, etc., from mobile to a computer are possible within a few clicks on the free version of the tool.
Tenorshare iCareFone supports all the versions of iOS devices. Once the device is connected to the software, it starts detecting and repairing the troubles on iOS. While updating the iOS files, it is observed several times that the iPhone gets stuck at any point, which requires it to enter the recovery mode. But with iCareFone, the process to recovery mode is easy, and it also guarantees to secure the data on the device.

Tenorshare iCareFone User Interface

A lot of functions that are applied daily are provided free of cost on this Tenorshare iCareFone iPhone file transfer software. But for more technical options a pro version is available for a Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime licenses for single or more PCs installation. Read some more notable features of Tenorshare iCareFone iPhone transfer software below.

Features of Tenorshare iCareFone:

  • The software is compatible to all the iPhone models including the latest iPhone 12/11/ XS/ XS MAX/ XR, and all the iOS 13/ 12.4/ iPadOS devices.
  • It works comfortably on Mac and Windows computers.
  • The user can transfer the entire data or choose only the important ones to the connected system.
  • It is also possible to create a back-up of the entire or selective data, and restore them later, only the ones you want.
  • It can instantly restore the standard iOS issues that hinder its smooth working.
  • Synchronization of videos, photos, and other data files is made possible in just 1-click.
  • The music videos and audios can be transferred between the iPhone and iTunes.
  • Same Apple ID is not required while transfer of files across devices.
  • Wi-Fi internet connection is not required while iPhone data transfer.
  • The iOS system repair & recovery operation is fast and easy.
  • With 1-click, it is possible to share WhatsApp between iPhone and Android device.
  • WhatsApp backup file can be restored anytime to another iPhone, iPad, or Android device using this tool.
  • Create a backup of contacts, and messages, or import/ export essential data to your PC within few clicks.
  • It lets the user directly erase the unwanted data on the iPhone, from the computer.
  • It removes identical and trashes files while transferring files to and from the iPhone.
  • It supports all the file formats and does not restrict the non-purchased file.
  • It can easily access earlier created backup files on iTunes/ iCloud or other tools.
  • It can help in blocking the ads that disturb the stress-free environment on your iDevice.
  • The iCareFone can be used to manage photographs by directly importing them to Camera Roll, or even password-protect them if needed.


  • The WhatsApp backup, including chats and media files, can be transferred from iPhone to Android mobile when the user plans to switch the device.
  • It helps in restoring WhatsApp backup on all the iDevices.
  • The selective backup and restore function, including WhatsApp data, is provided in the free version of the software.
  • The software is capable of tackling common issues on the new iOS 13 devices.
  • It can help in sharing data across multiple iDevices without the limitation of the same Apple ID.
  • It can read the iTunes backup file, which the user may have created earlier.
  • The software can easily detect and block ads to give a smooth working environment on the device.
  • The personal photographs can be encrypted to password protect using this tool.
  • If the user wants, he can import the pictures to Camera Roll, which is restricted by the iTunes application.
  • It does not limit the user from sharing non-purchased data.


  • A lot of menu options on the panel can be a cause of confusion to some users.
  • It does not offer file transfer over Wi-Fi connectivity.

Our Reviews:

There is a general opinion among many iPhone users that the Tenorshare iCareFone is the best iPhone management software because it accommodates many practical features that are useful but rare to be found in a single package. The user does not have to keep looking for specific tasks as this software stands sufficient for all the necessary purposes. The most appealing part of this software application is that it assists the iOS 13 device users in rectifying the simple or complex issues that are disturbing its smooth functioning.

Tenorshare iCareFone is rated as the best iPhone transfer software as it allows sharing all the data files between the computer, and iPhone. It does not pose any restriction for transferring non-purchased or free downloaded files, which is not possible with iTunes or most of the third-party tools. This software deals magnificently with WhatsApp data as it gives options to transfer the entire chat history to another set, which is not necessarily an iDevice, but an android.

