Tenorshare iCareFone Review

Check out our Tenorshare iCareFone reviews to learn about the Pros and Cons of this product and discover how to download iCareFone for free!
Tenorshare iCareFone review

Do you store important data on your iPhone? Is your phone full of precious images, critical chat conversations, and sensitive files?

If yes, consider protecting your data by backing it up. Many tools on the market offer this opportunity, and we are focusing on Tenorshare iCareFone in this review. Here is what you should know about this iOS manager software!

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Quick Summary of Tenorshare iCareFone Review

Tenorshare iCareFone offers an easy way to manage iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices. The application is available for Windows and Mac, and it features a simpler alternative to iTunes/Finder, especially when backing up data and restoring it.

The tool allows you to back up various files, from photos and videos to music and contacts. You can also manage backups to restore only the selected files. The software even supports transferring WhatsApp data from iOS to Android.

Our Tenorshare iCareFone review confirmed that the App is compatible with the latest iOS. The tool is also suitable for the newest devices, such as iPhone 15 and 15 Pro.

You can download iCareFone for free to test the tool. However, the free version comes with restrictions in moving files. The full version unlocks all features and confirms that this app is incredibly useful for iOS owners.

What I Like (Pros):
  • A very reliable tool you can count on for backing up and restoring data
  • Supports eight different file types
  • Quickstart features are very helpful
  • It is an all-around tool that provides plenty of bang for the buck
What I Don’t Like (Cons)
  • The Mac version is pricier than the Windows edition
  • You need to download an additional app for moving photos to the Camera Roll on your device

What Is Tenorshare iCareFone?

Tenorshare iCarefone is a specialized management tool for iOS devices, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods. You can backup files from WhatsApp and transfer photos, music, videos, and other files without restrictions.

The tool was developed by Tenorshare, which is a reputable manufacturer in the smartphone industry. They are famous for their data recovery tools, password unlockers, and system repair solutions.

The crucial features of iCareFone include:

  • Moving files without restrictions – you can transfer images, videos, music, SMS, and contacts.
  • Backup and restore functions – back up WhatsApp and other data and browse backups to restore.
  • Move WhatsApp data to and from Android – the app is compatible with Android and allows you to move WhatsApp data between Android and iOS.

Who Should Get It?

Are you a proud owner of an iOS device? You can benefit from this tool, whether an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Although its primary function is backing up data, the iCareFone review confirms that this is a versatile app providing comprehensive iOS benefits.

If you are a business owner or an employee storing work-related files on your phone, backing that data up is crucial. It will ensure the files stay protected if something happens to the device. Thanks to Tenorshare iCareFone, you can restore sensitive files efficiently.

That is beneficial for both businesspersons as well as those storing valuable photos on their devices. Imagine if you visited a cousin in another country and stored all the images on your phone. It is a memory you want to keep, so backing up those photos is recommended.

Is Tenorshare iCareFone Safe?

Tenorshare is a reputable manufacturer that designs fantastic tools. Although they have established a prestigious reputation, it doesn’t hurt to test the software yourself. That is why we ran iCareFone through two different antivirus programs. The list included Avira and Kaspersky, which many consider the most reliable antivirus software. They didn’t recognize any issues and deemed iCareFone safe.

Is Tenorshare iCareFone Free?

Tenorshare iCareFone is free to try. You can download the app and give it a shot for free. You can see how the interface looks and browse the contents of your phone. However, the actual functions of the free version are limited. iCareFone is a powerful tool, but if you want to unlock its full potential. You need to buy a premium version.

Several options exist when it comes to buying this software. The price varies depending on the platform that you choose. Here is the overview of available editions:

  • 1-month license – a license for a single month costs $29.95 for Windows and $35.95 for Mac.
  • 12-month license – if you want to extend your license to an entire year, it will cost you $49.95 for Windows and $55.95 for Mac.
  • Lifetime license – the lifetime license for a single computer is available for $59.95 on Windows and $69.95 on Mac.

Once you purchase the software, you will receive an iCareFone download link and the activation key. Activating the full version is simple and doesn’t take more than a minute.

Does Tenorshare iCareFone Work? Hands-On Testing

Tenorshare iCareFone sounds like an extremely versatile tool. Before confirming that, we wanted to check its functions and test if we can trust it.

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Alternatives to Tenorshare iCareFone

1. iMazing

iMazing is a comprehensive iOS management tool. It is available for both Windows and Mac, but you have to purchase the full version to unlock all features.

iMazing iOS data management tool

The developer of this tool is the DigiDNA team, which keeps perfecting the app with new occasional updates. Among other functions, iMazing also allows you to backup iOS data in a couple of clicks. The software features attractive and modern graphics, and the interface is easy to navigate.

2. AnyTrans for iOS

iMobie is the company behind AnyTrans for iOS. The tool features comprehensive data management. It allows you to transfer photos, videos, music, and other content to back those files up on your PC.

anytrans for ios

The entire process is simple and user-friendly. You can choose from a wide range of functions, including restoring files safely. AnyTrans for iOS also allows migrating files from iOS to Android and managing iCloud and iTunes. Additional functions include downloading videos from the web and even acting as a screen recorder. The tool is rich with various utilities, and transferring files is done efficiently. Read our AnyTrans for iOS review here.

3. WALTR 2

WALTR 2 uses a different approach than other data managers for iOS because it enables you to drag and drop files that you want to transfer. If you want to add files to your device, choose them on your PC and drag them into the program’s screen.

waltr 2

The tool won’t only transfer the files but also convert them to a format supported by iOS. That way, you can play the files as soon as the transfer is done. WALTR 2 supports videos, audios, but also ringtones and e-books.


Tenorshare iCareFone is an extremely helpful tool for all iOS owners. Whether you have sensitive files or precious photos to backup, this app will help. The entire interface is suitable for newbies, and it comes with a wide range of available features. The free trial allows you to test the tool, so don’t hesitate to try it. Thanks to its numerous functions, you might find it a crucial asset for managing iPhone data!

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