The software is punched with many other exclusive modules that have made it set the standard in the category of iPhone manager tools. All it lacks behind is in implying wireless data sharing, which can be ignored since it is a bunch of many other useful facilities like iOS 13 repair or removing the limitation of Apple ID while sharing. The bulks of modules are provided at a reasonable price under one roof but may irritate many users with its flooded panel, although it looks straight and straightforward. So if your requirements are regular backup & restore, you can simply download the free version of the software. Read our full review of iCareFone here.

>> Get Tenorshare iCareFone <<

Top 2. iMazing

iMazing is an adequate replacement of the iTunes/ iCloud and stands out as an efficient solution for iPhone data transfer. The software is popular among many iPhone users and provides a useful alternative to the official modes. This tool has many useful features like backup & restore can be scheduled at any time when the mobile is connected with a Wi-Fi.

The interface of the iMazing iPhone management software is comfortable and gives the user multiple options to review the menu items. Once installed on the computer, the software works effortlessly to transfer files when the iDevice is connected using wire or wirelessly. This tool has many useful features like backup & restore can be scheduled at any time provided the mobile is linked with a Wi-Fi connection.


The software interface is different from the regular iTunes App, where a 1-click synchronization feature attracts a lot of users. To try out the iMazing software, there is a demo version provided on the website which has limited facilities and workability, while the complete software is available on variable licensing options. iMazing is a safe iPhone manager and has many more functionalities, which are discussed below.

Features Of iMazing:

  • It supports the latest iOS version, i.e., iOS 13.
  • It can be installed over both Windows OS and Mac OS computers.
  • It enables to create a regular backup of the data through wireless connectivity.
  • WhatsApp chats can be easily transferred to a new iPhone or can be printed for a specific purpose.
  • It makes it possible to connect multiple iDevices using a USB cable or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • You can comfortably import & export ebooks between books app and PC.
  • While using the iMazing tool, it is easy to copy a music playlist from iTunes to the computer, and back from the iTunes library to the iPhone.
  • With iMazing, the user can download Apps from the App Store and install the same version multiple times whenever required.
  • The user can backup and restore selectively.


  • It provides both Wi-Fi and USB data sharing.
  • WhatsApp backup can be transferred over new iDevice using this tool.
  • If required, the user can print the WhatsApp chats directly.
  • It enables copying playlist from iTunes.
  • It enables to pre-schedule backups which can proceed wirelessly.
  • Multiple iDevice connectivities are possible.


  • The WhatsApp cannot be restored on android mobile.
  • Personal photographs cannot be locked using this tool.
  • There can be loss of data while sharing un-purchased data.
  • UI design is challenging to understand.

Our Reviews:

iMazing is a quality product that helps significantly in iPhone data transfer. The software works amazingly in transferring data from the iPhone to the computer and takes very less time to complete the task. The 1-click transfer system makes the process easier and quicker than the iTunes App. There is an added feature of Wi-Fi data transfer which is highly fascinating as it permits the user to share data across devices wirelessly.

But as per the user’s point of view, one can expect much more in a well-furnished iPhone manager. The software lacks in many areas of data and device management. The user cannot depend on this tool for transferring WhatsApp chats if he plans to switch to an Android device. The free share music albums in your iPhone might be your favourite ones, but you can lose them entirely as the software may not authenticate them at all. iMazing is a typical iPhone file transfer software, but at times it is unable to fulfill the user’s requirements. Other than that it does not have any module that can rectify technical issues or blocking ads on the iDevice, which is highlighted in the above Tenorshare iCareFone tool. There are many more issues that are not appropriately analyzed by the developers, but still, this tool is giving a lot to those who only have experience of the old iTunes App.

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Top 3. AnyTrans For iOS

AnyTrans For iOS is a smart application by iMobile brand, which is quick serving iPhone file transfer software. It works as a special care unit that makes sure to secure all the data from any kind of data loss and gives the most accessible solutions for creating backups & restore. This tool is purposefully designed to fulfill to casual needs of an average iPhone user, who is mostly concern about securing the data files to the PC. It has three different modes of creating a backup, where the “Incremental Backup” module helps saving a lot of time by only making a backup of newly added data to the old file. The other backup options are “Full Backup” and “Air Backup” modes.

The AnyTrans For iOS has an interactive interface, and a home user can easily understand the panel and use it as required. Since the tool mostly concentrates on the iPhone data transfer, the user gets a lot of options regarding data transfer facilities while using it. With typical regulation over the data file, it can be transferred from any iDevice or Android to your iPhone, which is the first thing that worries while switching the mobile phone.

anytrans for ios

The free trial may only help in creating regular backups, which cannot be restored without a paid version license. The paid version is available for a Yearly or lifetime basis on a single or five computers login facility. A complete feature list of AnyTrans For iOS is given below.

Features Of AnyTrans For iOS:

  • It is compatible with all the latest and old iOS device editions and can work from both Windows and Mac systems.
  • It helps in transferring data from Android to iPhone.
  • It helps to transfer music, photos, videos, and other data files from the iPhone to the PC.
  • It has a screen mirroring feature using which the user can get the full display of the iPhone screen over the computer, and it helps to take screenshots and recording of the screen events.
  • The user can take a preview of the backup before restoring it to the iPhone.
  • The AnyTrans For iOS software lets the user download any audio or video file from the website, directly to the iPhone or computer.
  • There is an option to create ringtones for iPhone from an audio file.
  • The backups can be prescheduled and will be made over Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The Incremental backup option saves a lot of time by only taking backups of the new files that are not present in the old backup.


  • There is a facility to move entire Android data to the iPhone.
  • By using the Screen Mirroring feature, the user gets an option to take screenshots and screen recording while playing mobile games.
  • It offers to download audios and videos from different websites.
  • Data sharing over Wi-Fi connectivity is available.
  • The Incremental backup feature is quick and time-saving.


  • No specific function to manage WhatsApp backup.
  • It cannot transfer non-purchased media files.
  • No option to encrypt photographs.
  • It cannot decrypt previously created backup on iTunes.

Our Reviews:

AnyTrans For iOS is well-defined iPhone transfer software that gives an option to its users to share files and create backup via Wi-Fi connectivity. The Incremental Backup works smartly by taking only a small backup of only the freshly created file. If you are currently using an Android device but are about to purchase an iPhone, then you can opt this tool which will assist you to transfer the entire data from android to the iPhone. A video downloader is an additional option, which can be useful to those who like to download videos online regularly.
With these facilities, there are few limitations too in the software. AnyTrans For iOS is a better iPhone data transfer solution than using the iTunes App concerning its interface and many other useful features. But the user still has to face issues in transferring unauthorized data or backups of some of the applications.

>> Get AnyTrans For iOS <<

Top 4. Walter 2

Walter 2 is an iPhone transfer software that works on all Mac PCs and lets the user move any media file by using its drag & drop function. This tool is an application program launched by Softorino group as an alternative for iTunes and works much better in dealing with any type of audio or video files. It is a powerful iPhone data transfer tool which instantly detects iDevices with enabled WI-Fi, and lets the user share files wirelessly.

walter 2

The primary function of this software is to assist in transferring audio or video files across the iDevice and computer system. But with that, it even allows sharing data files with formats that are not accepted by iOS. While transferring the non-supportive data, the Walter 2 software changes its file format to the one which iOS supports. Like FLAC files will be transcoded into ALAC files, and the user can even play the audio files directly on the application which cannot be done directly over the device. The fundamental concern while file format conversion is about quality erosion, but the Walter2 iPhone manager assures the users of 0% data damage of all the files. It gives a flawless experience which far tricky to expect an iTunes App. The demo version has limited facilities while the paid version can be purchased once for a lifetime.

Features Of Walter 2:

  • It supports all the iDevices from the oldest to the latest iOS 13.
  • The Operating System of Windows 7 or higher and Mac 10.9 or higher are supportive of this tool.
  • The user can transfer music, PDF, or other data files by only using the drag & drop function.
  • The data can also be transferred over Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The software is capable of converting any file formats to make it compatible with iOS.
  • The tool is compatible to play any music format files.


  • Data transfer is possible over Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • File formats can be changed using this software.
  • Any format of Video/ Audio files can be played on the application.
  • Transferring data using drag & drop option saves time and keeps stress free.


  • It can only transfer or share purchased files.
  • It cannot help restoring WhatsApp backup.
  • It does not even claim to transfer Contact, Messages, and other App data.
  • The interface can confuse a regular iPhone user.
  • The software takes a long time in data transfer or creating backup files.

Our Reviews:

Walter 2 is more of a music player or convertor than being an iPhone manager. With that, the Softorino group has also added the data transfer function to the tool. One notable feature of this tool is that it allows data transfer from iPhone to a computer or the other way via Wi-Fi connection. At the same time, it also takes care of any data leakage over the internet. The user gets an option to change the file format of any audio/ or video to make it compatible with his iDevice.

But these functions may not be of much use to a person if the prime purpose is iPhone data transfer. Walter 2 does not even help in dealing with personal or casual pictures. Being a musical App it is worth not expecting iOS repair feature, but it looks defying its usage when the un-purchased files are denied from sharing. The user must try out the demo version before purchasing it.

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Top 5. EaseUS MobiMover Free

As the name suggests, EaseUS MobiMover Free is free software for iPhone data transfer. This tool is a suitable alternative to the iTunes App, where it provides open data sharing among the iDevice and computer and is free of cost. It also has a unique feature with which the user can unlock screen lock on the iDevices.

easeus mobimover free

With limited features included in this free version makes the software panel clean, and user-friendly. Using EaseUS MobiMover Free tool, the user can quickly transfer audios, videos, pictures, contacts, ebooks, etc. from iPhone to the PC or vice-versa. One of the advantages of having this tool on your PC is that it can be used to remove the iDevice screen lock like password, Face ID or Touch ID if as a matter of chance the user forgets or loses it. It is a reliable iPhone manager, where it allows managing the data between iPhone, iCloud, and computer. Since the tool is entirely free, the user does not has to worry about any payments ever.

Features Of EaseUS MobiMover Free:

  • It is compatible with all the iOS versions, including the latest iOS 13.
  • It supports both Windows and Mac PCs.
  • It gives the option to quickly transfer music, photos, contacts, and books between iPhone and computer.
  • It is possible to manage data on the iPhone from the connected computer.
  • The tool helps in screen lock removal, whether it is password, or Touch/ Face ID lock.
  • Videos can also be downloaded from a URL using this tool.


  • The tool does not require any payment for necessary data transfer across the iPhone and computer.
  • An additional feature of Screen lock removal is provided.
  • It allows downloading videos from websites.
  • Data management on the iPhone is possible from the PC.


  • Only 30 files can be transferred per day in the free version.
  • The data sharing process takes a lot of time.
  • It does not support wireless data transfer.
  • It cannot backup & restore WhatsApp data.
  • It cannot help in transferring data from Android device to the iPhone.

Our Reviews:

EaseUS MobiMover is entirely free iPhone file transfer software, where it allows the users to import and export data from iPhone to PC or vice versa any number of times. While the limitation of transferring 30 files per day may annoy some people but can be useful to those who need it only as casual data transfer application. As an additional feature, the screen unlocks function can be helpful if, by chance, the user forgets the password of the device. The screen lock removal feature may not work successfully on the free version, and the user may have t to pay for it. If not to expect much from this EaseUS MobiMover Free software, then it does not even satisfy the user as an effective iPhone data transfer solution. But if the requirements are limited and you do not wish to purchase at the moment, then it could be an excellent choice.

>> Get EaseUS MobiMover Free <<

Top 6. dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

dr.fone is an established brand and has delivered many useful solutions for mobile devices and computers. dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) is a well-defined alternative tool for iTunes, and has many more compounded features added to the board. It is an expert as iPhone file transfer software, where it does not require iTunes for transferring data across iDevices and PCs.
The Phone Manager (iOS) is an active module in the complete toolkit of the dr.fone, and so this dr.fone Phone Manager (iOS) is a small software that only concentrates on iPhone data transfer. It is easy to manage photos, whether for transferring or deleting, in groups, or after checking the preview section. The pictures which are in HEIC format can be easily converted to JPG which is compatible with the iPhones.

drfone phone manager ios

iTunes installation is never required on the connected computer, and the user can freely transfer playlist, ringtone, and music files from iPhone to a computer. The demo version may only give a glimpse of the software panel, while for sharing data the user has to purchase the pro version, which is available for a Year or lifetime basis on single or multiple devices.

Features Of dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS):

  • It is compatible with the latest and old iOS devices.
  • It supports both Windows and Mac computers.
  • iTunes installation is not required while transferring music from iPhone to the PC.
  • Sharing of music, videos, pictures, etc. is possible selectively or in bulk.
  • It can instantly convert the HEIC format of photos into JPG while transferring.


  • iTunes installation is not necessary for transferring data.
  • It can copy playlist from iTunes to iPhone.
  • It can convert HEIC photo formats to JPG.


  • It cannot manage data of WhatsApp or other such applications.
  • Wireless transfer is not supported.
  • It cannot transfer non-purchased data.

Our Reviews:

Taking assistance from an old established brand is a preference for some people. dr.fone is an experienced team of developers that have deployed software solutions for iPhones and other devices. dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) is a small module of the complete toolkit and has a specific purpose of iPhone data transfer to/ from computer and iPhone. It is a standard alternate of the iTunes application which has almost similar features of iTunes, as the software permits to copy iTunes playlist to the iPhone. dr.fone does not provide a lot of functions, while the user may even have to compromise on data of several Apps too. It has a better interface and working capacity from iTunes, and because of its brand name, many users may choose to buy this tool.

>> Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) <<

Top 7. iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer

iMyFone is a famous brand that has developed many software solutions to benefit and improve the working capacity of iDevices. The iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer is a trusted tool for iPhone data transfer, as it gives options for transferring multiple files including media files, photos, playlists, audiobooks, etc.

imyfone tunesmate iPhone Transfer

The software can comfortably repair the corrupted files in the iTunes library, and also synchronize it without overlapping the older data. The process of transferring files between your PC and iPhone, or iTunes is more comfortable with the drag & drop feature enabled on the software. It supports unlimited iDevices and computers and makes music sharing possible with different Apple IDs. The tool also helps in managing the Apps on the device, where the user can delete or install them directly from the computer. It is entirely paid software and can be bought as Basic, Family, and Multi-User Plan, for a Yearly or lifetime on single or multiple systems.

Features Of iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer:

  • It is compatible with all the latest and old iPhones, iPads, and iPods.
  • It can be installed over Windows and Mac computer systems with 1 GB RAM & 1 GHz Processor.
  • The user can transfer an unlimited number of media files, photos, books, across iPhone, and PC.
  • File transfer is easy with drag & drop feature.
  • The data synchronization is done without erasing older data which saves a lot of time.
  • The usual errors of iTunes can be rectified.
  • It is possible to share music among different Apple IDs.


  • File sharing is more relaxed with the drag & drop function.
  • Apple IDs are no restriction for music sharing.
  • Repairs damaged iTunes library.
  • It does not delete the older data while synching over iTunes library.


  • No wireless data transfer.
  • It cannot backup and restore data of applications like WhatsApp, Messages, or Contacts.
  • It cannot transfer non-purchased music.
  • iTunes should be pre-installed over the PC before using this tool.
  • It cannot change the file format to iOS compatibility.

Our Reviews:

iMyFone is yet another famous brand among iPhone users for delivering tools, which help to smoothen the digital device experience. The iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer is an alternate iPhone data transfer solution for iTunes and works remarkably in transferring as well as retrieving the corrupted files from the iTunes library. The UI is user-friendly, where drag & drop ease the processing while the tool also removes many of the restrictions of the iTunes.

But it can be disappointing for old customers of the iMyFone brand who might be expecting more in the package. Proper iPhone file transfer software should be capable of taking backup of entire data. This tool only deals with transferring of media files, like audio/ video/ pictures, etc., while there is no option to take a backup and restore data from other applications. Although being an old and reliable brand in this sector, the software misses out in delivering some of the useful features, where other competitors are giving better value for money.

>> Get iMyFone TunesMate <<

Top 8. iExplorer

iExplorer is a fast and efficient iPhone transfer software which is designed with a user interface that is similar to the iTunes app. It is a small and straightforward size tool, and with similar looks, it has all the features of iTunes as it comfortably allows the user to manage the data files on the computer. iExplorer lets the user transfer music files from the iPhone to the computer or iTunes, where users can create a playlist by just 1-click or drag & drop songs directly to the iTunes.


“Finder” is a unique feature added to the tool, using which the user can view all the photographs in the explorer window. In addition to this, the software has a pack of seven utility functions, which are voicemails, contacts, calendar, notes, texts, reminders, and call history. It lets the user make a database of the required information from these critical sections, and save it for later. The demo gives a limited idea about the functionalities. The complete software is available as Basic, Universal, and Family plan.

Features Of iExplorer:

  • It is compatible with all the iDevices from latest to oldest, and the software supports both Windows and Mac systems.
  • The interface is similar to iTunes, which is familiar to most of the iPhone users.
  • The software is of small size and easily install over the PC.
  • The music files can be easily transferred from iPhone to the computer or iTunes playlist.
  • With drag & drop feature, the playlist on iTunes can be made with few clicks.
  • By using the Finder option, the user can preview the pictures, which are stored on the device and save them on the computer or delete the unwanted ones.


  • It is a lightweight software.
  • The tool can copy music files from iPhone to iTunes playlist.
  • The drag & drop feature makes processing easier.
  • The Finder option helps to preview pictures and helps saving or deleting in bulk or selectively.


  • Data files cannot be shared through a Wi-Fi connection.
  • It cannot restore WhatsApp backup file.
  • It cannot transfer non-purchased music albums and other files.
  • It cannot convert file formats.

Our Reviews:

The iExplorer is technically browser-based software that takes small space on your hard disk and installs swiftly. It is launched as an iPhone manager that is capable of transferring audios/ videos, photos, messages, call data, etc. from iPhone to PC or iTunes. Many users may like its assistance in making songs playlists and later copy it to iTunes. “Finder” is the most highlighted feature of the tool, which helps in getting all the pictures on the explorer window. But this may not attract a lot of people as it can even be reviewed from the backup folder. The application has a lot of lag, and it slows the transfer process if the file size is a bit larger. There are other tools that are offering a more reliable solution on a better price, but depending upon the individual suitability users may prefer to go with the iExplorer.

Top 9. IOTransfer 4

IOTransfer 4 is an excellent combination of modules that are useful in managing the data files, which makes it sustainable iPhone management software. The software is popular among the users with Windows systems as it not just handles the data on the device but also lets you download videos from websites so that you can watch them offline.

iotransfer 4

With the apparent features included like transfer of photo, video, audio, and other files from the iPhone to the computer, the software can regularly create backup files on the computer, and it can be later exported back to the iPhone. The IOTransfer 4 is customary iPhone file transfer software through which the user can share files like photos, videos, contacts, etc., that is manageable with USB as well as wirelessly too, via Wi-Fi. It also facilitates the user to download videos and convert them to the desired format. The Deep Clean feature is an additional function that lets the user delete junk files quickly to improve the processing speed of the device. The Pro version of the tool can be purchased for a Year or lifetime authority for three computers.

Features Of IOTransfer 4:

  • It is compatible with all the Apple devices having iOS version 8 or later.
  • It supports Windows Operating System from edition 7 to 10.
  • It enables the user to transfer data or create backups with USB or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The user can download unlimited videos from websites.
  • The video converter option lets you convert videos in any compatible format.
  • The tool helps in erasing trash and unwanted files in bulk or selectively, to clear the disk space.
  • It is a 1-click operation to upload photos from computer to iCloud or delete them anytime.


  • It allows data sharing over Wi-Fi connections.
  • It permits to download videos online.
  • Video formats can be converted using this software.
  • The Deep Clean feature helps to delete corrupt data.


  • It does not support Mac computer systems.
  • It does not offer to transfer or backup data from other apps like WhatsApp.
  • It cannot transfer files from devices other than the iPhone.

Our Reviews:

The IOTransfer 4 is an improved version of the older software and has worked a lot to enhance the experience on the panel, while data sharing. The software is recognised explicitly as iPhone management software among the users, as apart from data sharing, it offers many more modules like online video downloading, format conversion, or removing trash data. But the tool is particularly useless for users having Mac systems, as it is compatible with only Windows OS. Other than that, there are not many users who prefer to download video, which leaves that portion untouched. Before downloading this software, the user should accurately understand his requirements.

Top 10. FoneTrans – iOS Transfer

Aiseesoft has delivered many software utilities for enhancing the experience of mobile users, and FoneTrans – iOS Transfer is one of its iPhone data transfer tool that assists in transferring almost 16 types of data files across the iDevice and computer. The tool works sufficiently when the user wants to switch the mobile set to a different or new model by moving the entire data to the new device without any data loss.

FoneTrans iOS Transfer

The FoneTrans – iOS Transfer is an expert iPhone file transfer software, as it allows the user to share files like photos, audios, videos, iTunes, playlist, contacts, books, ringtones, ePub, and much more, from iOS device to computer or vice versa. The user can also sync music, playlist, TV Shows, videos, ringtones, audiobooks, movies, and others from the iPhone to iTunes. Management of iPhone contacts is easy as with the tool you can make regular backups, and add new fields to it like address, email, birthday, etc. while merging the duplicate data too. The user can comfortably convert the HEIC format images to JPG or PNG, and also reduce the quality of photo to control the image size. The paid version of the tool is available as a lifetime license for Single-User, Multi-User, and Commercial use.

Features Of FoneTrans – iOS Transfer:

  • It supports both Windows and Mac OS computers.
  • It helps in sharing almost sixteen types of files for sharing from the iPhone to the computer.
  • With this tool, it is possible to synchronize music videos and audios from the iPhone to iTunes.
  • The user can make personal ringtones from audio songs.
  • It can convert HEIC format photos into JPG or PNG, and can also alter the image size.
  • It is possible to transfer the entire data with just 1-click once all the files are selected.


  • It can convert HEIC formats to JPG or PNG.
  • It can sync songs from iPhone to iTunes or vice versa.


  • It cannot share files between iOS and Android.
  • It does not assist in restoring the backup on many downloaded apps.
  • The photographs cannot be encrypted.
  • It cannot change formats of audio or video files.
  • The UI is not user-friendly, and data transfer takes a lot of time.

Our Reviews:

The FoneTrans – iOS Transfer is a typical iPhone file transfer software that offers to share most of the data across the iPhone and computer. You do not have to worry about selecting files individually as it can transfer more than sixteen types of files like photos, videos, ebooks, PDFs, contacts, etc., at one go. The backup file can always be reviewed on the desktop for any further needs. But you may have to work out individually for backups & restore of applications like WhatsApp. This tool is not much promoted or rated high by its users because many of them have observed some technical problems while data sharing. The software pricing is a bit high as compared to other tools which are offering many more features and modules in a similar range.

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iPhones are compact devices that have multiple functions and different usage to all sorts of users. Since it becomes difficult to manage the applications, data, and device settings, it becomes evident to get proper iPhone management software that takes complete responsibility for the machine. Considering the fact into consideration, the Apple Company devised the iTunes app, which has served for quite a long time to iDevice users. But the iTunes always had an enormous level of restriction in file sharing, which led the user to switch over other iPhone file transfer software.

Many private technicians are working for the improvisation of iOS experience to the users and have developed tools that help the users in iPhone data transfer. Above is a list of some highest ranked brands that are working in this area, but our findings suggest that the best iPhone transfer software is Tenorshare iCareFone. Tenorshare is a trusted brand that has a talented group of developers who deliver secure and efficient iOS tools for many years. The iCareFone is an ultimate solution for iPhone data transfer. In addition to that, there are many more useful features provided with it, which is always a value-for-money purchase.

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